Monday, April 22, 2024

Remembering A Patriot Defender of Justice And National Security - Tun Mohammed Hanif Omar

1. The nation mourns the loss of a fearless guardian of law and order, Tun Mohammed Hanif Omar became the IGP when I was only 11 years old and remained at the helm till past my University graduation. 

2. Though I didn’t have the full details then of the crucial roles he played at security summits and enforcements which led to the neutralisation of the communists, we all knew very well that he was our “point-man”.

3. Even at a young age, I was up to speed with the state of affairs of the nation having being “forced” to listen to it on radio and television by my late father. So I practically grew up knowing this IGP threw the airwaves.

4. We found Tun Hanif (Tan Sri at the time) as a man of fearless guts and gumption after taking over at the age of 35 from a predecessor who was slained by a communist operative in broad daylight.

5. He courageously led the police force during the tumultuous era of the communist insurgency. 

6. Tun Hanif was Enforcer and Security Confidante to Tun Razak (2nd Prime Minister) and dedicated his life to safeguarding our nation against threats to its security and stability. That is how I shall remember him.

7. In this time of grief, we extend our deepest condolences to Tun Mohd Hanif Omar’s family who graciously shared him with the rest of the Country. 

8. May Allah Rest His Soul In Eternal Peace Amongst The Pious And May His Memory Continue To Inspire Us All To Strive For A Better And Safer Society.

9. On Behalf Of A Grateful Nation, I Thank You Tun. 

10. Inalillahi Wainalillahi Rojioun. AlFateha.