Thursday, December 31, 2009


Ending the year 2009 in a about 10 minutes, I decided to choose a different angle to reflect on the past 365 days. It has become common these days for the government and us as individuals to be paying for the sins of others. I have limited them to three areas with one tale each so as to maintain the length of this article.


I was known as Mr Clean, but thank you for being Mr Clean-Up-After -Me. Here’s the mess I’ve made.

Prime Minister Najib Razak took his oath of office on 3rd April 2009 from a man who managed to create history twice by winning with the best ever result for BN in the General Elections (because of the solid foundation set by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed and his unselfish decision to retire) and inversely in the next General Elections garnered the worst winning margin in the history of the Governing Coalition (because of his dismantling and destructive nature towards the solid foundation set forth by his predecessor).

As mentioned in the previous article on the chap, he tried to create his own legacy, spent millions on Islam Hadhari which didn’t make much difference to those who already knew the religion, influenced the release of a very dangerous politician from jail, had his son-in-law act as the dispatch boy for the Immigration Dept sending his passport, allowing the ex-convict to seek treatment abroad that could be done here just to be popular, had his advisors further promote him at the expense of the ruling coalition party and UMNO while overturning important national projects to create his own less important ones and making countless policies which proved detrimental to the wellbeing of national harmony. The ruling party lost 5 States plus Kuala Lumpur as the result.

Within months after taking his oath of office, and idle threats of overthrowing the federal government by his much reduced nemesis, Najib showed Anwar how exactly to do it and walked his talk by accepting the support of several opposition lawmakers in the State of Perak giving back the State leadership to Barisan Nasional (BN).

Though Najib and his administration have made positive strides in rebuilding the confidence of the people for the party, BN is still paying for the sins of its former leader having to work triple-time to win back lost grounds.


Buys Everything But The Angel Of Death.

The Port Klang Free Trade Zone scandal that shook the nation proved to be a major quake for MCA. Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing’s revelation of the Million Ringgit payments made and free jet rides given to the MCA President had rocked the whole party witnessing political allies all going for themselves like vultures splitting the party into several splinters. This project which was allegedly over-valued by several folds perhaps due to a loose agreement involving numerous important personalities will naturally cost the public more than it’s worth. This humiliating demerit of a Party that strives with and advocates the merit system and anti-corruption has reduced their noble and upstanding stature in the eyes of the public on the principles of the Chinese community of which they widely represent. Unfortunately, the whole community pays for the sins of their leaders.



In reference to the song “One in a Million You” by Larry Graham, a friend of mine looked upon the woman he was courting as “One in a Ten Million” while the fine lady referred to her love for him as “ten times more (than his) to the power of infinity”. In his happiness loving the woman of his dreams, he forgot to take stock of his net value. It was a dream of dreams and like all dreams it had to end. From a celebrated wannabe Prince he says, he now feels no more fortunate than a condemned Peasant. “There is nothing left to the name, when the Soul is lost, “he continued. He learnt it the hard way recently. To him, the love of his life, was like the Oasis in his desert dream but later discovered rudely that it was just an optical illusion. “Even sand looks good to drink now…whatever it takes to transfer the pain away from the heart”, he quipped. It’s funny how a broken heart can turn a person into an instant philosopher.

He allowed himself to be intrigued, got drawn in by her fine personality and intelligence (of extremely rare commodity) and innocently fell in love. It was never done, and he never pursued such endeavors before. Of course those saboteurs and opportunists with vested interest who couldn’t stand to see their affection for one another used all sorts of mechanics to beat them down, from slandering him in vain, accusing him of making a wager on her amongst his friends, to impersonating his family member on the phone to warn her of his past. They got to her eventually and naturally, my good friend lost the very one thing that inspired him the most without even given a chance to explain. But the truth of the matter is, he might have overvalued his net worth which perhaps was not enough to permanently win and protect the heart of the one he loved. After all, she was a “One in a Ten Million “ chance of a lifetime. Promises were made and trivially broken. A “sucker” is born every minute they say. I never thought my buddy could remain such, way past his 30th birthday! But I’m sure by now, he is the wiser. Can we blame the men for turning into nasty rogues owning the town after pouring their souls out only to be ultimately staked right in the centre of their hearts? My friend made me promise to post this Sicilian Song from The Godfather, as a condition allowing me to relate his story in here. May God spare everyone the pain not unlike the one endured by Michael Corleone (in the clip) and him.

My good friend was yet another fine and true gentleman to the very end, who had to pay for the sins of others and the perception that came with them. He must remember from now that with " fortune and women, it is the bold rather than the cautious man that will win and hold them both." I pray that he may heal rapidly to face the challenges of the New Year.

Happy New Year Ladies & Gentlemen. May 2010 Bring Good Health, Honest Love, More Accountability, Much Prosperity And Goodwill Among The Citizens Of This Great Country!

Friday, December 25, 2009


The One Outside The White House

The Patriot Would Like To Wish All Our Christian Readers A Merry Christmas And A Very Happy New Year. May The Best Of Health, Prosperity And Good Tidings Be Showered On All Citizens In The Year 2010. God Bless Malaysia.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Spaced out.

UPDATED: 23 December 2009/ 5 Muharram 1431H

It took 2 years of investigations before they discovered one (1) F-5E jet engine missing, but in the last 24 hours, they found another one lost. I’d say we should sack the investigators from 2007 and reinforce the ones who found the recent loss which took 729 days less to discover. LUDRICROUS!

The authorities have finally indentified a local company and a few low ranking personnel of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) involved in this treachery. The Minister in charge says that there were no high ranking officials involved. Does that mean that the transfer of machinery worth RM100,000,000.00 ( Ringgit Malaysia : One Hundred Million Only ) from the local base to a foreign country belonging to the Royal Malaysian Air Force could be signed off by just a low ranked “ Sarjan” ? We shall see with disgust in the coming weeks ahead. Let’s hope these low ranked officers who are probably SPM ( Form 5) qualifiers with “ high profile International connections “ aren’t made sacrificial lambs to save a few Generals.

The RMAF should be stripped to the core like they stripped the F-5E Tiger II and RF- 5E Tigereye fighter/reconnaissance jets for its parts, to see who the main rats are and what they were eating into. A thorough audit should be done with the entire Armed Forces to really take stock of the weaponry and artillery not to mention the inventory of the back-up machinery to be used as spare parts.

Let’s hope the Government represented by its Minister in charge refrains from issuing statements other than that a full public disclosure is forthcoming and those involved will be smashed to bits with the full brunt of the law. An ineloquent Minister will make anxiety levels high and the Rakyat’s patience thin, making the Barisan Nasioanal Government look rather daft.


BLOODY OUTRAGEOUS! What else is there to say people? A RM50 Million F-5E jet engine belonging to the Royal Malaysian Air Force vanishes into thin air. Even David Copperfield couldn’t pull this one off! Only in Malaysia!

According to a news web, Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi, The Minister of Defense said that the disappearance was discovered in 2007. After two years of investigations, not even one Air Force personnel has been charged or taken responsibility. On the contrary, General Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Azizan Ariffin who was the Chief of Air Force from 30 October 2006 to 30 August 2009 got promoted as the 17th Chief of Defense Force, Malaysia on 1 September 2009 . Again, only in Malaysia.

Source:, Armed Forces Malaysia / Profile

This crime should be classified as high treason which is punishable by death as it is without a doubt an act of disloyalty to the sovereign or nation. The traitors conspired to facilitate and complete the transaction enabling foreign agents to take delivery of a property of the Ministry of Defense, Malaysia.

The perpetrators should be taken to task and their punishment be given full exposure in the media making an example of them to the Rakyat. As a tax-paying citizen myself, I’m wondering how the Defense Forces can defend our country when it is necessary while they can’t even safeguard a national asset that was in their possession? National Security was very seriously breached. A crime of this magnitude must involve more than a handful of people from the ordinary personnel right up to customs, if they used the “proper” channels to transport the merchandise abroad.

I dread to think how the security of RMAF 1 and 2, the air transportation of the Honourable Prime Minister and his Deputy, and other information on our national defense are handled. Perhaps if there is such a thing as a court martial in Malaysia, the punishment could be meted out at one of the RMAF hangars through death by gunshot to the head witnessed by all personnel involved in the security of our defense bases as a “subtle” deterrent in the future.

There should be absolutely no compromise when it comes to National Security.

Thursday, December 17, 2009



29 Zulhijjah 1430H

In The Name Of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Y.A.B. Dato’ Sri
Asallamualaikum WBT.

May Allah’s blessings and good tidings be upon you Sir.

Appreciating your busy schedule Dato’ Sri, I will proceed straight to the point of this letter which is the appalling behavior of one of the members of your esteemed Cabinet, YB Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz who openly accused former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed and more importantly Utusan Malaysia of being racists. Being a Malay politician, sensitive matters relating to Malay affairs should be dealt with delicately and with much deft as it might offend people of the same race, namely the loyal Malays who are and have since been with UMNO. Being vocal and seen as over-reaching to win over those of different races who’ve clearly abandoned us might in turn hurt the feelings of the loyalists who may perceive Nazri’s statements as the stand of your government attacking Malay Institutions.

A member of the Johor UMNO machinery who attempted to offer his humble advice on his behavior was antagonized and insulted through the text messages which were splashed on a weblog which apparently also supports our party.

Y.A.B. Dato’ Sri, we are not anti-Chinese nor Indians. We support and are strong advocates of your 1Malaysia concept which guarantees a place for everyone under the Malaysian sun. But while the Malays are ready to embrace this concept wholeheartedly, we must be weary that there are certain quarters that will twist and spin your pure intentions for the purpose of their own communities, some of whom are among us in the Coalition, though they have toned down much since you took the oath of office, exhibiting exquisite leadership on your part.

Sir, no one in the UMNO Supreme Council even raised an eye-brow when:

1. The current MCA President while he was Vice President dangerously played with the idea
of scrapping the 30 % Bumiputera Equity to gain mileage in his bid for Presidency.

2. The Gerakan Wanita chief questioned the status of the Malays as Bumiputeras.

3. The MCA Youth demanded for a second Deputy Presidential seat in the Barisan Nasional,
then true enough, later on a Committee member demanded for a Second DeputyPremiership
for the party.

4. The outgoing MCA president asked for an “end to the Bumi equity rule” and without
ambiguity accused UMNO of being a bully in the Coalition in the very presence of the PM and
his Deputy who are the top two leaders in UMNO. ( I believe you were in attendance then
Sir, as Deputy PM ).

5. The Chinese newspapers took out of context quotes from your current Deputy and your
Home Minister and went to town on it triggering strong and baseless responses from fellow
Cabinet members from the Chinese ethnic origin. These Chinese Ministers never gave
Muhyiddin or Hishammuddin the benefit of the doubt nor did they condemn their dailies for
stacking them against the Malays like Nazri is doing with Utusan Malaysia today.

6. The MIC hurled abuses towards UMNO for not doing enough for the Indians in their annual
Assembly held at UMNO House in PWTC. All this after you graciously maintained a Minister
and two Deputy Ministers’ posts for them despite their failure to win Indian votes for BN.

While I have never seen nor read of any Chinese leader condemning their own institutions especially in their zest to champion the rights of their community, it baffles me and most UMNO members how a Malay leader can be so reckless as to attack his own almost on a daily basis of late. While Nazri “may” still be an asset in your Cabinet Sir, he is certainly a massive liability in UMNO. I say this as a local leader who has the pulse of the Malays on the ground. I’m sure the various Intelligence agencies will verify this, if indeed they are doing their job.

Y.A.B. Dato’ Sri, it might be too much for us to request for you as Prime Minister to remove Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz from the Cabinet. After all it is your prerogative and you may need a “sweeper” to clean the house with. Like the well dressed butler in a Lord’s Manor, let him remain as the servant in Parliament House cleaning up after Parliamentarians, but it is incumbent upon us as Malay leaders working and fighting very hard to win back lost Malay (UMNO) votes from the grassroots and heartland to seek your good office as President of UMNO to replace Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz from the Supreme Council with someone who is willing to uphold your virtues in the 1Malaysia concept without betraying his duty to champion the rights and privileges of the Malay people as enshrined in The Constitution whenever it is breached or threatened by Malaysians at large, Malay traitors included.

Sir, I humbly seek your forgiveness if I may have stepped beyond my place of propriety in presenting this open letter to you. It is the continued success of UMNO that is paramount to us all. I pray that Allah SWT will give you and Datin Sri, Taufiq and Hidayah in your endeavor for the greater good of the Nation. Selamat menyambut Awal Muharram 1431H.

Wasallam 1Malaysia.

In The Name Of God, King and Country,
I respectfully remain,

Tengku Putra Haron Aminurrashid Jumat
UMNO Vice Chairman
Pulai Division
Johor Darul Taqzim

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Serving Without Conscience

Datuk Sri Mohd Najib Razak’s first budget as Prime Minister was nearly shot down in Parliament very late last night in what could be said as the confirmation with the narrowest margin in Malaysian history. The vote scored a pathetic 66 ayes to 63 nays. Reliable sources say that Najib, Muhyiddin and Ong Tee Kiat had to come to Parliament from their official functions to save the night and a very embarrassing situation for Barisan Nasional. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Minister in charge of Parliament himself was absent, otherwise he would have done his job by ensuring the seats were occupied by the BN MPs.

A rejected budget and one tabled by the Prime Minister himself in his capacity as the Finance Minister would have implied a no-confidence move against the Government of the day and would have made world headlines within the hour.

On my last count, Barisan Nasional had 137 seats out of 222 in Parliament. That would mean there were 71 absentees from the BN bench on a night when the reputation of the newly minted Prime Minister and his RM191.5 billion budget hung in the balance. What could be said about these 71 BN Parliamentarians? Are they:

A) Irresponsible B) Reckless C) Stupid D) Complacent E) Lackadaisical F) Tired G) Careless H) Out to embarrass the Prime Minister I) Morons J) Serving as our envoy to Washington

Damn straight! The answer is all of the above. Barring the honorable gentleman serving us in Washington D.C., the rest should be hauled up and given a dressing down for not being in Parliament where they were assigned to and elected to remain when it is in session. Talk about KPIs, this particular incident should stick out like a sore thumb on the record of these MPs.

The Prime Minister should begin to evaluate them, and those who do not have an acceptable excuse should be downgraded while quietly pin pointing their successors in their constituencies to ensure that they are properly groomed and ready to be nominated and received well by the people in the next general elections.

Prime Minister Najib Razak should plan well ahead to ensure that the people who are ready to work to achieve his aspirations will be accepted without much opposition within his party. He can do so by informing the candidates well in advance in strict confidence so that they too can prepare themselves well instead of jumping for joy like they struck the winning number in a lottery, being nominated at the eleventh hour at the MB’s residence, but hadn’t done much base touching with the people at large.

The telephone call I received this morning informing me of yesterday’s nightmare almost gave me a nosebleed. Let’s hope the fresh candidates for Parliament in the next general elections can be groomed early and trained by the BTN from now to condition their minds and political culture to avoid possible hemorrhages for BN in the future.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


The Non- Supremacist & The Chauvanist ?

Datuk Seri Nazri Tan Sri Aziz was someone I used to look up to when I was in UMNO Youth having just returned from abroad and entering into mainstream politics after being an ordinary member for six years before that as a student. In fact, I was one of his most disappointed supporters when he declined to contest for the Youth Chief after having served in an acting capacity for a long spell. On the record, the position was his for the taking hands down but he opted to sit as a member of the Supreme Council instead, unable to be of much significance compared to his previous post. It seems now, that disappointing those who had much confidence in him has become an incurable disease which no longer can be described as a habit.

After being warned by the Prime Minister not to touch on the Biro Tata Negara (BTN) issue anymore, ruffling feathers among the hard-core Malay leaders while “holding hands and walking in the park” with Lim Kit Siang from the opposition DAP and Koh Tsu Koon from GERAKAN (Opposition in Residence), he has yet again held out his bare arms to embrace the non-Malays by hitting out at the so called non-existent Malay Supremacists, a term resurrected by the Chinese and Indian politicians from both divides of the aisle in Parliament to antagonize UMNO. It’s a good thing the MCA is currently having “intestinal” problems, otherwise they too would join in the fray.

Instead of cowering into submission on the spin by Malaysiakini in his interview smashing Malay Supremacy advocates, Nazri should have avoided it and in its stead attacked the advocates of “Malay Inferiority”, if he had an ounce of loyalty to his race at all. M Kulasegaran, the DAP National Vice Chairman who accused law abiding citizens of being racists, who lodged police reports against him instead of kicking the stool out of his curry backside, could have been a sitting duck if Nazri opted the use of reasonable intellect before shooting his mouth off.

Previous to this, Nazri ridiculed taxi drivers, the majority of whom are Malays and supporters of UMNO/BN, by comparing their taxis to public toilets. I pray that these drivers don’t look upon him as representing the UMNO party because he is merely an appointed, un-elected member in the Supreme Council.

Prime Minister Najib Razak seriously needs to wash Nazri’s mouth and keep it from continually barking lest we might lose whatever Malay support we have left while waiting to see the true outcome of 1Malaysia which at best remains a promise for now.

NB: Kepada Rakyat Berbangsa Melayu Dan Pemandu-Pemandu Teksi Yang Budiman. Assalamualaikum WBT. YB Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz Hanyalah Seorang Ahli Majlis Tertinggi Yang Telah Dilantik Diatas Ehsan Presiden Dan Bukannya Di Pilih Oleh Para Perwakilan UMNO. Dari Itu, Beliau Tidak Langsung Mewakili Pandangan Rasmi Parti UMNO Malaysia, Al-khususan UMNO Bahagian Pulai. Harap Maklum. Hidup Melayu! Salam 1Malaysia.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


A miserably failed product of the BTN?

Being a minister who prefers not to contest in UMNO elections while remaining safe as a Cabinet member and being continuously re-appointed to the Supreme Council may describe the character of a gutless Malay leader.

That is probably why most of us are not surprised with the “humility“ shown by Nazri Aziz bowing to opposition pressure and hiding behind a Cabinet decision that could very well score points for the opposing side.

Most Malaysians are wondering why only after the expose by the opposition leaders, some of whom should be equally crucified because of their participation in the running of the Biro Tata Negara (BTN) when they were in the government, were steps taken to revamp the establishment. If indeed it is a racial thing, then where were Nazri and his conscience before this? Was he representing the Malaysian Cabinet on another planet altogether while all this was going on? Reading from his outrageous statements condemning the Malay Press as well as former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed, he is implying that since it is now in the open, we should no longer lie to the public. The question is, was it alright to lie to the public as long as it was kept under wraps? He confessed that he too attended this course. Evidently the BTN had failed disastrously in training him to respond in an acceptable and intelligent fashion befitting a Minister in the Malaysian Government. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is certainly NOT a lie that he dresses better than he thinks and talks. This is also proof that the BTN is not perfect, hence the need to improve it, but certainly not revamped.

1Malaysia was established even before its creator and the current Prime Minister took his oath of office and if it was indeed the reason for the revamp of the BTN, it could have been announced much earlier this year instead of after the opposition made a move on it.

I am a product of the BTN (a tool to strengthen Patriotism amongst Malaysians primarily the Malays), as are many of my friends and we get along very well with other races in this country but will be the first on the frontlines if ever our rights as enshrined in the Constitution are breached. May the curse of our forefathers be upon those who consider this being racists, and triple-fold on Malay traitors (well dressed or otherwise).

The BTN syllabus should be explained to the public unapologetically and we should stand firm by it. In that respect, all parties will act with propriety in the station that they are placed in on Malaysian soil. It is mostly confined to government bodies which comprise mainly of the Malay race. It should be of no concern to the fake Patriots who question its existence while standing by to flee the country when the going gets tough.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


The fallen heroes of Bukit Kepong. They showed true grit and magnificent valor to the very end. Let them not die in vain.

Today marks 20 years after the signed agreement of a permanent truce between the Government of Malaysia and the Communist Party of Malaya.

On record, according to The Haadyai Agreement the former “Butcher of Malaya“ probably should be allowed entry into Malaysia in accordance with the law of the land. However, the law in Malaysia as in any other country provides for the safety, peace and security as well as the wellbeing of its citizens. In retrospect, allowing the former terrorist head to return after a long absence would bring excruciatingly painful memories to the Patriots who’ve lost their comrades and loved ones to the hands of the “ Commies “ under his charge. It would have been different had the murderer sought his return almost immediately after the signed agreement like his other comrades instead of opting to live in Thailand. Deciding to return now would not only breach section 5.10 of the Administrative Arrangement persuant to the Agreement which states that “ There shall be no publicity of their entry into MALAYSIA “ , it will also burn the blood of true Patriots and the family of the fallen victims. In addition, if he were to be assassinated upon touching the soil of the Malaysian Peninsula by a severely emotionally affected Nationalist, the Government of Malaysia will be accountable in the eyes of the world, and the opposition including several Malay traitors among them will definitely travel the world with it as opposed to “going to town” on matters of a smaller magnitude.

As I usually limit the length of an argument in my articles to maintain my readers’ attention, I’ve decided to extract one item from the Administrative Arrangement as below to ponder over.

Administrative Arrangement Between The Government Of Malaysia And The Communist Party Of Malaya Pursuant To The Agreement To Terminate Hostilities.


7.1 Members of the CPM and members of its disbanded armed units who are Malaysian citizens are free to participate in political activities including the formation of a political party or parties within the confines of the Federal Constitution and the laws of MALAYSIA.

7.2 The Malaysian authorities shall expeditiously consider any application that may be submitted by them for the registration of any political party in accordance with the due process of the law and upon registration such party shall be accorded the same status as any other legally registered political parties.

Source: Clare Street: James Wong Wing-On Online. The Haadyai Peace Accord (Part 2).

This item 7 above does not prohibit the former chief terrorist from entering into politics in whatever capacity nor does it prevent a Chinese chauvinistic political party from luring him in and turning him into an idol for members and rookies to pay homage to, therein incurring the wrath of the Malays while the “innocent“ Indians stand by enjoying the view from the grandstands. We should also not be surprised if there are members of component parties within the BN Coalition joining in the chorus in the “butcher’s“ defense. Though I pray hard that all the good work done by the current administration in forging a strong integration of cultures and social tolerance will continue to bear fruit under 1Malaysia, we cannot dismiss the possibilities beyond a reasonable doubt.

Tan Sri Rahim Mohd Noor, one of the signatories of the arrangement and an advocate of the murderer’s return albeit for a brief visit, of all people should comprehend what it is like to lose one’s sanity in a fit of a rage. If he multiplies that to the possible thousands of discontented provoked citizens, there will certainly be blood on the streets.

Chin Peng has been a “sleeping dog“ for a long time. It would do 1Malaysia good to just let him die in his sleep, where he now lays.