Sunday, February 19, 2017


When I first read about the cycling tragedy involving the manslaughter of the young teenagers in Johor Bahru, I felt rage more than sympathy.

I was enraged because this activity is widespread and known among all and sundry but the law had its limitations making enforcement futile.

This is because there is no commitment by the parents and no political will to ensure that this ill is being addressed.

Yet when an "accident waiting to happen" actually happens everyone comes forth to show fake sympathy and care just for publicity and mileage in popularity.

What the hell are we all doing?

Are we really serious in treating this fatal disease and eliminating the menace?

Or are we just awaiting the possible deaths of these youths reducing the number of "no hopers" among our future generation?

How can we pretend to care and emphathize with the families when we are the cause of recreational outlets to be shut down or changed to a venue far and inconvenient for them?

How can we encourage the survivors by pampering them even more by playing with emotions for votes when we know too well that action should be taken against them for negligence?

We cannot turn to agencies and the authorities to burden them further when the responsibility begins at home.

Let Us Be More Sincere In Our Care For The People We Serve. Prove Our Sympathy And Performance By Opening More Recreational Parks And Safe Cycling Lanes In The City For The Health Conscious People To Cycle To Work As Well As For Recreational Purposes.

Enough Of Playing To The Gallery At The Expense Of The Emotions Of Others.

The Driver In Question Must Undoubtedly Be Taken To Task For Her Wrong. So Do Too, The Guardians Of The Victims If Found To Be Negligent.

Do The Right Thing! Sympathy Should Be For Those Who Suffered The Agonising Deaths, Not For The Negligent Survivors. Save A Verse Of The Al Fateha For The Deceased.

May Their Souls Be Granted Peace.