Sunday, January 21, 2018


Recently there have been fast and loose statements be it from the stage as well as in the streets on how low it is for graduates to trade in nasi lemak and drive uber and the likes.

We should be proud that we are seeing resilience in our graduates today who are able to adapt with the times and situation of the country instead of sulking at home blaming the world like in the past. 

Creative Minds Drive This Nation. And Yes, Some Are Driven In An Uber!

According to Tun Mahathir, there is no University that teaches a person to trade in nasi lemak or drive uber.

Likewise I say there is no university that specifically teaches one to be Prime Minister of Malaysia, which is the only profession in the country that offers only one job. Yet, he became one for 22 years.

Universities don't teach nor guarantee the graduates employment. They teach them how to survive and thrive in life. Of course it helps in opening doors for interviews. But beyond that, it is up to the resilience and entrepreneurial skills of the candidates to land the job. 

Only those who can adapt in life will make the cut in this fast changing world. Sometimes one has to take a few steps back to survive but live to fight another day. But if you surrender and sulk for not getting the job you want and think you're qualified for, then there is no hope for our future.

Case in point, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin should rightly  be the candidate for shadow Prime Minister. He has youth, is a known fighter who stuck to his guns, and has experience in today's world of politics. Yet he stepped back to allow a super senior veteran to take the pole despite being qualified.

Muhyiddin here is like the graduate nasi lemak seller who can't get the job he wants but has to adapt. Applaud him for his sacrifice and resilience. Don't chastise him.

For the nasi lemak and uber graduates, at least they can pay their bills and still keep something on the side while temporarily being out of the job market.

They don't have Prime Minister fathers in the position to give out billion dollar contracts to make them multi-millionaires. So adapt they must.