Thursday, July 2, 2015


1. I asked myself if this could be true when I was shown the advertisement offering the number plates bearing the word "Patriot" (1-9999).

2. Thinking quietly I asked myself again how the transport Ministry can approve such a proposal and by a private entity at that. 

3. Then other questions came into mind like, "Did the approving Minister present this to the Cabinet for discussion considering the word "Patriot" carries a lot of meaning relating to King and Country".

4. Can the organisers even fathom what it means like to be a Patriot? Is it wise to offer the plates to the open public without even checking their background? 

5. Among those who win their bid could be known economic traitors who've sabotaged the nation to make a fast buck! Are they worthy of carrying these plates?

6. Don't the organisers want to ascertain or ensure first that the bearers are true Patriots?

7. This act of selling the plates is akin to "prostituting" the sacred word to the highest bidder making them pimps, not Patriots.

8. Even more shameful is if the bidders are not restricted to Malaysian citizens only. 

9. Wouldn't it be weird and awkward if a foreigner, a Singaporean for example were to outbid Malaysians for the number plate "Patriot 1" just to show that there is not one Malaysian Patriot worth his salt who is willing to secure it even though he can afford it? 

10. When it is open to any Tom, Dick and Harry with money, we might end up with a Dick who could have sold his own mother not to mention his Country with those plates flashed on his car!

11. These plates should be on cars of only those who bear the true essence of Patriotism, not on those belonging to whoever can and is willing to pay for it! 

12. It is like allowing rapists and adulterers to join in the bid for the plate "Saint" (1-9999). Could that even be right?

13. If they can't determine the difference, then the government should scrap the idea altogether.

14. By allowing it, this outfit has just put "Patriotism" on sale and if I heard the spokesman right, he even said that the owner might profit from it by re-selling it in the future!

15. These people aren't Patriots, they are mere salesmen in a Patriot's outfit making money off the rakyat from turning "Patriotism" into a tradeable commodity. 

16. I'm told they pay a certain amount to the RTD, and they can possibly make ten to fifteen folds from it upon completion of the process. 

17. The minister in charge of approving it is also responsible for putting "Patriotism" on his backside! 

18. Coincidentally, it is said that when they applied for it, the acting minister was the same person who was apologetic after being under pressure for kissing the traditional Malay dagger called the "Keris". It figures. 

19. The application should have been shot down upon presentation.

20. If There Is Anything Worth Deducing Here, It Is That By Doing This, Yayasan Patriot Negara Malaysia Has Committed The Least Patriotic Act Possible.

21. If A Foreigner Wins The Bid For "Patriot 1", Symbolically, The Organisers Have Sold Our Country!

22. If I Was The Womb That Bore Them, I Should Be Worried, Because I Might Be Next, All For A Quick Buck At The Expense Of The Bidding Rakyat.

23. The Government Should Disallow This Act Of Profiteering In The Name Of All Patriots And Cancel This Approval For The Love Of This Nation.

24. Show Us That You Are True Patriots!