Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Let’s Bring It Home!

UPDATED: Monday 5th April 2010. We Would Like To Issue this Advice To Our Political Friends, Influential Or Otherwise: We Have Till 15th April To Put Total Pressure On The Top Leadership To Name An UMNO Representative As Our Candidate. After The 15th When The Decision Is Announced Two Days Before The Nomination Day, We Will Have To Forever Hold Our Peace And Back The Sucker For Better Or For Worse! SO LET'S GET IT ON!!!!

2. If Samy Vellu Agrees To Withdraw As MIC Leader In Exchange For His Candidate For The Hulu Selangor Seat, Will We Take His Word To Be As Strong As Oak Or As Feeble As A Banana Leaf?

Solution: Make Him Appoint His Deputy As PERMANENT Acting President Until His Exit In The Next Party Election, Before We Ink The Deal, Or We'll Be The Ones Eating the Banana Leaf Instead Of The Masala Chicken And Thosai On it!

The Patriot would like to begin by expressing our most heartfelt condolences to the family of Allahyarham Dato’ Zainal Abidin Ahmad, the Member of Parliament for Hulu Selangor who passed away recently after a long ailment. We would like to also thank his family for his years of fine work while serving under UMNO before joining PKR and standing under their ticket in the past General Elections. May his soul rest in peace. Al-Fatiha.

Here’s the racial breakdown of the registered voters in percentage in Hulu Selangor in 2008:
Malay: 53.5%; Chinese: 27%; Indian: 19.04%; Others: 0.40%Total Voters: 63,593Results:1. Dato’ Zainal Abidin b Ahmad (PKR) 23,177 (Majority 198).2. Datuk G Palanivel Govindasamy (BN) 22,979


P78.ULU SELANGOR 1959J.14.2741.ONG YOKE LIN (ALL) 6.537 MJ.1.4162.CHAI YOKE KIN (IND) 5.121

P78.ULU SELANGOR 1964J14.3281.NAZAR NONG (SF) 4.1992.KHAW KAI BOH (ALL) 9.412 MJ.5.213

P78.ULU SELANGOR 1969J.20.8451.KHAW KAI BCH (ALL) 8.278 MJ.1.5232.LIONG AH NAI (DAP) 6.755

P75.ULU SELANGOR 1974J.26.8221.MICHAEL CHEN WING SUM (BN) 15.323 MJ.10.2532.G.DAVIDASON (DAP) 5.070

P75.ULU SELANGOR 1978J.34.7441.MICHAEL CHEN WING SUM (BN) 17.670 MJ.12.8022.LEONG CHIN HOE (DAP) 4.8683.YUSSOF AHMAD (PAS) 2.607

P84.HULU SELANGOR 1986J.42.8261.S.S.SUBRAMAIAM (BN) 19.201 MJ.
P84.HULU SELANGOR 1990J.46.9331.G.PALANIVEL (BN) 20.839 MJ.8.9822.NAZAR YAKIN (S46) 11.856

P88.HULU SELANGOR 1995J.51.2561.PENG KIM SING (DAP) 1.2312.ADNAN BIN DIN (S46) 5.4143.PALANIVEL A/L GOVINDASAMY (BN) 26.829 MJ.21.415



*(Figures are from our Master Statistician: Abib from UMNO Johor)
In the history of parliamentary elections in Hulu Selangor ever since 1955, we won all but the last one. We were even able to sustain the 1969 onslaught which before 2008, went down as the worst election results for the Alliance (before it was known as the National Front and later Barisan Nasional).
On the face of it, in 2008, we lost the Peninsula. Without Sabah and Sarawak, we would have lost the country! It all started from a speck and grew into a large section of frustrated underserved Indians betrayed by their own leaders who put the blame on UMNO, spilling onto the streets of Ampang. The momentum grew and peaked while the “brilliantly daft” Prime Minister at the time decided to commit mass political suicide by dissolving Parliament on the “auspicious” date of 13th February 2008 when we had almost 18 months left still at hand.
This is a whole new deal. We are faced with new problems and younger voters who can get news at the tip of their fingers. We need a candidate who comes from a party that has evidently made changes to adapt to the new age, not one who carries the ghost of the past which leader still presides over them like a living God, albeit one who is unable to grant prayers from the mass.
This Is Selangor. This is a State where we are now the opposition. We have to reach down and really deep to make everything count. We cannot afford the luxury of carrying passengers in the Coalition especially when UMNO will be the one constantly providing the human resources and machinery to win it for the team. We also can’t rely too much on MCA for now because they are on a rehabilitation process and have most recently elected a President who, although was proven outstanding in “all chambers”, could also be the “main course” for the opposition in the campaign trails.
This is a situation that calls for the Prime Minister, Chairman of Barisan Nasional, and President of UMNO to grab the bull by the horn, and make that executive call! It is a Malay majority constituency. Have Mercy on the Selangor Wanita UMNO and the rest of our machinery who will, without the slightest doubt work themselves to the death to snatch this monumental victory signaling the future return of Barisan Nasional as the righteous Government to the great state of Selangor.
This is not the time to show senseless magnanimity on our part to MIC when they were happily running UMNO down for their own failures in our own premise of the PWTC during their last party Convention! I sure hope we charged them for the rental! YES! "Melayu Mudah Lupa", but not this "Melayu" and that is why The Patriot is reminding our “Melayu” leaders to give respect and honour to the Malays where and when it is due. We can do so and still uphold the 1Malaysia spirit. The Malays mustn’t be short-changed to satisfy this end and we trust the good Prime Minister will see that they are dealt with a fair hand.
This Is The Time To Be Magnanimous To Those Who Serve Diligently! It Is Time To Reap The Gains Of Our Own Harvest, From our Own Fields. Y.A.B. Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak, Name Our UMNO Candidate For The Hulu Selangor Parliamentary Seat And Watch UMNO Selangor Pave The Way To Put Us Back In Our Rightful Place! You Are The Chairman Of The Selangor UMNO Liaison Committee. Do Justice To Them!
May Allah Give Our Prime Minster Taufiq, Hidayah, Great Wisdom And Courage To Lead With A Firm And Fair Hand.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


At this moment, not a care in the world except for America’s health.

Just 14 months after creating history perhaps even before Americans thought they were ready for an Afro-American with a Muslim name in the White House, President Barrack Hussein Obama, who is probably the first sitting President to be a Nobel Prize Laureate created another one by getting the House to pass his health care reform, which could be described as the most sweeping social legislation in more than four decades.

At approximately 11.15am E.T., seventeen years after the 42nd US President Bill Clinton tried to push for the same but was unsuccessful, and after decades of Presidential Candidates using it as their sales pitch in elections, President Obama kept to his campaign promise and signed the landmark Health Care Reform Bill in the East Room of the White House that extends health insurance to more than 30 million Americans who are currently uninsured.

Change has come to the United States of America. He was all “Fired Up And Ready To Go”, and he went. He chanted “Yes We Can”, and they did.

Recalling his Inauguration speech on a cold January morning last year, I remember him saying that America has given him everything that he had no right to expect. Well today, he has given America back something which they demanded for decades but weren’t quite expecting. Those on "The Hill" shared his belief through their actions that they can “ be unified in service to a greater good.”

Let us hope that change will come to Malaysia when the Barisan Nasional Government gets a fresh and solid mandate by the people witnessing benefits coming the way of the underserved with little privilege. America needed change, they got it in Obama and he delivered. Malaysia needed one too, and we’ve got the best man in Najib Razak. Now let us help him to help us forge a better future for a United and Greater Malaysia.

Malaysia's Very Last Hope

Monday, March 1, 2010


Uphill on the Capitol

The Centre of Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) held a seminar in Washington D.C. on the Governance & Rule of Law in Malaysia recently, attended by Minister Nazri Aziz and Ambassador Jamaluddin Jarjis (a.k.a. J.J.) put together by the CSIS’ Head of Southeast Asian program, Ernest Bower.

Malaysia Today reported that all the while Nazri was giving his address, Ambassador Jarjis was either fidgeting with his Blackberry or reading the Washingtion Post. Well naturally, keeping awake while deliberating on a topic of this nature, especially when the presenter is not very eloquent and savvy in his delivery, is usually an uphill battle unless it’s spruced up with showgirls from Vegas. But we should stick to the facts to find the distinction, not be distracted with sideshows and lose sight of the purpose of the program.

Pats on the back should be given to Nazri and JJ for having the courage to open the floor for questions after the briefing and bringing it on smack in the heart of Washington, knowing there were hostile agents planted in the midst. Among others, a participant from Amnesty International reportedly likened Malaysia to Myanmar in reference to Anwar’s ongoing case. He might as well have introduced himself as a representative from Travesty International instead for being unable to distinguish between an extremely deprived and jailed Aung San Suu Kyi and the gallivanting, high flying, rich and free to slander the government at will Anwar. He implied that the US will never improve relationship with Malaysia as people in Washington have concerns over Malaysia’s treatment of the opposition and Anwar’s trial.

Ultimately, an employee’s backside has been allegedly violated by his employer, either by undue influence, duress, or even with consent at first but involuntary after that. Any of these possibilities could have come into play and the person at the “ receiving end “ decided to lodge a report when he came to his senses. If the rule of law is anything to go by, then every “ backside ” should have its day in court. While the United States of America will continue to champion human rights and everything under the sun that they think can benefit them, I don’t think they will sour relations and risk a trade surplus with Malaysia on the account of one randy-for-the-wrong-end-wrong-sex, washed-up politician.

There was promise in Ambassador Jarjis that he is the right man to bring the battle with Anwar to the source of his so called strength in Washington. We are beginning to see some light of this at the end of the tunnel leading to the White House. Anwar’s lying nicely in the casket wearing his favourite black Zegna suit, so to speak. The show’s almost over. It’s time for JJ to nail his coffin and shove it into the furnace!