Monday, April 1, 2013



I have given up and asked my acquaintances to stop asking me when the elections will be held, or the dissolution of Parliament will be called. My advice for non-political friends is to maintain business as usual and politician buddies to be on DEFCON 2. When the PM and his Deputy are ready, it will arrive.

But for fun, let’s have one final look at it before I go into the real topic of today’s article.

If it is imperative that the date is known, one can use the theory of deduction. If we want to have simultaneous elections nationwide then we can’t do so before Selangor dissolves their Legislative Assembly said to be sometime at the end of this month, neither can we hold it for more than 60 days after the dissolution of the first State Legislative Assembly, which was in Negeri Sembilan last month.

The window I take it, is anytime after 28th April but before 26th May 2013. Working backwards, considering the elections will be on or around 29th April with a ten-day campaign period, nomination day would then be around the 19th, and if dissolution of Parliament is announced a week before that, then it would be around the 12th of April.

All this is not a bother to many of us anymore. What is buggering our thoughts at this point in time is the troubling rumour that there are several Ministers who have failed to serve their constituencies properly and are down on the cards to get “creamed” by the opposition if they run in the same place. What is more alarming is that they are said to be seeking from the good Prime Minister to be maintained as candidates to contest in safer seats outside of their own field.

I pray that this is not true. But if it is, then these Ministers should be crucified considering they have SINFULLY ceased to be winnable candidates in their home grounds. 

The Prime Minister would be seen to be eating his own words if he fields non-winning candidates in these individuals and worse, be seen very foolish in keeping the Ministers who have failed him and themselves, shamefully asking to be given another chance to fail yet again. The same goes with Deputy Ministers with similar disorders.

Johor Is A State Where There Are No Limitations In Bright Talents In Politics. If There Is Any Minister From This Great State Who Will Be Fielded In A Different And Safer Constituency Just To Save His Political Arse, He Will For Certain Be Looked Down Upon And Ridiculed With Utter Disgust By The Rakyat Of Johor For Being A Parasite Of The Lowest Order. 

What’s More Unfortunate Is That Respect Will Surely Depreciate For Our Leaders Who Will Have Gone Against Their Very Own Preached Principles Of Recognizing And Nominating “Winning” Candidates Within Their Own Constituencies Of Which They Labored For In Past Decades.

Let Us Hope That There Is No Such Scum In The Future World Of Perfect Politics Under The Leadership Of Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Razak, And Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. 

This Should Be A Brand New Deal, With A Brand New Team Realizing Our Brand New Dream.