Sunday, October 10, 2010


Shakespearean Politician

Finally, Prime Minister Najib Razak tells the MCA at their 57th Annual General Assembly, just like it is, ie. Stop bitching and start working! Well actually those were my words, but it sure sounds better doesn’t it?

His words were: "Every time election comes, you ask for big allocations. Don’t expect the federal government to solve all your problems when in fact you have not been working. You think if you bring in big projects, the people will support you because you give them money?"

The Barisan Nasional Chairman continued, "Leaders have to work for the party, be loyal and committed. If they are not loyal, please leave the party. Make way for others who believe in our cause."

This Message Is Short And Sweet (Too Spicy For Some Whose Agenda Has Slowly Been Uncovered) Coming From The Bona Fide Prime Minister. It sounds like a Shakespeare recital with Bach in the background to my ears! I Should Leave It There In all Its Serenity And Say No More!


Unknown said...

ko kata/ingat macam tu...cantik tapi aku pulak tafsir dasar bumiputra dah tak relevan lagi kerana dah tak ada lagi bumi/ non bumi, kerana non menentang dasar dan menolak prlembagaan keistemawaan bumiputra

Unknown said...

Likewise and more so it should be addressed to Umno, Gerakan and the other component parties in BN. Too many wannabe leaders and tai kos BUT where are the followers that can translate to voters.

TPJ said...

Welcome back Temagi!

Don't worry, much will be said to UMNO and GERAKAN but first thing's first, MCA should be straightened out because they are a lazy bunch of parasites that seem like they can do nothing to win back the Chinese votes even with financial aide from the Government! Yet, they behave like they are the "X" factor that can tilt the scales for us! I do hope they can understand English as it was spoken by the PM yesterday. Otherwise we'll have to get Najib to speak Mandarin next time. After all, they are NOT Pendatangs, the Malays could be instead.

TPJ said...


Non-Bumi masih wujud beb! Yang tak wujud kalau mengikut kepada PM adalah istilah "Pendatang" itupun masih aku sangsi selagi ada "KETURUNAN PENDATANG" ini yang cuba mengganggu gugat dan menyoal tentang hak Keistimewaan orang Melayu.

Kita harus menyalahkan pemimpin2 HARAMI dalam MKT UMNO yang bersikap BACUL apabila bertentangan dengan jenis kominis ini. Rakyat Cina umum tidak boleh disalahkan, begitu juga pemimpin kominis mereka jika Pondan2 UMNO dalam Majlis Kerja Tertinggi tidak mampu untuk mendokong suara dan aspirasi PM seperti yang membidas MCA semalam.