Wednesday, July 7, 2010


In That Positional Order!!!

It was implied if I’m not mistaken in an interview with Chua Soi Lek by a The Star that MCA could in a sense be subservient to UMNO and that the recent decision by the UMNO Supreme Council not to issue a permit on the sports betting is a classic example as it should have been tabled in the Cabinet for the “other Barisan Nasional Parties to express their views.”

In a report in the Sin Chew recently, Soi Lek was to have also said that MCA is not ready for snap elections and will need at least “ 6 months to a year to stabilize the party “. Well MCA was given 2 years and slightly more than 3 months to recover, behave and bring back the Chinese votes lost in the March 2008 elections. What he needs to realize is time is a luxury that we don’t have.

There are at least twelve component parties in Barisan Nasional more or less. In Parliament UMNO had 79 seats; MCA 15; MIC 3; GERAKAN 2; PBB 14; LDP 1; PBRS 1; PBS 4; PRS 5; UPKO 3; SPDP 4; SUPP 6. (These results are before the by-election-fest that we had ever since). We can’t afford to entertain one or two of the component parties in the BN, especially from the Peninsula if they can’t carry their weight. It is evident that MCA has lost almost all Chinese support and even if there is a glimmer of hope from some of them coming back, it is due to the direct effort from the Prime Minister himself with no help from the MCA. Furthermore, the party is not the sole representative of the Chinese community in the Coalition. Therefore we don’t necessarily have to field MCA in the usual constituency where they have failed miserably. There are also Malay areas where MCA candidates used to be fielded. Well if they aren’t quite ready to contest, they can damned well sit back and let UMNO stand in those areas!

While we don’t hear much from the other parties which have done well percentage-wise in accordance to the number of seats they contested in, we keep on hearing irritating barks from MCA and MIC. Perhaps they should learn that there is a chain of command and we can’t have conflicting views in the open by 12 odd parties within Barisan Nasional or we will be doomed. Perhaps then, if by the stroke of a miracle, PAS decides to join hands with UMNO, we might have an all Malay/ Islam Cabinet and that will serve them right. In such circumstances hypothetically, if I was given a choice by the good Prime Minister to pick a portfolio in the Cabinet, I’d ask to be Minister in Charge of Indian and Chinese Affairs, without salary too!! I’m sure better justice can be done to serve these communities than by their very own.

It is time the Prime Minister issue a decree to all Cabinet members and Component parties to keep their mouths shut and channel all statements regarding government policies and political decisions through the Prime Minister’s Department alone to eliminate megalomaniacs and brainless “ loose cannons “ among them. This has been successfully done in Washington where Cabinet and Secretarial decisions are announced only through the White House. That way total accountability can be exacted.



Zionista Kutty said...

This is 1Malaysia from the perspective of a patriot. Most of all, from a person who believes in Allah.

How fucking sad is that!

Allah never say in the Quran which race is better than which. Surely you are no better than the Zionist Jews, for wanting to control part of the land which you think belongs to you.. Allah never mention in Quran that the Palestine land is for Jews only, and Malaysia is for Malays only.

Pls die early and go to hell, the lowest Jahannam by the way. You are halfway there already..

TPJ said...

Dear Ms Kutty,

I’m an advocate of 1Malaysia but not a blind one least of all one who accepts the concept in the perspective of the people taking advantage of it. Believing in Allah is my Salvation, but that doesn’t mean I have to embrace the antics of some who clearly forget their place in this Country, given to them out of OUR generosity.

What is sad for you may not be the same for the majority and using vulgarity to amplify your point proves that your mentality is no different than the ones I referred to in the above paragraph.

I’m only half way through the Quran and have not arrived at the point where race is mentioned, and trust me there is mention on it as The Quran is a promised revelation from God that is complete, but one thing is for sure, as there is no mention that Malaysia is for Malays as you have put it, neither is there mention that Malaysia is for the Chinese and Indians to share with. However, we still embrace them nonetheless and have lived in harmony for the better part since Merdeka because they kept in their respective quarters all the while keeping within their boundaries and limitations. My contention is not with the Chinese and Indian mass as I have been and still are friends with quite a number of them and we get along very well. My dispute is with their leaders who portray that the people they represent are ungrateful, greedy, and forget that each of the communities here have a share in education (in their own mother-tongue not even found in Singapore), property and wealth (the lion’s share in many cases which licenses were given by their Malay political Masters) that they think they now have equal share in power. You may be comfortable and happy with a domesticated pet like our UMNO Youth leader but I being a local leader who is fair to all races in my area play second fiddle to no party other than UMNO within the Barisan Nasional. 

The Angel of Death will pay a visit to every soul in good time, even you who will bring more misery than they have to endure to those in Hell with your presence.

Unknown said...

Well said TPJ. I think Ms Kutty does not comprehend your article here and the situation in BN. Her vulgarity must be borne out of her upbringing!

Anonymous said...

To zioista kutty,

The Palestine is the land for muslims, jews and christians. But now, the zionist came, and broke the law of nature. Zionist came to conquer out of greed.

In Malaysia,
The malays (a group of indigenous tribes who are united according to the constitution) and other bumiputeras, have no problem with our "guests" once upon a time. But looking at the situation now, it seems like the bumiputeras are like the Palestinians. They are protecting their people by the greedy Malaysian Zionist who came to conquer, grab and monopoly everything until nothing is left to be taken, slowly but surely.

And now, the bumiputeras are being called zionist. And the greedy people who came to conquer are being labelled a victim.

Now tell me who is the Zionist?. Oh, it is very confusing right? Even CNN tells us the Hamas (or Palestinians) are mostly terrorist nowadays. If you want to defend your people, you must be a terrorist. But if you want to attack other people, you must be a victim.

How twisted more the world can be.

Inspector Clouseau said...

Nice work. I came across your blog while “blog surfing” using the “Next Blog” button in the Nav Bar at the top of my blogspot blog. I occasionally just check out other blogs to see what others are doing.