Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Patik Bersama Pembaca Serta Rakan-Rakan Di Dalam “ The Patriot “, Mohon Sembah Taqziah Kepada Kebawah DYMM Tuanku Ibrahim Ismail Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Alhaj Dan Kerabat Diraja Serta Kakitangan Kerajaan Dan Sekelian Rakyat Johor Di Atas Kemangkatan Paduka Ayahanda Almarhum Duli Yang Maha Mulia Baginda Al-Mutawakkil Al-Allah Sultan Iskandar Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail Pada 6 Safar, 1431Hijrah Yang Lepas. Patik Berdoa Kehadrat Allah SWT Agar Roh Almarhum Di Cucuri Rahmat Dan Di Tempatkan Dikalangan Para Solehin Dan Ahli-Ahli Syurga. Al-Fatiha.



Almarhum Al-Mutawakil Al-Allah Sultan Iskandar Alhaj of Johor passed away at 1908hrs but was officially announced more than four hours later by the Menteri Besar (after a neighbouring country pre-empted it as usual ) on Friday, 22 January 2010, 6 Safar 1431H,. HRH was laid to rest at the Mahmoodiah Royal Moseleum at 1415hrs the next day under perfect weather and impeccable conditions.

It began with the Lying-In-State for the general public between 0900hrs- 1030hrs before the VVIPs till 1300hrs at the Grand Palace, after which the event proceeded with the Proclamation of the new Ruler.

The Proclamation

According to Johor tradition the proclamation of the new Ruler is performed at the steps of the Istana Besar where UMNO was born in full view of the public as opposed to the Royal Dais at the standard Balai Rong Seri of the Palace.

Iskandar's Last Journey

The Johor Military Force (JMF)

The Royal Pall Bearers comprised of the immediate grandchildren of Al-Marhum Sultan Iskandar and the Royal coffin was carried onto a Royal Carriage which was pulled by members of the Johor Military Force in full colours accompanied by a 77 gun Salute in accordance to HRH’s age. (http://www.youtube.com/user/BHonline1)

Sultan Ibrahim Spreading Flower Petals On The Grave.

They arrived at the Royal Moseleum at approximately 1415hrs and proceeded with the last rights laying HRH Al-Marhum to rest. The Talqin was read by Sohibul Al-Samahah YB Dato Haji Mohd Nooh Gadut before the sprinkling of scented water and flower petals by His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei, HRH the Sultan of Pahang and the Right Honourable Prime Minister Najib Razak along with other immediate members of the Royal Family witnessed by the Sultan of Selangor, Yam Tuan of Negeri Sembilan, the Regent of Kelantan, the Governors of Malacca and Penang, and other important dignitaries. ( The Talqin Recital - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAKeqeqwpL0 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33gImkZ0f1w&feature=related )

The Royal Moseleum

The official ceremony ended exactly at 1600hrs in classic Johor tradition and in accordance to the Muslim rites which dictates that the remains of the dead MUST be laid to rest within 24 hours of its departure.

Official tahlil prayers are performed every night for 100 days at the Palace. The loyal subjects will be in official mourning for seven days while members of the Royal Family will observe forty days of mourning.

As a loyal subject of the State of Johor, I humbly pray that the Al-Mighty will protect and provide HRH Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Alhaj with Taufiq and Hidayah in order for HRH to rule with much wisdom, courage and full responsibility in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.


Sunday, January 17, 2010



HRH Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, the Raja Muda of Perak made front page entitled “Nip it in the bud” in The New Straits Times, Malaysia’s premier newspaper on Friday 15th January 2010.
Though the advice is a sound one, it should more appropriately be addressed to the Royal members of The Rulers Conference who are the Custodians and supposed Champions of Islam in this Country.

Under The Constitution, His Majesty the Yang DiPertuan Agong is Head of the religion of the Federation and in the States with Governors or Yang DiPertuas Negeri. The other Sultans, Raja and YamTuan Negeri are the Heads of religion in their respective States.

As at this date, the only Ruler that has come out with a solid statement on the matter of “Allah” being used by non Muslims in their faith is Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah from Selangor who has asked all quarters in his State to ensure that the word “ Allah “ is maintained exclusively for the Muslims.

Twelve days after HRH Sultan Sharafuddin’s statement on this matter had passed, we still have yet to hear from his brother Rulers on the same. Yet the Crown Prince of Perak has come out with a statement calling on “ Muslims to strive to remove controversial matters at the early stage so that they will not spread and cause confrontation. “ Instead of just spitting in the wind, HRH should be more direct by targeting the Heads of Islam before the government, politicians and the Rakyat at large.

It is about time the Rulers became more responsible towards safeguarding Islam to which they are duty-bound under The Constitution, call for an Emergency Rulers Conference, and issue a joint statement on the matter paving the way for a more direct approach by the government and the people of Malaysia.

The time has come for EVERYONE to earn their keep.


Saturday, January 9, 2010


The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

It looks like the UMNO Youth is still maintaining their apologetic stance when it comes to preserving the feelings of others while not protecting the sensitivities of the Malays and Islam in this country, in the manner that is demanded of them. Widespread accusations are hurled at UMNO when places of Christian worship were set on fire recently. Instead of vehemently attacking the accusers who were stoking racial and religious fires, the UMNO Youth Chief chose to be defensive by visiting the sites condemning the act, which is fine, while indirectly assuming that it was committed by Malays/ Muslims. I’m surprised he didn’t kneel down in Church underneath the large crucifix begging for Christ’s mercy in repentance while confessing on behalf of UMNO and the Muslims!

Where in the name of “ Jesus “ was he when the Christians insisted on using “ Allah “ in place of Christ in The Herald to confuse the Malays while the non-Muslim Judge ruled in their favour? Was he celebrating CHRISTmas and the Christian New Year abroad perhaps?

Preventive and strong measures should have been taken to persuade the Christian establishment to withdraw their use of the word “Allah” through diplomacy in the name of National Security to avoid the current circumstances faced by the whole country. Mr Jamaluddin Abu Bakar as Barisan Nasioanal Youth Chief should have had some foresight and spearheaded the endeavour instead of waiting for the inevitable to happen.

There is talk that the Prime Minister will appoint him as Minister in the future Cabinet reshuffle. Najib would do better appointing him as our permanent envoy to the Vatican, if there is such a position, because that seems to be where his heart lies.


After the Constitutional crisis under Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed more than a decade ago, the State Rulers were only left among others with the powers pertaining to the Islamic Affairs and Malay Customs. They have the Rulers’ Conference twice in a year in Kuala Lumpur when things are all hunky dorie. When matters within their Highness’ jurisdiction are in serious question, the most rational and reasonable thing to do is to hold a Special Meeting to address the issue. Instead, some of the Rulers and Regents prefer to speak on Public Administration, Politics and the Law. One Regent is even busy disputing with his brother over powers of the Monarch in the State while the younger Prince almost caused a Diplomatic stir because of his inability to choose and control his foreign wife.


The non-Muslim minority should realize that Muslim affairs are of top priority amongst the Malay majority in this country. When sensitive issues pertaining to the Malays and Islam are tested and stretched to the limit taking advantage of the soft nature of the natives, no one should be surprised when there is a serious backlash. It is only natural. When one bad thing starts to happen, it might spread nationwide and no matter what the authorities say, the safety of a certain section of the population may no longer be guaranteed in practice as is stated in Black and White under the Constitution.

The rule of thumb in living in a multi-racial Muslim majority country is that “Prevention is better than cure”. Remember THAT and we shall all live in peace. We needn’t have to be trained in Oxford to know that.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The Father Of UMNO ( Baru ).

Tan Sri Datuk Seri Mohamed b Haji Rahmat passed away in his sleep on a Friday, 1 January 2010. He was a leader who had served the Nation unselfishly but was a gentleman grossly misunderstood by the people at large. His incomparable loyalty to UMNO and his undying effort to resurrect a “dead” party has enabled the current UMNO leaders and Cabinet Ministers to enjoy the privileges and perks that come with their positions today.

He was the Deputy Minister of Finance (1973) and Deputy Minister of Trade & Industry (1974). Later he was the Minister of Information twice from 1978 -1982 under Tun Hussein Onn and from 1987 – 1999 under Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed. He was also Malaysian Ambassador to Indonesia for a spell between 1982-1984.

Pallbearers Escorting The Late Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat To His Final Resting Place For The Last Rites

His most notable achievement and by far is the most valuable for UMNO was to almost single-handedly resurrect the party which was declared null and void in 1988 by the courts. He did it at a time when the Malays were split and the people were against UMNO with Dr Mahathir who was the President then. He created a theme called “ Setia ” encouraging the people to be loyal to the Government and its leaders. It was a huge success and because of it Dr Mahathir continued to rule for another 15 years before making the biggest blunder of his life, which is obvious and will remain unmentioned out of respect for this tribute to a special man who in his lifetime, had made UMNO a household name. In making Dr Mahathir popular again, Mohamed Rahmat incurred the wrath of many and was subject to slander and ridicule even while he was holding the position of Information Minister. He remained loyal to his leader and party till the very end. UMNO is where it is today post 1988 because of his hard work in breathing back life into it and fine management skills. The title of “ Father of UMNO (Baru )” should be appropriately bestowed upon him.

The Book

In October 2009, his book “ UMNO: Akhirnya Sebuah Impian ” was launched by the current Minister of Information, Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim at The Equatorial, Kuala Lumpur. It is a must read for all UMNO members whenever they have the time to dismount from their high horses.

On behalf of a grateful party, and all UMNO members who have enjoyed the privilege of being in power administering this great Nation, The Patriot would like to express our most humble gratitude to the family of late Tan Sri Datuk Seri Mohamed B Haji Rahmat for his sterling services to the Party and Nation and our deepest sorrow and condolences for their shared loss.

May Allah Bless His Soul And Place Him Amongst The Righteous. Al-Fatihah.