Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Two Big Fish In A Tiny Pond

UMNO President Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Razak would be wise to revoke Shahidan Kassim’s appointment as the Deputy Liaison Committee Chairman in Perlis if he can’t command the loyalty and respect of an arrogant “has been” who fails to recognize the chain of command in the Party.

Shahidan was quoted to say in The Star, “I will talk to the party president before deciding whether or not to accept the appointment. I want to know the KPI (key performance index) results of the state first,” while openly criticizing Menteri Besar Dr Md Isa, calling him a weak leader who failed to strengthen the state Umno.

This is a State which is not much bigger than my UMNO Division of Pulai with leaders who can’t even hold the fort together creating a headache for the leadership. There are only three UMNO divisions in this State, so small it could be run by a sick Mayor with more success!

I’m saddened by the fact that we Malays, especially our unpolished leaders have a tendency to shoot our mouths off whenever the press shoves either a microphone or a tape-recorder in their faces trying to gain political mileage, without realizing that they are locked on the reverse gear! Why can’t we learn from our close neighbours and show more class in keeping our cards to our chest and reveal nothing especially when our backs are against the wall instead of snitching on one another like a political whore with not much legs left to show?

Even if Shahidan had a valid grievance to air, he should do it privately with the President instead of declaring it openly through a Chinese led English newspaper which would gladly print it with much pleasure looking for cracks within UMNO.

Dato’ Sri Najib is a gracious and fair leader in bringing back past leaders whom he thinks can still contribute in their respective capacities but for this blatant insubordination, Najib should make an example out of Shahidan as a warning shot to UMNO divisional leaders that the party under his watch will not tolerate being held at ransom and is willing to lose a few if it means cleansing the party of this filth!

Twenty years ago when I was in high school, I remember there was news of a strike by the Singapore Airline pilots. My memory was refreshed by my company Chairman Dato’ Nik Kamaruddin Ismail at our meeting this morning. Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew gave the pilots an ultimatum and said that if they did not come to work, they will be out of jobs as he was willing to rebuild the Airline from scratch without even flinching, with other pilots who are willing and able to be recruited. They caved in and behaved themselves relatively well afterwards.

UMNO President Najib Razak is in a stronger position in the party as the majority of us are banking our lives and the future of our children on his extraordinary leadership. His position is also strengthened by a capable Deputy in Muhyiddin Yassin. We can afford to lose several loose heads in UMNO without suffering any damage as long as Najib exerts his power either explicitly or otherwise. This he should have learned well from our fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed who mastered this skill exquisitely.

Make No Mistake! We Have Faith In Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Razak. The Question Now Is; Has Najib Razak Got Faith In Himself To Lead The Party With A Stronger Hand?

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Soi Lek Using Up First Of His Nine Lives At This Press Conference Witnessed By The Late Sulaiman Taha.

1. We begin by reciting Al-Fatiha for the soul of my comrade Datuk Sulaiman Taha, the State Assemblyman for the seat of Tenang who passed away recently. May he rest in peace and his family be granted the courage to manage their great loss by the Almighty. We also thank his family for their sacrifice and the great service that he rendered on behalf of Barisan Nasional.

2. Straight up with the statistics, this was the result for the state seat of Tenang in 2008. YB Dato Sulaiman Taha (BN): 6,367; Hj Mohd Saim b Siran (PAS): 3,875; Majority for BN: 2,492. Total number of voters: 14,592

3. Ethnic breakdown: Malays: 7,042; Chinese: 5,635; Indian: 1,754; Sabahans : 6; Sarawakians: 5; Orang Asli: 139; Others: 11 (as at 30th June 2010).

4. Party branches in the State seat of Tenang;

UMNO: 20 branches with 4,768 members of whom only 4,072 are registered voters; MCA: 6 branches with 3,800 members of whom 1,700 are eligible voters; MIC: 11 branches with 1,450 members of whom 1,170 can vote; Gerakan: 4 branches with 432 members of whom 241 are voters and PPP: 7 branches with 975 members of whom only 690 can vote.

5. The total number of BN branches in Tenang are 48 with 11,428 members strong but only 7,873 are registered voters.

6. State seat of Tenang is under the Parliamentary constituency of Labis where Dr Chua Soi Lek comes from which his son YB Chua Tee Yong is serving replacing him.

7. Over the past year Soi Lek has been very vocal questioning the position of the Malays and UMNO in the leadership hierarchy of this Nation forgetting the fact that the Malays were the ones who put his son into Parliament in Labis while the Chinese looked the other way.

8. Far before the Barisan Nasional Convention was held early this month at the MCA Headquarters, I had a premonition that Soi Lek would abuse Prime Minister Najib and UMNO’s graciousness by show-boating, taking jabs and potshots at the coalition’s Managing Partner UMNO, trying to act like his party was the saviour of Barisan Nasional when they weren’t even worth the shirt on their backs ever since 2008!

9. If BN’s Chairman Najib Razak started the Convention with a perfect upswing and most inspiring speech that just needed a basic follow-through by component members to complete the beautiful stroke, it was Chua Soi Lek from MCA who just had to break the momentum shanking the message that should have shown unity, cooperation and renewed vigour heading towards the general election that is already in clear sight!

10. As it is God’s Will, The Passing Of Sulaiman Taha Forcing A By-Election Of A State Seat In Labis Will Be An Acid Test For Soi Lek Because If He Can’t Even Bring Back The Chinese Numbers In His Own Back Yard Being The President Of The Largest Chinese Party In The Nation, He Would Yet Again Be A Disgrace To The Malaysian Chinese Association And Should Just Return To Being A General Practitioner In A Small Village Clinic Taking Blood Pressures And Pushing Panadols And Medical Chits.

*Statistics were provided by Abib from UMNO Johor.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Right Bruise, Wrong Face?

Barisan Nasional namely UMNO leaders should:

1. Remain calm and collected.

2. Do not criticize them further trying to do more damage.

3. Minimize comments as best possible as they are not at all media savvy and the more said
the less intelligent they will appear undermining UMNO and the Prime Minister’s
immaculate credentials as a leader with an impeccable mind .

4. Kill the “Holier than thou” attitude trying to give a running commentary as though the
voters are blind and can’t tell the difference.

5. Keep airing PKR members’ grievances on national and cable television without our
leaders’ participating remarks.

6. Leave the arrogant face at home while commenting on the faults of our enemies.

7. Be humble and leave it to the Rakyat to observe and make their choice.

8. Focus on our strength from now on.

If A Demolition Of A Building Is Under Way, Why Stand Near And Throw Firecrackers At It Thinking It Will Accelerate The Process? We Are The Best Party To Govern The Country. Let’s Also Act The Part!

* The picture above is just an exhibition of a cheeky example that we can do without when referring to the opposition.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


In The Name Of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. We Seek Your Mercy In Prayer For The Quick Recovery Of Our Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Mohd Najib Abdul Razak. Amin.
Perfectly Balanced Scale

As I had quietly prayed for and expected, Barisan Nasional won a Double in the seats of Galas and Batu Sapi. As the latter is one that was held by BN until the death of its representative, I opted to go to Galas, where the seat was held by PAS which has led the State government for the last 20 years. This seat was also left vacant after the death of its representative.


The BN campaign in Galas was under the stewardship of Statesman Mentor and a 9 term MP for Gua Musang, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (TRH).
Bearing witness to BN winning back the State seat from the “government” under his direction taught me a lot about the method and approach we should adopt in reaching and getting the attention of the people. There is not a “one size fits all” method in campaigning. We have to study the culture of the target voters and assimilate. Only then can they identify with us. More importantly as shown by TRH, exercise humility. It doesn’t cost much. In addition, if we all do our homework well and really know the area in which we serve, the campaign cost could be kept to a bare minimum, like in Galas.

They Come To Him

The UMNO Division chiefs who are usually election directors in their respective areas should keep TRH’s approach which is having many small cell meetings with the rakyat at coffee shops with the occasional big speaking functions, as one of the options in their campaign strategies. When the smaller crowd has direct and personal interaction with the candidate or leader of the pack, they would in turn become our agents to spread the word to their community, relatives and friends about our goal and aspirations. But if we can’t even sell our “product” to the small group, don’t even dream about winning over the mass using the short-cut method holding big “ceramahs”.

Yes, in Galas, Gua Musang, it was not about the candidate. It was about the salesmen in the form of Tengku Razaleigh who has kept his word and served the people of Gua Musang exquisitely for 50 years that made them bank on BN’s promise just on his word alone.

I was privileged to be with TRH on nomination day and on the eve of the election. He seemed calm and cool compared to the other leaders who came to check on the developments. One senior leader, who was asked, said that he only smoked cigarettes under heavy stress, and he looked exactly that after coming out of the briefing room puffing away. Perhaps that’s the difference between someone who knows his worth and another who is unsure of his work. TRH delegated his work meticulously and trusted his judgment.
The Calm and Collected Statesman On The Eve Of The Election

He even had time to relax and have tea with us for a couple of hours while reading printed copies from the new media on his campaign, realizing how important they are in this new age.

The majority of voters in Gua Musang voted Tengku Razaleigh’s way and Barisan leaders should appreciate that fact instead of taking the glory solely attributing it to national policies with only the opposition giving him some credit. Make no mistake, our newly formulated national policies are stellar, but the voters of Galas believed in it more because TRH was the one pitching it to them.

TRH had made my prediction good by winning the day with more votes than we had lost in the 2008 election, in The Patriot’s October 8 article on him at There was a spread of almost 1800 votes since the last election in Galas.

We’ll take this win however it came, as honestly speaking, it was Barisan’s great strategy of allowing TRH to hold the reins, and the will of God, that allowed us to achieve the desired result. The handsome majority of more than 6,000 votes in the Batu Sapi win also boosted BN’s spirits as it is evident that with the return of the “estranged” voters to the fold, fundamentals and common sense are beginning to prevail.

Now Let Us Accept This Win With All Humility, Thank God And The Voters For Their Trust In Us, And Work Even Harder To Fulfill Our Promises. The Rest Will Fall In Place Nicely. If It Is Ordained, It Will Be Our Destiny To Regain Our Former Glory And Bring This Country Back To Greater Heights Achieving Developed Status In Time For The Year 2020 As Envisioned By The Great Mahathir Mohamed.

Friday, October 29, 2010



New Straits Times, 29th October 2010

THE just-concluded Umno general assembly is one of the most memorable assemblies for me.

The closed-door presidential briefing to delegates, the speech by party deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin at the opening of the three Umno wings’ meetings and party president Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s maiden and winding-up speeches set the path of the party moving forward. This year’s debates may be void of the witty speakers but maturity prevailed.

I initially thought Najib overreached in his approach but he presented himself to me as Umno president first before being the prime minister. I had great satisfaction listening to his winding-up speech before the end of the assembly.

He convinced me and other delegates that, while it is important to take care of the nation and the rest, the Malay agenda will never be forsaken as long as the party is in power.

Only Umno can interpret the spirit that rests within the Constitution vis à-vis the position of the Malays.

At the start of the assembly, most delegates agreed that the Malay agenda should be the main topic of discussion. Other matters meant nothing if we couldn’t even settle this most crucial part of the Malaysian story. They insisted that when racial harmony and the security of the nation were being threatened, no development plan in the world could be successfully implemented.
Najib responded positively but also sent a clear message to everyone, friends as well as foes.

It is time to bury the racial debate for good as nothing can be done to alter the position of Islam and the Malays unless consent is given by the nine Malay rulers.The open racial debate should cease after this, especially by those within the Barisan Nasional coalition, because it will be a huge stumbling block for all parties concerned with the general election in clear sight.

Najib had, in his speech, outlined seven points for members to adopt: place party interests above self, work as a team, win over the people, blend with the new media, capture the confidence of new voters, work towards zero problems in the party and live up to the “people first, performance now” rule of conduct.

He also touched on transformation in the party, which Umno has done recently, keeping to its word.

To recapitulate, it began immediately after Najib’s election to the presidency when Umno decided to amend its constitution, making it more democratic and easier for candidates to contest the top leadership position.

It also provided for more participation from the grassroots in deciding who they want to lead them.

In contrast to his predecessors, Najib actually made it easier for members to challenge him.

In the same spirit as their president, the Umno delegates too sacrificed their personal political strength for the sake of the party’s survival by transferring their power to elect to the masses.

With just one raise of the hand, they simultaneously relinquished their right to vote, while drastically minimising political corruption at their level, an accusation so frequently thrown at them in the past, sometimes by the very hands that spoiled them. But for their faith in the new president, this amendment would have never seen the light of day.

At the Federal Government level, transformation was seen in the steps taken to liberalise 27 services subsectors in our economy whereby the 30 per cent Bumiputera equity no longer became mandatory.

Component parties within BN should have embraced this with much contentment. Seeing the sincerity in Umno’s transformation should spur them to work even harder and tighter in explaining these moves to their respective communities; using it to win them over instead of demanding for more from their senior partner in the coalition.

It cannot be denied that Umno is truly the party that best represents not only the Malays but also the people of 1Malaysia.
I, myself, am much inspired and look forward to working closely with component partners in the coalition to ensure that we move forward as 1Barisan Nasional in the service of the rakyat who deserve good leadership.

The writer is vice-chief of the Pulai Umno division

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


New Straits Times, 20th October, 2010
I have been a delegate to the Umno general assembly for the past 15 years. I’ve witnessed many changes – from three Presidents to as many deputy presidents, the sacking for one deputy president, no less than nine vice-presidents including two suspended ones and the changes in the Constitution.

I’ve witnessed shocking announcements by two presidents; one as a politically minded student when the late Tun Hussein Onn announced his retirement during his winding up speech, aired lived on television, at the 1981 Umno General Assembly and the other as a delegate from within the august hall of Dewan Merdeka when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad rocked the nation also with his retirement plans.

I remember clearly to this day that my mobile phone did not stop ringing as acquaintances, stuck in the paralyzed streets of Kuala Lumpur, wanted confirmation on what they heard on the radio. It was traumatic for many.

During Dr Mahathir’s reign, the mantra for the day was Bersih, Cekap, Amanah. Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi brought with him Islam Hadhari while the current Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak propagates 1Malaysia.

While I wasn’t around to witness the early stages of Cekap, Bersih, Amanah, which was really self-explanatory, I watched and listened to how Islam Hadhari was explained at several General Assemblies under Abdullah. A lot of time was spent to educate everyone including the ready Muslims on what it meant, many of whom were still unclear, well after his departure from office.
As for 1Malaysia, there are currently many different interpretations although there is only one, which promotes unity without distorting the Constitution.

I look forward to a crisp and crystal clear explanation of what 1Malaysia is from Najib so that everyone can understand, without the slightest ambiguity, once and for all in this General Assembly.

But in my many years of involvement in the General Assembly, none of the arguments were better prepared than the years that were accompanied by state conventions.

They make arguments and motions more serious and productive, in the form of presentation as well as action to be followed through by the leaders.

At these conventions, the Umno grassroots in each state usually deliberate thoroughly over two days to come with a collective resolution on what motion to table at the General Assembly.

This works well because even if the debates were considered guided ones, it would still be garnered by ideas and opinions from the mass as opposed to just a handful of members that meet on the eve of the assembly, flipping over the details for a decent presentation the next day.
This makes for a boring and unproductive three-day event that won’t really serve our purpose except to send out flashes of rhetorics.

Off late, we have not had these state conventions barring a few liaison committee meetings like that in the Federal Territory and Terengganu. I hope to see them revived especially when our political situation is left wanting in the face of a future General Election.

I also look forward to the New Political Model that the Prime Minister intends to introduce to Umno, perhaps in his maiden speech on October 21. In politics, serious measures need to be taken in time, well before a desperate situation arises to avoid irreparable damage.

I pray that by the end of the Assembly on Saturday, we can all proceed to believe with full conviction that Umno is still the party that best represents the Malays in a plural society while protecting the interest of all Malaysians at the same time.
The writer is the Vice Chief of the Pulai UMNO Division

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Defender of The Faith, Race And Nation

With only less than a week left before the UMNO General Assembly, I’m told that most of the State Liaison Committees are not having State Conventions to collect direct feedback from the grassroots and be tabled in the debate during the Assembly. Uncharacteristically, UMNO Johor is not holding one either. This is at a time when Malay unity is at its lowest ebb. What baffles me is that these Conventions were very popular during the times when we were at our strongest point. Unconventional wouldn’t you think? No pun intended.

I would think at this crucial time, when Malay unity is at its worst, UMNO Liaison Committees would hold brainstorming sessions and collect important feedback from the mass before the States’ best Malay brains can gather and consolidate them into one strong case for the debate at the Assembly to be held between 20-23 October. Alas, it is not to be. Despite the leadership’s call, it looks like it is still business as usual in UMNO where a small group in each State will sit down with their Liaison chief, probably the night before the Assembly to hash out the points they want to promote and try to turn it into a decent guided debate the next day.

Some states would appoint serious speakers to read a prepared text which they only receive on the morning of the deliverance, while others might appoint the funniest character that can hold court with inappropriate sexual innuendos in between, or a “ loose cannon “ that will just shoot his mouth off and cross all sensitive borders going off tangent. There are however the rare occasions where a delegate comes prepared with the important facts, and can hold the audience down, but it doesn’t happen often enough.

On the current, it looks like the party is afraid to hear from the ground, matters that touch to the core of our problems. What UMNO stands for is to defend Islam, Malay rights as enshrined in the Constitution and the security of our Nation. However, we seem to be leaving it to the Monarchy Institution and Utusan Malaysia together with a robust Malay NGO with a President who is beginning to get out of control to do the job for us.
“Keturunan Pendatang” Seeking The Review of The Malay Quota

The MCA had just finished their Annual General Assembly and while Prime Minister Najib Razak assured that the Chinese are no longer to be termed as “Pendatang”, which we will comply out of respect, the MCA still insists on harping on the 30% Bumiputera quota to be reviewed raising fury from the UMNO grassroots and Malays in general with no outlet to express their dissatisfaction prior to the UMNO General Assembly. Rightly so, “Pendatang” should no longer be used because the current generation was born here. However, “Keturunan Pendatang” would be a more appropriate and permanent term for them especially when they forget their place and demand for the abolishment of a Malay privilege.

Until They Cease To Step Beyond Their Place Of Propriety While Living The Dream Here Like No Other In This World, They Should Live With That Term. And If Any Of The Speaking Delegates Is Worth The Pint Of His Malay Blood, This Issue Will Seriously Be Taken Up. That Is What The Rest Are Thinking Of While Hoping That Telepathy Is Strong In The Merdeka Hall, In The Absence Of State Conventions Coming Into The General Assembly.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Shakespearean Politician

Finally, Prime Minister Najib Razak tells the MCA at their 57th Annual General Assembly, just like it is, ie. Stop bitching and start working! Well actually those were my words, but it sure sounds better doesn’t it?

His words were: "Every time election comes, you ask for big allocations. Don’t expect the federal government to solve all your problems when in fact you have not been working. You think if you bring in big projects, the people will support you because you give them money?"

The Barisan Nasional Chairman continued, "Leaders have to work for the party, be loyal and committed. If they are not loyal, please leave the party. Make way for others who believe in our cause."

This Message Is Short And Sweet (Too Spicy For Some Whose Agenda Has Slowly Been Uncovered) Coming From The Bona Fide Prime Minister. It sounds like a Shakespeare recital with Bach in the background to my ears! I Should Leave It There In all Its Serenity And Say No More!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Man of The Hour

YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (TRH) the gentleman statesman returns from abroad early Saturday morning to what will be a warm welcome from his supporters and curious onlookers who’ve been invited to receive him. For the next few weeks, the politician Prince will be the flavor of the month considering there will be a by-election in his constituency of Gua Musang, namely for the State seat for Galas after the passing of the Assemblyman, whose name if you noticed have not been mentioned ever since TRH was said to have accepted the position of Operations Director for the by-election which is by tradition a post usually held by the Deputy Prime Minister.

The Patriot would like to pause and offer our deepest condolences to the family of Al-Marhum Che Hashim Sulaima and thank them for their unselfish sacrifice in allowing him to serve and spend time with the Rakyat as State Assemblyman for Galas. May his soul be placed amongst the righteous. Al-Fatihah.

It is rather refreshing to see that UMNO leaders have finally learnt some manners since the first day of Aidilfitri. Showing respect especially to an elder statesman, who presented his own piece of land to the party, where we now make our fiery speeches, meet and dine for one another at the yearly UMNO General Assembly, shows that we are a cultured lot. Allowing TRH to take the reign and decide for a seat in the Constituency that he has served as Member of Parliament for nine terms is an unorthodox yet brilliant move by the top brass. Now all they have to do is give him the necessary tools and get out of his way to ensure a comfortable victory. Flooding Gua Musang with “foreigners” may backfire since speakers and politicians from outside of Kelantan may adopt the wrong approach and style and are not usually welcomed. Even State UMNO leaders should stay away and let TRH and his machinery work in peace. It’s an open secret that Kelantan leaders don’t see eye to eye with each other which gave birth to the local term “Cah Keting” meaning self-sabotaging the team out of spite for one or two personalities. By taking that approach, TRH’s team will be working harder and possibly smoother at it to ensure a victory as the total onus will be on them to deliver without the others taking the glory for a win nor having to take the blame for a loss. I strongly believe that BN will win as I was told that previously, disrespect was shown to the elder statesman by the federal government led by Abdullah Badawi by nominating an unfavorable candidate without even consulting with him. With the will of Allah we will prevail this time.

Despite what has been said and done about TRH, it was personalities like him and Tun Dr Mahathir from outside while Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim and Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed (during the Johor State UMNO meeting with the then PM) from inside who shook the incompetence out of former Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi’s chair resulting in his early retirement, and for that we owe them our gratitude.

I would place a wager against Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah recommending himself as candidate to run for the Galas seat as unlike in the case of Tan Sri Isa Samad, he would have more to lose than to gain. I would bank all my chips on him giving his full weight of support to his nominee whomever it may be to ensure that BN wins with a bigger margin than the last won by PAS.

Finally, If Anyone Were To Think That TRH Will Fall Back In Line After That And Not Press On With The Oil Royalty For The Kelantan People, Then They Should Have Their Heads Examined. Tengku Razaleigh Is His Own Man. Let Us Just Capitalize On What He Can Deliver For Us For Now And Let The Chips Fall Where They May Until We Cross That Next Bridge.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


They Will Either Unite Or DivideThe Malays For Us

When it comes to making stupid, ridiculous statements and at the least appropriate time, we can always bank on the second liners in UMNO!

These were the headlines of a few of the dailies; ‘Umno rejects Perkasa ‘ – The Star; ‘Umno does not support Perkasa’ - The New Straits Times, and the mother of all classics considered as an Aidilfitri present to Perkasa members of 200,000 Malays; ‘Perkasa made up of “rejects”’ – The New Straits Times on Raya day.

The UMNO Secretary General, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor had to pick the eve of Aidilfitri, a period when forgiveness and restraint is expected from us, to hurt the feelings of fellow Muslim Malays after a meeting with non-Malay leaders, just a couple of days before Muslims celebrated after a month of fasting. If ever there was a bird-brain in Malay politics, it would be the current Secretary General of UMNO for not using wisdom and tact in handling the feelings of the Malays. His sense of timing was perfect too, for an imbecile.

Nazri Aziz, the play-safe, free-passed, non-elected UMNO Supreme Council member was also reported to have lambasted the Perkasa by saying that they were made up of Umno rejects. This was on page 6 of The New Straits Times on Aidilfitri. One who is always out to make headlines, even juicier for him if it is controversial, he forgets that he often contradicts himself in the very same interview. He says that there was nothing to announce on Perkasa but does a 180 degree turn by taking a swipe at the members who were predominantly UMNO/ BN supporters.

If we notice the trend among the leaders, it is always the filthy rich among them with nothing much to lose, perhaps with properties abroad who tend to make damaging remarks to show their political manhood only to be the first to flee the country when all hell breaks loose because of their recklessness.

Perkasa is not only made up of past leaders or those who have either retired or lost in their last divisional elections, they are also made up of current UMNO members from the grassroots whose continued contribution to the party and nation should be embraced and welcomed, not mocked. They see UMNO as having lost their gust for defending Malay rights when attacked by aliens. Hence, while maintaining their membership and total support for the party, they have no second thoughts of joining the Perkasa establishment when they see a platform that protects their interests as provided for in the Constitution with much vigour and valid aggression in the same form that is applied by the aliens while questioning Malay rights.

What the Malays on the ground are worried about today is why the Malay leaders are mute when Chinese leaders themselves, not having to hide behind Chinese organizations anymore like before, question Malay rights and privileges? Where were Tengku Adnan and Nazri then?
I have seen UMNO grassroots leaders vote the other way because of their loss of confidence in leaders with traits like the two jokers mentioned above. Perkasa is in a position to break the very little solid support UMNO has left into bits, and be the deciding factor in the coming elections. I’m sure they wouldn’t be granted the privilege of forming a party, but UMNO leaders must remember that they can either support the opposing Malay candidate, or sponsor an Malay independent candidate swinging their Malay votes his way allowing the minority Chinese candidate in DAP to waltz in. We may say that’s impossible considering they are a Malay rights group, but if they see UMNO as being a hard-core Chinese lover who is not getting much love back at the expense of the Malays, they might as well give in just to punish us for our wrong strategies.

Those Perkasa members who’ve lost by a whisker in the past elections still have substantial influence in their respective divisions. Many have come out tops in the past divisional delegates meeting (G7) to represent their divisions in the UMNO Convention in October marking their relevance still. They can sway no less than 30% of the UMNO votes if they wish. Was it wise to ridicule them considering they are from our own family?

I have in my past postings stressed upon the fact that we need to maintain, nurture and secure the Malay votes that are already safely in our hands, instead of overreaching and bending backwards to win the hearts of the ungrateful Chinese community judging from the last few by-elections, while neglecting the former. I emphasize on this community because the Indians according to the statistics have return albeit not in the reverse-exodus fashion to Barisan Nasional. If coaxing, persuading and pre-rewarding them have all failed, then we should force upon the Chinese, the positive reinforcement model of only delivering when they come through for us. I think the Chinese call it the “merit system”. Start by punishing their political leaders by not giving them positions in the Cabinet until they work their oriental butts off to carry their weight in the coalition.

There are certain outrageous demands made by Perkasa but we needn’t have to entertain them at all, least of all comment in this damaging fashion. In fact, we can choose to snub them altogether and they will understand. That is what a pressure group does. I think we can all agree that Ibrahim Ali is a character that leaves much to be desired politically but the fact remains that perhaps out of 10 demands and stands he has put up under Perkasa in defense of Malay rights under attacks by Chinese leaders, a fair majority of it makes a lot of sense and are not entirely ridiculous.

Damage control MUST be made by Prime Minister Najib Razak and his Deputy Muhyiddin Yassin before the Perkasa movement drifts too far away from us. Technically speaking, Tengku Adnan and Nazri Aziz would themselves be termed as political has been if not for their appointments by the Prime Minister. I’m afraid that if nothing is done, these two un-elected yet arrogant officials might well be the cause of UMNO’s downfall in the coming general elections.

It May Be Aidilfitri For Us, But These Two UMNO Buggers Might Have Just Made It Feel Like Gong Xi Fa Chai For The Chinese Community By Smacking Down Our Own NGO, Something That The Chinese Political Parties Would Never Do To Their Own, No Matter How Chauvinistic They May Be. I Can Just Feel Them Celebrating Now From Our Deliberately Scored Own Goal! In The History of Football, I’m Sure You Have Never Seen Players Being Proud Scoring Own Goals. Well In Malaysian Politics, Look No Further Than Tengku Adnan And Nazri Aziz!

Salam Aidilfitri To The Muslim/ Malays And Yam Seng To The Rest!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010



Defend Our Sovereignty And Protect Our Independence!

To All My Fellow Malaysians, Regardless Of Race, Colour Or Creed,

Happy Independence Day! Never Take Our Freedom For Granted And Always Be Grateful Being Citizens Of This Great Nation. While We May Pursue Our Individual Dreams, We Must Come Together As One Malaysian Family To Ensure That The Next Generation Can Pursue Their Dreams As Well. Ultimately, We Are Responsible For Ourselves But We Also Will Rise Or Fall As One Nation, 1Malaysia.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Happy Merdeka Month. Keep The Flag Flying!

Better Late Than Never

After four days of posting the disgust I felt for the MCA President and his cheap stunt of trying to stir up racial disharmony to distract people from MCA’s serious inability to serve and win the Chinese over, Utusan Malaysia finally took the matter up by interviewing Malay leaders on the matters of the same. Below is the excerpt from today’s front page which proves my article right that the Chinese regardless of their political affiliations will unite for the sake of their own race while the Malays would rather quarrel with one another benefiting the aliens just to spite their own people. My own prediction is that MCA will sacrifice itself and deliberately lose the BN ticket in the next election so that DAP can have more seats and strengthen the Chinese hold on national politics to push their Communistic attributes on the National Policy. Let this be a humble “ heads up ” for our good Prime Minister to ponder over. Best we expel them and start to serve the Chinese community ourselves. To those who think this is a racist’s view, think again. Our quarrel is not with the Chinese people at large, but their blasted leaders who use race based arguments to threaten the harmony of this multiracial country for personal glory. EXPEL MCA FROM BN AND PUT CHUA SOI LEK IN ISA! After all, only 7% of the Chinese public like him. Perhaps we might even win more Chinese votes if we detain him with as good a cause as this.

Perbuatan 'ala DAP' bangkitkan rasa sakit hati

KUALA LUMPUR 17 Ogos - Presiden MCA, Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek diminta menghentikan perbuatannya yang 'ala DAP' kerana ia hanya akan membangkitkan rasa sakit hati kaum Melayu di negara ini.

Ahli Majlis Tertinggi (MT) UMNO, Dr. Mohd. Puad Zakashi berkata, antaranya adalah tindakan Soi Lek menyentuh hak serta keistimewaan orang Melayu seperti mana termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

Beliau turut menyelar Soi Lek kerana menjadikan Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa) sebagai kambing hitam tetapi tidak menegur pertubuhan Cina seperti Dong Zong yang sering membangkitkan isu-isu sensitif.

"Begitu juga dengan permintaannya memperbanyakkan Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (SJKC). Kerajaan tidak pernah mengabaikan usaha membina SJKC yang baru tetapi isunya ialah tanah dan kos. Soi Lek tahu mengenai perkara ini.

"Walau apa pun, di peringkat kerajaan sudah tentu keutamaan diberi kepada pembinaan sekolah kebangsaan kerana ia merupakan aliran utama dalam memenuhi hasrat Dasar Pelajaran Kebangsaan," katanya dalam blog

Tulisannya itu sebagai mengulas kenyataan-kenyataan kontroversi Soi Lek yang disiarkan di akhbar-akhbar tempatan baru-baru ini.

Terbaru Soi Lek berkata, MCA tidak takut berkongsi pandangan dengan DAP dalam hal yang memberi keuntungan kepada masyarakat Cina.

Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin ketika mengulas tindak-tanduk Soi Lek itu mengingatkan MCA supaya jangan terlalu ghairah menjuarai kepentingan dan tuntutan kaum sendiri sehingga menjejaskan kestabilan serta keharmonian antara kaum di negara ini.
Mohd. Puad menjelaskan, tidak seperti sekolah jenis kebangsaan, sekolah kebangsaan bukan untuk pelajar Melayu sahaja sebaliknya ia adalah sekolah bagi semua kaum.

"Untuk pengetahuan Soi Lek, banyak lagi sekolah kebangsaan khususnya di pedalaman dan luar bandar yang daif. Sekolah ini dipenuhi oleh pelajar daripada pelbagai keturunan seperti Iban, Kadazan, Penan, Murut dan Kayan.

"Apakah sekolah mereka yang daif itu mesti diabaikan hanya untuk memenuhi desakan Soi Lek," katanya.

Dalam perkembangan berkaitan, Mohd. Puad berkata, tidak dinafikan kini timbul kebimbangan bahawa Soi Lek terikut-ikut dengan rentak dan cara DAP bagi meraih semula sokongan masyarakat Cina.

"Sokongan orang Cina kepada MCA ternyata merosot. Pilihan raya kecil di Hulu Selangor dan Sibu membuktikan segalanya-galanya," katanya.

Bagaimanapun, beliau berkata, Soi Lek tidak pula boleh mengambil jalan mudah dengan menuding jari kepada UMNO kononnya sikap beberapa pemimpin memperjuangkan isu orang Melayu menyebabkan orang Cina lari daripada menyokong BN.

"Peliknya ada antara mereka termasuk Soi Lek bebas sesuka hati membangkitkan isu-isu sensitif yang akhirnya menyakitkan hati orang Melayu," katanya.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Merdeka Month. Fly The Flag!
Recap: UMNO Providing Substance While MCA Provides Nuisance

Like an empty tin can that makes a loud noise, Dr Chua Soi Lek and his MCA is a loud canister with neither the substance nor the intelligence to know what is good for them. It is a known fact that the vast majority of the Chinese voters will not support the MCA anytime soon no matter how Gung Ho toward the establishment or generous they become towards their own. They now have to rely on the Malay votes in many areas where UMNO still has influence to persuade the Malays to vote for them. Yet, they persist in hurting the feelings of the Muslims and Malays at large by making unnecessary comments pertaining to their rights and faith.

In three previous postings, I had remarked that the term “ Sombong bodoh “, or “ Arrogantly stupid “, is a term reserved primarily for the Malays as it is a well known trait among this race. Evidently, in line with the Prime Minister’s 1Malaysia theme, the MCA led by its loudmouthed President has adopted this Malay trait and turned it into an art of its own. In Johor alone, there are three parliamentary and around six State Malay majority seats contested by Chinese BN candidates mainly from MCA and one or two from GERAKAN. Following the verbal diarrhea by Soi Lek, there is much talk on the ground amongst the Malays including the UMNO grassroots to decide not to vote for them in the coming elections. To them, if they have to vote for Communist sounding Chinamen bashing their own partners within the BN, they might as well vote for the known Devil in DAP, just like how GERAKAN got sandbagged by the UMNO/ Malay voters in Penang.

Prime Minister Najib Razak should have taken under advisement the suggestion to either appoint these parasites as Ministers without portfolio or a Malay to be in charge of Chinese affairs forcing them to behave and earn their way back by winning over the hearts of the Chinese voters instead of talking aloud and losing the sure Malay votes that have been loyally supporting them. Now, the most important thing for the BN Chief Executive to do is to rein everyone in and censor their mouths while whipping them into labour to win in the next General Elections instead of self-sabotaging themselves.

While it is true that Dato’ Sri Najib Razak enjoys approximately 78% in approval ratings in the Merdeka Centre polls, unfortunately, he is not contesting in the 220 odd seats in Parliament. This sort of rating would do well in a Presidential two party system like in America, but in a Parliamentary system like in Malaysia, the whole Barisan Nasional needs to enjoy that kind of ratings as opposed to just its Chairman.

The Prime Minister needs to whip the BN leaders and Ministers into shape and make sure they don’t speak against each other from now until the next General Elections. One way to do that is to limit blatant press conferences by individual leaders/ Ministers and have a Central Command Centre to issue statements after proper vetting, like the Prime Minister’s Department. Time is running out for us and we need to exercise major damage control. BN has everything to lose while the opposition has little to lose but everything to gain. We can’t afford the luxury.

I’m Beginning To Suspect That The MCA Is Deliberately Practicing Self-Sacrifice Forcing BN To Lose In Order For The Aliens To Increase Their Holdings In Malaysian Politics And Press On To More Demands For The Benefit Of Their People, Eventually Taking Control Of Putrajaya Either Directly Or By Proxy Like In Selangor. Once Again It Needs To Be Reminded That The Chinese Regardless Of Their Political Affiliations Stick Together While The Malays Break One Another. If That Is Their Master-Plan, Then MCA Needs To Be Dealt With Decisively Bringing In Alternative Measures. Failure To Realize This Will See The Malays Being Colonized Once Again, Only This Time By Orientals In The Land Once Known As Semenanjung Tanah Melayu.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Merdeka Month. Fly The Flag!

The Entrance of the Masjidil Haram, Makatul Mukaramah.

The Patriot Would Like To Wish His Muslim Readers "Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan Dan Beribadah." May The Angels And Lailatul Qadr Visit Our Homes While We Prostrate In Submission To The Al-Mighty Elevating Our Prayers And Wishes For His Blessings And Consideration.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Sorry, Apologize, Regret, Remorseful, Guilty, Contrite, Ashamed, Compunction, Repentance, Penitent. These Seem To Be The Only Vocabulary In The Dictionary Of THIS Political Mouse!

It has been reported in many sites in Cyberspace that the Home Minister regretted the Allah ban by his Ministry which has haunted the same since it began while blaming his predecessor for it. Now we’ve got the Minister of Islamic Affairs getting in on the debate begging to differ. The case is being weighed by the court and it is a shame when we have a Federal Minister (A Muslim and REGRETTABLY an UMNO Vice President by ACCIDENT!) giving his views that might influence the verdict.

If it is true, then I think Prime Minister Najib (my Mentor) should create a Ministry of Apology and put his first cousin there as Minister instead of the Home Ministry where a real Man with more Guts is needed. I really don’t know why his statements more often than not, seem to side with the non-Malays and infidels of Islam.

With the good Prime Minister on a well deserved holiday, at home, it seems like a circus with an erratic mouse and monkeys from the same Circus Company openly at odds with each other. Hishammuddin, the mouse regrets the action and blames Syed Hamid, a chimp who was clumsy but with naturally much bigger balls than him. Jamil Khir, the righteous chimp wants to maintain the call, while the insignificant MCA, the Monkey King , wants the Home Ministry to rescind the decision. All of them are from Barisan National amusing the opposition who were happily posting it up and gathering more momentum in all their websites making it difficult for the grassroots leaders like me and the rest to work efficiently to ensure a win for the team in the next General Elections.

DATO’ SRI HISHAMMUDDIN HUSSEIN! The Malays Are Already Split In Three. UMNO Members At The Grassroots Level Are Holding The Fort By Tooth And Nail. They, Nay, WE Are Frustrated With Cowardly Acts By Their (I Didn’t Vote For You) Vice President Who Is Making Ridiculous Statements NOT In Favour Of Agama Islam & Bangsa Melayu. ( First Apologizing Sheepishly For The Keris, Now Regretting The Allah Ban!) If You Consider Yourself As A Minister First, Then DON’T Bother Contesting In UMNO! YOU ARE A LIABILITY TO OUR PRESIDENT AND PRIME MINISTER, DATO’ SRI MOHD NAJIB TUN RAZAK! If You Love And Respect Your Cousin, UMNO And The Country, Then Please Either RESIGN Or WISE UP Because When More UMNO Members Leave The Fold, Frustrated With Your Lazy Struggle For Them And Their Cause, We Will Then Be At The Behest Of MCA, GERAKAN And The DAP Who Are Working Perfectly As A Successful Unit As The Chinese Connection! I Truly Hope This Is NOT The Influence Of Your Special Advisor Dato Micheal Chong From MCA!!

Friday, July 30, 2010


This Twit Won’t Need That Hand To Wear The Songkok!

There is a popular Malay term that goes “ Sombong Bodoh “ which directly translated means “Arrogantly Stupid”. This is an exclusive term reserved only for the Malays because this unique trait is found mainly in this particular ethnic origin.

Cutting to the chase, I refer to a news web article today on a few of attention seeking Malays who not only claim that they find it embarrassing and prefer to reject the 7% discount for luxury homes, but also proffer to add that it is not provided for in the Constitution. Whoever said that everything has to be stated in the Constitution? Is it written in the Constitution that these seemingly partly retarded Malays have to go to the toilet every day? But don’t they still do? From what I gather, laws are enacted in Parliament and don’t have to be written in the Constitution to be enforced. The United Kingdom has an unwritten Constitution, yet the world still revolves in England.

I wonder if there is a Chinese gentleman out there regardless of his wealth, who’d forego a discount of RM140,000 on a RM2 Million house. I dare say, not only would he rightfully ask for it, knowing how shrewd and nobly unselfish the Chinese are to their race, he’d probably take the discount and donate it to one of their Associations or Chinese Education Fund. Would those accidentally well off Malays mentioned in the news web (As I term them as feces to the Malay society, I will not mention their names in my blog) do the same for their kind? I leave it to your reasonably intelligent minds to pass judgment.

To The Race That Keeps On Harping On The Malays To Give Up Their Privileges And Be Unselfish To The Rest, Perhaps When They Can Stop “ Ta-Paw-Ing ” Food That Is Meant For All In Listed Company AGMs, Like The Tentacles Of An Octopus Grabbing Everything They Can Get, We Would Consider.

To The Malays Who Allow Themselves To Be Jack-Assed By The Aliens To Voice Out And Run Down Their Own Privileges Just For Their 15 Minutes Of Fame, Remember The Other Malay Term Of “Menang Sorak, Kampong Tergadai “, Which Means “ Good With Scolding But You Lose Your Holdings ”.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Off late my e-mail has been clogged by forwarded messages from a friend of mine, Datuk Jamaluddin Mansor who gave us the privilege of being our guest writer in The Patriot a couple of times before.

Quite a number of forwarded articles by the good Datuk have irked my emotions and disturbed my routine reading them, but I think this classic one needs responding to.

It is an article by a certain Shaik Rizal Sulaiman on Malay Rights. There are some Malays who think this way. Some of them are either true to their beliefs being ignorant or just trying to be different going against the grain being a Malay hero (read: popular) amongst the non-Malays making them instantly famous around the non-Malay blogs and write-ups.

Allow me to be presumptuous by responding point for point to this gentleman exercising the right to my views just as he has done his. This topic has risen several times before without a satisfactory response from UMNO either because their second line leaders are too deep in their comfort zone or their lack of comprehension in the English language whether spoken or written. Yes, as my Company Chairman once witnessed, one Minister couldn’t even tell the difference between a Security Company and the Securities Commission. So we shouldn’t be all too surprised.

Please refer to the numbers in white ink under the writer's paragraphs for my responses.

Many Thanks & Salam Perjuangan!

Stick To Your Roots

Or Learn to Lick Boots

Malay Rights – by Shaik Rizal Sulaiman

The Malays are 'technically' in power governing the country but it is alsothis same controlling group that demands the right to correct economic
imbalances and disparities for its own race.

1. We are COMMANDING the right to correct economic imbalances and disparities for our own race because it continues to persist.

What does this say about the 'majority governing' Malay race for the last 50 years? I dare say that most Malaysians (regardless of race) below the age of 40 would like to see all opportunities be spread amongst those who deserve it on *meritocracy.*

2. Even through loose observation, one could witness that in the last 50 years, we have succeeded in narrowing the disparities despite being pressured by the non-Malays with all sorts of means be it legal or otherwise in acquiring and begging for projects from some of their corrupt Malay Political Masters. As far as meritocracy is concerned, what would you say when a qualified Malay applies for a job in a Chinese institution or company only to be told that the position is no longer vacant based on the colour of his skin when it actually hasn’t been filled? What would you say when you are qualified for a job except for the fact that speaking in Mandarin is compulsory applying for the same in Malaysia? Is that meritocracy enough for you? Are you even shocked that matters of this nature exist? Do you think if by an unfortunate stroke of bad luck, we wake up one morning under Chinese rule, you as a qualified Malay would be given a cushy job having being discriminated upon by them even while being under Malay rule today?

We do not need the keris anymore to tell others to be careful of what they say and do because in the survival of the fittest, the keris is of verylittle relevance!

3. With due respect Shaik, if someone told you that your mother was servicing two males from Bangladesh from both her ends all at the same time in the back alley of Chow Kit Road, would you still maintain that he needn’t be careful with his words even if it was the truth? I’m sure even a crooked fork would look relevant then, wouldn’t you say? You may say that I am being personal, but Heck! This IS damned personal to the Malays who know their history and have served long in the local workforce, enough to know that even the fittest can get tripped halfway and fall on their faces. Do you think that this is a game that we can afford to lose and start again? This is not a play station where you can press reset every time the game is over. This is life! It is only by chance in birth that we were born in a country that gives us the advantage. Only fools give up a ready advantage and if you are working in Europe or the US, you’d know well enough to keep quiet while you’re one up. No one in corporate Europe or the US would give back what he thinks is unfairly his. College degrees and business theories are worthless in the real world. In La La Land that you wish to live in, perhaps one would give up an advantage, be honest to oneself and his neighbour and live happily ever after. In the real world, they’re happier getting a better life even if it means having to step on peoples’ toes. That is a fact and if it’s good enough in a Capitalistic market in the West, good enough for the non-Malays here, it should damned well be good enough for us, thank you very much.

If we continue to hide under the 'bumiputera' tempurung as most Malays havebeen in the last 50 years or more, the catch-up game will just get harderand the gap wider.

4. The Bumiputera Tempurung is the one that probably helped your grandfather put your dad through school and perhaps is even responsible to turn you into an intelligent Malay lad who has turned on the very policy that has benefited members of your family. If in the last 50 years, although we have narrowed the gap, we have still not reached our target. Wouldn’t it defy logic that we would catch up without it as you have carelessly put it?

If we continue to expect without earning it, we will never learn how to be arace that succeeds on merit. *There is NO substitute for merit*. The Malay politicians continue to shout about Malay rights and bumiputera rightsbecause the very nature of our local politics is sadly racially biased.

5. Well said from a Malay intellect who fails to realize that, with our local politics being racially biased as you suggest, it is essential and on merit that we maintain our stand as the Chinese and Indian parties are even more chauvinistic in their stand to defend their race. Do you presume that we are to stand down while the other parties maintain their hard position? How do you think we managed to get contracts drilling for oil in other parts of the world? Do they have the NEP for Malays there too? Whose company drills there? Ah Chong Oil and Gas company Ltd? NO It’s PETRONAS run by the MALAYS and we achieved it through meritocracy! I’ll have you know from personal experience that I am currently working with an all Bumiputera team which bought an overpriced company from a Chinese party that couldn’t work the business at all although it has monopolistic characteristics. In just four months, for the first time in 8 years, we’ve managed to rehabilitate and transform the outfit into a full-fledged working reception plant and started earning revenue while cleaning the environment performing National Service. Would you now like to check our blood to determine whether we are pure Malays?

In this day and age, a great nation is built upon joint success stories,meritocracy and the combined hard work of its people WITHOUT any fear orfavour of racial biased politics governing our daily policies. Sadly, the Malay politicians have ended up completely corrupt, racialists, twistedreligious fanatics.

6. Please name one nation which precisely reflects our multiracial country that practices equal rights where the people work “WITHOUT any fear or favour of racial biased politics governing their daily policies.” I can name one in the South but they not only live in fear of the Government, they are darn-right TERRIFIED! Some Malay politicians are corrupted but not the entire cast. If the Malay leaders are religious fanatics, the I.S.A. today, wouldn’t be filled with terrorist suspects with intentions to terrorize the infidels whom we are protecting. Also, you imply that Chinese or Indian politicians are pristine and corrupt-free? Have you not read how one MCA minister took free private jet rides from a certain company who was also allegedly accused of taking millions from a certain party to finance his entire political party? Yes, the case may have been dismissed but that is either because the witnesses changed stories halfway through or disappeared into thin air. As one easily perceives Malay politicians to be corrupt, one can equally perceive the others to be the same too once an allegation emerges.

I am below 40 and as much as I love the 'idea' that Malaysia is tanah tumpahnya darah orang Melayu, I can't help but also feel that this countryis for ALL Malaysians alike including the Chongs, the Kumars, the Xaviers,the Singhs & Kaurs etc who were born on the same day in the same hospital asme here in Malaysia.

7. Well spoken, very noble indeed. Perhaps Shaik, you should learn your history and analyze their behaviour and attitude when they are at an advantage over us. Refer to the Bintang Tiga and prior to May 13th when they behaved atrociously vulgarly antagonizing the Malays in their kampongs when they won an election. The Malays will be sympathetic towards their cause at times but THEY will give no quarters back whatsoever to the Malays when it is the other way around. It is not about you being born together with them in this blessed land that gives them the same privileges as you. No one is forcing you to accept the helping hand from the Malay government. It is there for the needy. When I was in junior school, I was given a form to fill to apply for free text books. My father asked me to reject it in fear of depriving those more deserving pupils whose parents couldn’t afford it. They included even the poor Indians and Chinese too, not only the Malays. This country my dear chap is for all Malaysians alike. No Indian or Chinese can live better and easier lives in a country other than Malaysia. If they can, they would have shipped out long ago. Those who are left here complaining are the losers who are just as lazy as the Malays you so happily refer to.

If we feel that WE (the Malays) deserve this country more than THEM , thenWE (the Malays) should have shown them a long time ago that we deserve the'control all' status. *We have to earn it.* The policies FAILED because the very concept of Malayrights or the NEP/DEB is like a double-edged sword. On one hand, it aims toeradicate wealth disparity but on the other, it has made the Malaysoblivious of what reality is. Our (Malays) success is only reflected in the'perceived' political power which today can collapse in a matter of minutes.I would also like to see my children succeed in their country, Malaysia, for reasons that true success should be based upon, which are merit and hardwork and NOT because they are Malays or bumiputeras. For as long as the Malays don't see this, there is very little point infighting for Malay rights..

8. We as Malays have earned it. It was the Malays who fought for Independence. It was the Malays who were generous in allowing the aliens to be given full citizenship and share the wealth of this nation. You are implying that the Chinese are the only ones qualified and are successful in running a business establishment. Tell me then, who runs Petronas? Who drills offshore under the name of Petronas in a score of countries around the world earning the nation more than we do draining our own fields? What about our banks and other successful institutions like the Tabung Haji, which is well known amongst the Islamic world for its organization and business acumen? What about the Permodalan Nasional Berhad and even Sime Darby (before Musa Hitam and his CEO) which have generated billions allowing us to send hundreds of thousands of students abroad to study on scholarships and giving the majority of the rural folks a better living? Who turned this country into a car producing nation which has sold millions around the world creating thousands of skilled Malay workers in a sector which was jealously kept within the Chinese community before this? Is it the Chinese and Indians who run these establishments? NO! They are MALAYS! It escapes me what is causing you to have this skewed vision towards the Malays.

It just makes us look more ridiculous. We have taken this notion of being privileged a bit too literally in that it now simply means we want this country and its fruits all for ourselves without accepting theresponsibilities that come with it. I blame the MALAY politicians for thisbecause we want to only fight the cause without strategising for the truesubstance and need of the cause.* We have been given fish all the whilewithout being taught how to fish.*

9. Like you, I too am a Malay but I don’t know where you get your facts from thinking that every Malay is taking fine advantage of these privileges. I’ll have you know that I worked at the Stock Exchange through school and paid my tuition fees abroad without a cent from the Malaysian Government. Yes there were those who abused it but there were many more who didn’t. Those non-Malay students who studied abroad could have had their fees paid by their fathers some of whom bribed their way to success. They didn’t have to compete with equally competent Malay companies because their meritocracy was CORRUPTION! Yes, the Malay politicians may have been corrupted, but by whose hands?! It takes two to tango and it’s not Malay all the way in that department, I assure you. By saying that “we have been given fish all the while without being taught how to fish” I’m presuming that you were one of the lazy Malays who were at the receiving end getting fish. I can say with much pride, that I, like many other Malays I know, was never given the “fish”, and those institutions and establishments I mentioned two paragraphs above were the “boat” given to the Malays to fish in deep waters so that their generous catch can be evenly distributed among the needy.

It's funny how two different generations can be so diverse in their thinking and the recent elections proved just that... We are no longer concerned withracial problems but more so the never-ending Malay agenda issues. The rakyathas spoken and the landscape has drastically changed. Is this changewelcomed? Is it good?

10. Yes the Rakyat has spoken, and even though the landscape has changed because of the the government’s decision to engage the youths and allow more freedom of expression, which they have learnt to take for granted but are unable to handle today, they have forgotten that the current and old government is still the choice of the Rakyat. The change is very much welcomed so that the opposition party who’ve been very good at criticizing, will have the chance to display either their ability or DISABILITY to lead us all. In recent months, they have been proven to be 1. Liars, ( Sept 16th change of Federal Govt which didn’t happen), 2. Scandalous, ( An assembly-woman was intimately involved with a married person and celebrated her right to commit adultery forgetting that being a politician, she became public property and ceased to have a private life, then went on a holiday deceiving the daft section of the Rakyat into thinking that she was serious about vacating her seat only to come home and have her resignation offer rejected ) 3. Corrupt ( receiving sexual and monetary favours in return for decisions favourable to the benefactor). 4. Non-transparent and irresponsible ( Allowing officers charged of corruption to continue to serve instead of being suspended like the ruling party does in similar circumstances.) 5. Abusive with power. (cows and car accessories for the MB’s constituencies and private motor car at the expense of the State Government) 6. Internal bickering, attacking one another within the party trying to dislodge their own colleague from the Menteri Besar's post.(this is the disease they might've caught from UMNO) 7. Allow the Chinese to “sub-contract” the MB's post (by default) to a Malay but follow their orders to the "T" in the running of the State, and a lot more but we'll be here till Ramadhan if I continued.

The answer is 'NO'. Because we,the Malays, have been caught with our pantsdown - we are not ready to compete on any level playing field (we can't evencompete on advantageous grounds!). Even with three or five more continuingpolicies for Malay rights or bumiputera privileges over the next 50 years,we will still be in exactly the same position as we are in today.

11. If we are in the same position in 50 years to come, that means we haven’t completely failed because while the gap may not have narrowed down, it has not widened either and under the current scenario, everyone gets to eat and live healthily in Malaysia. So what’s your problem with that?. Even today, we are living under meritocracy. Malay contractors have to compete with the Chinese and are losing out because the others are more generous corrupting high officials compared to the Malays. You must have a fetish for the non-Malays to think that they are the ones who built this nation single-handedly and fairly. Might I remind you that even the highways you travel on across the Peninsula were built by Malay companies.

The truth hurts and the truth will always prevail. And the truth of what'sto come will NOT go away. I am cynical perhaps because I feel that Malay rights is NOT relevant anymore.

12. Yes, you can bet your last earned Ringgit that the truth does hurt. And when it smacks you hard on the face that you were wrong about all races being able to look beyond the colour of their skin, no cream or ointment in the world would be able to heal your backside because by then, the situation will be irreversible. We may give up our rights to be equal, but are you willing to bet on your children’s lives (not future but lives) that the others will do the same? Do you really want to give them the benefit of the doubt my noble friend?

The right to be safe, to be treated fairly, to have a world-class healthcare
and education, to enjoy equal prosperity, to have good governance, to livein a clean environment and to be war-free is what I want for my Malaysia.NOT for MY race to be artificially powerful.*

13. Please wake up and stop quoting from some American Presidential campaign pamphlet. I’m a Malaysian and I feel safe. There is no other country in the world where you can enjoy food and beverage in town over 24 hours without feeling safe. Name me one country other than Malaysia! It’s as fair as anywhere in the world if not better. My Chinese friends are coming back to Malaysia although they still maintain homes abroad because they suddenly discovered that the grass isn’t as green as they thought it was down under and in Europe. Their skin colour may be overlooked but their eyes can tell no lie (no pun intended). We may not have a world class health care program for the rich and famous but the normal man in the street (this includes the poor non-Malays) can still be treated as an out-patient which costs a mind blowing ONE RINGGIT at any Government hospital! Can Australia, Britain or even the mighty United States of America beat that old boy? You are asking us to be War Free? Where the hell are you writing from? The Gaza Strip?

If we want the Malays to fail, then by all means continue the fight for Malay rights.. Go and polish your keris..

14. Hmm….It’s like saying if you want to fail in your exams, by all means continue studying. Go and burn the midnight oil. Those last sentences by Master Shaik Rizal Sulaiman has convinced me even more that we will need to defend the New Economic Model because he surely won’t make the cut in the world of total Meritocracy.


In recent months we have seen the Syariah Courts allowing quite a few Malaysto exercise their rights to a third or fourth wife. Fair, the guy may beable to provide for the financial & conjugal needs of his wives. However,question here is when he has a dozen kids, will he be able to provide adecent education and life to his kids or will he demand for his 'Rights' forsubsidy and aid and be a burden to the govt and society.

14. It is not the right of the Malays to take on up to 4 wives. It is the right of Muslim men who can afford it and are willing. Being ignorant, you may ask many questions. Perhaps if you do a proper survey, you will find that not even 1 in 1,000 Muslim men have 4 wives in Malaysia. Perhaps in your view, committing adultery too would be a better way out in order not to burden the government too much. Like the NEP, although the right and privilege is there, not all Malays and Muslims choose to exercise it. The government doesn’t give aid like the UK gives out dole benefits to the unemployed. Scholarships and aid are given to those children who are straight “A” students from poor families. I’m sure that would be a burden the government is happy to bear. Why would you make it sound as though every Malay gets benefit for nothing? Your prejudicial views against the Malays negate your sincerity for the same.

We Should All Be Grateful that We Are Living In A Country Where We Are Intelligent Enough To Be Rewarded For Our Hard Work Reflecting Our Intelligence Regardless Of Colour Or Creed. Imagine If We Were In A Country Where We Are Equally Intelligent But Still Have To Hold 3 Jobs To Live A Fair Life! Just Look Down South And Count Our Blessings. For The Young Malays Who Think They Are Hip In Wanting To Sound Liberal, You Can Stop “Polishing The Keris” And Prepare To Polish Alien Boots!

Friday, July 9, 2010


From The People, For The People, To The People.

UMNO President YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib b Tun Abdul Razak will be officiating the Pulai UMNO Annual General Meeting on Sunday, the 11th July 2010/ 29th Rejab 1431H. Najib who is Prime Minister will also be gracing the Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat Complex which houses the Pulai UMNO Office, Gallery, Seminar room to fit 350 and a Banquet Hall with a capacity of 1000 pax. Pulai is one of the few UMNO divisions in the country which has its own UMNO complex thanks to the hard work put in by its late Patriarch and former Secretary General Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat ( May Allah’s Blessings Be Upon Him).

Traditionally, the UMNO President would officiate his Deputy’s Divisional meeting only. This year Najib has opted to officiate one UMNO division in every state. Pulai has been his choice for Johor Darul Taqzim , the Bastion of Barisan Nasional, indicating how efficient and successful this divison is in serving the people and holding up the support for our Party.

On Behalf Of Datuk Nur Jazlan Tan Sri Mohamed, The UMNO/ BN Chief And Citizens Of Pulai, I Would Like To Cordially Extend Our Invitation To One And All To Join The Good Prime Minister And Us On This Most Auspicious Day In The Spirit Of 1Malaysia.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


In That Positional Order!!!

It was implied if I’m not mistaken in an interview with Chua Soi Lek by a The Star that MCA could in a sense be subservient to UMNO and that the recent decision by the UMNO Supreme Council not to issue a permit on the sports betting is a classic example as it should have been tabled in the Cabinet for the “other Barisan Nasional Parties to express their views.”

In a report in the Sin Chew recently, Soi Lek was to have also said that MCA is not ready for snap elections and will need at least “ 6 months to a year to stabilize the party “. Well MCA was given 2 years and slightly more than 3 months to recover, behave and bring back the Chinese votes lost in the March 2008 elections. What he needs to realize is time is a luxury that we don’t have.

There are at least twelve component parties in Barisan Nasional more or less. In Parliament UMNO had 79 seats; MCA 15; MIC 3; GERAKAN 2; PBB 14; LDP 1; PBRS 1; PBS 4; PRS 5; UPKO 3; SPDP 4; SUPP 6. (These results are before the by-election-fest that we had ever since). We can’t afford to entertain one or two of the component parties in the BN, especially from the Peninsula if they can’t carry their weight. It is evident that MCA has lost almost all Chinese support and even if there is a glimmer of hope from some of them coming back, it is due to the direct effort from the Prime Minister himself with no help from the MCA. Furthermore, the party is not the sole representative of the Chinese community in the Coalition. Therefore we don’t necessarily have to field MCA in the usual constituency where they have failed miserably. There are also Malay areas where MCA candidates used to be fielded. Well if they aren’t quite ready to contest, they can damned well sit back and let UMNO stand in those areas!

While we don’t hear much from the other parties which have done well percentage-wise in accordance to the number of seats they contested in, we keep on hearing irritating barks from MCA and MIC. Perhaps they should learn that there is a chain of command and we can’t have conflicting views in the open by 12 odd parties within Barisan Nasional or we will be doomed. Perhaps then, if by the stroke of a miracle, PAS decides to join hands with UMNO, we might have an all Malay/ Islam Cabinet and that will serve them right. In such circumstances hypothetically, if I was given a choice by the good Prime Minister to pick a portfolio in the Cabinet, I’d ask to be Minister in Charge of Indian and Chinese Affairs, without salary too!! I’m sure better justice can be done to serve these communities than by their very own.

It is time the Prime Minister issue a decree to all Cabinet members and Component parties to keep their mouths shut and channel all statements regarding government policies and political decisions through the Prime Minister’s Department alone to eliminate megalomaniacs and brainless “ loose cannons “ among them. This has been successfully done in Washington where Cabinet and Secretarial decisions are announced only through the White House. That way total accountability can be exacted.