Thursday, September 24, 2015


If You Think This Article Is About Deep Politics As Usual, You Can Stop Reading Now. The Nation Needs To Take A Break And Revisit Our Normal Lives Again After Having Disembarked From It The Past Year Or So.

Ever Since Being An Elected Representative In The Johor State Legislative Assembly, It Has Become A Ritual For Me To Perform My Aidil Adha Prayers With My Family In Kuala Lumpur And Head Straight After That To The Airport For Johor Bahru To Witness The Slaughtering Of The Sacrificial Cattle At The Masjids And Suraus In My Constituency Of Kempas.

But God Put My Faith To The Test This Aidil Adha.

In All These Years Of Complaining About "Women Drivers", Allah Gave Us A Lady Pilot This Morning Heading To Johor From Subang. You Can Just Imagine How Nervous I Was Knowing That Fact Only After Being A Few Thousand Feet Above The Ground.

Yes You Might Over-React By Branding Me A "Bigot", But I Am An Innocently Harmless One At That, I Assure You.

Moving On, Upon Reaching Johor Bahru Airspace In The Midst Of My Serious Inflight Chants Of The "Zikrullah", We Were Denied The Right To Land And Had To Return To Subang (Not Because Of The Captain), Due To Severe Visibility At Senai Airport Because Of The Haze. By This Time, I Felt Like My Heart Was Beating Out Of My Chest!

However, Contrary To My Mistaken Perception Of Women Behind Any Wheel Of Any Kind Of A Moving Object, This Lady Captain Kept Us Safe, Constantly Updated While Burning Fuel Circling The Sky Until We Were Instructed To Turn Back To Subang And Later Performed The Smoothest Landing In All My Years In Aviation Travel. 

"Captain Sofia" Was Very Professional In Her Job As Well As In Character. She Stood Me Corrected In Fine Fashion Putting Me In My Humble Place Earlier Today. 

I Know Well Enough And Will Acknowledge The Fact When I'm Good And Beaten.

And So, In That Spirit, To All Women Drivers Of All Crafts Be It By Air, Land Or Sea, I Wish You "Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha, Mohon Ampun, Dzahir Dan Bathin."