Friday, July 30, 2010


This Twit Won’t Need That Hand To Wear The Songkok!

There is a popular Malay term that goes “ Sombong Bodoh “ which directly translated means “Arrogantly Stupid”. This is an exclusive term reserved only for the Malays because this unique trait is found mainly in this particular ethnic origin.

Cutting to the chase, I refer to a news web article today on a few of attention seeking Malays who not only claim that they find it embarrassing and prefer to reject the 7% discount for luxury homes, but also proffer to add that it is not provided for in the Constitution. Whoever said that everything has to be stated in the Constitution? Is it written in the Constitution that these seemingly partly retarded Malays have to go to the toilet every day? But don’t they still do? From what I gather, laws are enacted in Parliament and don’t have to be written in the Constitution to be enforced. The United Kingdom has an unwritten Constitution, yet the world still revolves in England.

I wonder if there is a Chinese gentleman out there regardless of his wealth, who’d forego a discount of RM140,000 on a RM2 Million house. I dare say, not only would he rightfully ask for it, knowing how shrewd and nobly unselfish the Chinese are to their race, he’d probably take the discount and donate it to one of their Associations or Chinese Education Fund. Would those accidentally well off Malays mentioned in the news web (As I term them as feces to the Malay society, I will not mention their names in my blog) do the same for their kind? I leave it to your reasonably intelligent minds to pass judgment.

To The Race That Keeps On Harping On The Malays To Give Up Their Privileges And Be Unselfish To The Rest, Perhaps When They Can Stop “ Ta-Paw-Ing ” Food That Is Meant For All In Listed Company AGMs, Like The Tentacles Of An Octopus Grabbing Everything They Can Get, We Would Consider.

To The Malays Who Allow Themselves To Be Jack-Assed By The Aliens To Voice Out And Run Down Their Own Privileges Just For Their 15 Minutes Of Fame, Remember The Other Malay Term Of “Menang Sorak, Kampong Tergadai “, Which Means “ Good With Scolding But You Lose Your Holdings ”.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear..

Even if you ask lim goh tong, which do you prefer? 1 ringgit nasi lemak or rm2 nasi lemak of the same quality?

Even the richest chinese will say - i will take rm1 nasi lemak.

But those malays that you were saying will - i will take rm2 nasi lemak. Because you know why? I am rich. I dont deserve rm1 nasi lemak.

Such fools.

Oh dear..

umar said...

Rich malays don't get discount when they go shopping buying cars,diamond rings or rolex watches or other goodies. This discount factor is only for purchasing landed properties, residential or commercial.
It is the non-malays who abuse this previlege by using bumis who are willing to lend their names.
It is common in share allotment where non-bumi directors apply bumi shares using their bumi staffs like office-boy or drivers by tipping them. What a shame !
Now they are complaining that rich bumis should forgo or scrap the discount. Please don't disturb the harmony by provoking malay sentiments.

TPJ said...


In their eagerness to show off their independence, they actually exhibited their utter stupidity and lack of economic knowledge.

TPJ said...


Trouble is brewing in these potshots and outcry for the abolishment of Special Rights of the Bumiputeras.

When the bubble finally bursts, they will know their fate. Hopefully then, we can rightfully treat them like permaanent residents rather than Citizens.

Anonymous said...

They need to have the Malay face in order to convince the rest of the Malays.

Just as had happened in the red dot, when Malay MPs went round telling the Malays to sacrifice their land for development for the sake of a better singapore.

So now the Singapore Malays are no longer landowners - they are merely owners of a pigeon hole for 99 years.

Sesal dahulu pendapatan sesal kemudian tidak berguna ...

TPJ said...

Anonymous 8:47,

These are traitors to the Malay People.who I termed as "feces", ie waste that is found in the sewer, servants to the aliens both politically as well as economically.Their faces should be displayed in all the suraus, mosques and all places where Muslims and Malays congregate to identify them as what they truly are, Traitors!