Tuesday, August 31, 2010



Defend Our Sovereignty And Protect Our Independence!

To All My Fellow Malaysians, Regardless Of Race, Colour Or Creed,

Happy Independence Day! Never Take Our Freedom For Granted And Always Be Grateful Being Citizens Of This Great Nation. While We May Pursue Our Individual Dreams, We Must Come Together As One Malaysian Family To Ensure That The Next Generation Can Pursue Their Dreams As Well. Ultimately, We Are Responsible For Ourselves But We Also Will Rise Or Fall As One Nation, 1Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir

What is your opinion about Adnan's statement distancing UMNO from PERKASA?


TPJ said...

Dear Anonymous,

Be on the lookout for my next article touching on Tengku Adnan's comment regarding PERKASA. Suffice to say for now that he is a bloody fool (and you can quote me on this )for having made such remarks condemning the Malay establishment primarily consisting of UMNO members and past divisional leaders with still some clout in their respective constituencies.

If this goes on. We WILL be losing more Malays votes without question!

Thank you for your participation and please do comment on my thoughts in the next article rwgarding this question.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sir

Will be waiting as this is quite an explosive statement, perhaps goaded by non-Malays?