Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Do you know what it’s like when you’re served with a large buffet spread and don’t know where to begin?

That’s exactly how I felt this past month. There were too many topics to write about which either aroused my emotions or interested me. So instead of writing one article for each, I’ll just skim through some of them with my thoughts.


Just before the UMNO Assembly, former President Tun Dr Mahathir appeared on TV3’s “Soal Jawab” program and in one segment implied that UMNO members today are in the party to either gain wealth or constantly chasing after contracts. While I concur that, to a good extent to be correct, I would have also appreciated it if Tun qualified his statement by saying that there are still many of us who are in it to serve and have spent personal funds derived from earnings that did not come from government contracts, unlike many of those who’ve amassed their wealth because of their father’s or father-in law’s positions in the Government be it as either Prime Ministers in the past or current advisors to Government owned Fortune 500 Companies and GLCs.

Tun The Icon With His Ex-Protege And His Ex-Protege's Protege "At One Time"

Past UMNO leaders condemning UMNO members for a failed system which they themselves created, is no longer cute to read nor listen to anymore.

If I weren’t serving the multiracial rakyat under UMNO for the last 22 years, I would be driving two Bentleys and an Aston Martin today. And I know for a fact that there are many more like me who still uphold the true values of being a servant to the people under the Party as when it first started.

We shouldn’t condemn the UMNO man at large with silly generalizations egging on the opposition and those on the fence to follow suit. Instead, let us audit the family members of those who have held high positions in the party and government and see if they have benefitted financially through government contracts being related to these personalities. (Ex-UMNO leaders now in the opposition included).


A classic example on the current is the NFC fiasco. I think the facts have more or less sunk in since it first came out in the Auditor-General’s report. Let me reiterate, it was the A-G, under the transparent Federal Government who highlighted the matter, which was capitalized by the opposition making people think that it was the latter that introduced it.

Tun Has Achieved More Good Than Not For Us, But I Leave This Picture Above For You To Measure The Weight Of It's Good, Or Not.

My question to Tun Dr Mahathir, (whom I still admire for the greater good that he has achieved for Islam, this country and our generation) and many other cynical UMNO observers is, would it have been that easy for an ordinary UMNO member with equal experience to get a soft loan to the tune of RM 250,000,000.00 on a similarly proposed project? In the words of the great gentleman himself “You can wait till the cows come home” (no pun intended), and you still won’t see a sen of it.

What irked me the most was Sharizat Jalil dragging UMNO into it in the beginning, by saying that this was an attack on Wanita UMNO when it had nothing to do with the Wing, nor the Party except for the fact that by coincidence she was also the Wanita Chief besides being the wife of the Chairman (which is now her stance when her back is against the wall), and mother of the executive directors of the company involved.

She would have been more correct had she said that it was an attack on her family since none of the Wanita UMNO members neither sit on the board nor enjoy any of the luxurious perks.

Alas, we shall see the outcome of the thorough investigation and leave it at that. But at this point in time, I say to Prime Minister Najib Razak, if Dato’ Seri Sharizat Jalil is considered a "winnable" candidate in the coming elections, then so is my Norwegian cat at home.

She’s As Winnable As The Other “Cat”!


And to our ignorant and un-enterprising journalists covering politics, it is not the Cabinet or anyone else who decides the fate of Sharizat as Minister, but the Prime Minister himself. So learn to ask relevant and clever questions to the Deputy Prime Minister and those below him pertaining only to the their respective ministries and power without treating every facet of reporting like a trashy entertainment gossip page, getting information even from the make-up “artist” for things that don’t concern the creature just to look like you are doing your job!


During the UMNO Assembly, which I would dedicate an exclusive story, on its own another time, there was an article that came out in the Star entitled “Honouring Our Volunteers” by the Negeri Sembilan Prince writer Tunku Zain Al’Abidin who ended his last paragraph with, “ It was obvious that the ones (leeches) in the jungle are not discriminatory in whose blood they suck, unlike those which inhabit the corridors of power, some of whom made it to PWTC this week. “

Then he came back with, “I would like to apologize for the misunderstanding caused by my comment pertaining to leeches at PWTC this week.”

My advice to HRH is, if you make a statement, leave no ambiguity for skewed interpretations and stick by it, or forget about fondling with it in the first place. Making snide remarks on Malay leaders and UMNO members and repeating it in a questionable apology in a Chinese run newspaper while living under the blanket security, privileges, luxury and comforts of which UMNO and its struggle protects and provides, is considered bad form.

Allowing a minor Princling from a Malay Royal Palace acting like a Chinese stooge condemning UMNO members in an MCA owned newspaper also exhibits the latter’s fake interest in wanting to see Barisan Nasional succeed as one unit in the next general election. I see a resemblance in attitude with the DAP using Malay stooges for their purpose in Selangor and previously in Perak.

Ironically, Malays of such character sometimes are picked by UMNO leaders as consultants bypassing their own pool of intellects, presumably for their “bright” thinking, which doesn’t reflect well on the intelligence of the person appointing them.


I must say, this is the first time for me seeing a “fairy” in a Malay warrior’s outfit. It reminds me of a local screen siren Saadiah in one of the classic Malay movies, cross-dressing stabbing her “kris” on the enemy. This Malay homo on the other hand is taking a stab at Islam and the Malays by being united with his boyfriend in a public ceremony that is considered sacrilegious and against Malay Customs.

“To Stab Or Not To Stab.” Who’s Turn Is It Tonight Sunshine?

Again, I would prefer to leave one’s sexual orientation and preferences between one and one’s maker but take umbrage if one parades it to the world mocking God’s religion and the Malay tradition.

If indeed this “unisex” (best to watch out for unisex products like perfume etc. at the stores lest you might end up like this creature) has gone AWOL with his scholarship, then legal effort should be made to bring him to justice instead of sending people to bring him home for counseling incurring further costs to the taxpayers.


The juvenile behavior of student Adam Adli who was clearly made a lackey by the opposition party by bringing down the flag bearing the PM’s resemblance at the UMNO headquarters, while delivering a memorandum to the government has proven that the body may not be ready to embrace the freedom that they may be given to participate in politics soon enough.

Gross Injustice On Najib. Could This Be The Result Of Giving Too Much Face?

Even if they are ready, Adam has severely tarnished the good effort made by the collective student bodies to achieve their goal, getting the government to compromise.

We shouldn’t penalize the movement, but should drive the full weight of the laws and regulation provided governing the students, on persecuting Adam for his outrageous behavior.

We expect the Minister in charge to deal with the action personally while his Deputy continue to engage with the various student bodies positively and separately.

We also expect the head of security at the PWTC to be taken to task for his officers’ ignorance and “spectatorial” attitude in line of duty. A property of the PWTC was removed and replaced under their watch and nothing was done to accost the perpetrator.


Lately, We Have Many Complaints And See Numerous Shortcomings From Our Half Of The Playing Field. When Will We Ever Account For Them And Take Positive Actions Preventing Similar Outcomes In The Future?

Najib And Muhyiddin Can’t Do Them By Themselves But What They CAN Do Is To Appoint The Right People For The Right Positions!

Accommodation Is Not The Answer! Precise Designation Is!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The King Has Returned! Long Live The King!

The Patriot And The Nation Welcomes His Majesty Tuanku Al-Mutassimu Billahi Muhibbudin Sultan Halim Al-Muadzam Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah, the 5th and 14th Yang Di Pertuan Agong of Malaysia.

Heartiest Congratulations to the members of the Kedah Royal House on the Ascension of His Majesty to the throne of The Yang Di Pertuan Agong for the second time making it the first in the history of the Institution of the Malaysian Monarchy.

His Majesty’s Final Inspection As King, On The Royal Malay Regiment’s Guard Of Honour.

We Would Also Like To Extend The Nation’s Utmost Gratitude To His Majesty Al Wathiqu Billah Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Ibni Almarhum Al-Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah Al-Haj Who Has Returned To The State Of Terengganu Upon Serving His Majesty’s Tenure As The 13th Yang Di Pertuan Agong. His Majesty’s Utmost Sacrifice Was To Think Of The Nation First Above That Of His Own Concern Upon The Advice Of His Prime Minister On At Least One Crucial Accord And For That, His Majesty’s Loyal Subjects Hold Him In The Highest Regard.

The “Most Eligible” King-In-Waiting HRH Sultan Muhammad V.

The Patriot welcomes too HRH Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan who will be carrying out the duties of the Deputy Yang Di Pertuan Agong for the term expiring in the year 2016.

May Allah Grant Their Majesties And Royal Highnesses The Wisdom And Good Health, To Perform Their Duties And Never Forget Their Role As Head Of ISLAM; Symbol Of The MALAY People, Customs And Position In This Country; And Paramount Ruler Under The System Of Constitutional Monarchy.

Long Live The King! And May God Bless Our Country!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


In Him Too, We Trust

In one of the most crucial moments in the history of modern politics for UMNO and the ruling coalition BN, today’s Presidential address in the opening of the UMNO General Assembly must send a strong message to the leaders of the component parties attending the opening.

Traditionally these leaders will attend the first day of the UMNO General Assembly to listen to the keynote address by its President whom by that fact is also Chairman of the Barisan Nasional.

Last Tuesday, 29th November, President Mohd Najib Abdul Razak delivered a heart to heart message to the top cream of the UMNO party in a closed door session, details of which should remain private otherwise defeating the term “closed door” as the members who were camera opportunists should learn.

Suffice to say that some of what was written in my last article was appropriately addressed.

Today’s speech, if not to disappoint the delegates, should be to caution everyone to carry their weight for at this intensed juncture, Barisan Nasional will need a concerted and sincere effort, such that has never been seen before, to preserve our collective political survival.

We cannot afford to take any passengers in this ride because the load is too heavy as it is. If division of labour is not practiced among the coalition members, then we might just scrape through with just the UMNO machinery, and the freeloaders will have to face the consequences, or the UMNO President himself will have to bear the brunt in the UMNO elections right after that, for being soft on them.

This May Be The Last Official Public Address In Any Political Stage Before The Next General Election. What Better Platform Than The General Assembly Of The Most Senior Partner In The Fold With Its Leader Delivering The “Final Testament” To His Disciples Backed By The Full Support Of The Followers Of His Political Religion, UMNO!

In Conclusion:

1. Force the Malaysian Chinese Association, GERAKAN and Malaysian Indian Association to get cracking with their machinery and earn their merit in the party or lose representation in the government.

2. Implore upon the UMNO representatives in both Houses including the State Assemblies who are on their last tour of duty to stand down in loyalty if and when required without sabotaging the party. Impose duress upon their backsides if need be, forcing the Home Minister to earn his keep by reviewing their each and every file!

We Must All Remember That If We Let This Hold Slide, So Too Will This Nation Into An Irreversible Situation Of Economic And Political Oblivion, Under The Inexperienced And Highly Indebted Opposition, Owing Much To The Foreign Powers And Financiers For Their Upkeep.

I Write This At 0435hrs And By 0800hrs, I Will Be In My Seat In The Great Hall Of Independence At The PUTRA In Strong Anticipation Of The Much Awaited And Could Possibly Be The Most Important Speech Ever Delivered By Mohd Najib Abdul Razak To This Nation.

Good Luck Mr President.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


With The Left Hand, Hold This Flag, And With The Right, The Holy Quran. Now Renew Our Loyalty To The Party That Brought Us Salvation And Dignity Or Be Dispatched To Political Damnation!

If UMNO President Najib Razak's speech which was said to have ROCKED the Dewan Merdeka at the PWTC last week in an engagement with the Youth and Young Ladies’ Wings is anything to go by, today's closed door session with the top cream of the party, and the keynote address on Thursday in front of delegates and BN leaders, should be a VOLCANIC ERUPTION raising the level to "ATCON1", referring to "Attack Condition" as opposed to "DEFCON 1", a defense readiness condition and an alert system used by the United States Armed Forces in the Pentagon.

Deputy President Muhyiddin Yassin’s officiating speech at the three Wings’ assembly in the evening should also be equally ballistic if I know this master politician well enough.

Leaks are usually a common trait among UMNO members especially in the last " regime " when seepages were known to have come from some of the Supreme Council members even while the meeting was in progress.

Uncharacteristically, which is a positive development actually, not much of the contents in the address by Najib last week was exposed to outsiders. However, many could feel that it had affected those in attendance, as they have since seemed very highly motivated, almost "kamikaze-like“ I observed. Even my closest comrade in arms who is usually free-flowing with inside information especially over a hearty Arabian meal and a Cuban stick, was tight-lipped and unwavering. Such was Najib's affect on him.

It is quite different with the main body though.

Having attended more than 15 General Assemblies in the past, representing the division proper even while being in the Youth wing, I dare put it to the Nation that this particular UMNO week beginning tomorrow will be the most crucial one considering we have reached the crossroads of our political existence. If we do not change our own attitude towards UMNO, then we will be “ changed “ by our own hands eventually.

At this stage, the Prime Minister who is also the President of UMNO and his team in the government have gone beyond their calling and outdone themselves in the transformations in the economy, government and politics of this nation. The people’s confidence levels have slowly but surely returned to Barisan Nasional albeit not at the level most desired.

At this juncture too, only UMNO members, primarily the currently serving representatives in Parliament and State Assemblies, can lose this Nation for us, not the incoming candidates. I say this because it is a known fact that often, when an ungrateful UMNO candidate is “ retired ” from contesting, he will use whatever resources at his disposal to sabotage the party to show that he should still be the "winning“ candidate despite having served for more than 3 terms.

And in my experience over numerous calls, requests, cries and fear tactics by the former Presidents, the delegates and those concerned would only concur there and then, but their loyalty span wouldn’t last the trip back to their homes after the Assembly is over.

As LOYALTY must be the PARAMOUNT subject in this week’s ensemble, a drastic move should be imposed upon either the top brass of each division or the sitting UMNO representatives in BN at Federal as well as State levels to ensure that their RELIGIOUS CONSCIENCE will prevent them from sadistically indulging in self-sabotage to gain personal gratification.

We have a Minister within the party who is in charge of Religious Affairs whom I was told delivered the “Khutbah” to the Malaysian pilgrims in the Holy Capital of Mecca. That’s good religious and public relations campaign at large. Now let’s exploit him further to drive the fear of God into the Souls of our own members, perhaps in the form of a mass Swearing or Oath-taking ceremony in the presence of Allah, the Soul of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Holy Quran, so that those who betray the Party, Islam and the Malay people on this last stretch towards the coming General Elections, shall be cursed into the dungeons of living hell.

It maybe an outrageous suggestion to some, but as a loyal member of the United Malays National Organization, (perhaps even since I was in my late mother’s womb), I’m willing to be the first to take what I’m dishing out to my fellow members in the Party.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful. I Swear That I Will Not Harm The Progress Of The Party And The Decision Of Our Leadership Of Which They Will Be Responsible And Accountable For In The 13th General Election Of This Great Nation. Only God Will Have Mercy Upon Me If I Do So Renege On This Oath In The Glory Of His Name.

“Selamat Bersidang Dan Salam Perjuangan!”

Wednesday, November 2, 2011



Rednecks In Love! It Gives “Rodeo Drive” A Whole New Meaning!

There will be a festival of Homosexuals, confused Heterosexuals and some Trisexuals (this species will “try” anything – usually in the infant stage before deciding to be a Homo or a Hetero) in the City in the coming weeks.

This group will be pushing their “fairy” butts into the faces of Muslim leaders testing the limits they know they can breach when in confrontation with Islamic clerics and Malay leaders, who are more interested in arguing with each other on the merits of Islam than in upholding and defending its very facets and principles when being “assed” in the face by others.

I have yet to read or hear any statement by the Islamic authority, members of which I am certain would rather pray to Allah asking Him to do their jobs instead of addressing the issue using government powers themselves. Last I checked, Islam is the Official Religion in this Country.

Perhaps the Minister in charge of Religious Affairs can start acting like one, seeking advice from Muftis and the Sultans heading the Islamic Institutions, instead of acting like the General Manager of Tabung Haji in Mecca year in year out, enjoying the spiritual atmosphere there while being oblivious to the damage being done to our religion as well as the moral reputation of this country.

I would not be too surprised either if we see a couple of UMNO Ministers and Supreme Council Members partying and attending these events celebrating their “Independence”. After all, they have been quiet so far. Perhaps they might be considering to “come out of the closet”, so to speak. We shall see if a permit is issued in good time.

Let’s also see if the UMNO backed newspapers will be promoting this farce with daily exposures trying to be hip and accepted by the young and trendy.

To The Muslim Leaders From Both Sides Of The Political Divide; Since You Are In Opposition With Each Other, Sacrificing “Queer” Votes By Being Righteous Would Only Decrease The Number In Equal Proportions Maintaining The Status Quo In The Overall Results. Do The Math And Remain Straight On The Course (No Pun Intended).

Yes, You May Need Their Votes To The Extent Of Resembling Beggars On The Streets Shaking Hands Once In Four Years Distributing T-Shirts And Caps, But I Implore You Not To Trade Your Faith For Power, As Power In The Absence Of Faith Will Lead To Moral Destruction And National Disintegration.

Earn Not The Wrath Of God As Was On The People Of Sodom And Gomorrah Of The Prophet Luth.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Cordial Invitation To One And All

Notebook With Historical Pictures Are Available At The Merchandise Store

Car Stickers Exhibiting Our Patriotism Also Available At The Store

Special Edition Stickers To Be Presented To Earlybirds Compliments Of The Foundation

One Of The Very Many Artifacts On Display In One Of The Four Eras

The Plaque In Recognition Of The Living Warrior's Contribution To The Nation.

The Patriot Foundation Would Like To Invite Malaysians From All Walks Of Life To An Event Where Patriotism Comes Alive, And Everyone Is A VIP. There Will Be No Politics, No Speeches, Just Pure And Organic Patriotism With A Trip Through History.

Take Pictures Of Japanese Soldiers And The British Resident General. Show Our Appreciation For A Living Hero Who Actually Saw Combat During The Insurgence And See Visuals Of The Road To Independence.

Date: Saturday 17 September 2011

Time: 5.00 Pm - Midnight

Venue: Taman Setia Tropika JB Football Field



1. Japanese Occupation

2. British Era

3. Pre-Merdeka Period

4. Post-Merdeka Segment

B. A Showcase Of Proton National Cars (From The First Saga To The Latest Inspira)

C. A Demonstration Of Traditional And Community Games

D. Merdeka Bazaar

E. " Road To Independence" Video Show Followed By "A Tribute To A Warrior"

F. Recitals Of A Special Doa For The Future Of The Country And Rakyat.

- The Rukunegara

- Singing Of The Negaraku & Jalur Gemilang Flag Raising Ceremony With Audio Effects Of Cannons Firing In It’s Original 1957 Form.

G. The Cry Of Merdeka

H. Fireworks

I. The End.

This Could Be A One Time Experience! Let’s Know Our History And Love Our Country!

I’ll See You There Ladies And Gentlemen!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Traditional Representation Of A Gentleman

20:00 hours sharp tonight, marks exactly 20 years of my union with my loving wife whom I regard as my Patriot of Patriots.

We often refer being patriotic to one’s loyalty to one’s country. I dare say there is not one Soul who would even consider a spouse’s loyalty to be an act of Patriotism.

Politicians must start thinking this way about their wives (the ones who do not meddle in the Affairs of the State) without taking their sacrifices for granted. This is because their unselfish act of sharing us with the mass in terms of time and attention is all done in the name of King & Country.

Ever since I knelt down to propose to my better half on one knee, while a string quartet was playing by our table, where she said “ yes “ after a split second pause, which felt like a million years almost giving me a cardiac on the floor of the French Restaurant, my life has been blessed.

In the absence of my parents, she flew to me for my graduation, which very much inspired me to complete my degree program on time! She gave me three beautiful children two of whom (twin boys) were born on my birthday, disqualifying me from expecting a birthday present from her for the rest of my life.

I’m blessed because she has both beauty and brains, independent and comfortable with people from all walks of life and loyally supportive of my passion which is politics allowing me to serve without interruption or intrusion.

Giving Me Peace In My Mind While In Service To The Nation Makes Her My Patriot Of Patriots, My Angel, My Truest Seraph, My Everything.

Happy 20th Anniversary Precious!

Monday, September 5, 2011


The Helmet And Kevlar Worn By The CNN Correspondent On Duty Wasn’t Supplied By The US Government

First Of All The Patriot Would Like To Extend Our Most Heartfelt Condolences To The Family Of The Late Noramfaizul Mohd Nor, The BERNAMA Cameraman Who Was Fatally Shot While On Duty Covering The Situation In Somalia. May His Soul Rest In Peace Amongst The Righteous. Al-Fatiha.

I’m sure this article would be considered as bad form coming out at this moment but it’s about time people take responsibility instead of letting all blame fly loose and carelessly aimed at the wrong party turning it into something political.

There was nothing wrong with the joint noble effort of Putera 1Malaysia Club, Bakti and other agencies, coming together to provide humanitarian aide to survivors of a cursed nation.

Having said that, it shouldn’t take a nuclear physicist to comprehend the gravity of the situation on the ground of the country that they were visiting. I’m not speaking on hindsight as this was touched in one of my articles last year regarding the preparedness of our journalists in the expected deadly raid on a Turkish-led Flotilla that tried to break Isreal's blockade of Gaza. I would have thought we LEARNT SOMETHING from it.

Journalists should be well protected while they go to war torn zones to cover their stories and the responsibility lies upon the shoulders of their respective agencies to equip them with the proper tools be it for protection or even mental preparedness. Neither the Government nor the Putera 1Malaysia Club should have to be on the defensive receiving “shellings” from all parties not knowing who to blame but rightfully needing to scream at someone for this stupid blunder of not learning from the past.

BERNAMA and all news agencies should be responsible for their own personnel in terms of safety precautions and not expect to be spoon-fed by those providing them with the opportunity to report news of the world to those back home.

These agencies have their own Chairman, CEOs, Managing Editors and so forth drawing handsome incomes. They should have brains enough to think, plan and execute. Certainly they don’t need the Prime Minister nor his Deputy to tell them what to purchase and suit their reporters with when covering stories.

BERNAMA is so lame that we had to flip through ASTRO AWANI and other channels to get current news of their own (BERNAMA) slained cameraman! What happened to their other reporters on the ground who were supposed to report from the other end of the camera? Were they not sufficiently equipped with the best and up do date technology to keep reporting? Were they not resourceful enough to borrow from their counterparts like the CNN correspondent who borrowed from a Chinese national journalist when his mobile cell went dead to report live via audio locked down in a hotel in Tripoli? Were they so ill-prepared that they were too distraught to work while trying hard to remember how the deceased behaved the days leading to his death, like all Malays do when faced with this situation? Is that professional reporting? They should be ashamed to be called the National News Agency!!!

In the same breath, I implore all politicians, who are generally not media savvy to refrain from being trigger-happy making stupid comments on the matter. Rightfully so, even in situations where Kevlar vests are employed, people do sometimes get killed but that doesn’t one bit justify any party from being careless. If that is the case, then we shouldn’t make it mandatory for riders of motorbikes to wear helmets or car passengers to fasten seat belts, because despite the helmets and the latter, the mortality rates remain high. I wonder if Shabery Cheek is on hand once again to provide the PM with these statistics trying to justify an ailing cause.

Precautionary measures MUST be taken to minimize the risk. Then, we leave the rest to God. It’s COMMON SENSE! We don’t leave the camel untied and leave it to God to be its keeper, calling it fate.

The National Union of Journalists should take this matter up including having their members insured no matter how costly it may be for those covering high-risk zones.

The standard of journalism needs to be lifted in this country, especially amongst the Malay run agencies. At the same time, the welfare and safety of personnel in this field should be addressed accordingly.

The Prime Minister Should Revamp BERNAMA And Other Related Agencies Under Us Which Do Not Live Up With The Times And Lack Professionalism. He Should Remove Those Tan Sris and Dato’s Earning Maximum Wage For Minimum Work With No Foresight. This Is Not About Carrying Out The Government’s Aspirations. It Is About Professional And Dynamic Journalism.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Preserve And Protect Our Independence. Do Not Gamble With The Future Of Our Nation.

Amanah, Penawar Throw Spanner In The Works

Of late, we have seen the mushrooming of non-governmental organisations serving the purpose of some aging politicians. And I have been asked why I don’t align myself to one.

I don’t see a need to join these new political NGOs as I am already in one of the best avenues to champion my political cause, which is Umno.

Furthermore, I had formed a small political think tank under the name of The Patriot Foundation, which serves to provide necessary feedback to the Government and Malaysians on basic social, political and economic issues through open channels.

While I welcome the formation of these NGOs, I question the motives behind it.

Angkatan Amanah Merdeka (Amanah), for example, may begin with noble intentions and having a blueblood like Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to spearhead it adds to its nobility.

I've often been excited whenever this elder statesman appears for one thing or another and had looked forward to see what Amanah is set out to do.

Furthermore, Amanah in Arabic means trust and as leaders, I believe they should live up to the word.

Amanah said it wants to “re-ignite our beloved Bapa Malaysia’s legacy, promise and ideals” and nurture unity as espoused by the country’s founding fathers.

Those invited to share the limelight with him may have passed their twilight years in politics but are still influential to an extent, but there are those in there who want to stay relevant for their own personal interests. The “has beens” are trying to cling onto whatever is left of the limelight afforded to them by the media.

Now, having six deputy presidents is unique but it’s when everyone speaks their minds without any consultation within the group that things can get destructive. One has to exercise care when making statements, either in their personal capacity or for the group, as this can turn Amanah into a nuisance and further add to confusing the minds of the rakyat.

One of its six deputy presidents Tan Sri Kadir Sheikh Fadzir, for example, was reported to have commented about the elections, saying that it was unfair. Least he forgot, his own brother contested and lost the Kulim Parliamentary seat to one Zulkifli Nordin from the Opposition. Had not the loss of five states in the last general election shown that it was fair?

Then I read about another organization called Penawar, whose members comprised former Umno Members of Parliament. Now, this group is requesting Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Razak to step down for reasons only known to them.

What they forgot is that being called “former”, they no longer have representation nor constituencies. I see this as another case of “has-beens” trying to remain relevant and being destructive to the party that they claim they love.

What is paramount at this time is not about internal party politics but about winning for the party at the next general elections.

This ailment in Umno is becoming prevalent to the extent that loyalty to certain leaders supersede loyalty to the party, especially among people of less importance who try to move as a credible unit.

The country is now moving forward.

Umno and BN are fast gaining lost ground from 2008 with the formidable partnership of Najib and his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

BN cannot afford a rift from within especially among Umno leaders because the entire BN existence and strength is clinging on the Umno foundation.

At this point in time, the top two leaders should discount useless, self-interested and irresponsible parties from stacking them against each other to, first and foremost, win the two-thirds majority in Parliament.

Following this, if indeed there is a cause to change the leadership due to possible liabilities that may cause future damage to the party and nation, then one should like a true gentleman throw down the gauntlet and contest according to the Umno Constitution. No one should get others to do their private biddings while pretending to be cordial on the front, if such a scenario even exists.

Umno will welcome a democratic approach, which the delegates waived their rights for in the previous Constitutional Amendments meeting, according to the rules and regulations stipulated in the Constitution.

But we cannot afford an implosion before the next general election or we will lose this nation.

Responsibility begins with the leaders.

One cannot rule, when one divides prematurely, at the wrong time and within our own.