Tuesday, September 29, 2009



UMNO has proven that it is a fair party that doesn’t practice discrimination on those who have served their sentence and remained loyal to the party.

Yes. Tan Sri Isa Abdul Samad has been nominated to stand in the Bagan Pinang by-election on a Barisan Nasional ticket. Now is the time for him to work hard to win it big for BN while clearing his name at the same time.

Isa Samad was suspended as member of UMNO for 3 years in 2005 for money politics while contesting and eventually winning the Vice Presidency of UMNO in 2004. Though he was singled out when several other parties were clearly guilty of the same, he remained loyal to the party, kept quiet and even campaigned for BN in Ijok. There is no rule in the UMNO Constitution that states that a guilty member who has served his punishment and was reinstated, cannot be nominated by the Party to stand as candidate in the National Elections. It is obvious that this also applies to the opposition which is even worse having ex-convicts stand as candidates in the elections who went on to win. Also, punishing a person twice for the same crime is considered “double jeopardy” in law.

Most importantly, fielding Isa is not about giving him a second chance. The fact remains that Isa is the best candidate that can bring in the numbers to win it for BN in Bagan Pinang, and that should be the main point at a time when UMNO really needs a boost in this arena. At the very least if he succeeds, the leadership should ensure that he grooms his successor for the General Elections in three years before he stands down.

Some skeptics within and out of UMNO may say that we may win this battle but will eventually lose the war. To them I ask, what Mickey Mouse War will we win on God’s earth if we lose all our battles? We should learn to go back to basics and cross one bridge at a time instead of dreaming of Disneyland. Now, Isa Samad MUST win this battle for us. If not, then I suggest Bank Negara monitors the outflow of liquid assets in the coming months leading to the General Elections. I suspect the opposition will not be as compassionate and weak as our own if they win the Government.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Malaysia! Is this a face you could say no to?

Ladies and gentlemen, usually I don’t write about entertainment in The Patriot but considering this upcoming concert unlike others, is of phenomenal (allow me this slight exaggeration) National interest, I make it an exception this one time. In fact it even had the esteemed Information, Heritage and Communications Minister, Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim coming out in its defense on the condition that Ms Beyonce Knowles, the Grand Mistress of R&B behave and dress appropriately on stage. Yes, her most lethal arsenal will presumably be under covers because in Malaysia being herself on stage without condition could be misconstrued as “ reckless endangerment “ which could be an appropriate title for her Kuala Lumpur gig.

Anyway, lately I’ve been exchanging views on the topic of beauty. Honestly speaking, in most cases, when the subject is less attractive cosmetically, his or her heart will be used as compensation to maintain the credentials of being a “beautiful” person. In life we rarely discover a perfect package, which is the case even in Hollywood, in the world of pretense. A person would either be more beautiful outside than she is inside or the flip-side where she is less attractive cosmetically but beautiful in spirit.

What does this have to do with Ms Knowles you may ask? Well she is one performer who sings like a nightingale, looks like an angel, moves like the ultimate seductress and cares with full compassion and humility as shown when she corrected a gross injustice done towards a winning Country singer whose acceptance speech was rudely interrupted by a common trash of a rapper, in the recent MTV Awards. Ms Knowles is a first rate artiste.

For her to perform here avoiding impure thoughts by her gentlemen “fanatics”, she might have to wear a straight jacket restricting her moves even in a Hijab. If ever there will be an entertainer who comes to Kuala Lumpur in a complete package, it will be Beyonce.

If we can have local artistes who are known junkies perform live and on National television making them disastrous role models for the natives, why can’t we allow a drug free lady who carries herself well as a member of the performing arts to perform in front of affluent City folks?

I congratulate the Information, Heritage and Communications Minister for being open yet maintaining some of our Eastern culture by controlling the behavior and dress code of visiting foreign artistes without banning them altogether. This also helps our tourism industry as I gather there will be a huge influx of her fans from as far as Japan and Australia coming to enjoy her show and the hospitality of a multi-cultured One Malaysia.

For those who will be there, enjoy what might be the greatest show in Kuala Lumpur perhaps second only to Michael Jackson’s many years ago. To those politicians who prefer to be safe and remain “elegantly silent” on this matter, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you there in the front rows :-p

Thursday, September 24, 2009



Everyone seems to have their own opinion on the candidate for the Bagan Pinang by-election. The thing is, do these outsiders know the area? Do they know what the people there want? Do the locals care what the rest of Malaysia thinks? Shouldn’t we think of what is important to the locals more than how it’s going to affect our chances in the 13th General Elections? We seem to have lost our focus. It used to be how we serve the locals in every locality by getting the best candidates to serve them and when we have done so in unison, all localities in the entire country would altogether in turn give us the mandate to run the government in the General Elections. What logic is there to think of what the rest of Malaysia would want if we put up a candidate in Bagan Pinang that will not serve them well? That is darn right selfish. On the contrary, we should strengthen the service of our representatives in all of the constituencies in the whole country, not compromise by nominating a weak representative in Bagan Pinang on the basis of his/ her political hygiene as opposed to a slightly tarnished veteran who is powerful and well received by the locals on top of being the sole candidate whom the Telok Kemang UMNO division is united in supporting.

There are a couple of ironies in the trail of UMNO by-elections.

1. We had several disunited UMNO divisions which were not agreeable to any one candidate because of the split within but the leadership had to make a choice and came up with the wrong one.

2. We have a united UMNO division which is cock sure of the candidate they want and will work their backsides off for, but the leadership is being pressured to drop him at the risk of working with a half-hearted machinery. The leadership will probably select a clean candidate but not necessarily a winnable one.

This is my “ quick and dirty “ take on it. Let’s stop looking at the bigger picture even before the painting has begun. Just make sure that everyone paints his section of the masterpiece properly and when everyone has done their part without a smudge, everything will fall in place nicely in the big picture making it a masterpiece that can be sent to Christy’s International for auction.

In other words, every BN representative whether shadow or otherwise should work hard in their own designated service area and if everyone does his/ her part in satisfying the Rakyat, then Barisan Nasional will sweep to a landslide victory in the next General Election under the stewardship of Dato Sri’ Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak.

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir has opined that we should not field Isa because of the disciplinary action taken upon him by UMNO which he has duly served. Well it is an open secret that the Disciplinary Board under pressure practiced selective prosecution and if it did its job without prejudice, more than half of the Supreme Council might have been punished as well.

Having the utmost respect and gratitude for Tun being the leader that has put Malaysia properly on the map in numerous sectors in the economy and finance, his opinion on the choice of candidates however should be taken with a pinch of salt considering it is not his forte.

1. We lost Kelantan because as Prime Minister then, Tun wanted to retain the Menteri Besar Tan Sri Yaacob Mohamed, against the wish of the mass.

2. We lost Terengganu also because he chose to retain Wan Mokhtar, the Menteri Besar who served three Sultans, under extreme opposition from the rakyat.

3. He hand-picked Anwar Ibrahim to succeed him even when there was a catalogue of more senior, aspiring and qualified candidates in UMNO to choose from. Everyone knows what became of that.

4. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was his choice for Deputy President of UMNO and Deputy Prime Minister when the greater majority of UMNO delegates including the writer voted Najib in as number one Vice President beating the former hands down with eyes shut in every single UMNO election. Tun’s final choice brought the Barisan Nasional to its knees and almost destroyed national unity, the very fabric of our society due to the total incompetence of his said choice. We are still struggling to regain our position though Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib has stopped the hemorrhage.

The ultimate question here should be; Does Bagan Pinang Want Isa Samad Or Not? If the un-doctored 5 agency intelligence findings say that they don’t want him, then we should find a suitable replacement but if they want him, then by God put him there as our candidate and let the other BN representatives take care of the rest of Malaysia!

Don’t think of winning the war when we can’t even win small battles.
The decision is staring us point blank. Make the right choice for BAGAN PINANG!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Is it going back to the old days again when minor princlings go to clubs marking their territory trying to prove who is more royal than the other? In the 80s we saw the children of one particular Head of State gallivanting and controlling the discos in town each having bodyguards to intimidate other patrons of the clubs they frequent.

In the 90s, then Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed and UMNO put a stop to criminal intimidation by certain irresponsible royal parties by amending the Constitution. Things became much better ever since and after behaving in the proper fashion, the Royal members were restored certain privileges befitting their position in the society.

Today, it seems it has reared its ugly head again, with a battery of bodyguards flaunting their muscles on the highway and in established clubs downtown Kuala Lumpur. I hope this time, the government won’t have to take out “ the stick “ yet again to put everyone in their proper places.

Recently, a member of Negeri Sembilan’s former first family, claimed that he was assaulted by the third in line to the Johor throne reportedly at the Crowne Plaza at Jalan Sultan Ismail after having a friction at a club downtown. He claimed to have been beaten by the Johor Prince while a gun was being pointed to his head by the same. That’s an awkward position as I personally would think that pistol whipping him would have been more affective and easier. Anyway, the alleged victim’s mother came to his rescue when in a rare opportunistic moment he managed to communicate with her.

Now I don’t know this chap from Negeri Sembilan but I have encountered the Raja Muda of Johor several times and even once took my time driving off from a VIP parking space while he patiently waited for his turn. His bodyguards didn’t even rush to me to shoo me off, and this was on Johor soil. He seemed like a gentleman then and not at all big headed like he is painted out to be. People can change though but there is an easy solution to uncovering the truth. If all this happened in the lobby elevator and the corridors of the Crowne Plaza, then the CCTV recordings on that evening should shed some light .

1. If it shows that the event didn't occur the way it was claimed, then the liar should be charged
for perjury.

2. If it did occur the same way the accuser had claimed then the Johor Prince and his goons
should be charged for assault with a deadly weapon and put in the slammer.

3. If the CCTVs were not working, then both should sue the so called 5 Star Crowne Plaza for
failing to take proper precautionary measures to preserve the security of its guests and
denying all parties of the whole truth.

The alleged victim’s mother sought RM50 million in damages and an apology, even said that her son is priceless and it’s not about the money, contradicting herself in one whole breath. I’d think that if it was indeed for justice, then she shouldn’t throw in the damages with an apology but instead demand for nothing less than a jail sentence for the Raja Muda of Johor. Adding the fact that her son just completed a chemotherapy course for cancer made her plea for sympathy from the public really pathetic considering he was presumably celebrating the end of the treatment at an alcohol infested night club as opposed to paying gratitude to the Almighty in front of the Ka'abah in Mecca.

The Home Minister, as much as I hate to relate anything to him in my blog, has said that the delay in the investigation in this case is because there was an effort to settle it between the two parties privately. Now from what little I know of the law, when there is criminal intimation with a deadly weapon thrown in, even if the two parties decide to settle it privately, the Attorney General is bound by duty to open the case for investigation.

Whatever the case may be, the bottom line is; one irresponsible royalty MUST come out paying the price to society for being a public nuisance and bringing the Malaysian Royalty to shame and exposing the Institution to further bashing from the Rakyat. The Special Court to my knowledge is to hear cases involving only Sultans and Royal Heads of States. Minor princlings must be subjected to the normal court of law along with other peasants of the State.

An example must be made for the other members of the royalty and even more importantly children of rich local politicians with powerful strings to pull so that everyone knows that in the eyes of God and the law of the land, everyone is as equal as the teeth of a comb. As we are accountable to God in the hereafter, we are equally accountable to society for our misguided ways in this current life.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Asalamualaikum WBT.

Kepada semua rakan-rakan dan pengunjung blog " The Patriot " samada yang menyumbang mahupun yang membaca atau mengintai sahaja, kami sekeluarga ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 1430H. Dengan tulus ikhlas, kami menyusun jari memohon Ampun dan Maaf, Zahir dan Bathin di atas segala ketelanjuran bahasa atau peradaban yang mungkin menghiris hati samada disedari ataupun tidak selama kita berkenalan.

Semoga Saudara/ Saudari sekeluarga senantiasa dibawah peliharaan Allah SWT.


Tengku Putra H. A. Jumat
Johor Darul Takzim

Friday, September 18, 2009


The House should be cleansed of the stench left by our ungrateful guests.

If UMNO doesn’t take umbrage and reacts sternly on the behaviour of the Malaysian Indian Congress, then it is only right for me to brand the whole Supreme Council members as traitors to the party! I can start with this paragraph this way because I’m sure everyone knows what event preceded this statement.

This Indian party, whose President is rich beyond any average wealthy Indian’s dream, held their meeting in the Merdeka Hall of the Putra World Trade Centre presumably belonging to UMNO and hurled verbal diarrhea at the Party which graciously allowed them to use their premise for the yearly event. If ever there was a bunch of ingrates it would be the Malaysian Indian Congress party.

Everyone knows how this Indian party works and it is almost as if the majority of her members wouldn’t even breathe unless they get the permission to do so from their President. In that respect, it is difficult to fathom how a delegate, without the blessings of their President would be brave enough to show total disrespect and rudeness for UMNO, the party that has done more for them then any other in the history of this Nation and her former President, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed. The plot not unlike one coming from a Tamil movie is so predictable allowing a delegate to speak ill of another party only to take action against the person as though he was surprisingly “ out of line ” altogether vindicating the mastermind behind the whole fiasco.

The Indians unlike the Chinese have no majority over any constituency that they contest in. The MCA and GERAKAN candidates will contest in the areas where the Chinese hold a majority, while UMNO, out of comraderie (charity is more like it) will allow MIC to contest in areas where there is Malay majority. All the seats that the Indian candidates have won were from the votes given by the Malays. After the last general election, even after failing to win the Indian votes for BN, the MIC were given a full Minister’s post and two Deputy Ministerships, yet they say that the Malays, UMNO and BN have done nothing for their community when all this while UMNO and BN have been watching their backs for them. Couldn’t it be that the Malays, UMNO and Barisan Nasional have done a lot for them, but the development and allocations have not reached the Indians directly and properly through the hands of the Malaysian Indian Congress Party? Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed has done more for the Indians in 22 years than their own President has since Tan Sri Manikavasagam. That is why Tun thought it appropriate to speak up for them as an elder Statesman, but he was viciously attacked in fiery speeches offering to garland his picture with slippers, the lowest form of insult the Indians can offer to anyone.

There is a saying that even fluffy beasts with fleas know how to be grateful to the hand that feeds them. I am not only disgusted at the insult on Tun Dr Mahathir, but I am also appalled at their accusation towards UMNO and the Malay leadership after the latter carried them like a bad baggage for the better part of post independence after Manikavasagam. The Indians have rejected the MIC. Instead of winning them back, they blame the whole Barisan Nasional specifically UMNO.

It is time we did away with this parasite and found new partners who are more sincere in serving the Indian community and grateful to their brothers in Barisan Nasional. Being soft hearted and timid unlike authentic Malay leaders of the past, UMNO leaders today may not be in the position to pressure MIC out of Barisan Nasional. But at the very least, to stay non-treacherous to the party that best represents the Malay race, the Supreme Council must choose to forbid the further use of UMNO property by the Malaysian Indian Congress in future. Anything less than such an action will paint the party as being weak bordering subservient to artificial strength shown by even weaker parties within the Barisan Nasional.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Resolusi ini diserahkan kepada Majlis Kerja Tertinggi UMNO melalui YAB Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam semasa beliau menyandang jawatan Naib Presiden UMNO pada 21hb April 2006 di Dewan Jubli Intan, Johor Bahru.


Menyedari betapa pentingnya generasi belia remaja terutama anak-anak Melayu sebagai pewaris bangsa pada masa hadapan, maka satu pelan tindakan serta perancangan secara holistik perlu diambil terutama dalam menangani segala macam penyakit sosial yang melanda masa kini.

Setiap kali Perhimpunan Agung diadakan, topik mengenai Ekonomi, Pendidikan, Agama dan Sosial hangat diperkata dan dibahaskan. Namun setiap kali berakhir persidangan, segala yang disuarakan tidak lebih kepada retorik semata-mata tanpa tindakan susulan atau pemantauan.

Memang tidak dinafikan kerajaan yang diketuai oleh UMNO telah melabur dan membelanjakan berjuta-juta ringgit semenjak kita merdeka 49 tahun yang lalu dalam bidang pelajaran, ekonomi serta meningkatkan prasarana supaya seluruh rakyat dapat hidup dengan aman, makmur dan sejahtera.

Kini tiba masanya, kerajaan memberi perhatian yang serius terhadap pembangunan modal insan sebagaimana yang di sarankan oleh YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi, Perdana Menteri Malaysia, terutama kepada para belia remaja supaya agenda untuk melahirkan generasi yang berwibawa, mantap jiwa serta minda dan patriotik akan terlaksana.

Maka perlaksanaan tidak tertumpu kepada perkara-perkara yang rutin atau sediada tetapi kita harus peka dan berani kepada punca sesuatu permasalahan yang berlaku dikalangan anak-anak Melayu khasnya.

Beberapa kajian dan penyelidikan telah di buat secara rambang oleh ahli-ahli jawatankuasa Biro dan inilah hasil siasatan kami di atas permasalahan anak Bangsa kita.


1. Anak-anak gadis Melayu yang tidak berapa pandai selepas tingkatan lima sudah tidak lagi berminat untuk belajar memandangkan mereka boleh meraih pendapatan yang lumayan menjadi GRO dan “ Call girl”. Mula-mula mereka mendapat kerja mengikut kelulusan pendidikan mereka, dan seterusnya mereka mencari hasil sampingan seperti yang di sebut di atas. Kemudain mereka mencari rumah sewa di kalangan rakan- rakan yang sehaluan dengan mereka supaya ibubapa mereka tidak banyak soal.

Di dapati mereka ini, datangnya dari keluarga yang tidak begitu berada. Ibu mereka pun segan hendak menanyakan pekerjaan anak mereka dan lebih senang dengan menerima sumbangan bulanan dari anaknya tanpa banyak soal. Umpamanya, jika ada ayam di atas meja, asalkan bukan daging khinzir, kalau tidak di tanya samada ianya di sembelih atau tidak, di kira tidak haram.

2. Ramai juga anak-anak gadis Melayu yang berada di Pusat-Pusat Pengajian Tinggi mejadi GRO dan ‘Call Girl’. Mereka di “recruit” semasa sedang minum bersama penuntut-penuntut gadis yang lain di gerai-gerai di kampus. Mereka di tarik untuk berkerja sambilan tanpa menggangu waktu pengajian mereka. Salah satu sebab perkara ini sukar untuk di kesan oleh ibubapa dan pihak berkenaan adalah kerana mereka dapat mengekalkan perestasi keputusan perperiksaan semester mereka walaupun berkerja sebagai “call girl” atau GRO sambilan. Mereka ini bukan jenis GRO yang berlegar di lounge karaoke tetapi di beri telefon bimbit asing dari yg di gunakan untuk keluarga dan akan di panggil mengikut pada waktu luar dari waktu pengajian. Ada kereta yang mengambil dan menghantar mereka pulang. Hasil dari itu, mereka boleh mendapat dalam lingungan RM1,500 ke RM 2,000 sebulan. Suatu lagi hasil penyelidikan umum. Di tahun antar 60an dan 90an, gadis-gadis muda lebih suka bergaul dan berasmara dengan jejaka sebaya dengan mereka dan menganggap geli –gelam kepada orang yang berumur. Kini, orang yang berumur dan berkedudukan di dalam dunia social, kewangan mahupun politik yang di kejar gadis-gadis muda ini. Tepuk dada, tanya selera.

3, Semakin ramai remaja Melayu yang terjebak dalam aktiviti lumba haram.
Lumba haram ini di anjurkan oleh musuh-musuh kita dengan menggunakkan anak-anak Melayu supaya bertarung nyawa untuk keuntungan mereka. Anak-anak Melayu ini pula mendapat upah yang lumayan serta ganjaran haram iaitu seorang gadis untuk seketika jika menang. Mereka juga berpendapat bahawa mengelak tahanan pihak berkuasa itu adalah suatu “thrill “ bagi mereka.

4. Terlalu mudah untuk membeli minimum keras di tempat seperti 7 Eleven.
Kalau di negara barat pun, ada tempat-tempat yang tertentu sahaja yang menjual minuman keras dan juga di hadkan waktu perniagaannya. Di samping itu, orang muda yang membelinya harus mengeluarkan kad pengenalannya untuk memasti umurnuya cukup mengikut undang-undang. Di sini, anak Melayu perempuan yang bawah umur jika beli minuman keras di kedai jenis 24 jam, gadis Islam bertudung yang menjaga cashier itu tanpa soal dan segan akan mengambil duit dan seterusnya membungkus belian itu. Inilah kebebasan yang boleh di salahgunakan oleh rakyat kita. Kalau di negara barat, ada tempat-tempat ( Dry County )yang mengharamkan sama sekali penjualan dan meminum minuman keras di khalayak ramai bukan kerana agama, tetapi kerana takutkan keruntuhan moral di kalangan masyarakatnya. Kita seharusnya lebih mulia kerana bukan sahaja kita takut akan keruntuhan moral tetapi juga ia adalah salah dan haram di sisi Agama Islam, Agama rasmi negara kita.

5. Disko atau pusat-pusat hiburan seperti karaoke yang beroperasi lebih had waktu dengan tenaga kerja terdiri dari anak-anak Melayu yang beragama Islam. Penguatkuasa dan penguasa yang mengeluarkan lesen tidak ikhlas dalam menjalankan tanggungjawab dan hukuman. Pengusaha-pengusaha ini juga menggunakan orang-orang tertentu untuk mendapatkan perlindungan dari penguatkuasa.

6. Tiadanya kawalan dan pemantauan yang serius terhadap anak-anak Melayu di bawah had umur mengunjungi tempat-tempat hiburan tersebut. Tempat-tempat hiburan seperti disko dan sebagainya adalah nilai dan budaya barat yang di bawa ke sini. Namun demikian, di negara barat, tempat-tempat sebegini ada pengawal had umur yang bertugas di depan pintu untuk memastikan pelanggan-pelanggannya itu berumur lebih dari yang di tetapkan. Mereka di suruh menunjukkan kad pengenalan mereka di pintu sebelum masuk membayar “cover charge”. Di Malaysia, nampaknya lebih hebat kerana tiada orang yang tetap di depan pintu untuk mengawal umur pelanggannya. Malah, kalau ada yang gadis-gadis yang muda dan menawan di beri masuk dengan minuman percuma lagi. Apalah yang boleh di harapkan dengan serbuan sekali-sekala oleh pihak yang berkuasa untuk sementara waktu sahaja.

7. Berleluasanya gejala seks bebas, penagihan dadah dan pil-pil hayal. Ini boleh di dapati di dalam pusat-pusat hiburan sebagaiman di lihat selepas setiap serbuan yang mana ujian air kencing di lakukan dengan ramai yang pulang dengan keputusan positif.

8. Penampilan hiburan, kemewahan, kedudukan serta penonjolan sensasi dan popular yang terkelaluan dalam media massa dan elektronik


Sehingga kini peratusan orang Melayu yang berkualiti semakin mengecil jika dibandingkan dengan nisbah anak-anak Melayu yang rosak serta mengalami keruntuhan akhlak. Kita akan mengalami ketandusan anak-anak lelaki sebagai pemimpin lebih-lebih lagi sebagai ketua keluarga dan anak-anak perempuan yang bakal melahir dan meneruskan zuriat yang bersih lagi suci.

Melayu mudah lupa tetapi musuh-musuh tidak pernah leka dari melihat kelemahan serta kepincangan kita. Apa yang lebih bahaya adalah musuh dalam selimut, gunting dalam lipatan. Kapak yang dibuat dari besi tidak boleh memotong kayu tetapi kayu juga yang memotong kayu kerana mata kapak tanpa kayunya tidak boleh digunakan. Maksudnya rosaknya Melayu bukan kerana orang lain tetapi kerana orang Melayu juga.

Kita harus ingat bahawa dalam tempoh tiga tahun lagi, Casino dan pusat hiburan gergasi yang akan menghidangkan bermacam peluang maksiat akan di buka di negara jiran kita. Apakah langkah kita untuk mengelakkan dari penghijrahan anak-anak bangsa kita ke tempat sedemikian untuk mencari makan? Di sana, mereka tak perlu menjelajah dunia kerana di situlah terdapat segala yang ada di serata dunia. Anak-anak bangsa kita yang di sana mahu pun yang di sini akan mendapat peluang-peluang berkerja yang luas memandangkan rupa dan paras mereka lebih menawan dari yang lain. Andaikata pendapatan di sana sangat lumayan dan kita belum sempat membetulkan akhlak anak-anak kita, maka yang graduan menganggurpun akan berhijrah ke sana.


Sehubungan itu, Biro Pendidikan UMNO Bahagian Pulai mencadangkan:

a. Di haramkan gadis-gadis dan pelanggan-pelanggan Melayu Islam dari berkerja atau mengunjung tempat-tempat hiburan yang menawarkan GRO yang terdapat unsur-unsur maksiat dan yang boleh mendatangkan fitnah serta terdapatnya pergaulan bebas antara lelaki dan perempuan secara sulit. Kalaupun perniagaan itu di benarkan berterusan, maka gunakan orang-orang selain dari anak bangsa Melayu. Ini sudahpun di jadikan undang-undang di Casino di Genting dan di tempat-tempat perjudian seperti sports toto dan 4D di Johor.

b. Haramkan penjualan minuman keras dari tempat-tempat seperti 7-eleven dan lain-lain tetapi keluarkan lesen khas untuk kedai-kedai yang hanya boleh menjual minuman arak sahaja dengan had waktu yang tertentu.

c. Semakan kad atau tanda pengenalan dan umur secara serius terhadap semua pengunjung kedai arak dan menharamkan sama sekali umat Islam dari memasuki kedai itu. Tentukan umur pengunjung mestilah 21 keatas

d. Semakan kad atau tanda pengenalan dan umur secara kritikal di pintu masuk pusat hiburan. Tentukan umur pengunjung mestilah 21 keatas.

e. Peraturan beroperasi yang ketat, levi serta cukai yang tinggi terhadap pengusaha-pengusaha pusat hiburan dan tidak melebihi jam 1.00 pagi.

f. Merujuk perkara a-f, jika pengusaha perniagaan tersebut di dapati melanggar undang-undang yang di tetapkan, maka pengusahanya patut di sita dengan bayaran yang tinggi atau dihukum penjara dan perniagaannya akan di tutup untuk tempoh masa sebulan. Dengan adanya undang-undang ini, maka pengusaha perniagaan tersebut semuanya akan bersikap lebih bertanggungjawab keatas pelanggan mereka.

g. Tindakan keras serta pemantauan secara berterusan dan bukannya bermusim oleh semua pihak yang berwajib.

h. Mengadakan hukuman yang lebih keras kepada pelumba haram yang menyebabkan mereka takut untuk mengulangi kerja yang bahaya itu. Setakat mengumpul mereka dan mengimpaun motor mereka tidak memadai. Merampas motor-motor mereka di syorkan supaya mesej ini kesampaian hingga ke akar umbi warga “Mat Rempit”.

i. Kawalan dan semakan semula terhadap semua jenis penerbitan samada dalam media massa atau elektornik yang menonjolkan keghairahan atau penampilan yang melampau artis-artis tempatan samada dari segi berpakaian, percakapan, gossip serta tingkahlaku.

j. Menghadkan rancangan-rancangan hiburan dan fantasi hanya kepada saluran stesyen TV berbayar dan tidak di siaran TV umum yang terlalu mudah diikuti oleh semua golongan tanpa kawalan.

k. Menarik semula lesen penerbitan akhbar-akhbar, majalah dan bahan bacaan picisan yang tiada langsung memberi nilai tambah (Value-added) terhadap pembangunan modal insan serta tatasusila orang-orang Melayu yang beragama Islam. Lebih-lebih lagi mencerminkan kedaulatan bahasa, budaya dan kejayaan bangsa Melayu.


Firman Allah SWT dalam Surah Al Nisa’ ayat 9 yang bermaksud, ‘Hendaklah kamu takut akan meninggalkan generasi yang lemah. Maka hendaklah kamu bertaqwa kepada Allah dan bercakap benar’.

Kita hanya tinggal kuasa. Dari ketua negara, ketua kerajaan, ketua negeri, ketua kementerian, ketua penguatkuasa atau kita namakan saja dimana saja peringkatnya, pasti semuanya Melayu yang beragama Islam. Antara ekonomi dan pelajaran, tepuk dada tanyalah selera.. Renungilah sajak Perjuangan Belum Selesai dan Teks Ucapan Melayu Mudah Lupa.

Kita datang dari tempat dan daerah yang berbeza tetapi bangunnya kita dari fajar yang sama. Merenung jauh akan matlamat dan cita-cita, berbekal keinsafan, kesedaran dan tanggungjawab, marilah kita bangunkan kembali maruah bangsa supaya kembali gagah dan perkasa.

Merujuk akan Konsep Islam Hadhari iaitu:

Perkara 7 Pembelaan Hak Kumpulan Minoriti dan Wanita
Perkara 8 Keutuhan Budaya dan Moral dan
Perkara 10 Kekuatan Pertahanan

Maka Biro Pendidikan UMNO Bahagian Pulai mengemukakan Resolusi untuk dibawa keperingkat Majlis Tertinggi UMNO bagi diambil tindakan seterusnya.

Are We Wagging the Dog or Walking the Talk?

Above is a Resolution I presented on behalf of the Pulai UMNO Education Bureau to the Supreme Council through the then Vice President Dato’ Seri Mohd Ali Rustam at the Dewan Jubli Intan, Johor Bahru in conjunction with the launching of our Education Fund.

This Resolution not only identifies the social and moral problems facing the Malays, like they do in every single UMNO General Assembly I have ever attended as a delegate, but it also provided solutions to some of the problems that could be adopted by the government through UMNO that might reduce the ill ways of our future generation.

3 years and 5 months after presenting the Resoultion, no action has been taken by the Government. Issues that could have been avoided such as the one touching on alcohol and the Muslim in Pahang is blown out of proportion and given negative publicity today.

It is my strong view that with the lack of affirmative action taken after presenting the Resolution to UMNO then, either the Supreme Council wasn’t interested at all in finding a solution or Ali Rustam didn’t care to do his duty by presenting the paper to them.

Some would say the proper channel would be by tabling a motion in the division in its Annual General Meeting. Yeah right. Been there, done that. What better way is there, then to present it officially to the Vice President who sits in the bi-monthly meeting that goes on for hours each time discussing only God knows what?

What baffles me is the grassroots are constantly told that WE need to change and be more effective in our service when the top brass have been sitting on our research and hard work suggesting ways to solve OUR big problem.

It is time the Malay politicians stop trying to be individually popular and start to arrest the moral decadence of their own people. The number of quality Malays are declining rapidly and we keep on acknowledging it without taking affirmative action.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Lovely and Wonderful! Now let’s walk the talk and start with establishing One School For All because that is where we really should break down all racial barriers and begin to unite. Let us channel the government funding to this ONE school system and be damned with bowing to extortion from different races for their own schools in fear of losing support in the general election.

We are 100% behind you Dato Sri’ on this special message to Malaysians on Merdeka Day.
One Malaysia, One School System and Zero Tolerance on Lip Service by all political leaders representing their communities.