Thursday, May 29, 2008


After the pathetic episode of apologizing for the failure to defend our heritage, I thought Dato' Sri Hishammuddin's situation in the eyes of the UMNO folks couldn't get any worse. I was wrong. The press keeps on hounding him for his position on certain matters making him think that he is an important figure in today's politics when they are actually doing it to make him look more insignificant than he already is, by his own doing. Instead of working hard and quick about improving the state of the party after the recent setback which would make the president's life easier, he is out defending the president into regression. To add to that, his goodwill effort isn't reciprocated by the person he is defending.

Malaysiakini quoted Hishammuddin as saying: "Ezam perlu bermula dari bawah", yet Ezam handed his UMNO application form to the highest authority in the party with much fanfare. Some say that the Youth Chief is shooting blank cartridges. I say that he is shooting live bullets which have homing devices zoomed in to his own foot.

Dato' Sri Hishammuddin is bleeding profusely politically speaking, and if he doesn't stop haemorrhaging, he will lose whatever ancesteral leverage he has left to his advantage.

What Hisham says means nothing anymore to anyone. He is uselss and a wasted talent. In short Hishammuddin was someone with promising political prospects for higher office. But we can no longer ignore the gap between reality and the promise. His days of riding on his family name are numbered.

Hisham, if you can't make a difference, remain silent or risk looking daft. You are Chief Of the UMNO Youth!!! Live up to it!!!