Friday, September 28, 2012


Get Your Gadgets Ready And Stay Tuned To The Hardest Working Politician In Asia To See What The Government Has In Store For Us This Afternoon.

Later today, Prime Minister and Finance Minister Dato' Sri Najib Razak would be tabling the 2013 Budget in Parliament. 

Many would say this is an 'election' budget, as there are seven months to go before the 12th Parliament is automatically dissolved on April 28  2013, with the 13th General Election to be held latest by middle of May next year. 

I personally would like to see a "responsible" budget of the Barisan Nasional government; one that is balanced between taking care of the needs of the rakyat and managing the deficit. 

As in past practices, Dato' Sri Najib would table the Budget in Parliament at about 4pm

He would time the delivery of his speech accordingly; announcing the Budget proposals after the stock market closes at 5pm.

What can we expect from the 2013 Budget?

To the uninitiated, Wikipedia explains the budget as such:

"The two basic elements of any budget are the revenues and expenses. In the case of the government, revenues are derived primarily from taxes. "Government expenses include spending on current goods and services, which economists call government consumption; government investment expenditures such as infrastructure investment or research expenditure; and transfer payments like unemployment or retirement benefits."

National budgets, too, have an economic, political and technical basis. 

"Unlike a pure economic budget, they are not entirely designed to allocate scarce resources for the best economic use. They also have a political basis wherein different interests push and pull in an attempt to obtain benefits and avoid burdens. The technical element is the forecast of the likely levels of revenues and expenses."

Prime Minister Najib, his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and several ministers had in the past few weeks gave indications as to the contents of 2013 Budget.

The thrust, of course, will be the rakyat while at the same time, be fiscally responsible.

The touch points could be those under the Government Transformation Programme's national key result areas such as:

1) Education: more money to realise the Malaysia Education Blueprint especially for the training of teachers and improving the facilities in public schools?

2) Public transportation: Addressing the accessibility in major towns outside Kuala Lumpur and those in Sabah and Sarawak?

3) Crime: Better salary and benefits for the police to increase number in workforce?

4) Health: more 1Malaysia clinics especially in heavily populated areas?

5) Housing: more money for low- cost housing programmes for the lower income group, and PR1MA scheme for the middle income earners, which the Prime Minister is expected to launch at the Jelajah Janji di Tepati in Paroi, Negeri Sembilan tomorrow?

On the investment front, I foresee the government's focus could possibly be oil and gas, especially as it is turning Pengerang in Johor into a regional supply base to the region and countries throughout Asia.

There could also possibly be announcements on incentives for specific sectors including the small and medium-sized enterprises, which remain one of the main drivers of economic growth.

We can also expect some announcements relating to the capital and financial markets. 

As for the public sctor, Chief Secretary to the Government Datuk Seri Ali Hamsa said there would be something also for the civil servants in the 2013 Budget. Are they getting yet another bonus as in past Budget announcements?  

We will have to listen to Dato' Sri Najib's speech later.

And what if this is indeed an “Election" Budget, dubbed such yet again for the fourth straight year? 

Evidently, the Barisan Nasional government must have done a fine job at maintaining the nation's stocks and accounts.

Backed By Their Balanced Judgment And Sound Economic Acumen, It Should Then Be Given The Full Mandate To Continue Governing This Country At The 13th General Election. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


UPDATE: 6 September 2012/ 19 Shawal 1433H

Front page of the New Straits Times reads: “Teen’s Dad Says Sorry”. 

Well the Nation can accept the father's apology but we must NOT forgive his son's crime.

I personally accept the father’s apology just like I forgive Tun Dr Mahathir for not being able to control his daughter (thinking of the greater good that he has done for this country, we should forgive him if he didn’t have the time to guide that one to path). But the one who breached the law, especially one that goes against our culture should be taken to task. 

This is not about the flasher anymore, but about future copycats and the matter of National security. This boy can count his blessings that he went home unscathed. Perhaps at the wrong place in another year on Merdeka eve, he could be slapped and beaten unconscious by Patriots who find it insulting to the Nation!

Yes, This Is Not A Crime Against Prime Minister Najib Or His Wife Rosmah But An Insult To The Country. This Is Not For The Two Above To Forgive, But For The Nation To Condemn And Get Full Satisfaction To Prevent Further Violation Of Public Security And Social Order!

To The Powers That Be, Take Caution Before Deciding. Make Sure This Boy Isn't Given A Tea Party At Parliament House Like The Last Traitor Who Reviled Our National Anthem. 

Barisan National Should Be Breeding Patriots,  Not Traitors!

First of all I would like to commend the Royal Malaysian Police Force for being swift in their action with the aid of the media to flush out the boy who tarnished the image of our Nation on the eve of Merdeka.

Straight to the point: If we let this Merdeka flasher off with just a warning after an apology, and not deliver him with the stiffest punishment available on the cards, then the Government deserves to be butt-flashed and urinated too in future demonstrations.

I’m frustrated with the years as an UMNO delegate listening to endless speeches discussing about the social problems of Malay youths especially in public.

We tend to talk a lot and make impressive fiery speeches for ourselves in the Merdeka Hall but fail miserably in our implementation in the effort to curb the diminishing values among the Malays.

Even worse, it’s now become like a comic theatre where the speakers look like stand-up politicians but turn out to be stand-up comedians instead, once they step up to the podium to speak. They often crack jokes and tell funny tales making people laugh and staying beyond their time designated by the Permanent Chairman.

Well here’s a classic chance to put our concerns and million dollar speeches where our mouths are. Prove that our time in the Merdeka Hall talking about arresting the decline in our social culture was not just Comedy Hour @ The Putra!

Some time ago, Micheal Fay, an American youth pleaded guilty to vandalism (spray painted cars in a neighbourhood) charges in Singapore and was sentenced to four months in jail, a $2,200 fine, and six strokes of the cane.

US President Clinton said it was excessive and requested the Singapore Government to waive the caning.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Malaysian Cabinet, if you are reading this, read it carefully! Singapore was perceived then and perhaps even now, as an American stooge-State in the Fareast. Yet, the best they did to satisfy their favour to Washington was to reduce the strokes by two out of goodwill and respect for the American President!

They did NOT bow down to the US regardless of their blissful proximity, because they knew that an example had to be made to keep the streets clean and crime rate down. It was just unfortunate that it had to be a foreigner.

So, if we have the law, IMPLEMENT it! If the law is loose, TIGHTEN it!

Why do you think street racing is rampant in Malaysia? For the last three weekends there were racing events held along the Danga Bay freeway to Skudai. One would know well before it starts because there is usually a buildup of spectators parked by the roadside. The police do their job as best they can but if the law is unstable, even they get tired of the routine of grabbing the same people but not for long only to be released very soon after unbothered.

Who are the motor racers? Malays! What motorbikes do they use? “Souped” up Cubs! What vehicle is most used in snatch thefts leading to deaths due to the speed of the lash? Cubs!

Do they have illegal street motoracing in Singapore though there are close to a million two-wheelers in the small City State? N O !

To the UMNO leaders in the Cabinet, please connect the dots, do the Math and some profiling!

If we really want to make the change and are sincere in our effort to improve the mentality and culture of the Malay youths, which will be the future of this Nation, then give this “butt flasher” the maximum sentence! Otherwise, in ten or fifteen years time, we might have to pick UMNO leaders from among Malay degenerates.

What the boy did was wrong irrespective of his political leanings. If he did the same to Nik Aziz or even Mat Sabu and Lim Kit Siang from the opposition party, the same penalty should be accorded to him because it is not our culture and most of all, it is against the law of the Nation, not the party.

Indecent exposure is a sex crime in the United States. No contact is needed and if convicted one would be listed with the National Sex Offender Registry for life. Punishment involves jail, fines and community work.

So, in Malaysia where we practice the Eastern culture and Islam is presumably the official religion, we should expect this boy to be dealt with accordingly.

I’m the Vice Chief of the Pulai UMNO Division. I love my people, my country and my neighbours from different races under one Flag.

In 15 years time, if we are blessed by Allah to still be the leading partner in a coalition governing this great Nation, let us not curse it by having lousy leaders; having been limited to consider the best but from among the worst.

I am not being dramatic, though this will be tragic. Correct this serious slide in the Malays or be prepared to be politically extinct.

There is no need to humiliate the boy further by issuing pictures of his exposed base, nor his covered face. Just give the Nation justice, for his arse was not flashed at the Prime Minister on the eve of our Independence Day,  It Was Flashed At Our Country!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Not long ago, a Chinese boy was outrageously given VIP treatment after violating the Malaysian National Anthem “Negaraku”, without even having to observe the dress code at Parliament House.

Perhaps the Malay retards who waved in promotion a new flag to replace the Jalur Gemilang thought they would be given an audience by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong for this act in return.

Leave it to the uneducated to seek attention to compensate for their shortcomings, even if it means Treason!

 It was obviously premeditated contrary to claims of "educating" by those needing the education themselves.

In France reviling the anthem can cost one a fine of €7,500, and six months jail if performed in a gathering. Here one such person was instead celebrated and got aid to excel in his hobby like producing films.

Human nature is one that keeps on stretching limits. In a country like ours, they are usually abused by the cunning and tolerated by the morons. Last time it was the anthem, now it is the flag and the act of desecrating on the good Prime Minister’s poster.

Have we lost the plot? Where are our culture, religion and customs? If this was in Singapore, his buttocks would probably be skinned with the tail of a stingray as a whip! Have we the guts to do the same or will it be stroked with a “soft” warning by the minister in charge?

For sure, there are laws to prosecute the perpetrators. I read the headlines of The Sun today and was pleased to see that the Home Minister was ready to “act”. I hope this doesn’t mean that he will just pretend to take action but sweeps this under the carpet in silence after a while.

Looking back, I still wonder if the Home Office took further action on The Star Publications, when they were not satisfied with the first action taken to suspend indefinitely, the culprit who produced Erykah Badu’s tattood picture of Allah on her bare body. Indefinite in time means from 2 seconds long to infinity.

If we were to check the office right now, do you think he is still absent under suspension? I wonder on …

Everything went silent in the media after that final warning to come back to the Ministry with a firmer reprimand. I hope the same won’t occur here after the Minister announced otherwise.

He should also avoid frustrating police investigations and/ or recommendations just to play safe thinking it will win us votes in the coming elections.

When it comes to national security and social order, we must not compromise for the sake of peace and harmony among the different races.

A very important figure in my life (Bless her Soul) once said, “ When it comes to you, everything is sensitive to me.” 

Such an important stance should also be taken by the Government and deemed crucial in a multi-racial country like ours lest we might lose the love, respect and honour that keeps us bound together.  

Being oblivious and not careful enough was exactly how I lost this “Gem”. Words must be said sparingly and action must be taken with greater care to preserve pure unity. Redemption is only guaranteed by God.

Those who marched peacefully for their cause despite the authorities’ ban may be allowed a reprieve if no public property were damaged and litter scattered around the City.

But those inciting hatred and instigation provoking unrest and disharmony should be hammered down with the most stringent of penalties available. It must be akin to "exemplary damages" where it serves as both a punishment and public example.

If we let this slide, a more vulgar provocation will appear in the next gathering, and it will continue to increase in size and moronic brevity, exponentially with every demonstration thereof until the sequel of May 13th inevitable arises.

The Government must ensure that it puts on the "Velvet Glove" and not the "Condom" when dealing with such matters of security. Playing safe for votes might turn us "Impotent" in the next General Elections.

Pause And Reflect.