Saturday, October 31, 2009


Contrary to the general consensus in the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), it is very much the business and in the interest of the Barisan Nasional spearheaded by UMNO that the MCA settle its problem amicably and as quietly as possible instead of washing their dirty linen in public while expecting others not to get involved.

Liow Tiong Lai and the other Vice Presidents were present in the press conference declaring the truce between Ong Tee Kiat and Dr Chua Soi Lek, on the planned “healing” of the MCA. Yet Liow decided to air his discontentment through the media and seemed to have influenced the Youth and Women’s Wing leaders to join in his effort, in a separate press conference.

Today, after getting some free advice from a Johor lawmaker, Wee Ka Siong, the Youth Chief, as reported in the Utusan-Online arrogantly says that they can handle it themselves without outside interference. Well my advice to him and the entire Malaysian Chinese Association is, if you don’t want outside interference, then you should bloody well deal with it quietly instead of calling for a press conference and making public announcements, contradicting each other like discontented brothel owners quarrelling over the flesh business going rancid. Yes! Rancid! Because MCA is a Chinese based party that has lost almost all Chinese support and is surviving on UMNO’s charity to carry their dead-weight and do their work in winning back the support through the esteemed stewardship of Prime Minister Najib Razak.


If this Chinese based party had an ounce of merit or accountability in them, as they so passionately advocated in the past with much pride, then the President, who is evidently facing a confidence crisis in his own party, not to mention the accusations of accepting RM10,000,000 in cash and free private jet rides from a company hanging over his head, should resign his membership in the Cabinet or withdraw MCA with the “principled “ support of the whole party , from the Barisan Nasional until they have properly cleaned their house.

It would be pleasant and inclusive to have a healthy MCA and other raced based parties in the Coalition. But under the current circumstances, losing MCA, MIC or even GERAKAN will not have much effect on us in the Peninsula under 1 Malaysia because the Government under Najib will not have to go through them as middle men or brokers anymore to serve the Chinese or Indians of this Nation. We can serve them directly and more efficiently ourselves and in doing so, the Prime Minister is offering first rate Barisan Nasional service at wholesale.

My final message to MCA leaders; Don’t Act Like A Bentley When You’re Actually A Ford Cortina. Stop making press conferences until your mess is cleared. We are no longer interested and would appreciate the time saved for other more worthy stories to watch for in the news.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


This Child Doesn't Believe In Destiny.


Just a heads up for those claiming refunds for the cancelled concert; The ticket agents readily take your cash immediately in exchange for tickets in the basement, a few yards away from the parking lot of the One Utama shopping complex for some, making it easy for you to part with your money. However, when the concert is cancelled, you are made to walk up 3 flights of stairs, not at the place you purchased the tickets but at Block A Lot 116 Jalan Semangat in PJ, fill in a form with a photocopy of your ID, queue while standing up and wait till 30th November to receive your refunds without interest.

The irony of it all is that when I purchased the tickets in cash, I felt like it was a good deal being able to watch fine entertainment by a talented member of the performing arts. While I feel the same now albeit with some grievance with her attitude towards our country’s security, yesterday however, after having gone through the trouble and being unable to retrieve my cash as easily as I parted with it, I couldn’t help but feel that it was too much of a hassle all because of a “ pole dancer who can sing ”. Sour grapes you may say? Perhaps, but I am a Patriot just the same. She’s off my bucket list!


Tonight would have been the night we would be entertained by the beautiful singer popularly known for her song among others appropriately entitled, “ Beautiful Liar ”.

Beyonce bailed out and said “ NO ” to Kuala Lumpur as “ she was given some misinformed picture of Malaysia to scare her away. ”

This behavior amplifies the stupidity of some people in this industry as proper tools and resources were not utilized to investigate the authenticity of the information given, before breaking the hearts of her fans at the eleventh hour, and insulting a hospitable Nation with an impeccable record on peace and security.

Beyonce’s management was quoted in Malaysia’s premier newspaper, The New Straits Times that “ the entertainer remains respectful of the people and cultures of all nations and holds the fans of Malaysia in the highest regard,” without elaborating further. My take on this announcement is like “I don’t trust you natives with my life but I hope you suckers will continue to buy my disc and support me.”

It’s mind boggling how she can feel safe and comfortable performing in Indonesia where there’ve been several fatal bombings by religious extremists in Bali and Jakarta but is easily spooked by malicious rumors on a beautiful country with modern infrastructure, affluent citizens and no history of terrorism in the last several decades.

I was initially excited about this show and would have been seated just a couple of rows behind the VVIPs’ section, a stone’s throw away from the stage. But as a Patriot, I take offence to the way she viewed our country and treated her fans here who are fun loving citizens without an ounce of malice in their hearts.

Out of respect for the Nation and the People of Malaysia, my family and I will not be attending her future concert here if indeed this one was postponed and not cancelled.

Any self respecting citizen would do the same.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


The Real McCoy

After more than a year into the current term of the Barisan Nasional Government, back-
paddling, side-stepping and taking more hits than a rugby stand-off, due to the lack of loyalty from our fellow members within the coalition taking advantage of our gentle culture, UMNO is back with a spine at last thanks to the authentic leadership of Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak.

Najib delivered a blistering speech in the opening of the UMNO General Assembly last week in the presence of leaders of all component parties, some of whom got too comfortable scoring political points within their own community bashing UMNO with accusations of being racists. Najib ordered them to mirror themselves and their parties’ ideologies first before pointing to UMNO. His message was loud and clear even for the deaf in the Merdeka Hall on 15th October 2009. If UMNO were racists, there would be no Chinese, nor Indian schools allowed in our education system, almost warning the ungrateful partners without having to mention it, that if these accusations continue to be heard, these privileges might be reconsidered in the future. Even Singapore, a Chinese led City-state doesn’t have a Chinese based school in its system and certainly NOT a Malay school.

His inspiring speech also sealed the amendments to the UMNO Constitution making it one of the riskiest moves the party has ever dared to make, proving to the whole country that the oldest and longest uninterrupted governing party in the world was able and willing to change and be more democratic while being dead serious about curbing corruption. Any manipulation or corruption to the new system will be solely on the backs of the leaders now as opposed to the normal 2,600 odd delegates who have nobly given up their rights, just to restore the party’s good name.


While UMNO and MCA (having lost Chinese support and are themselves in very deep trouble) have changed their leadership twice in the last 6 years to rejuvenate their parties, MIC has opted to go classical by retaining their President of more than 20 years who is accepted by the party but generally despised by the larger number of its community and the Malaysian people at large.

Najib and UMNO have been supporting these bad bags for far too long giving them the benefit of the doubt until it was evident that we were doomed to unnecessarily sink together unless they were forced to swim for themselves, like they were able to when they tried to swim away from us a few months ago not following party lines. That is why the Prime Minister accepted the invitation to officiate the Makkal Sakthi party representing a part of the Indian community just before the UMNO assembly. Now, besides MIC, BN has two other Indian parties that support the government, though they are not official members of the coalition. Before that, Najib was invited by the Batu Caves Temple Committee to a function attended by thousands of Hindu followers in the absence of Samy Vellu.

Ying & Yang

Today it was reported that Ong Tee Kiat and Dr Chua Soi Lek were summoned by the Prime Minister and presumably given a dressing down for the sake of Barisan Nasional reminding them that the MCA should be put above their personal interests. This exhibition of leadership quality by Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak is a breath of fresh air and has been absent ever since Dr Mahathir Mohamed retired from active politics.

Last week the Prime Minister also hinted that in the future, he might change the method of choosing the members of his Cabinet, branching away from the tradition of allocating certain number of seats according to the importance, seniority and the composition of the members in the coalition. In respect to his “People First, Performance Now” tagline, his method of choosing Cabinet members after this might be based on the person/ party’s ability to deliver on the promises of his administration and number of seats won in Parliament.

I have been an UMNO delegate for the main body for the better part of my 20 years as a member. I must declare that besides the one where Dr Mahathir abruptly announced his retirement, the recent assembly, was the most memorable and motivating UMNO Convention I’ve ever attended and it was due to the spirited leader that we have in the current President. He has shown that he is not only in full control of UMNO, but also the Barisan Nasional and Government. The rakyat of all races are warming up to him without having to go through their respective leaders nor parties representing their communities. In his new administration, there will be no more rides for free-loaders, no more political leaders/ brokers flexing their racial muscle demanding for the world when they contribute nothing to BN, and no more extortion from UMNO Warlords. Everyone will know the true meaning of Merit in Barisan Nasional under Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak.

I felt the thrill that seized the mind, body and soul of every UMNO delegate in the Merdeka Hall when the President wound up his speech at the 60th UMNO General Assembly. I am convinced now, that we will close ranks and move forward by going back to the basics of being united, serving with sincerity and doing so with all humility.

UMNO Is Finally Back On The Saddle, All Fired Up And Ready To Lead Again!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Till Death Do Us Part.

BAGAN PINANG witnessed the first sincere and concerted effort by the UMNO machinery, with the local division playing the most crucial role, i.e. staying united as one force working not for money, but for the future of the party and Nation under UMNO/BN, just like in the first three decades of the party. UMNO/BN won with an increase of almost double in majority. Also, it was because of a candidate who is well connected with the people of the area. Congratulations Tan Sri Isa Samad.

This is also the result of proper employment of the resources available in the government not seen since the days of when we were nearly untouchable. If we fail to use the resources properly, then we aim to fail which is rather pathetic considering the opposition has no access to the same.

In recent elections namely in the Permatang Pauh area, we gave poor showings because the UMNO division there was divided. No sincerity came out of the local machinery and UMNO office bearers resulting in the PM’s decision not to field a candidate in the Penanti by-election. Of course another reason is because it is Anwar “country” where he can probably field his gardener and still win. We need to remember that we lost Penang when the then Prime Minister himself was from there.

We can also conclude that we will never win Kelantan back with the current division leaders, former ministers and deputy ministers undermining each other for selfish reasons with UMNO being the last in their list of priorities.

Terengganu UMNO is showing cracks in the ranks because of selfish leaders who should live in Kelantan for a bit to feel how it is like being in the opposition without “Wang Ehsan”. It also reflects on the leadership qualities of the State Liaison Chief who was recently elected as one of the UMNO Vice Presidents who couldn’t even shine if he was born with patent leather, unless with the help of a relative’s influence. I hope the President will revisit his appointment as there is only so much the grassroots can do to hold Terengganu together. An added liability will not help the BN retain the State in the 13th General Elections.

This win in Bagan Pinang is indeed a long awaited boost to UMNO and it couldn’t have arrived at a better time coming into the UMNO General Assembly in Kuala Lumpur next week. I am sure everyone will be in high spirits, all fired up and ready to go anywhere the President points us to.

To my fellow delegates in UMNO, let us unite as one big happy family again for the sake of the Nation, as we know deep down in our hearts, we are the ones who are sincere, willing and able to lead and do justice to the given privilege we are holding in trust for the future generation of Malaysia.

Between the dates of 14th-16th of October 2009, it will be “Party UMNO Di Dahulukan, Perwakilan Di Utamakan!” SELAMAT BERSIDANG AND MAY ALLAH CONTINUE TO BLESS UMNO.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The Holy Quran

There is nothing more sacrilegious then to allow Quranic verses to be used by infidels for their political advancement or any purpose other than embracing the call to Islam. If this is allowed to continue they will start purchasing the Holy Quran to pick and choose verses that will serve their purpose and twist the minds of the Muslim Malay majority while placing it next to their kennels and reciting the verses during a swine eating feast among their own just for amusement.

The Home Minister should stop with the rhetoric he grew up with in UMNO Youth and start translating his warnings into action. It is bad enough that Malay rights and privileges have been verbally abused by our own partners in the BN Coalition without action being taken while he was Head of the Youth Wing, now the infidels are violating the Holy Quran and soon will be waving it in our faces while the Minister in charge keeps on warning them with the good old Malay proverb “ Jangan bermain dengan api, nanti rumah akan terbakar ” (do not play with fire, or you’ll burn the house down). Well Minister, might I remind you that your master bedroom is already on fire while you’re still fondling with rhetoric.

Just because a political party under the guise of Islam feels that it is alright for an infidel to recite verses from the Quran to Muslims without embracing Islam, it doesn’t mean that it is religiously correct. It is up to us with a whole battalion of Muftis and Ulamaks as advisors, to act on it expeditiously. The Holy Quran is regarded as a sacred guide to Muslims. It contains the Revelations of God to Muhammad (PBUH) His Messenger. It is also handled by Muslims in a pure state under ablution with care and much respect. This is definitely not observed by the non-believers.

This arrogant act by the infidels will stir the soul and burn the blood of true Muslims and as we have all seen, terrifying circumstances can occur in the name of religion. It happened in Ireland, New York and even Bali, which is closer to home. The peace and security of this blessed Nation is not to be taken for granted. If the Minister in charge hasn’t got the stomach to do his job and prevent a self manufactured catastrophe by imposing the Internal Security Act on the provocateurs on the Islamic faith, then he should resign and give way to someone with more masculinity.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Please Do Participate.

Considering Pakatan Pembangkang is led by an Ex-Convict who did time for abuse of power when he was in the government, and BN is transparent in taking disciplinary action against its members including the latter, when you walk to the ballot box to vote in your area across Malaysia in the 13th General Elections, will you be thinking of your local candidate's work-rate or who UMNO put to contest in Bagan Pinang 3 years ago?

Your answer is much appreciated.