Tuesday, June 9, 2015



2. A good number of Johor citizens were fuming last week when Prime Minister Najib Razak, who claimed to have Bugis blood (known for it's brevity), failed to show up at an unscheduled showdown with a person who is claimed to have the blood of a Southern Indian from Kerala in his veins.

3. I was quite looking forward to the dialogue between the Prime Minister and members of the Non-Governmental Organizations last week. The theme of the event was also very inviting, "Nothing To Hide".

4. I'm sure members who came from around the country too were anxious to have their turn at the Prime Mnister in addressing their inquisitions after listening to one "self appointed" representative of the entire country asking questions on the 1MDB for the past one month or so.

5. It would have been a refreshing change to hear questions from the other section of the public instead of the same person sounding like a broken record with the PM in return not quite being articulate in his response before this. Many were there hoping that Najib would be more prepared after much attention have been given on the same subject. "Surely enough practice was in order for a better presentation this time around," they said. 

6. Tun Dr Mahathir decided at the eleventh hour to be present when it seemed like there was a half open invitation to the event.

7. Naturally, he still wasn't satisfied with the explanations given before this. But still, this opportunity should have been given in turn to the others who gathered there peacefully and calmly waiting in the hall with their own list of questions for the man in the hottest seat in the country.

8. Unfortunately, everyone's hopes were dashed when the event was cancelled due to the ruckus outside with the rowdy group forcing their way into the hall.

9. Contrary to what was claimed, it was not so much the security of the Prime Minister which was at stake. Judging by the aggressive crowd, they were not there to hear an explanation but to create a scene. And though the rowdy section of the crowd may have thought that they had an advantage in numbers in support of Tun Mahathir, many were also in support of the Prime Minister. 

10. It would have taken only one idiot to start a riot, and God knows there were a score of them that day.

11. It could have turned ugly with the two factions going at each others' throats in the face of the local and foreign news correspondents who were there to feed off such controversies describing and concocting further in exaggeration, the worst possible scenario for the world to see.

12. It could have been the most humiliating day for the Malay race seeing them beat each other up in the building of the most powerful Malay party in the world. 

13. THAT, was logically the primary reason for the cancellation of the event.

14. Looking back the past two months, I questioned why the young and 40-something section of the Rakyat had to rely on a 90 year-old man to step up and presumably do their job of continuing the struggle for a better Malaysia. 

15. My curiousity was put to rest last week at the PWTC. 

16. It is not that the young were not qualified or too dumb to go to the fore and stake their claim but they were just not given the opportunity even when the setting was right, ready and made available by the Prime Minister for them to do so.

17. Tun Dr Mahathir stole the thunder from the representatives of a younger Malaysia with his dramatic entrance and frustrated the good effort, if sincere, of the young organisors.

18. He had planned to ask 10 questions as though the function was designed for only him and the Prime Minister while the rest were there not as active and responsible participants but as an ignorant (who do not know better) set of audience.

19. Not letting the breach of Malay culture get the best of the event, thus promoting a rogue society amongst the already presumed decadent race by the rest, the Prime Minister, with or without the advice of the IGP, did the right thing in being absent.

20. He Preserved The Dignity Of The Malay People And The Reputation Of The United Malays National Organization.

21. He was called a coward and even a fake warrior by some, but all brute and no brain makes for an idiot in a warrior's outfit.

22. For the first time in three decades, we witnessed last week how the "Great Fox" was outwitted, and by a "Bugis Warrior" at that. It reminded me of a scene in the movie "Enter The Dragon" where Bruce Lee exhibited "The Art Of Fighting Without Fighting."

23. I'd Like To Think That The Bugis Blood Is Not Only The Blood Of Warriors But More Importantly The Blood Of Ones Who Are Brave With Wits At The Same Time.

24. Some Who Say That Najib Was A Coward, Flattering Themselves Thinking That They Are Brave Just Because They Open Their Mouths And Perhaps Wear A Uniform, May Actually Have The Blood Of The Imbecile And Not Of A Brilliant Warrior Flowing In Their Veins. 

25. Reflect On It.