Sunday, April 25, 2010


Welcome Home Sunshine!

The win in Ulu Selangor by a 1,725 vote majority is a vote of confidence for the future that Najib wants to bring for 1Malaysia.

Some may think I mean only the voters who went to the polls earlier today, and wonder what that has got to do with Prime Minister Najib. But I am really talking about the whole picture which includes the voters as well as the machinery who’ve worked diligently and doggedly the last 2 weeks to ensure that Barisan Nasional’s Candidate wins despite being a long-shot by coming from the minority ethnic group in the constituency, a member from the weakest party in the BN Coalition, going against the high and mighty former Minister Zaid Ibrahim, an attorney with the largest law firm in the country who claims he did it without the help from UMNO jobs if you could even believe it.

Yes, Kamalanathan’s candidacy was not received with open arms not only by members of UMNO who rightfully thought that the seat should be returned to a Malay candidate considering it’s a Malay majority area and MIC have failed to do much to win back the Indian votes, but also by the MIC Presidential preferred candidate Palanivel who was alleged to have repeated that his previous loss was because the people rejected UMNO and not MIC.

Despite all that, after the decision was made by the top leadership, the BN machinery primarily dominated by UMNO workers got down to it and slogged for a victory giving Najib the benefit of the doubt because they believe in his great leadership. In previous cases when former Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi did the same thing, the machinery stood down quietly in protest not having confidence at all in his (or his young turks’) judgement.

I was in Ulu Selangor yesterday upon my return from the States and managed to speak to one registered voter who didn’t have any qualms in declaring that he wasn’t looking at the parties nor the candidates offered, but was looking at Najib’s leadership to determine his direction the day after.

Let us hope that there won’t be any leaders from the MIC that would dare say that this win is testament of the return of the Indians to the MIC fold. The fact that Samy Vellu and Palanivel were nowhere close to the winning candidate while he was being sandwiched between Najib and Muhyiddin after the win,showed that Najib is in control and will not allow baseless credit taking to take place by suspected parties. Special commendations should be given to the Wanita UMNO (particularly from Selangor), Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as the Chairman of the By-elections Committee, Pemuda and Puteri Barisan Nasional, members of the alternate media, namely Azeeza Abdullah and her posse, and as much as it pains me to say, the BN Executive Secretary (in that particular order) for having done a superb job all round.

Now Let’s Thank God, Take This Win With All Humility And Get Down To Work Right Away.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


International Men Of Substance.

The top brass discussing bilateral cooperation between Malaysia and America.

On his first official day at work in Washington attending the Nuclear Security Summit attended by top leaders from 47 countries, Prime Minister Najib Razak was indeed a very busy bee.

Firstly, Najib with his small entourage comprising Rais Yatim as acting Foreign Minister and Ambassador Jamaluddin Jarjis attended bilateral talks with President Barrack Obama who viewed Malaysia as an important ally in the overall agenda of Muslim communities around the world, being a Nation with a Muslim majority. Later, Najib and a very few select leaders were invited to lunch with Vice President Joseph Biden. In the evening, he was invited to join another select group of important leaders to dine with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who might be visiting Malaysia in the very near future. According to Ambassador Jarjis, " Malaysia is regarded as representing the voices of the Islamic countries on nuclear issues."

Malaysian observers to the Nuclear Security Summit.

Today, besides Prime Minister Najib, Obama gave an audience to King Abdullah of Jordan, the Presidents of Armania, and finally China.

Among the forty seven leaders here in Washington who've sought meetings on bilateral ties with the United States, only eight had their requests granted among which only two were from East Asia, namely China and Malaysia.

On Tuesday night, the Prime Minister will be hosting a Gala dinner introducing the Faces of 1Malaysia to the American community including the US Congressmen.

On Wednesday, Najib will be lunching with the Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Congressman Howard Berman before making a keynote address on a function organised by the Centre of Strategic & International Studies ( CSIS ) on Malaysia's handling of the Insurgency Period resulting in the surrender of the Communist Party of Malaya.

The Patriot would like to commend Malaysia's Ambassador to The United States, Datuk Sri Jamaluddin Jarjis for successfully using his strong connections and diplomatic skills on Capitol Hill, arranging such important meetings and events for the Prime Minister and boosting Malaysia's standing and image in America and among the Muslim world in less than 7 months after taking over as Head of our Mission in Washington which is by far an endeavour that has never been achieved in such a short time by any of his predecessors before.

On Thursday night, H.E. Ambassador Jarjis also witnessed a signing ceremony between the National Aerospace & Defense Industries Sdn Bhd and Poongsan from South Korea supplying Ammunition & Explosives at the Ritz Carlton in Washington.
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