Sunday, December 20, 2015


Sixty Nine Years And Still Flying Strong, Insha'Allah 

Tonight Marks Exactly A Week After The Umno General Assembly Which Ended With The Presidential Winding Up Speech On A High Note.

I Waited For A Week To Write About It To Feel If The Adrenaline Remained High Seven Days After The Event, Or If It Simmered Down To A Freeze Even Before The Delegates Reached Home From It, Like Most Sceptics Predicted. 

The Words "There Will Be No Retreat! No Surrender!, No Retreat! No Surrender!" Kept On Ringing In My Head Until Today. It's A Strong Signal, Nay, A Stern Warning To The Detractors And Instigators That We WILL Finish Our Term As Ordained By God With The Same Team That Was Voted In By The Citizens Of Malaysia.

Let That Time Decide On Our Fate After The Rakyat Has Seriously Gauged Our Performance With Intellect Not Emotions And Stacked It Against The Promise Of The Opposition Coalition, That Is In Shambles And Looks Unable To Rebound On Time To Lead This Blessed Nation After The Next Elections.

With Only Two And A Half Years Left On The Clock, It Is Time We Employed The George W Bush Doctrine Of " Either You're With Us Or Against Us". No Two Ways About It.

We Have To Eliminate The Enemies Within And Move Forward As A Big, Strong And United Coalition Under One Flag.

Flag It Through!

The President Has Shown Magnanimity. Now It's Time To Exhibit Commanding Leadership.

While Those Who Attacked The Leadership From Within Were Too Engrossed With The Fear Of Not Winning In The Next Elections, The President And His Team Were Focussing And Will Continue To Focus On The Task At Hand Which Is Serving The Country And Taking It Across 2020 As A Full Fledged Developed Nation As Envisioned In The Sixth Malaysia Plan In 1991 By A Former Prime Minister Who Looks Like He Will Live To See It, Insha'Allah.

We Must Leave The Rest In The Hands Of God And The Voting Nation Letting Them Do Their Evaluation On This Administration And The Reforms That Came With It When The Time Comes.

In Conclusion, Despite The Intention To Take "The Storm Beyond The Cup", So To Speak In The General Assembly, It Ended With A Show Of Force And Unity Never Shown In Recent History Of The Party Convention.

So Let Us Reinforce Our Strength, Not Look Back And Together Declare With Our President, Without Compulsion, That There Will Be No Retreat, No Surrender, And Might We Add,  Take No Prisoners Either Sir!

Monday, December 7, 2015


A Prince, An Officer And A Gentleman 

I First Met The Late Tunku Abdul Jalil Iskandar By Chance A Few Weeks Before The Elections In 2013 At The Prince Hotel In Kuala Lumpur.

I Was With The Members Of My Patriot Foundation Having A Political Brainstorm Over Supper. The Late Prince Himself Was Singing With The Live Band When His Father HRH The Sultan Of Johor Arrived. 

He Had Quite A Voice And We Enjoyed Our Time Listening To Him Serenade Those Who Were There. We Overstayed As The Only Way Out Was To Pass In Front Of HRH The Sultan's Table And We Thought, Being Johoreans, That It Was Inappropriate To Leave Before HRH Got Up For Anything.

Anyway When We Finally Did, We Managed To Say Hello To The Late Prince On Our Way Out. I Saw Then How His Demeanour Was Different From The Rest Of The Blue-bloods That I Have Met In My Entire Life.

He Was Calm, Collected And Very Humble. That Was The Only Time I Ever Spoke To Him, Though I Followed His Developments Just Like The Rest Of The Country.

The Last Time I Observed The Late Tunku Laksamana Was At The Johor Crown Prince's Wedding. Though He Was Frail, He Kept His Head Up High, Came In His Full Regalia And Carried Himself More " Royally " Than Even The Windsors, While Being Very Humble Greeting The VIP Guests.

Despite Not Having Had The Privilege Of Being Acquainted To The Late Tunku Abdul Jalil Iskandar, Tunku Laksamana Of Johor, His Royal Highness Certainly Reinforced My Political Upbringing By Reminding Me Through His Actions, During Sickness And In Health, In Life As Well As In Death, That One Can Be Great And Yet Maintain Humility At The Same Time, Which Makes One Even More Magnificent In The Eyes Of God And The Human Race.

What An Extraordinary Gift To Mankind Was He. A Gentleman Prince Of All Time.

May Allah's Blessings And Grace Be Upon Your Soul My Dear Prince, And May You Rest Amongst The Righteous In The Sight Of The Almighty.