Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Merdeka Month. Fly The Flag!
Recap: UMNO Providing Substance While MCA Provides Nuisance

Like an empty tin can that makes a loud noise, Dr Chua Soi Lek and his MCA is a loud canister with neither the substance nor the intelligence to know what is good for them. It is a known fact that the vast majority of the Chinese voters will not support the MCA anytime soon no matter how Gung Ho toward the establishment or generous they become towards their own. They now have to rely on the Malay votes in many areas where UMNO still has influence to persuade the Malays to vote for them. Yet, they persist in hurting the feelings of the Muslims and Malays at large by making unnecessary comments pertaining to their rights and faith.

In three previous postings, I had remarked that the term “ Sombong bodoh “, or “ Arrogantly stupid “, is a term reserved primarily for the Malays as it is a well known trait among this race. Evidently, in line with the Prime Minister’s 1Malaysia theme, the MCA led by its loudmouthed President has adopted this Malay trait and turned it into an art of its own. In Johor alone, there are three parliamentary and around six State Malay majority seats contested by Chinese BN candidates mainly from MCA and one or two from GERAKAN. Following the verbal diarrhea by Soi Lek, there is much talk on the ground amongst the Malays including the UMNO grassroots to decide not to vote for them in the coming elections. To them, if they have to vote for Communist sounding Chinamen bashing their own partners within the BN, they might as well vote for the known Devil in DAP, just like how GERAKAN got sandbagged by the UMNO/ Malay voters in Penang.

Prime Minister Najib Razak should have taken under advisement the suggestion to either appoint these parasites as Ministers without portfolio or a Malay to be in charge of Chinese affairs forcing them to behave and earn their way back by winning over the hearts of the Chinese voters instead of talking aloud and losing the sure Malay votes that have been loyally supporting them. Now, the most important thing for the BN Chief Executive to do is to rein everyone in and censor their mouths while whipping them into labour to win in the next General Elections instead of self-sabotaging themselves.

While it is true that Dato’ Sri Najib Razak enjoys approximately 78% in approval ratings in the Merdeka Centre polls, unfortunately, he is not contesting in the 220 odd seats in Parliament. This sort of rating would do well in a Presidential two party system like in America, but in a Parliamentary system like in Malaysia, the whole Barisan Nasional needs to enjoy that kind of ratings as opposed to just its Chairman.

The Prime Minister needs to whip the BN leaders and Ministers into shape and make sure they don’t speak against each other from now until the next General Elections. One way to do that is to limit blatant press conferences by individual leaders/ Ministers and have a Central Command Centre to issue statements after proper vetting, like the Prime Minister’s Department. Time is running out for us and we need to exercise major damage control. BN has everything to lose while the opposition has little to lose but everything to gain. We can’t afford the luxury.

I’m Beginning To Suspect That The MCA Is Deliberately Practicing Self-Sacrifice Forcing BN To Lose In Order For The Aliens To Increase Their Holdings In Malaysian Politics And Press On To More Demands For The Benefit Of Their People, Eventually Taking Control Of Putrajaya Either Directly Or By Proxy Like In Selangor. Once Again It Needs To Be Reminded That The Chinese Regardless Of Their Political Affiliations Stick Together While The Malays Break One Another. If That Is Their Master-Plan, Then MCA Needs To Be Dealt With Decisively Bringing In Alternative Measures. Failure To Realize This Will See The Malays Being Colonized Once Again, Only This Time By Orientals In The Land Once Known As Semenanjung Tanah Melayu.


Anonymous said...

They have been known to be politically cunning. So your suspicions may not be far off the mark.

Another issue that is alarming is the number of unwed mothers dumping newborn babies.

In the 60s and 70s, many malay youth in the 'little red dot' were heavy smokers and end up as drug addicts. It was a time-consuming affair for the Malay Muslim community to rid them of their habit.

The ratio of Malay addicts vis-a-vis the other races is highly suspicious to me. Alhamdullilah that plague is now over.

It is highly coincidental that so many female teenagers got pregnant all at one go.

I suspect these girls may be conned, coerced, forced into such a state. If only these girls would come forward to tell their stories, they may shed a light as to this highly coincidental phenomenon.

More should be done to monitor such sneaky happenings. There was a case of a smart girl who ran away to be a prostitute with her boyfriend JIMMY as her pimp.

Let's take greater care so that Malaysian Malay youths are not trapped into a corner by irresponsible elements out to destroy/sabotage the fabric of society.

Anonymous said...

Finally you have realized one of the sneaky grand plans. If plain citizen like me can see it coming long time ago, I dont understand why those 'people on top' can't. Too comfortable up there to care is it?

Either we create history, or we become history.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, please read the above article with an open mind.

Some say its a conspiracy theory but if we could learn the pattern, we might able to strategize and fight them back or at least resist it because the political patterns in Malaysia are somewhat familiar.

Please bear in mind that freemasonry do exist in our country. They are the mastermind behind the opposition's agenda and also many of them are in our government killing the sovereignty of this country from within.

If they can plan secretly, why can't we?

"Better be 'poor' and free rather than a wealthy slave to the world's elites."

TPJ said...

Anonymous 8:45

I agree, there could be a conspiracy by aliens to destroy the morals and strong mentality of the Malays starting from the youth by pushing drugs and wasteful entertainment to distract them. The sad part is, when it comes to entertainment and emotions, the Malay parents and grandparents are also sucked into this mind and mentality altering "substance" through programs such as Akedemi Fantasia and Jom Heboh, though the latter is free dope while the other costs 50 sen per vote through sms even by families who couldn't even afford rice in their kitchen.

Hard motivational programs will be in place for our youths if I have any say in it. That way, not only will we be able to have them reject such stupid entertainment which plays with their emotions, but also bring down the rising number of faggots that breed among them because of the lack of strong mental and physical training during their youth.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 12:14am

The leaders have discovered this long ago, but their hands are tied in the meantime thanks to the three way division of the Malays turning themselves into minorities while the Chinese become the deciding factor. The Malays have brought this unto themselves and we shall see more aliens disrespecting our places of worship be it by not observing the dress code and making speeches on the prayer arena, or splashing paint and throwing bottles of alcohol in the compound etc, if this continues.

Yes you are right, we WILL be history if the Malays don't change their brainless underdog mentality.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 12:06am

I will surely surf through the suggested website and leave a comment Insh'Allah.

Thank you for your contribution.

Anonymous said...

hey TPJ, just to make it clearer for you. You label other race as racist and disrespectful. But you keep calling them as "aliens" yourself, don't you think that you are the same as them if you treat them the same way? Isn't it better to be different and better, so that they(other race) can see the goodness in you so they might change themselves?

Just my personal thought

TPJ said...

Anonymous 5.50

The Malays have been tolerant and kind people from the very beginning. They are normally agressive and respond when they are totally provoked and by that time usually all hell breaks loose!

We have tried the soft approach trying to make them see the goodness in us but then again they keep on thinking they are more intelligent in every aspect and are now refusing to see the best in us. Therefore, we need to remind the Chinese leaders of their place in the hope that they will stop harping on the Malay rights and priviliges as enshrined in the Constitution.

My quarrel is not with the Chinese mass nor gentlemen like you Sir. It is with your leaders who are happily stacking us against one another to wrack up political mileage from creating this animosity between us.

Thank you for your kind comment and I do appreciate your participation.