Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Sorry, Apologize, Regret, Remorseful, Guilty, Contrite, Ashamed, Compunction, Repentance, Penitent. These Seem To Be The Only Vocabulary In The Dictionary Of THIS Political Mouse!

It has been reported in many sites in Cyberspace that the Home Minister regretted the Allah ban by his Ministry which has haunted the same since it began while blaming his predecessor for it. Now we’ve got the Minister of Islamic Affairs getting in on the debate begging to differ. The case is being weighed by the court and it is a shame when we have a Federal Minister (A Muslim and REGRETTABLY an UMNO Vice President by ACCIDENT!) giving his views that might influence the verdict.

If it is true, then I think Prime Minister Najib (my Mentor) should create a Ministry of Apology and put his first cousin there as Minister instead of the Home Ministry where a real Man with more Guts is needed. I really don’t know why his statements more often than not, seem to side with the non-Malays and infidels of Islam.

With the good Prime Minister on a well deserved holiday, at home, it seems like a circus with an erratic mouse and monkeys from the same Circus Company openly at odds with each other. Hishammuddin, the mouse regrets the action and blames Syed Hamid, a chimp who was clumsy but with naturally much bigger balls than him. Jamil Khir, the righteous chimp wants to maintain the call, while the insignificant MCA, the Monkey King , wants the Home Ministry to rescind the decision. All of them are from Barisan National amusing the opposition who were happily posting it up and gathering more momentum in all their websites making it difficult for the grassroots leaders like me and the rest to work efficiently to ensure a win for the team in the next General Elections.

DATO’ SRI HISHAMMUDDIN HUSSEIN! The Malays Are Already Split In Three. UMNO Members At The Grassroots Level Are Holding The Fort By Tooth And Nail. They, Nay, WE Are Frustrated With Cowardly Acts By Their (I Didn’t Vote For You) Vice President Who Is Making Ridiculous Statements NOT In Favour Of Agama Islam & Bangsa Melayu. ( First Apologizing Sheepishly For The Keris, Now Regretting The Allah Ban!) If You Consider Yourself As A Minister First, Then DON’T Bother Contesting In UMNO! YOU ARE A LIABILITY TO OUR PRESIDENT AND PRIME MINISTER, DATO’ SRI MOHD NAJIB TUN RAZAK! If You Love And Respect Your Cousin, UMNO And The Country, Then Please Either RESIGN Or WISE UP Because When More UMNO Members Leave The Fold, Frustrated With Your Lazy Struggle For Them And Their Cause, We Will Then Be At The Behest Of MCA, GERAKAN And The DAP Who Are Working Perfectly As A Successful Unit As The Chinese Connection! I Truly Hope This Is NOT The Influence Of Your Special Advisor Dato Micheal Chong From MCA!!


Jasri Jamil said...

TPJ, Perilaku ini sgt2 memualkan dan sudah menjadi tabiat beliau utk menjadi Liabiliti kepada UMNO. Sepatutnya biarlah org yg bijak pandai mengenai agama yg bertindak ke atas isu tersebut.. Betul apa kata saudara, setiap perilaku dan statement yg beliau utarakan selalunya akan menimbulkan reaksi yg kurang senang di kalangan org Melayu dan Islam, serta kepada org2 UMNO.

TPJ said...


Semalam, dia meleterkan Ketua Pengarah Immigresyen yang seharusnyapun ditukar menjadi Warden PEMADAM (lagi ramailah penagih dapat melepaskan diri) setelah 20 orang Afghanistan dapat melarikan diri dari tahanan (kali yang kedua peristiwa sebegini berlaku dalam masa yang terdekat).

Katanya, kalau tabiat penguatkuasa tidak berubah, kalau kerajaan belanja berbillion ringgitpun system ini akan kecundang. Samalah juga kalau tabiatNya sendiri tidak berubah, kalaupun kerajaan belanja berbillion untuk pilihanraya tetapi orang UMNO sudah meluat dengan kerenahnya yang tidak boleh perbetulkanpun UMNO Terengganu yang beliau Pengerusikan, maka BN juga mungkin akan kecundang di PRU ke13. NAUDZUBILLAH!

Memang susah kalau kita ada Menteri2 Melayu yang kaya raya yang sudah tidak ada kebertanggungjawaban. Kalau kita kalah, mereka boleh duduk di luar negara yang mana ramai sudahpun ada hartanah. Yang tinggal disini hanya orang2 macam awak dan saya yang akan terus dimaki hamun pembangkang kerana kecekalan hati kita untuk berjuang Demi Agama Islam, Bangsa Melayu, dan Malaysia bawah panji-panji UMNO.

Semoga Allah melaknati pemimpin2 kita yang mengkhianati perjuangan untuk AgamaNya sementara memegang jawatan sambil menguntungkan bangsa dan agama lain!

Anonymous said...

Its time to filter UMNO..again. Those who are in UMNO and are still in there for the sake of power and money and ALREADY rich and powerful, please leave. Harta bergunung tak bawak kubur pun... alahai... Sampai bila la ni.

Selamat berjuang.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 4.00pm.

It might be too late.If only they would serve better with ill gotten gains, it might be less painfull since we on the ground wouldn't have to work hard to maintain our win. Now we're working like mules while they not only make the money, but make stupid statements infuriating the Malays and UMNO members.

Thank you for your input.

Anonymous said...

Well the initial mistake is to grant citizenship to the pendatang thinking they will forever be grateful.

The 2nd is to allow TOTAL freedom for them to reap wealth and riches with no monitoring at all.

On the quiet they amass quite a sum to render them an economic monopoly in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

The 3rd mistake is to think that MORAL values alone will ensure the survival of Agama, Bangsa dan Negara. Even with the constitution protecting the rights of the Bumis, money makes the world go round.

The 4th mistake is to allow the youth to be molly coddled into accepting themes of 'meritocracy' into their psyche. The counter argument of meritocracy is that it promotes survival of the fittest ala the jungle environment. There is no room for noble concepts of the able having the responsibility of helping the needy (highest form of civilisation).

So extreme meritocracy is selfish and inhumane.

Let's not make the fatal mistake of "bercerai runtuh" befalling the rakyat especially the Malay/Bumi Muslims.

The pendatangs are ever ready to take over control with apparent MERITOCRACY as their flag. But within this 'western' flag there is the ancestral CLANNISH blood in all their dealings.

Unknown said...

Ruling a country is very hard work, harder when your people are feeding you by hand. Move them out .. bring in a comman person with values..


Unknown said...

Salam TPJ,

Selamat berpuasa saya ucapkan kepada Boss dan keluarga. Semakin hari semakin parah UMNO dan BN dalam usahanya untuk terus kekal berkuasa dalam pilihanraya yg akan datang. Sehinggan YAB Perdana Menteri sendiri sudah tidak mempercayai kekuatan UMNO di Bahagian - Bahagian dengan memberi arahan kepada BTN untuk menggerakkan jentera dalam usaha beliau memastikan UMNO dan BN terus kekal relevan. Persoalannya ialah kenapa Menteri - Menteri Melayu yang ada sekarang seperti org yg tidak ada perasaan sensitif terhadap kaum sendiri dengan membangkitkan benda - benda yang tidak sepatutnya. Orang muda seperti kami sangat berasa dukacita dan mula meluat dengan perkara seperti ini. Percayalah, satu hari nanti negara kita akan menjadi seperti Amerika di mana rakyatnya sudah tidak lagi mempedulikan politik dan akhirnya negara akan dipimpin oleh orang - orang yang lemah, penakut dan bodoh.


TPJ said...

Anonymous 4:22am

Yes thinking they would be greatful was a careless thought though I think giving them citizenship was something that was compelled upon us.

I think monitoring should have been done on the Malays that were made partners who cashed out before they could even say "Merry Christmas!"

I totally agree with you on the thrid mistake which banks nothing on Agama, Bangsa dan Negara except for the lip service. Yes, money spins the world nicely.

Total meritocracy leaves not much room for social responsiblity except for the occasional Buka Puasa and Raya events with packages of RM50 at the most.

The Aliens are only practicing meritocracy among their own, not with the different races at large because first they eliminate the others who are even more qualified, then they evaluate amongst themselves. That is their meritocarcy.

TPJ said...


It is sad that humans have this bad habit of changing when circumstances in their lives turn for the best.

Two simple examples 1. Dr Mahathir chose the cleanest possible person who seemed God fearing in Pak Lah to be Prime Minister. In less than 5 years, he turned the country almost upside down and sold national holdings unnecessarily to foreign parties having vested interest and enriching his family.

2. One fellow who came from a very poor pious family was made MB of an industrial State. He soon turned from rags to riches and even had a nose-job in the process.

We've brought in the most common of people with values but they have dissappointed us big time.

I guess we are doomed.

TPJ said...


Thanks for poppin by.

TPJ said...

Saudara Mohd Khalid

Selamat berpuasa kembali kepada Saudara sekeluarga.

Betul tentang kemungkinan besar susah untuk kita hendak mengekalkan kuasa kita. Ini kerana PM sendiri tidak berani untuk menegur parti2 komponen kita untuk menutup mulut mereka dari melanggar arus secara terbuka terlebih lagi apabila ianya menyentuh tengang agama Islam dan bangsa Melayu. Menteri2 Melayu pun sudah hilang perjuangan mereka kerana sudah terlalu selesa di kududukan mereka itu sehinggakan mereka lupa jika mereka terus berdiam diri dan orang Melayu meninggalkan UMNO kerana kurang perjuangannya dari pihak seperti PAS, mereka akan hilang kedudukan menterinya. Yang peliknya, didalam sms ucapan selamat berpuasa, hampir semuanya menyentuh tentang perjuangan untuk Agama dan bangsa sedangkan mereka berdiam diri apabila Islam dan Melayu di hentam menteri Cina. Jenis inilah yang dinamakan Menteri Melayu HARAMI!