Friday, June 27, 2008


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Tarikh: Sabtu 28hb Jun 2008
23 Jamadilakhir 1429
Tempat: M Suites Hotel
Johor Bahru
Masa: Jam 2.30 petang

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I'm constantly amazed at how everytime the incumbents want to remain in their respective positions or in power, they would equate avoiding a contest to avoiding a split in the party.

This is a problem created by people who demand personal allegience from the supporters of the party using their government positions as a tool to remain strong in the establishment. When this happens, then the loyalty shifts from the party to the individual leaders. It is a an understatement to say that it is unethical but the leaders advocate this behaviour to ensure their continued strength over the rest. When such leaders leave the party, we will see an exodus of his supporters following suit. This didn't happened when Dato' Onn Jaafar left UMNO because at that time, UMNO members were taught to be loyal to the party which is not the case today. I'd like to believe that today's UMNO members are equally loyal judging by the lukewarm response to Tun Dr Mahathir's call to leave the party but then this is election year in UMNO and everyone is gearing up with more zest then during the General Election because of personal interests.

I wonder how many have served earnestly in their respective divisions and actually made annual reports of their activities during the last, say four years of holding office. But they are still fighting tooth and nail, even challenging those deserving office bearers just so they can be recognized and bribed handsomely if they win coming up to the UMNO elections in December. Some even have outside leaders backing their bid out of spite just because the incumbent can see through the hypocritical methods of these leaders.

I don't see the willingness to offer oneself to contest in any position as an attempt to split the party. However, I see the willingness of certain powerful individuals demanding loyalty to him/herself as
a crime towards party unity.

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah's bid for President is not harmful. It is democratic. In fact he is being truthful to the current President by declaring his bid openly. It is up to the members to listen to him or any other possible and "honest" candidate before deciding who is best to lead the Party and subsequently the Nation.

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has declared that he will be defending his seat and with that, there are two candidates to choose from for the position of President. The members can make comparisons between the two and decide swiftly even before the last division holds its delegates' meeting.

Dato' Sri Najib Tun Abdul Razak has repeatedly said or implied that he will not contest the Presidency and will wait for the transition of power to take affect, which both he and Datuk Seri Abdullah had come to terms with.

The 3 million odd members are now aware of this and appreciate Dato' Sri Najib as he, like Tengku Razaleigh and Datuk Seri Abdullah are honest men and have declared their positions. This should give an indication to the Divisions of who is willing to contest for which posts.

This will not split the party as everyone knows what they want. What would split the party and give a rude headache is if Dato' Sri Najib says one thing while working to do the other, like contesting for President, confusing and not giving people enough time to digest and decide with a clear mind.

UMNO leaders must conduct themselves as gentlemen. This means they must say what they mean and mean what they say.

If there are any other contenders for President, please step up NOW and be accounted for or forever hold your piece. If there should be any amendments made to the UMNO constitution, they should add a clause whereby a candidate vying for the post of President in the party must declare it openly at least six months from the election date. The members must be given the space and time to choose the most appropriate candidate not only for President of UMNO but also for the Prime Ministersip of Malaysia.

UMNO members must not degrade themselves by being subservient to certain leaders. They must pledge their allegience to the Party and not to individuals with positions within the party and government. If they do the latter, they are prostituting themselves and helping the irresponsible leaders to destroy the party. UMNO must be given back to its members and this can only be done if the members themselves act with full responsibilty and with dignity.

Serve the Party, not the Leader. Remember this doctrine and we shall be saved.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


“I am not out to be popular. We try our best, and this is something we are very serious about, but naturally people will not be happy", said the Prime Minister. Well Sir, if not being popular is the main objective, I'd say you've met your target.

Yesterday I tried to reason with people when the announcement was made in the afternoon thinking that the implementation would be sometime in August. Then I gave up defending what I thought would be a form of National Service in fear of being slapped silly by my audience when we were told that the hike would take effect at 12 midnight.

There was no room left for the rakyat to adjust. It came down just like that, like a blade from the guillotine. Kuala Lumpur was paralysed for a few hours last night because of this. Everytime I pressed down the power windows I heard profanities, no prizes for guessing right whom it was for.

I thought March 2008 was the lowest ebb as far as support for the government was concerned. But if a snap election is called this week, I'd give a ten to one odds that BN would be slaughtered like the cows during Aidil Adha, and it'd be so quick there won't be enough time for the religious recital before the knife strikes either.

The act was necessary I suppose, but the timing is suspect. This involves the everyman. It could have been more subtle. There will certainly be a converse effect in relation to other goods. Unscrupulous merchants will take advantage of the situation, and bad words will continue to flow out of the consumers everytime they go out shopping. Are we able to get out of this political doldrums or could Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi be The Last Prime Minister from UMNO.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


78 sen hike. I dare not think of the repercussions in relation to other goods. But we have to face the reality of it all. Continued total subsidy will stunt national growth. We have to come to terms with the fact that we are living beneath the cost of living of other developing countries such as ours due to to the heavy subsidies.

I trust this won't go down well with the rakyat but if we are loyal citizens then we should accept it and hope that the cut in subsidy will be used to help develop the infrastructure as promised. We are still waiting to see an improved public transport system. Poeple travelling to Johor Bahru still ride on bashed up buses boarded from a tight and dusty depot. The better ones are used for the KL-Singapore route. Even the MARA Executive coach has ceased to exist for Johoreans when they were rerouted to Singapore via Tuas.

In the midst of all this, there is still a deafening silence on Singapore registered vehicles being treated the way it should. I still think they should be allowed to buy petrol in Johor Bahru but at the market price and not subsidized. This is one way of not hurting too much the operators within the 50km radius as they can still make some profit from other sales at the station. We should do away with the ban within the 50 km radius but charge the full market rate up till Malacca.


PKR's Ezam has finally decided to re-enter UMNO. Generally from the ground, no problem except for one issue. Why has his re-entry been blown out of proportion? Why should the Honourable President of UMNO himself be receiving him? What's the big fuss over a known "party traitor" who finally saw the light and came back? He wasn't even the head of the PKR. Was it wise for the number one man in UMNO to degrade his office by receiving an application form from an ex-youth leader from a small opposition party? Same goes with the Honourable Deputy President, lowering his status by recieving application forms from lower officers from the PKR when it is the job of leaders at the branch level. These are the queries from the grassroot leaders. We tried to justify our leaders' actions but it just didn't sit well with the hardcore UMNO workers on the ground.

One classic case was the contention by a fellow who was a member of the BN machinery in several elections . He claimed he was cursed and jeered at by the people supporting the opposition when he was putting up pictures and posters of these two leaders, yet they are the ones who took it upon themselves to organize a special VIP reception for these "traitors". He went on to say that in wanting to win the hearts of those who left UMNO to come back to the fold, the leaders shouldn't hurt the feelings of the loyalists within the party.

Now there is a survey to ask the people on the ground for their response to the Ezam saga. It is a case of shoot first think later. Instead of avoiding a catastrophy, we are constantly controlling one damage after another. If there is no quick end to this, there will certainly be a premature end to the party. May God forbid.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Doesn't it look like a real kitchen in the current Cabinet? I mean it's like a trial and error thing. Just mix the ingredients and then add sugar or hold on to the spice for a bit then sprinkle some cinamon till it tastes good for someone else.

Decisions are made then withdrawn till a certain date on the issue of subsidized petrol on Singapore but not on Thai vehicles. Why is it that when it involves Singapore everyone gets spooked?

According to The International Herald Tribune, the Deputy Prime Minister who was in Singapore to attend a security summit, told reporters that an anti-inflation Cabinet committee would meet Tuesday to review the plan.

"We have to find a new effective date because there are other matters, like for example, can we have separate pumps because the Singaporeans are saying that they don't mind paying the market rate," he said.

Hmm...I am very sure that this matter of having saparate pumps (islands) was suggested by an UMNO member to the Deputy Prime Minister two years ago. It appalls me to think that this method is considered not because of a suggestion from the UMNO gentleman trying to save money for the treasury, but because " Singaporeans are saying that they don't mind paying the market rate." Forgive the recurrence. This is a good idea as it would only subsidize Malaysians driving Malaysian vehicles and would ease the burden off the treasury to the tune of RM1 billion a year. It has always been a good idea but I guess it didn't have the blessing from our neighbours down South.

Now they are saying we'll have to pay the market rate which is double the current price. Don't even think about calling for a snap election after this kind of an announcement. This practically puts our backs against the wall and takes away whatever remedy we might have in the event that there are crossovers from BN to the opposition. Sometimes I wonder if our Captain is really playing for our side or for the opposing team.

What a drastic measure right after we ponder over charging the Singaporeans the same. Could it be a sort of a punishment meted out on us just because we were about to jack the subsidy off the Singaporeans?

Time will tell. But for now, lay off Singapore or risk suffering more.