Friday, September 29, 2017


1. A DAP lawmaker suggested that an anti discrimination law be introduced in the face of the "Muslims Only" launderette debacle.

2. She can do one better by introducing an anti hypocrisy act instead under which a few are already in clear violation of today.

3. It looks like Islamaphobia is creeping onto the very soil where Islam is considered the religion of the federation. People need to know the difference between race and religion. There is a clear distinction.

4. When an entrepreneur opens a unique business that can clear the conscience of his Muslim consumers, that is pertaining to religion even if it is not an edict. 

5. That is his choice if we are to promote free enterprise in this country,  just like pubs and bars are permitted in a predominantly middle class Malay Muslim area like Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

6. But when a company makes it a mandatory condition for job applicants to be well versed in Mandarin/ Chinese to qualify for jobs in a State where it is neither the first nor the second language of the mass, it is considered RACIAL and the proprietor can without reservation be called RACISTS.

8. It is generally discriminatory when you don't support something that is good for the conscience of Muslims but support or remain quiet on anything that is for the benefit of a certain rising minority. In fact I wouldn't call that discriminatory,  it should fall under the category of blatant daylight hypocrisy!

9. So I suggest the DAP representative not drag the good name of His Majesty the Sultan of Johor when certain topics serve their interests but remain quiet when His Majesty addressed the issue of a one school system for all.

10. Celebrate That Too Lest You Be The First To Suffer The Brunt  Of The Very Law That You So Wish To Introduce.

Saturday, August 5, 2017


In any game or battle, there are the Rules of Engagement. Whether it be in government, enterprise, sports or war, there will be a rule to follow as reference.

In politics, there are no written rules and the limits of each attack or praise on one another determines how far the boundaries will either expand, or contract.

Often when trying to win the support of the people, it is not what good the participants can offer for the future of the nation but how badly they can portray their opponents, discrediting their integrity in leadership.

In recent weeks we have witnessed the aggressive stance taken by one party against another. Both have either formerly served or are currently serving in government.

One common denominator exists between them which is while in government they remain (ed) under UMNO.

Today the situation is different as the former has exited the party and is currently attacking the leadership.

Hence the stripping begins like in a poker game.

Where's The Fun If It Is Just Among These Men?

As the players are all men of age but not necessarily matured, tailored from the same cloth, each leaf of coating uncovered reveals the organs and ugly secrets from the past. Many can't recall these events through the web or print like we can today with more recent news from yesteryear.

What worry the grassroots and local leaders is that antagonism between these two opponents will only benefit the most commonly known enemy, the DAP who sit not in the 'strip poker' game but remain in the sidelines ready to spin and expand on these revelations.

While the barbs are only between the two parties representing the majority of the Malays, what benefit can it possibly bring them and the race itself?

We fear that if this continues it might implode when the people especially the Malay voters who prefer to ignore the bigger picture, decide to reject both and turn to the smaller and much less significant party to support.

Many feel that Barisan Nasional under Prime Minister Najib is strong enough to contest based on its credentials and reformation exercise in the last eight years in office, but realistically the Malay race are emotionally inclined as I have witnessed in the last week among our own party members when asked on the revelation of Tun Dr Mahathir's origin of ethnicity.

In a poker game, it is not wise to play with a person who has unlimited capital of the same currency.

In other words in twenty two years at the helm, one will definitely have gathered enough chips to play a lifetime of poker.

For every hit the former gets from those who served under his administration we will see a counter attack of equal proportions if not bigger.

It has arrived at a situation where one party has nothing to lose and sentiments for the future of this country is no longer top on his priority list.

We on the other hand have the responsibility to see this Nation grow in the midst of the changes in the global culture and to safeguard our seat as an active participant in world growth for our future generation.

Hence the TN50.

Never in the past administrations have we sought the views of the youths to help us chart the sort of future that they would want to live in. Maximum engagement is given under the leadership of Najib today.

In this respect, we must not plan our assault like we have nothing to lose with everything to gain, but put to the scale some diplomacy, our testimony from the last eight years, and a strong dash of youth to remind their peers not to fall into the trap of someone who banks on their ignorance of the past in the absence of the internet.

Seek That Balance, In The True Spirit Of The Symbol That Is Our Barisan Nasional Logo.

But If We Still Insist On Playing Strip Poker, Do Invite A Few Attractive Members From The Opposition Without The Same Dna.

It Would Be More Gratifying For Sure.

Thursday, April 6, 2017


The Panglima Mangku Negara (PMN)

The Panglima Setia Mahkota (PSM)

As I read the recent expose on the attempted bribery to secure the honorific title of "Tan Sri", I asked myself how one can have the gall to approach HRH The Sultan of Johor and make the offer. What drove him to it and what made him feel comfortable enough to do it? Well the buck had to stop somewhere, and this particular "Tan Sri" dialled the wrong number.

The purchase and sale of honorific titles from states have been widely known as an "open secret". I offer no prizes for the right answer to one most notorious in that respect.

But until recently there was nothing in the air to suggest that federal titles too were being compromised.

It is interesting to observe the revelations by the accused "Tan Sri" who in recent years have allegedly procured and profited from the sales and purchases of these titles. 

Yes, it has also been revealed that he was paid a lot more than he offered to the recommender of such titles perhaps irking the latter even more after its discovery.

Honorific titles should be reserved for those who have served the country with honours and not sold to high bidders. 

Many have died and were maimed in the line of duty to defend this country and have medals less befitting of their deeds pinned on their coffins. It therefore disgusts me to think that these non deserving characters who perhaps would be the first to flee the country in desperate times can flaunt their chested medals just by corrupting royalty.

The people deserve to know who have succeeded in securing the titles for money and which of the culprit or royal household is responsible for this gross miscarriage of the country's highest honours.

Those Who Have Been Proven To Be Guilty Of Buying The Titles Should Henceforth Be Stripped Of Them With Immediate Effect While The Royal Recommender Or Receiver Of The Bribe Should Be Revealed. 

The Persons May Have Immunity From Conviction Or Be Granted A Pardon. But The People Must See Them For Who They Really Are.

The Country's Honours Must Never Be Put To The Bid Lest It Will Diminish The Very Dignity Of Our "Negaraku Initiative".

Esteemed Recognition And How It Was Done Then

My Late Father Receiving The P.M.N. From His Majesty The First Yang DiPertuan Agong 

While The "Panglima Mangku Negara" (PMN) Has A limit Of 75, The Second Order In This Rank, The "Panglima Setia Mahkota" (PSM) Which Also Carries The Title "Tan Sri" Has A Limit Of 450 Honourable Holders At Any One Time. 

Last Year Alone, 52 Recipients Were Bestowed With This Order.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

210 Years On, We Thank You PDRM.

On Behalf Of The Patriot Foundation, We Would Like To Express Our Heartfelt And Unending Gratitude To The Royal Malaysian Police On This Day Commemorating The  210Th Year Of The Police Force On Malayan Soil Now Known As Malaysia. 

They Are Truly The Unsung Heroes Of Our Time. 
Even As Kuala Lumpur And Johor Bahru Celebrate Being Ranked The Second And Third Best Cities Respectively In South East Asia In Quality Of Living By Mercer, We See Many Quarters Claiming Credit But Forget That Without Members Of The Police Force Constantly Putting Their Lives On The Line Providing Us With The Blanket Of Security In Which We Sleep Under Every Night, No Recognition Of This Kind Can Ever Be Achieved.

Even Solemn Events Remembering Our Fallen Heroes Have Been Disrespectfully Turned Into A Personal Agenda Discussing Topics Of A Different Nature That At The End, Not Many In Attendance Remember What The Objective Of The Event Was In The First Place.

Let Us Not Take For Granted The Risks And Sacrifices Of Our Men In Blue And Humbly Offer Them Our Sincere Appreciation For Their Services To His Majesty Our King And Country.
They Deserve Our Full Respect And Honour. Heaven Knows They'Ve Certainly Earned It Many Times Over.

Bagi Pihak The Patriot Foundation, Kami Ingin Merakamkan Penghargaan Yang Tulus Ikhlas Dan Tidak Terhingga Kepada Polis Diraja Malaysia Pada Hari Ini, Sempena Memperingati Hari Polis Yang Ke-210 Tahun Di Tanah Melayu, Yang Kini Dikenali Sebagai Malaysia.

Mereka Adalah Sebenar-Benarnya Wira Yang Tidak Disanjung Pada Zaman Ini.

Sewaktu Kuala Lumpur Dan Johor Bahru Meraikan Kejayaan Dinobat Sebagai Bandaraya Kedua Dan Ketiga Terbaik Di Asia Tenggara Dalam Quality Of Living By Mercer, Banyak Pihak Yang Mendakwa Kredit, Namun Lupa Bahawa Tanpa Anggota Polis Yang Rela Bergadai Nyawa Demi Menyediakan Payung Keselamatan Yang Di Bawahnya Kita Dapat Berteduh Dan Tidur Nyenyak Saban Malam, Pengiktirafan Yang Sepertinya Ini Tidak Akan Tercapai.

Upacara-Upacara Menghormati Wira-Wira Yang Terkorban Pula, Yang Sepatutnya Dijalankan Dengan Penuh Takzim, Kadang Kala Tanpa Rasa Hormat Bertukar Dijadikan Agenda Peribadi Bagi Membicarakan Topik Yang Berbeza Yang Pada Akhirnya, Tidak Ramai Yang Hadir Sedar Apa Tujuan Utama Upacara Tersebut Diadakan.

Janganlah Kita Mengambil Mudah Risiko Dan Pengorbanan Wira-Wira Berseragam Biru Ini, Dan Marilah Kita Sama-Sama Dengan Tulus Ikhlas Merakamkan Setinggi-Tinggi Rasa Terima Kasih Di Atas Khidmat Mereka Kepada Raja Dan Negara Kita.

Mereka Berhak Dihormati Kerana Sesungguhnya, Kita Amat Terhutang Budi Kepada Mereka.

Monday, March 6, 2017


I commend the Johor Executive Councillor for taking leave pending the on-going investigations involving his son. 

It shows that honour and integrity is without question upheld under the state leadership of the Chief Minister of Johor.

We believe in the rule of law and everyone is innocent until proven guilty. However, if they are charged for the offence stated and proven to be guilty of the said charge, then the full brunt of the law should be hammered down on them. 

If indeed the national policy has been exploited and that the Malay agenda had been abused, depriving those who can afford homes of their rights for personal gain, that in my book constitutes TREASON.

The government is paid half of the 15 per cent discount in order for the unsold Bumi lots to be converted and sold to non Bumis. But it should not be transacted across the board even before the bumiputera public gets a chance to purchase them, prematurely assuming that there are no takers.

Moratorium on the bumi lots must be genuinely exhausted before the developers be made to pay the 7.5 per cent for conversion and not a day before.


Saya memuji keputusan Exco Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan kerana bercuti sementara siasatan SPRM melibatkan anaknya diteruskan.

Ini menunjukkan maruah dan integriti diutamakan di bawah kepimpinan YAB Menteri Besar Johor.

Kami percaya kepada kedaulatan undang-undang di mana kesemua orang tidak bersalah sehingga dibuktikan bersalah oleh mahkamah.

Namun jika mereka disabitkan dengan kesalahan dan terbukti bersalah, maka hukuman seberat mungkin mengikut undang-undang perlu dijatuhkan ke atas mereka.

Sekiranya mereka di dapati mengekploitasi dasar kerajaan dan menyalahgunakan Agenda Melayu, serta menidakkan hak mereka yang  berkemampuan untuk membeli rumah, saya menganggap mereka adalah PENGKHIANAT BANGSA.

Umum mengetahui Kerajaan dibayar separuh dari 15% potongan supaya lot Bumiputera yang tidak terjual ditukarkan statusnya untuk dijual kepada bukan Bumiputera.

Namun ia tidak seharusnya disalahgunakan sehingga menidakkan hak pembeli bumiputera berpeluang untuk membelinya, atau menganggap  mereka tidak berminat sebelum tempoh dan had yang telah ditetapkan terlebih dahulu oleh kerajaan negeri.

Moratorium untuk lot bumiputera mesti benar-benar luput sebelum pemaju dikehendaki membayar 7.5% kepada kerajaan untuk penukaran status, dan pemaju tidak seharusnya dibenarkan memohon untuk pertukaran tersebut wa'imah awal sehari pun dari yang telah tetapkan.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


When I first read about the cycling tragedy involving the manslaughter of the young teenagers in Johor Bahru, I felt rage more than sympathy.

I was enraged because this activity is widespread and known among all and sundry but the law had its limitations making enforcement futile.

This is because there is no commitment by the parents and no political will to ensure that this ill is being addressed.

Yet when an "accident waiting to happen" actually happens everyone comes forth to show fake sympathy and care just for publicity and mileage in popularity.

What the hell are we all doing?

Are we really serious in treating this fatal disease and eliminating the menace?

Or are we just awaiting the possible deaths of these youths reducing the number of "no hopers" among our future generation?

How can we pretend to care and emphathize with the families when we are the cause of recreational outlets to be shut down or changed to a venue far and inconvenient for them?

How can we encourage the survivors by pampering them even more by playing with emotions for votes when we know too well that action should be taken against them for negligence?

We cannot turn to agencies and the authorities to burden them further when the responsibility begins at home.

Let Us Be More Sincere In Our Care For The People We Serve. Prove Our Sympathy And Performance By Opening More Recreational Parks And Safe Cycling Lanes In The City For The Health Conscious People To Cycle To Work As Well As For Recreational Purposes.

Enough Of Playing To The Gallery At The Expense Of The Emotions Of Others.

The Driver In Question Must Undoubtedly Be Taken To Task For Her Wrong. So Do Too, The Guardians Of The Victims If Found To Be Negligent.

Do The Right Thing! Sympathy Should Be For Those Who Suffered The Agonising Deaths, Not For The Negligent Survivors. Save A Verse Of The Al Fateha For The Deceased.

May Their Souls Be Granted Peace.