Sunday, May 31, 2009


From left to right: Tan Sri Tengku Abdul Hamid Jumat, Mr David Marshall, Tun Sir Tan Cheng Lock, YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Alhaj on the way to the meeting with Chin Peng.
Standing second from left is Tan Sri Syed Jaafar Albar; extreme right is Tan Sri Tengku Abdul Hamid Jumat; seated from left to right are Mr David Marshall, YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Alhaj and Tun Sir Tan Cheng Lock at the Baling Talks.

Note : There is a letter dated 9th November 1957 from the then Prime Minister YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Alhaj to my late father preceeding the events in the two pictures above but I am awaiting clearance from the National Security Division before publishing it as it has the Prime Minister's seal with the words "Top Secret" marked on the top right hand corner of the document pertaining to the Baling Talks with Chin Peng.

Back to the present, Prime Minister Najib Razak took his time but was crisp in his message last week to the communist sympathizers residing in this country. NO ENTRY TO CHIN PENG!! (I won’t use the word homecoming because it is only for those whose home this is. It does not apply to this retired butcher!).

Some of my friends have aired similar sentiments to my earlier one that Chin Peng should be brought home to face charges for War Crimes. Though I agreed with the idea initially, on hindsight, I think it would bring chaos because certain parties will surely politicize the issue and demonstrate and this time, there WILL be blood on the streets. Furthermore, we don’t need his carcass to contaminate our soil!

According to Professor Dato’ Dr Ramlah Adam in the program Isu on TV1 Sunday night, due to certain sensitivities, some of the facts were suppressed since the beginning in fear of raising anger and anxiety among the people but since there have been recent calls for the return of Chin Peng by ignorant parties, what happened during those trying times have to be told, some of which were the tearing of the Quran by them and using pages from the Holy Book to clean their private parts with. This gives credence to the story told by the grandmother of a close friend who is also the mother of a former Minister from Pasir Salak, that the communists came into the kampongs and made speeches ordering the Muslims to perform their Friday prayers on Sundays instead. Naturally many of them never made it out of the kampongs after that and the Muslims who ventured into towns in return were never to be seen again in their kampongs. But we can see what their main agenda was. They wanted the Muslims to eventually give up their faith, abolish the Sultanates and rule by terror. Today, though indirect in the beginning stages, we can see that it is heading towards that, this time with the help of Malay traitors who openly defy the Perak Sultan’s decision in accordance to the Perak Constitution.

Therefore, instead of entertaining and responding to fake democrats who are communists at heart here in Malaysia, the Government would do better by looking up the records to see who were massacred by the communists and left to float in the river, and search for their families to give them some kind of compensation or recognition in the form of funds or pieces of land for their sacrifices in the service of the Nation.

The Commander in Chief, His Majesty the King should present it personally in a ceremony to show the Nation's gratitude, and to send a LOUD signal to the Commie lovers in this country that we give no quarter to their forefathers!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


The P.M.N. (Panglima Mangku Negara) was bestowed upon my late father by His Majesty the First Yang Di Pertuan Agong which first carried the title " Dato " but was later changed to " Tan Sri " maintaining the old Order or Initials.

I really can’t fathom the front page attention given to foreign Datukships being conferred on social climbers and the sort. I say that I can’t understand what the big fuss is all about because judging by the ridiculous number of people being conferred yearly by Their Royal Highnesses the Sultans and Their Excellencies the Yang Di Pertuas Negeri in Malaysia, the title of Datuk has become less significant and is almost of no value in today’s society.

I mean there have been occasions when one State gave out up to 90 Datukships at one time and in the usual events in other States except for the State of Johor Darul Taqzim, they run up to half a century every time. I have also seen some people of very dubious characters receiving these awards by Sultans, not knowing how to construct even one simple sentence in Bahasa Melayu. We have also read in the past that there were people receiving awards with police records. Again, I am wondering why we are fussing over foreign Datukships.

Once I was at a wedding and there were two speeches made on the evening, one by the bride’s father and the other by the groom’s buddy who was the sponsor for the wedding, a young gentleman who got rich the traditional way, by inheritance. Both speakers were Datuks. The first and elder one was a retired civil servant. I knew this because when the second chap spoke he said it was difficult for him, a corporate Datuk, to have his speech be compared to the more seasoned civil servant Datuk. What does that mean? Did he insinuate that his title was bought?

I also know of one lady who abuses her title to the max, talks down and loudly to people wherever she is regardless of the company she is with, talks with her mouth full and wears clothes like she has no mirror at home. Whenever I see this Dato’, I wonder if the person who recommended her to H.R.H. was mentally stable the day he made his decision. I also wonder if those conferring the awards know and are aware of the characters they pin their State Medals on. This lady Dato’, and I’m sure there are many more Dato's like her out there, reflects badly on the Palace every time she opens her mouth and people have asked me before with their heads shaking, "please tell me which State conferred this title on her?" Of course, without hesitation, I respond swiftly registering to them that Datukship from that particular State is of cheap value, not because it was purchased, but because of the high number it produces and the characters it is decorated on.

About three years ago, on two occasions I flipped through the newspapers and saw a congratulatory message for two gentlemen from the same company being conferred the title Dato’ by one of the Royal Houses in Malaysia. In another event I was introduced at a Country Club to a young Dato’ in his early 20s. I believed his title to be authentic because I was introduced to him by a former Menteri Besar before he retired. I wonder at that age, what could have been his deed to the State in question to deserve such an honour?

My argument here is that we should forget about highlighting the foreign Datukships as these procurers never misrepresented themselves as producing titles from local Palaces. Also those who were “donating” to their funds were well aware that they were conferment from a foreign land. Before we do take them seriously, we should first raise concerns over the almost unlimited number of Datukships given to people who have absolutely nothing to do with the respective States giving them out locally.

Gone are the days when initials followed the surnames like the one I saw in my late father’s call card that had P.M.N. (Panglima Mangku Negara) after his titled name. Perhaps it’s because so many fake Datuks are roaming around not wanting to be checked but feeling absolutely free because they are among tens of thousands with the same title in town. So outrageous are the number of Datuks today, even the car-jockeys at the hotels are calling everyone stepping out of their vehicles “Datuk” because nine times out of ten, he is spot on!

I strongly urge with the utmost respect and loyalty to the Royal Households in this country and the Government of the States with Governors, to restrict the decoration of Datukship to only those deserving and who have served in their respective States, to PRESERVE or rather RESTORE, the prestige and privilege that come with the title.

In this respect, I have the highest regard for the Johor Palace because the H.R.H. only bestows two or three of them every year to deserving civil servants in the State. Politicans and corporate people are the most difficult ones to receive this honour in the State for some reason. The Johor Palace can never be accused or suspected of “selling” the title to anyone.

I read in Fauziah Ismail’s blog Latte @ Chinoz on the Park, “ that the only Datukships recognised by England’s Court of St James are those from Johor and Kelantan ”. That explains, through my observation, why ladies and gentlemen who were decorated by these two Malay States carry themselves with utmost respect and honour.

p/s. Rule of thumb: Spelling for State decorations from Royalty is "Dato" while those from the Federal level and States with Yang Di Pertua Negeri is "Datuk".


Last Sunday I had to officiate the Taman Bukit Kempas UMNO branch meeting in my Division. It was attended by close to one hundred members, quite unusual as they usually come in the figure of 25 or 30 in a small branch although the members in it number up to 200 or more.

Their proposal was very simple but crystal clear. In his speech the gentleman questioned how we will achieve One Malaysia, an idea mooted by our Prime Minister, if we don’t have a One School System where children from all races can mingle and understand better each others’ culture and norm. He continued with a Malay proverb “ Melentur Buluh Biar Dari Rebung “, meaning if we want to shape the future we must start from the young. It makes perfect sense since being separated makes the Malay, Chinese and Indian children feel alien from one another understanding that they are different right from day one instead of feeling comfortable with each other only to ask later in their lives what their differences are making these differences insignificant. The proposal also emphasized on the usage of Bahasa Melayu as the compulsory National language and mode of communication in this country, a decree that has been abused, ignored and neglected in the last decade or so.

The Education Minister earlier rejected any effort by a group of responsible bloggers to promote the One School System and it is shameful that the rejection had to be done so hastily without due consideration. On the contrary, a few days ago, the Minister received a group of Chinese Educationist who sought more help and financial allocations to develop their schools including assistance for an independent Chinese school. I can’t understand how an “ independent ” entity seeks aid and subsidy but at the same time insists that they stay as independents. Again, this must be the sort of merit that they advocate.

I'm taking great pains in understanding how Malay Ministers / leaders can dismiss sensible requests from the Malay grassroots even before the issue gets warm while they allow outrageous demands from non-Malays to fester till it reaches boiling point where we then have to compromise. I’m wondering if we are beginning to sabotage ourselves in respect of the Malay votes in the future general elections. Have we all turned " masochists "?

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I’ve been reading the Malaysian Insider with much amazement lately. I’m amazed at how they can exponentially spin stories that would sometimes over-kill their sick agenda. Sometimes I read it not for the news but just to see how they’ll spin the damn thing.

A recent attempt is by far the most brilliant, reverse “psychologizing” ( I know it’s not a real word but there’s a perfect ring to it and you know what I mean) the government into perhaps appointing Ong Ka Chuan as the Malaysian Ambassador to China in their article entitled “A Chinese Heads For Beijing In A Gesture Of Trust “.

In the article it said “ In the past, the government has been reluctant to appoint Malaysian Indians or Chinese as the High Commissioner to India or ambassador to China because of worries about their loyalties to the motherland.”

They’re implying and it should rightfully be so based on recent developments, that to an extent the government doesn’t trust the diplomats of these ethnic origins to be commissioned in the country of their ancestors. They are hoping that by pre-empting the announcement, it would pressure the Prime Minister into following through with it in fear of being accused of breaching the “trust” after being commended for it earlier.

I’m sure being an exceptional graduate from the University of Nottingham, the Prime Minister will not be sucked into this mind game and give in to this attempt by malicious people of less intelligence, or will he?


Of late, this news portal has been giving an ex Mufti from Perlis some raving reviews, mainly I suspect because of his unorthodox stand on Islam. Some Malays from my observation like to take an opposing view inclined to the “ other side “ just to be popular and look like they’re “ intelligent ” when in actual fact they’re just being used as servants by irresponsible and malicious parties in exchange for a few exposures in their media.

The most recent case is the ex Mufti of a State which is probably not bigger than my UMNO division, who is claimed to be an influential scholar with a strong following among the young Muslims in this country. He is said to be in support of the word “Allah” being used by non Muslims and ” against the propensity of religious authorities in conducting raids on Muslim couples engaged in khalwat “. Naturally this will go down well with those inclined towards these activities, making him an” icon for progressive Muslim voices”.

He said that allowing the word Allah to be used by non Muslims would enable the religion to be spread amongst them. On the contrary, being honest, he forgets that Malays who are mainly Muslims are the easiest people to be led astray. This is most true by the existence of Mat Rempits, and the Malays’ fascination for cheap entertainment such as Jom Heboh, Akedemi Fantasia and the like. If for instance they are God fearing and practicing Muslims, would they forego their prayers just to participate and watch these events? The non Muslims however are stronger in their faith and would know how to differentiate the word Allah from their God and they wouldn’t be reading the Malay version of their articles in the first place. Looking at it at face value without taking these sensitivities into consideration, it frames a picture of a scholar who isn’t very bright.

On another article in the same portal the ex Mufti implied that the Sultan’s decision on Perak was being related to Islam by the BN government when in actual fact, it being tantamount to treason is the law of the land and has nothing to do with religion. In wanting us to stop equating Islam with being Malays, he is doing the exact thing by making infidels think that all this while Derhaka is presumed Islamic in nature and should be corrected.

Well, I guess we shouldn’t expect too much from a Muslim scholar who is doing research on Islam in WALES! It’s like a Roman Catholic scholar doing research on Catholicism in the Holy City of Mecca.

This is an example of the shady characters used by the Malaysian Insider to queer things up in the country.

Friday, May 15, 2009


The hits just keep on coming from our “ trusted ” and “ loyal ” buddies from the component parties in the Barisan Nasional who are shooting their mouths off in public without consulting the main body behaving, and I say it yet again, like the opposition in residence disrespecting the Prime Minister who is not inclined towards holding snap elections in Perak.

While Prime Minister Najib Razak is busy promoting the One Malaysia concept nationwide and giving face to undeserving parties to save their diminishing influence over the rakyat, the public at large is having a tough time embracing the concept wondering if the Prime Minister is capable of materializing it when he is not even able to control the recalcitrant fellows within the BN

Recently, we have read that the Penang GERAKAN chief and the MCA Deputy President has openly said that we should hold State elections in Perak. While they have every right to their opinions, being members of an organization, they should know that there are proper channels that they should go through without ruffling feathers and showing disunity.

Then there is Kayveas doing a routine in PPP that is apparent in another Indian party in BN, also shooting his mouth off forgetting that the sole representative he is buggering off from PPP was made Deputy Minister without PPP even winning a seat in Parliament.

BN or Prime Minister Najib rather, had rewarded the GERAKAN President with a Cabinet’s post even when GERAKAN didn’t pull their weight in the last general elections, yet without being grateful and following the chain of command and forgetting that they should focus on winning back their lost state in Penang, their lowly state party chief wants to teach the Top Gun on how to deal with Perak which we have taken back. This is an example of the failure trying to teach the successful what to do. I guess again this is the meritocracy that they’ve been barking about. The MCA too, equally recalcitrant in their behavior is reported to be rewarded soon with the important appointment of Ambassador to China. It’s as if we don’t have enough trouble with them here instigating people and questioning the provisions in the Constitution and Government policy which they are a part of, now we have to trust them not to do the same complaining to mother China on “atrocities ” we impose upon them here.

All along I thought they had put a spell on the previous Prime Minister and I wasn’t surprised as he was weak and naturally an easy prey, but it seems this spell has overflowed to the current PM which is of great concern since he is seen all along as a capable and strong leader.

While we are all for One Malaysia which is vigorously being promoted by the good Prime Minister, it is essential that he makes the proper correction in the Barisan Nasional to ensure that everyone toes the line and be united while being seen to be united. If we fail to see the governing party as One Barisan Nasional, then One Malaysia will quickly lose its credence in the eyes of the Rakyat even before it gets off the ground.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis a.k.a. J.J.

Dato’ Sri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis is reported by a news portal today to be the candidate to head the Malaysian Mission in Washington DC while maintaining the status of a Minister. If this prevails, then this will be the best choice made by the government since Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman was appointed Ambassador to the United Nations in the 50s.

J.J, as he is fondly known is one of the sharpest minds in UMNO today and will be a fitting candidate for Ambassador to Washington because of his impeccable public relations skills and long term fine relationship with parties on Capitol Hill. He will get down to the business of promoting Malaysia – U.S. ties from day one in office as opposed to others who would have to take six months to settle down and get acquainted with the Big Boys on the Hill.

He is also one of the very few dynamics in Malaysian politics who is well received by all “factions” within the UMNO party and is a close associate of Prime Minister Najib Razak having served under him in the Youth Wing and coming from the same division very early in their political lives. His affable character being able to mingle with everyone at all levels with ease and his connection within those in power makes him an easy target for those who would want to bring the Prime Minister down. He was mentioned by the allegedly bankrupt fugitive Raja Petra Kamarudin in Malaysia Today and accused without the slightest evidence of trying to buy his silence over the case of the Mongolian woman who was murdered for alleged extortion. J.J. has dismissed this as “rubbish” and is seeking legal redress which might be futile if the fugitive is indeed a bankrupt. Last night, over a late night “teh tarik”, I was asked by my peers, as men of reasonable intelligence, wouldn’t it be easier for us to believe a man who has served the nation well over a bankrupt who is on the run from the law? I leave this question to your good judgment.

What is sure is that Malaysia’s position will be undoubtedly enhanced on the American front with Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis as our man in Washington. He will take the battle with Anwar to the source of the latter’s strength, and if I know J.J. well enough, I’d bet my last buck that he will deliver.