Wednesday, June 9, 2021


1. The Yang DiPertuan Agong is said to be meeting leaders beginning on Wednesday to hear their opinions on the current situation facing our country.

2. According to media reports, later this month, an Emergency Rulers’ Conference will convene.

3. This has arisen because in the last few months after the “Darurat” was announced, the situation had worsened with the Rakyat having to endure the “mismanagement”, flip-flopping and misunderstandings between members of the administration in policy.

4. In addition, anger has crossed beyond strict boundaries where Malaysians have started to criticise the King for the “failure” of the “Darurat” to meet its original objective, except perhaps to help the current administration hold on to its power. That has become the general perception.

5. Since then, while the government was incurring the wrath of the people, many started looking to the Institution for remedy and sought for democracy to take its course returning it to the people. The pressure is mounting.

6. This doesn’t mean that there should be a general election in the near future but perhaps the lifting of the “Emergency Ordinance” with Parliament sitting again having the voices of the people heard in the right forum and with proper representation.

7. If the Rulers are responsible enough to meet and discuss the State of the Nation vis a vis the Covid 19, then this is a strong signal that will compel the government to call for Parliament as well to convene.

8. A second option is to find a solution within the Perikatan Nasional government whereby there is a change in the cabinet right up to the top, perhaps with the “repositioning” of Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin from Prime Minister and the removal of “non essential” ministers in the Cabinet. Maintaining 70 ministers and deputies is preposterous at this juncture. This is a precedent set in Japan  where a former Prime Minister sits as member of the cabinet in a reshuffle. 

9. The third option is forming a unity government, replacing the whole cabinet including a couple of current essentially good ministers. The new ones will take months to fit in at a moment when time is of crucial importance. 

10. The people are frustrated with the current politicians managing the conditions of the nation, and its recovery which is conducted in a manner which appears to be of trial and error.

11. Today, let me not mince my words and state the obvious that the Malays form the large majority of the Rakyat that are still loyal to the Institution of the Monarchy.  It is however dwindling by the day especialy in urban districts in view of the current events and open forums.

12. What the Palace decides in the days to come will determine the level of respect they can command later from their subjects.

13. The Rulers’ Council and the Yang DiPertuan Agong are their very last resort.

14. I fear that if the status quo remains and the “Darurat” is extended beyond August, then the credibility of the Royal Institution will be severely tarnished with suspicions of it being compromised.

15. It will be difficult then to find loyalty and compassion from the people.

16. If it arrives to that end, despite our duty and solemn oath to uphold the Rukun Negara, what is in the Constitution too, as regards to the Institution, will be hard pressed to defend for any generation after this.

17. Let us hope that the agenda to be discussed in the conference has been dispatched well in advance to the Royal Houses in their respective States so that their Royal Highnesses and Majesties can prepare well before arriving at the Capital for the sole benefit of their subjects and this loving Country.

18. Daulat Tuanku.

Saturday, April 10, 2021


1 Di Perhimpunan Agung UMNO yang telah diadakn baru-baru ini, kita merasakan bahwa Presiden parti telah gagal memanfaatkan mandat yang diberikan oleh perwakilan pada hari terakhir persidangan untuk merungkaikan pemasalahan parti.

2 Beliau bukan hanya tidak meminta Menteri-Menteri Umno untuk segera menarik diri dari Kabinet, malah memberi mereka lebih banyak ruang untuk menggunakan kedudukan dalam kerajaan untuk menyebarkan lagi "racun" di kalangan akar umbi yang semakin  perlahan-lahan termakan dengan tohmahan yang dibuat terhadap pemimpin dan parti. Perang mulut secara terbuka dan bangkangan antara pemimpin semakin berleluasa dan merugikan parti.

3 Dari pengamatan saya, terdapat tiga puak dalam UMNO, yang telah menyumbang kepada keretakan dalam parti.

4 Pertama, puak yang menyokong Presiden yang beranggapan bahawa dia terpilih secara demokratik dan mesti dibenarkan untuk menghabiskan penggalnya walaupun terdapat kecaman-kecaman keatasnya yang kadang-kadang disebabkan oleh kebodohannya sendiri.

5 Ketika ini, puak ini adalah kumpulan majoriti kerana dasar parti baru-baru ini yang memilih untuk tidak bekerjasama dengan PPBM dalam Pilihan Raya Umum akan datang.

6 Kedua, puak yang menyokong Menteri-Menteri Umno dalam Kabinet, yang kebanyakannya cenderung untuk bekerja dengan PPBM dalam pilihan raya akan datang.

7 Puak ini perlahan-lahan berkembang jumlahnya kerana sumber yang dimiliki oleh tuan mereka sebagai anggota Kabinet amatlah besar. 

8 Perlu diingatkan bahawa dalam 8 jawatan teratas dalam parti, iaitu Presiden, Timbalan Presiden serta naib-naib presiden (termasuk ketua-ketua sayap), hanya dua daripada mereka adalah anggota Kabinet. Mereka adalah Naib Presiden Ismail Sabri dan Ketua Wanita Noraini Ahmad.

9 Oleh yang demikian, kekuatan sebenar parti UMNO ini tidak terpusat di dalam majlis tertinggi, dan ini lah yang menyebabkan bangkangan terbuka  yang diperlihatkan akhir-akhir ini. Secara perlahan, ianya menyebabkan lebih banyak keretakan  dalam parti.

10 Dan yang ketiga adalah puak yang tidak semestinya menyokong Presiden atau Menteri, tetapi ta’at setia kepada UMNO sendiri.

11 Kumpulan ini lah yang mahukan parti dengan segeranya mengadakan pemilihan mengikut Perlembagaan untuk mengembalikan ketenteraman dalam UMNO.

 12 Kita berpendapat bahawa UMNO WAJIB  Mengadakan Pemilihannya Tahun Ini Seperti Yang diperuntukan dalam Perlembagaan parti walaupun terdapat klausa di dalamnya yang membolehkan Majlis Tertinggi menangguhkan pemilihan parti selama 18 bulan. 

13 Klausa ini sebenarnya merupakan konflik berkepentingan kerana ini juga bermakna bahawa anggota Majlis Tertinggi sendiri dapat terus berkuasa untuk jangka waktu yang sama. 

14 Kita mungkin boleh mengabaikan rakaman audio yang bocor, yang didakwa perbualan antara Presiden UMNO dan PKR. Kita juga mungkin boleh mengabaikan permintaan untuk Presiden berundur dari pucuk kempimpinan parti. 

16 Pada hakikatnya, kita merasakan adalah juga satu kesalahan untuk menyingkir seorang  Presiden sebelum tamat tempoh penggalnya. Sekiranya dia berprinsip, dia akan mengundurkan diri secara terhormat seperti yang dilakukan oleh bekas Presiden Dato ’Sri Mohd Najib Razak, yang mana keputusan yang dibuatnya amat dikesali oleh kebanyakan ahli UMNO hari ini. 

17 Kita boleh menyokong Presiden sehingga tamat tempohnya tetapi pada masa yang sama, Jawatankuasa Tatatertib HARUS mula mengambil tindakan untuk memulihkan keadaan dalaman parti. Ini mesti dilakukan ketika  akar umbi masih bersatu dan tidak dimusnahkan oleh mereka yang memegang jawatan dalam kerajaan yang mempunyai agenda yang berbeza. Jika tidak, kita boleh meminta agar Jawatankuasa Disiplin dibubarkan saja kerana ianya tidak berfungsi seperti yang diharapkan.

18 Sekiranya selepas pemilihan parti ini, muka-muka yang sama yang tidak berkeupayaan kembali megemudi parti, hanya kepada Allah SWT kita berserah untuk kita hadapi PRU15 nanti. 

19 Maka seharusnya kita terima laknat daripada tindakan kita sendiri.

Dengan Tulus Ikhlas Dan Ta’at Setia,

Datuk Tengku Putra Haron Aminurrashid B Tan Sri Tengku Abdul Hamid Jumat.

ADUN Kempas N47


Johor Darul Ta’zim.

10 April 2021

27 Sha’ban 1442H


1. We had hoped that the recent UMNO General Assembly could iron out the wrinkles and creases within the party but the President failed to take advantage of the mandate the delegates were willing to give him on the final day.

2. Instead of instructing the Umno Ministers to immediately withdraw from the Cabinet, he gave them more room to use their powerful positions in government to further spread the “poison” among the grassroots which is slowly bending with the wind.  Now, the open war of words between leaders, and insubordination is becoming more rampant and hurting the party.

3. From my observation, on the current there are three factions within UMNO, which have contributed to the cracks within the party. 

4. First, the faction backing the President on the notion that he was democratically elected and must be allowed to finish his term despite the bombardments he is getting at large, sometimes due to his own foolishness at the expense of the party. 

5. For now, this faction is in the majority because of the party’s recent policy of not preferring to work with PPBM in the next General Elections.

6. Second, the faction supporting the Ministers, many of whom are inclined with working with PPBM in the next elections.

7. This faction is slowly growing in numbers because of the vast resources their masters have in their capacities as Cabinet members. 

8. It should be reminded that within the top 8 positions in the party, ie, the President, Deputy and Vice Presidents (including the Wing Chiefs), only two are Cabinet members. They are Vice President Ismail Sabri and Women’s Chief Noraini Ahmad.

9. As such, the strength of the party is not centralised within the top brass, and that is the cause of the open insubordination that is being exhibited of late, slowly wedging the mass against each other.

10. And the third is the faction not necessarily in support of the President nor the Ministers, but UMNO itself.

11. This is the one seeking the party to hold its elections in accordance to the Constitution without further delay to restore order in UMNO.

12. We are of the opinion that UMNO MUST Hold Its Elections This Year As Required By The Constitution although there is a clause in it that allows the Supreme Council  to postpone party elections by 18 months. 

13. This is in actual fact a conflict of interest as this would also mean that the Supreme Council members themselves get to remain in power for that same period of time.

14. We may disregard the leaked audio recording, allegedly of the Presidents of UMNO and PKR. We may also disregard the call for the President to step down.

15. In fact, we feel that it is wrong to seek the removal of a sitting President. If he is principled, he will step down on his own accord as nobly done by the responsible immediate past President, Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Razak at the regret of most UMNO members today.

16. We can support the President until his term expires but the Disciplinary Committee MUST start taking action to restore order. This must essentially be done while the grassroots are still united and uncorrupted by those holding government positions with a different agenda. 

17. Otherwise, we might as well just dissolve the Disciplinary Committee for being useless.

18. May God Help Us All In The 15th General Elections If The Same Incompetent People In UMNO Remain In Office After The Party Polls.

19. We Shall Then Deserve The Curse As A Consequence Of Our Own Actions.

UMNO Member: 01053359

Johor Darul Ta’zim.

Friday, March 26, 2021


1. Perhimpunan Agong UMNO 2020 pada 27/28hb Mac ini berkemungkinan besar merupakan persidangan yang terakhir dan yang terpenting sebelum PRU15.

2. Dan kita akan berhimpun ketika kepimpinan tertinggi parti dan beberapa menteri UMNO dalam kerajaan sekarang berada di dalam keadaan yang bercanggah pendirian dan pandangan. 

3. Malah, presiden parti tidak menampakkan daya untuk bersuara atau mengambil tindakan yang tegas ke atas mereka yg tidak mengikut arahan atau keputusan Parti. Atas “kebijaksanaan” beliau sendiri, parti kini berdepan dengan ahli parlimen UMNO yang menggunakan kebebasan yang telah beliau sendiri berikan untuk berpihak dengan mana-mana parti atau kuasa yang mereka mahu, baik dari kerajaan mahupun pembangkang.

4. Ternyata, “senjata” yang telah presiden serahkan kepada mereka-mereka ni  telah digunakan untuk “menikam” dirinya sendiri. Beberapa menteri UMNO secara berterus terang ingkar akan arahan parti.

5. Majlis Kerja Tertinggi pula dianggotai oleh mereka yang tidak berpengalaman. Hanya beberapa kerat yang bersuara kuat menampakkan yang mereka lebih berpengetahuan dari yang lain. Yang berani pula telah dipecat.

6. Dalam keadaan sekarang, kita hanya boleh mengharapkan perwakilan yang akan hadir di perhimpunan Agong hujung minggu ini sebagai faktor “penyelamat”. 

7. Merekalah yang boleh mendesak pucuk pimpinan parti mengambil tindakan, drastik atau sebaliknya, dalam menentukan hala tuju kita berdepan dengan PRU15 yang akan diadakan tidak berapa lama lagi.

8. Ketetapan untuk tidak bersama PPBM sebagaimana diputuskan oleh majoriti resolusi di mesyuarat bahagian2 UMNO di seluruh negara harus diangkat dan diluluskan.

9. Tindakan tegas keatas pemimpin2 yang ingkar secara terbuka wajib di ambil tanpa was2 oleh pihak Lembaga Dispilin demi untuk menjaga “decorum” di dalam parti walaupun keputusan itu mungkin akan menyebabkan kepecatan mana mana pihak.

10. Kita tidak mahu penyakit melawan keputusan parti ini merebak di kalangan ahli2 kita nanti.

11. Halatuju yang selama ini kabur dan kabus di bawah kepimpinan Presiden yang sedia ada boleh ditetapkan oleh para perwakilan UMNO di perhimpunan ini.

12. Di Perhimpunan inilah terletaknya peluang untuk membantu Presiden dan Majlis Kerja Tertinggi yang agak lemah selama ini untuk mencorak langkah kita seterusnya.

13. Perkuatkan ukhwah di kalangan kita, bermula dengan pucuk pimpinan dan Menteri2 UMNO yang wajib diarah untuk patuh kepada keputusan parti.

14. Rumusannya: di akhir perhimpunan Ahad ini, semua pemimpin UMNO wajib sedar bahawa ketaatsetiaan mereka MESTI tetletak kepada Parti UMNO dan bukannya kepada Kerajaan Malaysia sekarang.

15. Jika tidak, kita akan terus “melukut di tepi gantang” selepas PRU 15 nanti, apabila parti yg lebih kecil dari Umno terus memegang kuasa seperti sekarang. 

16. Tidak boleh kita nafikan ahli UMNO di peringkat bawahan tersedia bersatu, taat dan kuat. Tetapi yang perlu kita perbetulkan ialah pucuk kepimpinan atasan dalam parti kini dan yang di dalam kabinet iaitu mereka yang mementingkan diri dan kedudukan mereka sendiri dan bukan kepentingan parti kita yang memperjuangkan Agama, Bangsa dan Negara.

17. Kepada Allah Berserah.

Dengan Tulus Ikhlas Dan Ta’at Setia.

Ahli UMNO: 01059553

Friday, March 19, 2021



1. It’s been a long while since I wrote in this blog. Much have transpired since. Unfortunately not for the better under a weak leader.

2. Yes I’m speaking of my party UMNO which is like sailing without a rudder.

3. This began a year ago when we entered the Perikatan Nasional government with several UMNO MPs being elected to the Cabinet.

4. It was like an accident waiting to happen because naturally when push comes to shove, the UMNO MPs who are comfortably positioned in the Cabinet and GLCs would side with the government than their own party.

5. This is compounded with outrageous executive decisions made by our President like allowing UMNO MPs to support any party they wish (either from government or the Opposition).

6. Now it has come back to bite his own backside splitting the party almost in the middle. First with Annuar Musa and most recently with Shahidan Kassim challenging the leadership to “sack Perlis” for choosing to go against the decree of the “Supreme Council”.

7. It doesn’t help the party either, having a gutless set of Supreme Council members who can’t even enforce discipline among those who don’t follow party lines.

8. The Disciplinary Committee in turn won’t initiate any action either to advise the President nor to haul up anyone for blatant daylight insubordination unless there is a formal complaint submitted.

9. Now if one is made, their defence statement would definitely be to refer to the President’s earlier call allowing them to support whoever the they want to. 

10. The top four branches of the party are the President’s office, the Supreme Council, the General Assembly which sits once a year representing the less than 3 million members, and the Disciplinary Committee.

11. In the case of party insubordination, the President will not likely act since it was his decision that has allowed the situatuon to come to this end.

12. The Supreme Council is weak and has difficulty to come to a consensus even through simple democratic means like deciding based on a majority vote.

13. The Disciplinary Committee won’t take action unless a complaint is initiated and will be futile if it later refers to the President’s office for guidance for obvious reasons.

14. We may appear doomed in the current situation with people at the top steering our party in different directions. 

15. Our Only Salvation Now It Seems Is Left To Our Representatives At The Coming General Assembly, Putting A Stop To This Nonsense And Pressing On With The Resolution Devised From Our Divisional Meetings Nationwide Last Year.

16. Perhaps It Will Help To Inject Some Testosterone Into Some Of Our Leaders Who May Look Masculine But Have Evidently Lost Their “Drive”.

17. God Speed.

Friday, May 10, 2019


  1. They say after darkness, there will always be light. Up North of the Arctic Circle, the darkness lasts for months in the Winter. 
  2. In Malaysia, darkness gloomed from the sixth month mark of the government voted in, exactly one year ago today.
  3. Some say it was a mistake, I say it was God’s Blessing upon us all. 
  4. Members of the previous ruling government, although more competent in all fields compared to the current one, were getting too arrogant for their own good.
  5. Perhaps had we won, we would have been a dangerously unbeatable demon reigning over Malaysia for years to come. A correction had to be made and God’s hand dealt the execution through the people.
  6. On the flipside, the blessing is such that the former opposition, hyped as being better administrators of our lives, has shown its true colour, now that they are the government. Pitch-black.
  7. Now, the people, barring a few who are stubbornly ashamed to admit it, have turned their faces away in disgust.
  8. Had Barisan Nasional won, the people would not see the total incompetence of the current government, which is running the country and its economy to the ground.  Perhaps only one man at the helm knows what he is doing. But with clueless “bimbos” in his Cabinet, not much can be helped.
  9. Today, the Malays are seeing their holdings and political power being shaven and dictated behind the scenes by the Chinese. 
  10. The Royalty claims to have been manipulated or misled by the non-Malay attorney-general. And, the International Convention On the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) and Rome Statute were almost forced down the throat of the nation by the government. 
  11. Many pledges in their campaign manifesto were not met among which were the fuel prices, elimination of tolls and the student loans, which were very popular among the young voters.
  12. The light at the end of the tunnel is that BN leaders have learnt their lesson and are eating humble pie. They continue to serve but this time as true servants while the people, namely the Malays, who tipped the balance scale in the last elections, are now convinced that the state of the nation must be saved and it can only be done by supporting the combined forces of BN and PAS in in the next general election. The drive is serious and it is real nationwide.
  13. A Country Can Develop And Prosper Only In Peace. But When The Two Most Important Aspects In The Malaysian Constitution Are Disturbed Namely, The Position Of Islam And The Privileges Of The Malays, There Will Be Serious Racial Disharmony And Social Disorder. Collateral Damage Is Inevitable. The Lives And Freedom Of All Malaysians Will Then Be Distorted, And Regret At That Point In Time, Will Be A Useless Emotion.

9th May 2019.
4th Ramadhan 1440H

Monday, October 15, 2018

DAP Insult To Malacca - A Class Act That Beats Bollywood.

DAP Insult To Malacca - A Class Act That Beats Bollywood.

  1. First of all, I don’t understand the need to rush giving out awards to newly minted servants with no service history to the nation. But that is the right of a Ruler.

  1. I can now see why His Majesty the King probably declined to have a formal birthday celebration this year at the Palace, perhaps in fear of having to bow down to recommendations to confer “knighthoods” to undeserving subjects.

  1. Nonetheless, in Malacca, it could be that the Office of H. E. The Governor preferred to honour the Rakyat by conferring the titles to those who they voted into the State government recently.

  1. Being the dramatist that he is, Mr Lim Guan Eng MP sought mileage for his party by publicly reprimanding his subordinates for accepting the honours, and in the same breath insulted the Office of the Governor by implying that it was overzealous on their part to have conferred them this early in their term.

  1. Fooling the people have been turned into an art by this gentleman. 

  1. After assuming the role of the new government, Mr Lim could have issued a strong memo to his party members to quietly and respectfully decline any offer by the highest office in any State in such circumstances. 

  1. Instead he let them go through the process only to openly slap them on the wrists and bring disrepute to the office of the Head of State.

  1. Instead of using Tun Ghafar Baba being condescending towards Malays to prove his point, he could have used his own father and himself as perfect examples of those who remain as “Encik” perhaps until death or retirement, whichever comes first.

  1. I hope this pretentious act serves as a stern lesson to all Heads of States so that they won’t try too hard and quick to please the executive branch of State governments lest they be shamed in the end.

  1. This act will continue for as long as there are drama freaks buying tickets out there. 

  1. As everyone knows, actors are personalities who pretend on stage or a set with an agenda. And those who treat them more than just an escapism tool blending them with reality, are fools. 

Datuk Tengku Putra Haron Aminurrashid Jumat
Johor State Representative, Kempas N47 (2013-2018)

15th October 2018

6 Safar 1440H

DAP Menghina Melaka - Lakonan Yang Mengalahkan Bollywood.

1. Pertama sekali, saya tidak memahami keperluan untuk tergesa-gesa memberi penghargaan kepada ahli ahli Yang Berhormat baru yang  belumpun  mempunyai sejarah perkhidmatan kepada negara. Namun itu adalah hak pemerintah Negeri.

2. Saya dapat membaca kemungkinan  mengapa Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang DiPertuan Agong enggan menyambut perayaan ulang tahun rasmi baginda di Istana Negara baru baru ini, mungkin kerana takut untuk tunduk kepada cadangan untuk menganugerah darjah atau pingat kepada subjek yang belum layak.

3. Walau bagaimanapun, di Melaka, boleh jadi Pejabat TYT Yang DiPertua Negeri ingin memberi penghormatan kepada  Rakyat dengan menganugerah darjah dan pingat kepada yang mereka telah mengundi menjadi ahli kerajaan negeri baru-baru ini.

4. Bagaikan seorang dramatis, YB Encik Lim Guan Eng cuba mengambil nama untuk partinya dengan menegur orang bawahannya secara terbuka kerana menerima darjah darjah tersebut, dan dengan teguran itu secara tidak langsung telah menghina Pejabat TYT Yang DiPertua Negeri dengan menggambarkan seolah olah keputusan itu dibuat terburu buru  tanpa memikirkan tempoh jasa, yang di anggap terlalu awal dalam penggal perkhidmatan mereka.

5. Seni lakonan ini amat tinggi.

6. Setelah memegang peranan sebagai pemimpin dalam kerajaan yang baru, Encik Lim boleh mengeluarkan memo tegas kepada ahli partinya untuk secara senyap dan dengan penghormatan yang tinggi menolak tawaran oleh pemerintah tertinggi di mana-mana Negeri dalam keadaan sedemikian.

7. Sebaliknya, beliau membiarkan mereka menjalani segala proses tersebut supaya kemudiannya dapat beliau menegur secara terbuka dan secara tidak langsung menyentuh keputusan pejabat tertinggi negeri itu.

8. Daripada menggunakan nama Almarhum Tun Ghafar Baba supaya membeli jiwa orang Melayu untuk membuktikan maksudnya, beliau boleh menggunakan bapanya dan dirinya sendiri sebagai contoh terbaik bagi mereka yang kekal sebagai Encik sehingga bersara atau mati.

9. Saya harap perbuatan ini menjadi pengajaran tegas kepada semua Ketua-ketua Negeri supaya usaha murni mereka itu tidak disalah tafsir oleh rakyat sebagai keinginan untuk menghampu pemimpin-pemimpin kerajaan baru negeri masing masing.

10. Lakonan ini akan berterusan selagi ada penagih penagih drama yang “membeli tiket” di luar sana.

11. Seperti yang diketahui umum, pelakon adalah personaliti yang berpura-pura di panggung atau pentas dengan agenda cerita tersendiri. Jika penagih drama semuanya menganggap seolah2 karakter pelakon itu hidup di luar pentas, maka tertipulah semua hingga ke akhir hayat mereka.

Datuk Tengku Putra Haron Aminurrashid Jumat.
Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri, Kempas N47 (2013-2018).

15hb Oktober 2018

Thursday, May 31, 2018


  1. Bismillahirahmanirahim. Asalamualaikum WBT.
  1. Terlebih dahulu izinkan saya merafakkan kesyukuran kehadrat Allah SWT diatas segala nikmat, hidayah dan hikmahnya keatas kita semua di bulan Ramadhan ini.
  1. Jelas ini adalah Ramadhan yang paling mencabar kepada kita setelah berhadapan dengan keputusan pilihanraya yang paling menyedihkan ahli-ahli parti Melayu UMNO yang telah menerajui kepimpinan Kerajaan selama lebih enam puluh tahun.
  1. Sejujurnya ketentuan Allah ini adalah berlandaskan perjalanan kita sebagai sebuah parti selama ini.
  1. Pemimpin datang dan pergi namun parti UMNO wajib kekal untuk meneruskan perjuangan kita dalam menegakkan Agama Islam, hak orang Melayu serta Bumiputera,  dan Kedaulatan tanahair kita.
  1. Dalam tetapnya keimanan kita kepada Allah yang tidak berganjak, ketaatan kita kepada parti kesayangan ini pula sedang diuji pada tahap yang teramat getir.
  1. Di awal pasca pilihanraya sahaja tiga dari wakli rakyat UMNO yang telah di beri kepercayaan oleh rakyat khususnya orang Melayu, telah melompat parti kononnya untuk menyelamatkan kuasa Melayu di dalam Kerajaan negeri Johor sedangkan di Negeri Johor selama ini diuar-uarkan tiada istilah orang Melayu, Cina atau India melainkan Bangsa Johor. 
  1. Pada hari ini ramai dari ahli kita yang maseh didalam keadaan tidak percaya akan keputusan PRU14 dan ada juga yang hilang arah tuju sambil menunggu isyarat penting  dari pemangku-pemangku  pucuk pimpinan yang sedia ada, untuk menyuntikkan semangat perjuangan mereka yang mungkin telah luntur.
  1. Namun yang mendatang bukanlah kata-kata semangat tetapi sebaliknya arahan untuk memuhasabahkan diri seolah-olah penyebab utama kekalahan kita adalah ahli2 UMNO bawahan dan bukan pemimpin-pemimpin atasan yang telah mencorak strategi kaedah kempen pilihanraya.
  1. Jesteru saya menyaksikan saban hari kebelakangan ini, ramai dari ahli-ahli UMNO di kalangan rakan dan taulan seperjuangan selama 30 tahun mula keluar dari UMNO dan bercadang untuk berhijrah ke parti PPBM yang baru sahaja menang dibawah panji-panji PKR di PRU yang lepas.
  1. Ramai dikalangan mereka adalah ketua-ketua cawangan dan ramai juga yang tidak mahu mengadakan mesyuarat kerana hilang semangat. 
  1. Ini tidak di bantu pula dengan keputusan sesetengah ketua UMNO bahagian yang lebih selesa dengan mempunyai jumlah cawangan yang lebih kecil memandangkan kita bukan lagi parti yang memerintah.
  1. Kepada ahli-ahli seperjuangan dalam UMNO,  Keramatnya parti ini adalah kerana kehadhiran dan semangat kita untuk terus berjuang dengan ikhlas tanpa putus asa kerana Allah SWT.
  1. Parti UMNO adalah satu-satunya parti individu (bukan gabung) yang mempunyai jumlah kerusi yang terbanyak kini dalam Parlimen. Ertinya kita maseh lagi disokong dan diberi kepercayaan untuk memimpin oleh sebahagian besar bangsa kita di Semenanjung Tanah Melayu dan Sabah.
  1. Selebihnya dibahagi kepada dua parti Melayu lain yang tidak lama lagi pengundinya akan sedar, ketika hak keistimewaan tersurat mahupun tersirat bangsa Melayu menjadi terhakis dalam penggal yang mendatang ini.
  1. Dari itu saya berlutut merayu dan memohon kepada semua ahli-ahli UMNO supaya perkasakanlah semangat pemberontak Melayu semulajadi yang mengalir di dalam tubuh badan kjta untuk kekal meneruskan perjuangan di dalam Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu ini, yang telah memerdekakan generasi kita dari kerajaan orang putih dahulu. 
  1. Hidupkanlah cawangan-cawangan UMNO kita dengan mengadakan mesyuarat dan teruslah berjuang dalam parti yang sama tanpa memilih parti alternatif.
  1. Sesungguhnya Allah akan membalas jasa mereka yang beriman kepadaNya dan taat kepada kepercayaan kita. 
  1. Yang berhijrah ke parti lain akan di anak-tirikan oleh mereka dan mereka akan dianggap sebagai orang-orang  yang tidak boleh dipercayai kerana telah mengkhianati parti asal mereka  untuk bersama pihak yang menang.
  1. Kalaupun kita kecewa dengan pucuk pimpinan yang telah membawa kita hampir ketahap kehancuran, inilah peluang untuk kita menentukan hala tuju dan pucuk pimpinan parti kita yang baru, pada pemilihan yang akan datang.
  1. Marilah kita kekal bersama didalam apa keadaan sekalipun, susah mahupun senang kerana Parti kita sangat memerlukan kita diwaktu ini.
  1. Ambil balik kuasa parti kita dari tangan pemimpin-pemimpin kita yang sudah terlalu lama duduk di tampuk kuasa UMNO. Janganlah ikut telunjuk mereka akan siapa yang harus di angkat dalam berpasukan. Tepuk dada dan tentukan kuasa berada yang ditangan anda,  sebagaimana Rakyat umum telah menentukan nasib mereka di PRU14 dengan taqdir Allah. 
  1. Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengubah apa yang ada pada sesuatu kaum sehingga mereka mengubah apa yang ada pada diri mereka sendiri - (Al- Ra’d 13:11).
  1. Selamatkanlah Parti Kita Bersama. Kepada Tuan-Tuan Dan Puan-Puan  Kami Sangat Berharap, Dan Kepada Allah Jua Kami Berserah.
  1. Wasallamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Dengan Tulus Ikhlas Dan Ta’at Setia,

Datuk Tengku Putra Haron Aminurrashid B Tan Sri Tengku Abdul Hamid Jumat. (DPSM, KMN) 

Ahli UMNO No 01059553
Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Johor, N47 Kempas (2013-2018)

14 Ramadhan 1439H

Saturday, May 19, 2018


This maybe the most profound Ramadhan that our country has ever had as we face one of Allah’s greatest tests; not only for the victor and the vanquished but also to the people of Malaysia post the 14th General Election.

To the new government, we say congratulations. We wish only the best in the interest of the country.

This is your chance to show leadership in governance and that it is as easy to govern as it is to oppose.

To the vanquished, it should be a bitter lesson to never take the people for granted and let our heads be too big for our shoulders. 

A total of 8 Ministers and 19 deputy Ministers lost their seats. Two Menteris Besar humiliatingly lost their states as well as their own seats. The rakyat not only precluded the party’s chosen candidates but almost unanimously rejected Barisan Nasional, the coalition that had been the ruling party for the past 60 years.

Members of the parties in the coalition, namely UMNO, must take a hard look at themselves and repent. 

It is almost a crime the way UMNO leaders are acting now especially in treating their immediate past President Datuk Seri Najib Razak. The attendance at the recent UMNO’s special prayers was reflective of how they have become in character. 

The hugs and kisses remain, not unlike sending a condemned man to the gas chamber, but he is on his own taking the responsibility over the outcome of the election. 

But responsibility cannot be rested upon just one man’s shoulders. Rightfully, he had to go but those who were collectively responsible, namely the top three decision-makers, at the very least should follow his departure. 

I'll be more direct in naming vice president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is now running the duties of president, vice president Dato' Sri Hishammuddin Hussein who takes up the duties of the deputy president, and secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor.

Zahid failed to act fast and right on the reports given to him by the intelligence agencies under his purview.  

Tengku Adnan added fuel to the burning flame among the public with his damaging directives to the local councils and arrogant decisions on errant UMNO veterans.
Hishammuddin, the first cousin to the former Prime Minister who was openly known to be given the task to vet the candidates in this election, also failed miserably. Many believe the candidates were chosen to strengthen his position in the next party elections instead of focusing solely on winning the general elections. 

By not offering his resignation concurrently with Najib, I question his loyalty to his own flesh and blood, who stood to lift him in the hierarchy of UMNO until today.

It is evident that accountability is something that is almost non-existent in UMNO today. 

Instead of apologising for their mistakes they have the audacity to say to the members that this is not the time to point fingers and play the blame game. This is why there is no such thing as merit in the party. If we retain these failed leaders to continue leading us, then expect us to never see victory again.

Where is the "collective responsibility" that was so nobly mentioned by the Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin? Before his AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes-like confession, many were looking to this Brigadier General to lead the new pack in UMNO. Alas, he allegedly confessed that he knew the real situation but opted to mislead Najib into thinking that all was fine and dandy almost dragging the whole party into the grave with him.

Perception rules the political scene in this era and, in that respect, the ineffective Wanita chief too should resign considering the scandals have held her back from aggressively campaigning to defend BN from the vicious attacks by her predecessor during the election run.
The ministers and deputy ministers, who have failed to win their seats despite the umpteen government agencies and financial resources available to them, should also give way to new blood.
So too the two MBs who lost their states humiliatingly especially in Johor where he even failed to become opposition leader in the Assembly. 

Disloyalty and lip service are the worst attributes a leader could have. We must do away with such leaders or face the death of our party even sooner than expected. 

We too have a team of eminent persons to guide us forth.  The current three mentioned above are certainly not our last hope. On the contrary, they represent no hope as we are losing the confidence of even our own members on a daily basis. 

To the nation, we must be ready to adapt perhaps to changes to the liberties we once enjoyed but must sacrifice to see this country get back on track.

“Total Cleansing” of the Party must take place now if we are to regroup and rise as a clean and formidable opposition entity.

Revamp or be damned. If the truth was ever denied to the former President of UMNO by his close confidants, let THIS truth be loud and clear to the failed leaders by party loyalists on the ground.

Thursday, March 1, 2018


There could be no love lost between Robert Kuok and the government possibly due to an unpleasant policy putting his corporate outfit out of an advantage it enjoyed for decades. There were also excerpts in his book that may not have gone down well with local politicians.

Recently there have been outbursts against the tycoon for allegedly funding DAP to unseat the Government.

Whether true or not, there are avenues for the billionaire to seek remedy and, for slander or libel, his remedy could prove to be a fatal poison to the aggressor.

Logic dictates too that if there is no concrete evidence one would be out of his mind to take this man to task with such blistering statements.

One thing good however has come out of this on the brink of the general elections. We finally get to see who is wearing the sheep skin among the herd of the BN coalition.

We are at the brink of war and anyone who funds our enemy IS our enemy.

An MCA spokesperson said that “ "Robert Kuok as a businessman has every right to support whichever political party he deems fit.”

Conversely, politicians too have every right to curse the money that supports their opponents.

No one is untouchable in Malaysia and if MCA makes a fuss over the onslaught on Kuok not because of its offensiveness to the Malaysian but just because he is a Chinese tycoon, then we can witness the racist antics of this party.

MCA doesn’t have to worry about statements made by UMNO leaders that might hurt feelings of the Chinese effecting BN’s performance in the coming elections. They might do better instead by getting off their backsides and start contributing to the preparations of the BN machinery.

In Johor, MCA was the only party that didn’t submit their numbers from their groundwork to the State BN for analysis. Instead they keep on giving positive percentages plucked from the sky without justification.

It was also reported by a newsportal that Ong Ka Chuan “urged DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang to train his guns on Umno leaders, Raja Petra and not MCA, if he was unhappy with the attacks against Kuok”

This shows their readiness to be subservient to the chauvinist opposition party while breaking ranks with the ruling coalition.

I Hope The Good Prime Minister Will Take Cognisance Of This And Ensure That No Cabinet Seats Are Again Wasted On Them If They Further Fail To Win Their Seats Which By The Way, Was Won On The Backs Of Malay Voters!

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Recently there have been fast and loose statements be it from the stage as well as in the streets on how low it is for graduates to trade in nasi lemak and drive uber and the likes.

We should be proud that we are seeing resilience in our graduates today who are able to adapt with the times and situation of the country instead of sulking at home blaming the world like in the past. 

Creative Minds Drive This Nation. And Yes, Some Are Driven In An Uber!

According to Tun Mahathir, there is no University that teaches a person to trade in nasi lemak or drive uber.

Likewise I say there is no university that specifically teaches one to be Prime Minister of Malaysia, which is the only profession in the country that offers only one job. Yet, he became one for 22 years.

Universities don't teach nor guarantee the graduates employment. They teach them how to survive and thrive in life. Of course it helps in opening doors for interviews. But beyond that, it is up to the resilience and entrepreneurial skills of the candidates to land the job. 

Only those who can adapt in life will make the cut in this fast changing world. Sometimes one has to take a few steps back to survive but live to fight another day. But if you surrender and sulk for not getting the job you want and think you're qualified for, then there is no hope for our future.

Case in point, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin should rightly  be the candidate for shadow Prime Minister. He has youth, is a known fighter who stuck to his guns, and has experience in today's world of politics. Yet he stepped back to allow a super senior veteran to take the pole despite being qualified.

Muhyiddin here is like the graduate nasi lemak seller who can't get the job he wants but has to adapt. Applaud him for his sacrifice and resilience. Don't chastise him.

For the nasi lemak and uber graduates, at least they can pay their bills and still keep something on the side while temporarily being out of the job market.

They don't have Prime Minister fathers in the position to give out billion dollar contracts to make them multi-millionaires. So adapt they must. 


Friday, September 29, 2017


1. A DAP lawmaker suggested that an anti discrimination law be introduced in the face of the "Muslims Only" launderette debacle.

2. She can do one better by introducing an anti hypocrisy act instead under which a few are already in clear violation of today.

3. It looks like Islamaphobia is creeping onto the very soil where Islam is considered the religion of the federation. People need to know the difference between race and religion. There is a clear distinction.

4. When an entrepreneur opens a unique business that can clear the conscience of his Muslim consumers, that is pertaining to religion even if it is not an edict. 

5. That is his choice if we are to promote free enterprise in this country,  just like pubs and bars are permitted in a predominantly middle class Malay Muslim area like Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

6. But when a company makes it a mandatory condition for job applicants to be well versed in Mandarin/ Chinese to qualify for jobs in a State where it is neither the first nor the second language of the mass, it is considered RACIAL and the proprietor can without reservation be called RACISTS.

8. It is generally discriminatory when you don't support something that is good for the conscience of Muslims but support or remain quiet on anything that is for the benefit of a certain rising minority. In fact I wouldn't call that discriminatory,  it should fall under the category of blatant daylight hypocrisy!

9. So I suggest the DAP representative not drag the good name of His Majesty the Sultan of Johor when certain topics serve their interests but remain quiet when His Majesty addressed the issue of a one school system for all.

10. Celebrate That Too Lest You Be The First To Suffer The Brunt  Of The Very Law That You So Wish To Introduce.