Tuesday, September 14, 2010


They Will Either Unite Or DivideThe Malays For Us

When it comes to making stupid, ridiculous statements and at the least appropriate time, we can always bank on the second liners in UMNO!

These were the headlines of a few of the dailies; ‘Umno rejects Perkasa ‘ – The Star; ‘Umno does not support Perkasa’ - The New Straits Times, and the mother of all classics considered as an Aidilfitri present to Perkasa members of 200,000 Malays; ‘Perkasa made up of “rejects”’ – The New Straits Times on Raya day.

The UMNO Secretary General, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor had to pick the eve of Aidilfitri, a period when forgiveness and restraint is expected from us, to hurt the feelings of fellow Muslim Malays after a meeting with non-Malay leaders, just a couple of days before Muslims celebrated after a month of fasting. If ever there was a bird-brain in Malay politics, it would be the current Secretary General of UMNO for not using wisdom and tact in handling the feelings of the Malays. His sense of timing was perfect too, for an imbecile.

Nazri Aziz, the play-safe, free-passed, non-elected UMNO Supreme Council member was also reported to have lambasted the Perkasa by saying that they were made up of Umno rejects. This was on page 6 of The New Straits Times on Aidilfitri. One who is always out to make headlines, even juicier for him if it is controversial, he forgets that he often contradicts himself in the very same interview. He says that there was nothing to announce on Perkasa but does a 180 degree turn by taking a swipe at the members who were predominantly UMNO/ BN supporters.

If we notice the trend among the leaders, it is always the filthy rich among them with nothing much to lose, perhaps with properties abroad who tend to make damaging remarks to show their political manhood only to be the first to flee the country when all hell breaks loose because of their recklessness.

Perkasa is not only made up of past leaders or those who have either retired or lost in their last divisional elections, they are also made up of current UMNO members from the grassroots whose continued contribution to the party and nation should be embraced and welcomed, not mocked. They see UMNO as having lost their gust for defending Malay rights when attacked by aliens. Hence, while maintaining their membership and total support for the party, they have no second thoughts of joining the Perkasa establishment when they see a platform that protects their interests as provided for in the Constitution with much vigour and valid aggression in the same form that is applied by the aliens while questioning Malay rights.

What the Malays on the ground are worried about today is why the Malay leaders are mute when Chinese leaders themselves, not having to hide behind Chinese organizations anymore like before, question Malay rights and privileges? Where were Tengku Adnan and Nazri then?
I have seen UMNO grassroots leaders vote the other way because of their loss of confidence in leaders with traits like the two jokers mentioned above. Perkasa is in a position to break the very little solid support UMNO has left into bits, and be the deciding factor in the coming elections. I’m sure they wouldn’t be granted the privilege of forming a party, but UMNO leaders must remember that they can either support the opposing Malay candidate, or sponsor an Malay independent candidate swinging their Malay votes his way allowing the minority Chinese candidate in DAP to waltz in. We may say that’s impossible considering they are a Malay rights group, but if they see UMNO as being a hard-core Chinese lover who is not getting much love back at the expense of the Malays, they might as well give in just to punish us for our wrong strategies.

Those Perkasa members who’ve lost by a whisker in the past elections still have substantial influence in their respective divisions. Many have come out tops in the past divisional delegates meeting (G7) to represent their divisions in the UMNO Convention in October marking their relevance still. They can sway no less than 30% of the UMNO votes if they wish. Was it wise to ridicule them considering they are from our own family?

I have in my past postings stressed upon the fact that we need to maintain, nurture and secure the Malay votes that are already safely in our hands, instead of overreaching and bending backwards to win the hearts of the ungrateful Chinese community judging from the last few by-elections, while neglecting the former. I emphasize on this community because the Indians according to the statistics have return albeit not in the reverse-exodus fashion to Barisan Nasional. If coaxing, persuading and pre-rewarding them have all failed, then we should force upon the Chinese, the positive reinforcement model of only delivering when they come through for us. I think the Chinese call it the “merit system”. Start by punishing their political leaders by not giving them positions in the Cabinet until they work their oriental butts off to carry their weight in the coalition.

There are certain outrageous demands made by Perkasa but we needn’t have to entertain them at all, least of all comment in this damaging fashion. In fact, we can choose to snub them altogether and they will understand. That is what a pressure group does. I think we can all agree that Ibrahim Ali is a character that leaves much to be desired politically but the fact remains that perhaps out of 10 demands and stands he has put up under Perkasa in defense of Malay rights under attacks by Chinese leaders, a fair majority of it makes a lot of sense and are not entirely ridiculous.

Damage control MUST be made by Prime Minister Najib Razak and his Deputy Muhyiddin Yassin before the Perkasa movement drifts too far away from us. Technically speaking, Tengku Adnan and Nazri Aziz would themselves be termed as political has been if not for their appointments by the Prime Minister. I’m afraid that if nothing is done, these two un-elected yet arrogant officials might well be the cause of UMNO’s downfall in the coming general elections.

It May Be Aidilfitri For Us, But These Two UMNO Buggers Might Have Just Made It Feel Like Gong Xi Fa Chai For The Chinese Community By Smacking Down Our Own NGO, Something That The Chinese Political Parties Would Never Do To Their Own, No Matter How Chauvinistic They May Be. I Can Just Feel Them Celebrating Now From Our Deliberately Scored Own Goal! In The History of Football, I’m Sure You Have Never Seen Players Being Proud Scoring Own Goals. Well In Malaysian Politics, Look No Further Than Tengku Adnan And Nazri Aziz!

Salam Aidilfitri To The Muslim/ Malays And Yam Seng To The Rest!