Thursday, January 30, 2014


A Fine Thoroughbred

Chinese New Year this year could not come at a better time. God has given us this opportunity to put our differences aside and to come together as one people to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

I haven’t written anything since my nomination as Barisan Nasional’s Candidate for the Johor State Assembly In Kempas, in April of 2013. And I apoplogise for my absence since. 

Recent developments have called upon me to return and I couldn’t have found a better occasion to do so than this event in our national calendar. 

I know that most of us are concerned about the difficulties that we have been going through in recent weeks. I share your concerns. 

However I hear from my Chinese friends that this Year of the Wood Horse will be a particularly good one for all of us and I am optimistic that this is the year where we can really gallop, clear the obstacles ahead of us and take off!

Our leaders have endured a difficult few weeks, with plenty of complex issues facing the people of this country. I am optimistic that they will find the best solution for all of us in this Year of the Horse.

Our leaders have faced much criticism even from within. I have read in the news that Tun Mahathir had commented that in reaching out to the “minorities” through his policy of inclusiveness, Datuk Seri Najib did the wrong thing.

I would however like to offer a differing view. To me it is clear that although Datuk Seri Najib’s inclusiveness didn’t pay immediate dividends in the last general elections, it is beginning to bear fruit as it looks like even the opposition is now offering an olive branch to him!

I am confident that everybody will begin to understand that the issues facing our beloved country are complex and as such our leaders need to follow a careful process to resolve them. This takes a lot of careful planning and a great deal of commitment and faith. There is no quick fix and definitely no overnight success.

I am pleased today that we have a leader with a vision of inclusiveness, and this leader of ours has bravely stuck by his principles whilst at the same time having to fend off criticism from both external sources and internally from within his party.

Despite all the opposition and scepticism, it is clear to me that he wants nothing more than a National Reconciliation and he has clung on to his principles with all his might. It now looks like he is starting to win some hearts over, with Anwar Ibrahim recently reaching out to him.

The same goes for his unpopular but very necessary economic policies in reducing subsidies. I am sure he knew that it was going to lose him popularity points, but again he has stuck his neck out for the long term interests of the nation.

Let me take this final opportunity to again wish all of my Chinese friends, “Gong Xi Fa Cai”.

           Bringing A Little Cheer To The Less Fortunate

In addition to the success that this year is expected to bring our nation, I pray that it will bring each and every one of you and your loved ones peace, happiness, good health and longevity!

In This Year Of The Horse, Let Us All Become The Thoroughreds That We Were Meant To Be, Known For Our Agility, Speed And Spirit, And Together Rise Again As One United Nation.

May God Bless Us All, And May God Bless Malaysia.