Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Alarm Bell With A Noose Around The Neck For MCA And Gerakan?

Results in the recent Sarawak elections unraveled the real truth about the Chinese community’s support for their own leaders in Barisan Nasional. The benefit of the doubt can no longer be given to them through allocations paid or promises made in advance.

The principled MCA President Dr. Chua Soi Lek has amplified this notification and raised the stakes up by indirectly throwing a challenge to his peers in the Peninsula when he advised the SUPP leaders in Sarawak to reject invitations to join the State Cabinet for their failure to draw Chinese approval for BN.

Having the second highest position in the government also didn’t guarantee Chinese support as proven in the loss of Tan Sri Dr George Chan in Miri while being the incumbent Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak. Being a minority while having that position evidently means nothing to this community.

Dr Chan’s outcome has straight in the face, negated MCA and GERAKAN’s former theory that a Second Deputy Prime Minister’s position for the community will lure their people to the fold.

Prime Minister Najib now can hold Chua Soi Lek by his word which he can impose on the GERAKAN leaders as well. Bring the numbers in, or suffer a reduction in their Cabinet representation. In this scenario, great service can still be rendered to the Chinese community through either Malay or Indian hands truly proving that 1Malaysia is alive and healthy. In fact, it could be more affective since the community at this point clearly rejects MCA and GERAKAN but are slowly warming up to Najib’s style of leadership and the government who cares and shares.

Prime Minister Najib and his Deputy Muhyiddin worked hard to pull through the 2/ 3 majority for BN. UMNO has their work cut out too and beside the top two brass in the Malay party who were deeply concentrated in Sarawak (Dato’ Sri Najib couldn’t even tear himself away from the Rakyat there to pay his last respects at his late aunt’s funeral), the rest must remain silent as to Taib Mahmud’s tenure as Chief Minister because no matter what we have to say, his own party Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu wiped the floor by winning all 35 of the seats contested. Let’s see if UMNO can match that feat winning all or even 85% of the seats we’ll be contesting in the coming general elections. Only then can we stand tall and big in the eyes of our peers.

Sarawak has upped the ante for us all at the federal stage! Every party is challenged at their individual level and has a role to play with a target to achieve, but the onus is on Dr Chua Soi Lek and other Chinese leaders to bring back the numbers for the team. It is important to now work together and ensure that we pull our weights and move forward as 1BN.

The rest can be sorted out with great satisfaction for the Government and People of this great Nation if we achieve our goal giving Dato Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia, more than a comfortable two-thirds majority in Parliament.

I Have Always Advocated That The Party Comes First While The Leader Is Less Significant. But In The Case Where The Rakyat Has More Confidence In The Dynamic Leader Himself To Change And Improve On The Average Brass He Inherited From A Weak Predecessor, Then I Have To Make An Exception And Say:


Friday, April 15, 2011


It is often said that, “The pen is mightier than the sword”. A pen for hire is often likened with the profession of an Assassin. But the former is worse than the latter because even assassins have a code which they honour. Once they take on a job, they cannot be out-bought by the target. If they do, a contract will be put on their heads, and with the scarce skill of the profession out there in the market, the less players left on the field, the higher the fees, making it a pleasure for their peers to have them “expired”.

As for bloggers, there are thousands out there, and their skills and intentions are widespread. But if one has a large following, one can either be a responsible and informative writer, an assassin, or a prostitute wordsmith, which is a traitor to the reading people when it corrupts their thoughts on a rightful matter.

One such example is the fugitive blogger who appeared on national television recently trying to exonerate him self from blemishing the current Prime Minister’s image when the latter was the Deputy Prime Minister. He admitted that the general intention behind declaring his statute was to “block Najib from succeeding Pak Lah”.

He may not have published nor said anything directly related to the Prime Minister or his wife, but the fact that the controversial/famous to some/infamous to others Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) made a statutory declaration, on allegations by others made against the former, was good enough to imply that they were guilty as accused. Confusing enough? Yes, that was the general idea so that he can weave his way out of this and blame the others. What’s the point when the damage is already done?

Any similarity in looks as well as character?

The majority of RPK’s supporters may be birdbrains but others who are weary of him know that this is a desperate attempt by him to take his “head out of his own buttocks”.

Fact of the matter is, RPK had a large reader-base numbering in the tens of thousands if not more. He knew the influence he wielded especially after the publicity stunts that led him to his “vacation” in the Kemunting resort.

All he had to do was imply, and the majority would have taken it as gospel. Appearing innocent and trying to use technicalities to spin himself out of a web is a double-whammy for the people who believed in him. Firstly, he misled them with his actions. Secondly, he insults them further by trying to say that he was wrongly read!

We have a duty to the Nation. We shouldn’t be sensationalizing half-truths to become popular at the expense of paralyzing the nation in progress. I may sound dramatic but when the good name of a promising leader and his wife could be involved in a homicide, it slows down the Nation when the innocent party and the government (because of the office that he holds) have to be on the defensive. As readers ladies and gentlemen, reflect on how you would feel when you’re led to believe all that, only to be told later by the same culprit who led you, that he now doesn’t believe it to be true! Don’t you feel like a betrayed sucker?

When the Rakyat is betrayed, it constitutes treason in my book and such a person should be called a traitor for bringing our country’s reputation down a few notches because of the implications, that later spun into accusations abroad.

What interests me most is to know who took him out of the country, and how it was done considering he was a wanted man. They too, must be taken to task.

The next question in my mind is, was he paid to create the negative implication at that time towards Najib and Rosmah? If he was, then his status as fugitive can be upgraded (or downgraded) however you may view it, to “prostitute blogger" who brings gratification to his paying client.

Names Were Mentioned To Influence His Decision, Surveillance Should Be Administered And Some Action Taken On These Individuals If Their Movements Prove To Be Consistent To The Allegations Of Their Involvement. Learn From Our Neighbours Down South. Traitors Should Not Be Allowed To Roam Freely Misleading The Rakyat And Causing Problems To The State, Weather Implicitly Or Explicitly.

We Are 1Malaysia. Negara Dan Rakyat Didahulukan , Pencapaian Diutamakan.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Malaysia's Destiny

The Patriot Takes This Opportunity To Wish Y.A.B. Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak Congratulations On His Second Year In Office As The Right Honourable Prime Minister Of Malaysia. May Allah’s Grace And Blessings Be Upon Him And The People Of This Great Country. Amin.


AFTER every by-election, the temperature on the political thermometer goes up a notch for Barisan Nasional. This is especially so in the last eight by-elections where the coalition party won seven -- five with increased majority, two wrested from the opposition and one lost.

The mercury is slowly rising.Some political observers said this augurs well for Datuk Seri Najib Razak to seek a fresh mandate from the rakyat, his own after he was sworn in as prime minister two years ago this April, especially after Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud delivers a handsome win of the state election on April 16.

The infighting within the opposition also lends support to this conviction. The prime minister has been laying down the groundwork to, among others, restore the confidence of the majority of the voting rakyat and the foreign investors.

The string of back-to-back by-election victories showed that most Malays and Indians have returned to the fold, with a slight increase in Chinese approval. This was not so much because of BN or even of their own leaders in the coalition but more on the promising quality and sincerity of Najib's leadership and economic acumen.

The foreign investors have also put Malaysia back on their radar. Last year alone, the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (Mida) approved investments in the manufacturing sector totalling RM47.2 billion. The ringgit has increased in value by 44 points from RM3.52 to RM3.08 against the greenback, the Kuala Lumpur Composite Index has risen from 966 to 1,521 points, and the equity market capitalisation has increased by RM221 billion.

All these are the positive outcomes of Najib's economic policies and personal supervision. First, there was the stimulus packages to the tune of RM60 billion, introduced in the first quarter of 2009, which saw the economic environment positively enhanced, especially in the construction sector.

Then came the New Economic Model (NEM), meant to transform Malaysia into a high income country by increasing productivity and investments from abroad by the year 2020. There was also the economic liberalisation measures, which lowered the minimum quota for Malay ownership in traded companies in various sectors from 30 per cent to 12.5 per cent.

It also allowed foreign investors to maintain majority holdings in most ventures, with the exception of utility firms and banks. In addition, government subsidies were reformed to better serve only the deserving instead of spreading it across the board and benefiting even the wealthy.

Those which were revised were primarily for sugar and fuel. The revision was two-pronged; one, to promote a healthy lifestyle for the rakyat and the other, targeting financial assistance to the rightful beneficiaries to government aid. Although the reforms save the government approximately RM1 billion, it is still spending RM8 billion annually subsidising the rakyat.

The government also reached out to the young by announcing a housing scheme for fresh graduates. It enables those earning less than RM3,000 a month to obtain a 100 per cent loan from certain financial institutions for houses ranging between RM100,000 to RM220,000 over 30 years.

Furthermore, in appreciation for the loyal service of civil servants, free medical facilities at government hospitals are provided for those who retire under the Employees Provident Fund scheme and their dependents.

Najib also announced a full gratuity payment for those opting for early retirement under the same scheme. Last Sunday, he shared with the rakyat the first annual report of the Government Transformation Programme he introduced last year to enhance the performance of the government machinery. His ministers, their ministries and the civil service were introduced to the National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) and Key Performance Indicators.

In the first annual report, Najib said the GTP "had ignited a new passion and enthusiasm among many civil servants as well as challenged others to realise their full potential and responsibility to the rakyat". He was proud of his "product", saying that it delivered many positive outcomes. "The GTP has registered many 'firsts' that have directly or indirectly, enhanced the lives of millions. We have broken new ground and are on the verge of greater accomplishments. However, we are also mindful that we should not declare victory before achieving our goal of becoming a developed country and as such, will strive to set higher goals for ourselves moving forward. "I am positive that through the GTP roadmap, the NKRAs, the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) which has at its core the National Key Economic Activities (NKEAs) to drive economic growth and the Strategic Reform Initiatives (SRIs) to enable growth, as well as a host of other initiatives, we will be on track to achieve the aspirations of Vision 2020. The journey forward will undoubtedly be challenging, perhaps even more so than the last one year, but we are up to the task - ready and willing to champion the cause of bringing tangible and positive outcomes to the rakyat," he had said in the annual report launched last Sunday.

The positive political and economic environment augurs well for us but it needs to be sustained for the country to prosper and grow to greater heights. We are in a position to help our leaders get the fresh mandate they need to follow through the progress thus far.

Those in BN, especially the local Umno leaders in the opposition states of Selangor and the three other states should shake off their arrogance, roll up their sleeves and work with one another to complement the exceptional work by the federal leaders and return these states to the BN fold.

We must certainly work hard and right for this to happen as the rakyat deserves only the best.

The Writer Is The Vice Chief of Pulai UMNO Division.

This article appeared in The New Sunday Times today, 3rd April 2011