Friday, May 10, 2019


  1. They say after darkness, there will always be light. Up North of the Arctic Circle, the darkness lasts for months in the Winter. 
  2. In Malaysia, darkness gloomed from the sixth month mark of the government voted in, exactly one year ago today.
  3. Some say it was a mistake, I say it was God’s Blessing upon us all. 
  4. Members of the previous ruling government, although more competent in all fields compared to the current one, were getting too arrogant for their own good.
  5. Perhaps had we won, we would have been a dangerously unbeatable demon reigning over Malaysia for years to come. A correction had to be made and God’s hand dealt the execution through the people.
  6. On the flipside, the blessing is such that the former opposition, hyped as being better administrators of our lives, has shown its true colour, now that they are the government. Pitch-black.
  7. Now, the people, barring a few who are stubbornly ashamed to admit it, have turned their faces away in disgust.
  8. Had Barisan Nasional won, the people would not see the total incompetence of the current government, which is running the country and its economy to the ground.  Perhaps only one man at the helm knows what he is doing. But with clueless “bimbos” in his Cabinet, not much can be helped.
  9. Today, the Malays are seeing their holdings and political power being shaven and dictated behind the scenes by the Chinese. 
  10. The Royalty claims to have been manipulated or misled by the non-Malay attorney-general. And, the International Convention On the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) and Rome Statute were almost forced down the throat of the nation by the government. 
  11. Many pledges in their campaign manifesto were not met among which were the fuel prices, elimination of tolls and the student loans, which were very popular among the young voters.
  12. The light at the end of the tunnel is that BN leaders have learnt their lesson and are eating humble pie. They continue to serve but this time as true servants while the people, namely the Malays, who tipped the balance scale in the last elections, are now convinced that the state of the nation must be saved and it can only be done by supporting the combined forces of BN and PAS in in the next general election. The drive is serious and it is real nationwide.
  13. A Country Can Develop And Prosper Only In Peace. But When The Two Most Important Aspects In The Malaysian Constitution Are Disturbed Namely, The Position Of Islam And The Privileges Of The Malays, There Will Be Serious Racial Disharmony And Social Disorder. Collateral Damage Is Inevitable. The Lives And Freedom Of All Malaysians Will Then Be Distorted, And Regret At That Point In Time, Will Be A Useless Emotion.

9th May 2019.
4th Ramadhan 1440H