Saturday, February 28, 2009


Rhetorics are no longer marketable in UMNO

I can safely represent the majority of the 3.4 Million UMNO members by sending this message to the President-in-waiting and the Vice President “wannabe” and outgoing Youth Chief, Hishammuddin Hussein who have in the past been known to apologize unnecessarily for the conduct of some of the members who acted on their own cognizance while responding to a valid cause.

We demand that our leaders take us out of this apologetic syndrome that has plagued us badly ever since Hishammuddin FAILED to live up to our expectation as a true Malay leader when he was unable to defend Malay heritage and the tradition of hoisting the Malay Keris. Since then every single act by UMNO members defending our party and its ideals have been followed by calls for us to apologize.

In the most recent case, when true red blooded Malays who have neither been poisoned by non Malay philosophies nor influenced by their kind financial gestures, demanded for the retraction of an unproven allegation in Parliament by a crippled and senile member of the House in the lobby, they were physically set upon by opposition members before retaliating. For this they were labeled as “gangsters” on top of being cursed and falsely accused of sending live bullets, which is unlawful, to a person who some would describe as a deserving recipient.

The file based on 97 (NINETY SEVEN) reports on Karpal Singh has been on the table of the Attorney General for the past one week according to reports on the web. Some are wondering if the AG’s office is waiting for Karpal to expire of old age before charging him for Sedition. Being an invalid and an old geaser, doesn’t position him above the Law. The longer he is allowed to “wheel” the streets, the more damage he can do with his loud and irresponsible mouth.

If the UMNO members who visited Parliament House have violated the law, let them be responsible for it. I stand and applaud their political chivalry which is a trait rapidly dying in UMNO in the past 8 years under the youth leadership of Hishammuddin Hussein.

Tun Dr Mahathir’s words of wisdom is very true,“ Not every son can be like his father ”…nor his grandfather, I might add. Our leaders should NOT apologize for the actions of the members when it is not the stand of the Party, although it may be the sentiment of the majority. At the very least Megat Zulkarnain, Ungku Mat Salleh, the Gombak and Serdang UMNO Youth Chiefs respectively have more guts than the old cripple who only dare to utter offensive words in Parliament knowing he has full immunity without having to be responsible for it.

Equal rights should be accorded to the handicapped. If they step out of line, they too should suffer the consequences according to the Law no matter how pathetic they may look in defense.

Monday, February 23, 2009


“Subversion is a threat against the security of the country and against constituted authority. It should therefore, be the responsibility of the government to deal with that threat.”

“The object of detention is to safeguard the security of the country and not to punish persons for crime. A person is detained for what it is considered he may reasonably be expected to do but not for what he is proved beyond doubt to have done. He is detained because he represents a risk to the security of the country.” – TUN ABDUL RAZAK HUSSEIN, second Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The Internal Security Act, 1960, allows for the detention of persons who “promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or other classes of the population likely to cause violence.”

The insensitivities toward race and religion can give rise to violence and terrorism if it is not nipped in the bud. We have seen in recent years acts of terrorism on The Mariott Hotel in Jakarta, a nightclub in Bali, the Australian Embassy all in the region close to us. Further away, we’ve seen incidents in Madrid, London and most recently in Mumbai, India.

After 9/11, several western countries who are well known champions of Democracy have adopted Acts similar to the I.S.A. of Malaysia. They are The Patriot’s Act, 2001 in the U.S., The Anti Terrorism, Crime and Security Act, 2001 in the U.K., Anti Terrorism Act 2001 in Canada and the Australian Anti Terrorism Act, 2005, while the European Union introduced the Anti-Terrorism Measures 2002. In Indonesia there is an act called “Undang-undang Kasus Tindak Pidana Terrorisme 2002, but it has no powers to detain on the basis of prevention like the rest mentioned above.

While the I.S.A. of Malaysia is aimed at rehabilitation as attested by former I.S.A. detainees Dr Zabidi and Lokman Noor Adam, the others like in the U.S. don’t quite reflect the same objectives, as we have witnessed in Gantanamo Bay.

Contrary to minority consensus, The I.S.A. is not being politically abused by the government. There is no member of the opposition party who is being indiscriminately detained and of the 40 odd detainees currently serving time in “rehab” the majority are members of the Jemaah Islamiah and other terrorist suspects including a counterfeit coin specialist.

40 people detained in exchange for the Peace and Security of 26 million people in Malaysia, I’d say is a bargain I’m sure.

Friday, February 20, 2009


If ever there was a need for the Internal Security Act to be enforced post 1969 in relation to racial tension, this would be the time.

Multiracial tolerance and National unity is currently at its lowest ebb from my experience. I was too young and was living abroad during the 1969 clashes and was only told of the history much later in life, and in spite of the constant reminders of it during my traditional martial arts lessons, some of my best friends growing up were mainly Chinese and Indians.

Today it pains me to read what is written in the cyber-world about the Malays by those whose forefathers were given a blanket citizenship in exchange for their vows to uphold the Constitution and respect the position of those originating naturally in this land formerly known as Malaya. What aches me even more is that there are hypocritical descendents of the natives who openly question the privileges that come with their birthright, who pretend like they never relied on it at all while excelling in their respective arenas achieving success. This gives rise to the non Malays in justifying their action to press for more equal rights in all avenues that will eventually widen the disparity among us and create social instability in this country.

The Malays are being tested today like they have never been before. I say this because in comparison to the past, the Malays are being stacked against each other and even the presumably more pious of them are willing to be servants of the chauvinists amongst the non Malays, making it easier for us to be brought down if we are not careful.

Worst still, our non Malay allies within the Barisan Nasional are no longer loyal to the Coalition and have on several occasions openly supported the opposition on issues relating to race taking advantage of what they perceive as the weak condition of the Malays who are disunited. Some within the coalition have also taken the responsibility of championing the rights of known crooks just based on the color of their skin, while they remain quiet when others suffer the same fate.

These, coupled with the open challenges aimed at the Institution of the Monarchy, namely in Perak from several non Malays and their loyal Malay servants on top of the vile language used against the former in the blogosphere are making the situation very critical indeed.

The traditional attitude of the Malays in general is to remain calm and patient, at times overbearingly even under extreme circumstances. One will not see their patience run thin. They will just snap and when that occurs, all hell will break loose. That is how the Malay word “amok” arose and is recognized today in the Oxford Dictionary

The Internal Security Act, to my understanding is a preventive law that is to be employed on instigators who threaten National peace, security and social order. My instinct says that if something drastic doesn’t happen in the near future to ease this rising pressure from all sides, we will have a huge problem in our hands that will subsequently lead to serious repercussions. When peace and stability cease to exist, our economy will suffer, and all the good work put in through fine albeit hard leadership in the 22 years before the last 5, will be flushed into the drains of hell.

The government needs to act swiftly and decisively. If they find themselves directionless, they should seek the advice of the former Prime Minister or learn from our neighbor in the South.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009



It is reported in one of the news portals that the police are "now monitoring websites which posted the pictures" and that "stern action will be taken against those found distributing the pictures."

It seems monitoring websites and taking stern action against those which posted nude photos of a spinster is more important than monitoring and taking stern action against websites that run down the Royal Institution and inciting social dissorder.

Where lies the allegience of the Royal Malaysian Police? I am beginning to wonder.



Elizabeth Wong, the much violated lady politician who is not ashamed of her sexuality as a woman and as a single person, implies that the government is to blame when we are all very sure indeed, that she was the one who erred in judgment and that it was someone closely acquainted to her that actually took those revolting pictures and had them disseminated.

What does “not being ashamed of my sexuality as a woman and as a single person” mean? Does it mean that fornication before marriage is permissible? Well I guess she’s right that no law has been broken but as a POLITICIAN, does she really have the luxury of celebrating her sexuality in such a manner and being single like the ordinary person on the street?

Is it perhaps alright for PAKATAN representatives to remain in office like the previous two who later turned independents while it is a definite “no chance in hell” when it comes to BN office bearers to do the same under similar circumstances?

Where is the transparency? Where is the responsibility? We’ve seen a good number of UMNO and MCA officials resigning without question when a matter of this fashion arose in the past. Today, we read that Elizabeth Wong is only “offering” to resign. This could very well be a way of PAKATAN to fool the Rakyat into thinking that she is a responsible elected official only for her leaders to later reject her offer and then turn the blame onto the government, as though it is the Government that planted the man or woman (she’s entitled to her sexuality) to fall in love with her vise-versa only to take nude pictures of her while she was supposedly sleeping, and then spreading it thin in public. Yeah RIGHT!! If you believe that, it's time you cut down on viewing the 007 re-runs.


Miss Elli, don’t bother pretending to take responsibility by “offering” to resign.


Sunday, February 15, 2009


Coming fresh out of a by-election that saw BN losing because of an allegedly snobbish candidate, BN will opt for a down to earth, familiar candidate who doesn’t perceive himself as Allah’s gift to Bukit Gantang from Kuala Lumpur. The next thing BN should remember is to hold back on giving out lavish handouts in a form of development there until the people vote us in. It is time we changed our approach and make them earn the development as opposed to giving out freebees only to allow the opposition to walk into a “fully furnished mansion”, so to speak.


UMNO should discard this fear, fakely manufactured and imposed upon us by “ our enemies from within “ that the non Malay voters in a Malay majority constituency, worth about 2,000 to 2,500 will make the difference between win or lose for BN. Here’s a NEWSFLASH !! THEY DIDN’T VOTE FOR US THEN AND THEY WILL NOT VOTE FOR US STILL BECAUSE THEIR REPRESENTATIVES WITHIN OUR COALITION HAVE FAILED THEM MISERABLY. SO LET’S NOT BUY THEIR " FRIENDLY " HUSTLE!

MIC wants their man to contest as the BN candidate. I hope Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak will pause and realize that MIC has off late disappointed not only the Indians whom they have not served well, but also the BN coalition spearheaded by UMNO. There is no logical reason for their candidate to win the Indian votes if the opposition too fields an Indian candidate. Just stick with a Malay candidate and let the chips fall where they may in a Malay majority area. let's leave this fake fear factor stuck in the imagination of the spin doctors of The Malaysian Insider and it’s likes. Let MIC prove themselves first before we start giving them seats in a Malay majority area again. Right now, they should learn to be good followers and study the mechanics on how to serve instead of insisting on seats.


Saturday, February 7, 2009


Courtesy of Rocky's bru

Yes I said it. He’s an invalid hiding behind his handicap for sympathy hoping not to be hit back after trying to be a hero ridiculing a Malay Sultan and stoking anger amongst the Malays who are NOT DAP servants. Will his action of turning the Sultan of Perak as a defendant in Ipoh on Tuesday fly at all? At the very least he will get the satisfaction of humiliating the Sultan. That is perhaps the general idea.

Well, a few responsible young citizens from Johor Bahru have made a police report on him. Although they may not have a standing considering it is not done in the State of Perak, but this serious objection must be recorded nonetheless by someone if not the UMNO Youth Chief and his battalion who are contented with just watching with their hands in their pockets, or busy campaigning for party positions instead of practicing what they preach on Religion, Race and Country. These UMNO traitors should be SACKED under the I.S.A. along with the cripple who committed what could be described as sedition.

Below is the report.

Congratulations to En Jamaluddin Rustam, En Jasri Hj Jamil, En Rais Jaafar and En Shaoufiq Izwan for taking action instead of just talking about their contempt at the coffeeshops and warongs like a large section of the general public.


Thursday, February 5, 2009


After telling the biggest lie to the whole Nation on the September 16th change of Government and making excuses like having the numbers but was refused a meeting with the Prime Minister bla bla bla, Dato’ Sri Najib finally showed Anwar Ibrahim on how to take over a Government. Najib finally walked Anwar’s talk.

Below are some titles and snippets I thought of while reflecting on the situation in Perak.


Indeed many may have blamed Dato' Sri Najib Razak for losing the last two by-elections, though they were in places where we didn’t even have a snowball’s chance in hell. One was because it’s a stronghold of an illusive icon, and the other was because our candidate thought and behaved like he was God’s gift to Kuala Terengganu. Najib can be excused and forgiven for the two when he cleaned his entire slate by winning BN the whole of Perak.


The outgoing Prime Minister who was almost indifferent when BN lost 5 states in the 2008 elections has made the people more angry with UMNO with his reckless attempt at allowing indiscriminate transparency apparently targeting only UMNO members alone. Fortunately for UMNO which is almost at its lowest ebb, the incoming Prime Minister almost single-handedly won us back the northern Silver State of Perak. This is indeed a good omen for UMNO as it will continue to rise to greater heights in the hands of the new Prime Minister come March 2009. This is just a taste of things to come. Be ready.


BN shouldn’t be worried about losing the confidence of the people in the 13th General Elections just because we accept these two fellows into the fold because the Rakyat never sought their resignations after they were charged for corruption as is the standard procedure in UMNO whenever any of our leaders are charged. They continued to hold their positions in the State Government without having to go on leave and without any complaints from the people who voted them in. In fact, they were defended by their former leaders in Pakatan by saying that they were "innocent until proven guilty". That means they were accepted by the people who voted them in. Why should it be any different just because they have switched sides? We are just giving the Rakyat what they want. End of story.


Inilah perkara yang terjadi jika kita tidak tahu bagaimana hendak bersyukur kepada Allah akan nikmat yang dikurniakanNya, iaitu kemenangan di 5 negeri di Semenanjung. Malah dikejar pula takhta Kerajaan Pusat dengan usaha-usaha untuk mempengaruhi ahli-ahli Yang Berhormat di dalam BN untuk menderhaka kepada parti mereka dan melompat ke parti pembangkang membolehkan mereka merampas kuasa.

Sepatutnya mereka menumpukan segala perhatian terhadap menepati janji kepada pengundi-pengundi mereka dan bukan menjadi gila kuasa dengan menumpukan perhatian mereka terhadap memenangi Sri Perdana. Akhirnya tujuan mereka itu tidak tercapai sebaliknya Anwar telah mencelikkan mata Najib akan kemampuan BN untuk memenangi Perak kerana perbezaan kerusi yang amat sedikit di dalam Dewan Undangan Negeri. Akhirnya juga, Kerajaan Pusat mereka tak dapat, Kerajaan Perak pula terlepas dari pegangan.


I wonder if Najib actually waited for the Camrys to be delivered safely complete with the added accessories before making this move so that the people cannot put any blame on the BN office bearers when they cruise downtown in it in Ipoh. They sure look flashy! The new MB should hold a press conference and a special function just to accept the keys on behalf of his new State Cabinet.