Friday, September 16, 2011


Cordial Invitation To One And All

Notebook With Historical Pictures Are Available At The Merchandise Store

Car Stickers Exhibiting Our Patriotism Also Available At The Store

Special Edition Stickers To Be Presented To Earlybirds Compliments Of The Foundation

One Of The Very Many Artifacts On Display In One Of The Four Eras

The Plaque In Recognition Of The Living Warrior's Contribution To The Nation.

The Patriot Foundation Would Like To Invite Malaysians From All Walks Of Life To An Event Where Patriotism Comes Alive, And Everyone Is A VIP. There Will Be No Politics, No Speeches, Just Pure And Organic Patriotism With A Trip Through History.

Take Pictures Of Japanese Soldiers And The British Resident General. Show Our Appreciation For A Living Hero Who Actually Saw Combat During The Insurgence And See Visuals Of The Road To Independence.

Date: Saturday 17 September 2011

Time: 5.00 Pm - Midnight

Venue: Taman Setia Tropika JB Football Field



1. Japanese Occupation

2. British Era

3. Pre-Merdeka Period

4. Post-Merdeka Segment

B. A Showcase Of Proton National Cars (From The First Saga To The Latest Inspira)

C. A Demonstration Of Traditional And Community Games

D. Merdeka Bazaar

E. " Road To Independence" Video Show Followed By "A Tribute To A Warrior"

F. Recitals Of A Special Doa For The Future Of The Country And Rakyat.

- The Rukunegara

- Singing Of The Negaraku & Jalur Gemilang Flag Raising Ceremony With Audio Effects Of Cannons Firing In It’s Original 1957 Form.

G. The Cry Of Merdeka

H. Fireworks

I. The End.

This Could Be A One Time Experience! Let’s Know Our History And Love Our Country!

I’ll See You There Ladies And Gentlemen!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Traditional Representation Of A Gentleman

20:00 hours sharp tonight, marks exactly 20 years of my union with my loving wife whom I regard as my Patriot of Patriots.

We often refer being patriotic to one’s loyalty to one’s country. I dare say there is not one Soul who would even consider a spouse’s loyalty to be an act of Patriotism.

Politicians must start thinking this way about their wives (the ones who do not meddle in the Affairs of the State) without taking their sacrifices for granted. This is because their unselfish act of sharing us with the mass in terms of time and attention is all done in the name of King & Country.

Ever since I knelt down to propose to my better half on one knee, while a string quartet was playing by our table, where she said “ yes “ after a split second pause, which felt like a million years almost giving me a cardiac on the floor of the French Restaurant, my life has been blessed.

In the absence of my parents, she flew to me for my graduation, which very much inspired me to complete my degree program on time! She gave me three beautiful children two of whom (twin boys) were born on my birthday, disqualifying me from expecting a birthday present from her for the rest of my life.

I’m blessed because she has both beauty and brains, independent and comfortable with people from all walks of life and loyally supportive of my passion which is politics allowing me to serve without interruption or intrusion.

Giving Me Peace In My Mind While In Service To The Nation Makes Her My Patriot Of Patriots, My Angel, My Truest Seraph, My Everything.

Happy 20th Anniversary Precious!

Monday, September 5, 2011


The Helmet And Kevlar Worn By The CNN Correspondent On Duty Wasn’t Supplied By The US Government

First Of All The Patriot Would Like To Extend Our Most Heartfelt Condolences To The Family Of The Late Noramfaizul Mohd Nor, The BERNAMA Cameraman Who Was Fatally Shot While On Duty Covering The Situation In Somalia. May His Soul Rest In Peace Amongst The Righteous. Al-Fatiha.

I’m sure this article would be considered as bad form coming out at this moment but it’s about time people take responsibility instead of letting all blame fly loose and carelessly aimed at the wrong party turning it into something political.

There was nothing wrong with the joint noble effort of Putera 1Malaysia Club, Bakti and other agencies, coming together to provide humanitarian aide to survivors of a cursed nation.

Having said that, it shouldn’t take a nuclear physicist to comprehend the gravity of the situation on the ground of the country that they were visiting. I’m not speaking on hindsight as this was touched in one of my articles last year regarding the preparedness of our journalists in the expected deadly raid on a Turkish-led Flotilla that tried to break Isreal's blockade of Gaza. I would have thought we LEARNT SOMETHING from it.

Journalists should be well protected while they go to war torn zones to cover their stories and the responsibility lies upon the shoulders of their respective agencies to equip them with the proper tools be it for protection or even mental preparedness. Neither the Government nor the Putera 1Malaysia Club should have to be on the defensive receiving “shellings” from all parties not knowing who to blame but rightfully needing to scream at someone for this stupid blunder of not learning from the past.

BERNAMA and all news agencies should be responsible for their own personnel in terms of safety precautions and not expect to be spoon-fed by those providing them with the opportunity to report news of the world to those back home.

These agencies have their own Chairman, CEOs, Managing Editors and so forth drawing handsome incomes. They should have brains enough to think, plan and execute. Certainly they don’t need the Prime Minister nor his Deputy to tell them what to purchase and suit their reporters with when covering stories.

BERNAMA is so lame that we had to flip through ASTRO AWANI and other channels to get current news of their own (BERNAMA) slained cameraman! What happened to their other reporters on the ground who were supposed to report from the other end of the camera? Were they not sufficiently equipped with the best and up do date technology to keep reporting? Were they not resourceful enough to borrow from their counterparts like the CNN correspondent who borrowed from a Chinese national journalist when his mobile cell went dead to report live via audio locked down in a hotel in Tripoli? Were they so ill-prepared that they were too distraught to work while trying hard to remember how the deceased behaved the days leading to his death, like all Malays do when faced with this situation? Is that professional reporting? They should be ashamed to be called the National News Agency!!!

In the same breath, I implore all politicians, who are generally not media savvy to refrain from being trigger-happy making stupid comments on the matter. Rightfully so, even in situations where Kevlar vests are employed, people do sometimes get killed but that doesn’t one bit justify any party from being careless. If that is the case, then we shouldn’t make it mandatory for riders of motorbikes to wear helmets or car passengers to fasten seat belts, because despite the helmets and the latter, the mortality rates remain high. I wonder if Shabery Cheek is on hand once again to provide the PM with these statistics trying to justify an ailing cause.

Precautionary measures MUST be taken to minimize the risk. Then, we leave the rest to God. It’s COMMON SENSE! We don’t leave the camel untied and leave it to God to be its keeper, calling it fate.

The National Union of Journalists should take this matter up including having their members insured no matter how costly it may be for those covering high-risk zones.

The standard of journalism needs to be lifted in this country, especially amongst the Malay run agencies. At the same time, the welfare and safety of personnel in this field should be addressed accordingly.

The Prime Minister Should Revamp BERNAMA And Other Related Agencies Under Us Which Do Not Live Up With The Times And Lack Professionalism. He Should Remove Those Tan Sris and Dato’s Earning Maximum Wage For Minimum Work With No Foresight. This Is Not About Carrying Out The Government’s Aspirations. It Is About Professional And Dynamic Journalism.