Monday, September 29, 2008


Asalamualaikum WBT.

Kepada semua rakan-rakan dan pengunjung blog " The Patriot " samada yang menyumbang mahupun yang membaca atau mengintai sahaja, kami sekeluarga ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 1429H. Dengan tulus ikhlas, kami menyusun jari memohon Ampun dan Maaf, Zahir dan Batin di atas segala bahasa dan kesilapan yang mungkin menghiris hati samada disedari ataupun tidak selama kita bersama.

Semoga Saudara/ Saudari sekeluarga senantiasa dibawah peliharaan Allah SWT.


Tengku Putra H. A. Jumat
Johor Darul Takzim

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Coming from Johor, I'm used to celebrating the birth of our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) over a period of 5 months while it is usually remembered and observed for a day in other States and Muslim countries. I look forward to it because these functions are usually coupled with Briyani in a large tray to be shared amongst Muslim brothers and sisters and a religious sermon to round off the evening.

I never realized that Christmas too can be stretched over a period of 5 months until the announcement was made after the Emergency Supreme Council meeting yesterday at noon. Yes indeed, from 9th November till March, "tis the season to be jolly "for those successful candidates in the divisional delegates meeting beginning October 9th. For the first time from as far as I can remember having been a delegate since 1996, this is yet the longest campaign period ever to be experienced.

I may be chastised for likening it to Christmas but let's not fool ourselves. Several times before, the campaign period has been shortened to avoid political corruption in the party. Did it help? Perhaps. Did it wipe out corruption completely? NO. The candidates always had ways of reaching the delegates.

Even when the team of watchdogs were deployed, there were leakages from those high above who wanted to protect their "favoured ones" by alerting them of the names of the personnel in each state watching out for money politics (as it was known then). I'm not just "spitting in the wind here", I'm talking through experience. I was one of those who were recruited to cleanse the party of such ills only to be treated like a leper once a candidate explained to our common friend why he was against coming to my residence where most of the Johor delegates had usually met potential candidates. Having been a delegate many times, those contesting for posts in the Supreme Council knew me and the others fairly well and was comfortable with holding clean meetings at my residence. No money changed hands but of course refreshments were served. Once my cover was blown, the venue changed, not because they were all dirty but because they just wanted to be safe. It's like you're driving within the speed limit but once you see a patrol car, you slow down just in case. I never trusted UMNO officials ever since and I'll give you one guess which finger I'll flash in their faces if ever they try to recruit me again for such a purpose.

To me, this extension primarily for the election of federal posts in UMNO is rediculous. We've already postponed it once to make way for the general elections, now we have to do it again presumably to save the President's face. Looking at it point blank, moving back the goal-post isn't going to change a thing if the momentum is against him. It'll just add the yardage that he has to recover to score at the other end! Either way, he'll be humiliated unless one possiblity occurs, i.e. he decides to either go out fighting or get a fresh mandate from UMNO using all possible resources he has available to him whether known or otherwise.

Whatever is said and done, yesterday, the interest of the party wasn't taken under consideration. We should've continued with the original schedule and let the chips fall where they may according to the party's constitution without paralysing Putrajaya for the next five months due to heavy politicking.

With that, a bonafide leader would emerge, colossal political corruption would be avoided and much attention can be given to the economy instead.

For the life of me I can't fathom why Dato Sri Najib won't grab what's already his for the taking given the circumstances and instead prefer to take further risks of losing his support from impatient members from the grassroots., many of whom are beginning to see Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah as the original and true candidate who is willing and able to carry their aspirations through.

The RAHMAN theory might very well turn into RAHMAT if the current trend persists. May Allah grant the Nation with the best possible leader. The Supreme Council, nay, the President and his Deputy may propose, but God disposes. That is a promise.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Who is the one we should blame? The hand that gives or the one that receives?

In these last few weeks, these phrases kept on playing over and over in my head.

" Work with me, not for me. I want to hear the truth. My ears are on the ground ".

I wonder whether the person who said all these things really meant it or just said it because it sounded trendy for a politician trying to sound sincere.

Well last Thursday he heard the truth spoken in the Supreme Council, usually known for either apple polishing or rubber stamping his decisions. He has ears on the ground in the form of the Special Branch, Military Intelligence, KEMAS and even JASA (the well known body that brought thousands of branch leaders to KL to meet the PM giving some goodies to mark the occasion). I'm sure some truth came from these establishments but it doesn't look like he is properly digesting the information given. What's the point in having one's ear on the ground if one isn't able to figure out what noise it is and which direction it's coming from?

Now, he is asking the people to work for him instead of with him to ensure that he gets at least the minimum required number of nominations to qualify to run for President again.

A couple of months ago it was the question of whether his contender is able to garner enough nominations come December to contest for the Presidency. Today the situation is reversed. Again, we are hearing of State UMNO Liaisons openly supporting the 2010 power transitional plan. How can they pledge this when the members of the liaison committee themselves i.e. the divisional chiefs, aren't even sure if they'd be re-elected in their own divisions? In Selangor alone, when Mohamad Taib as State UMNO Chief announced their support at the beginning for Abdullah, it was discovered that more than half of the liaison committee members were letting go of their position as division chiefs. Does it make sense for people who are unable to nominate and support him to pledge their support for the same?

The people have spoken in March of 2008 and now UMNO members are telling the President to withdraw gracefully before he is humiliated in the coming UMNO elections. UMNO is seen to be the major reason for BN's slim win because the BN component party leaders are too polite to condemn the Prime Minister. His weak leadership has caused UMNO much distress and loss of respect from the other component parties.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should take a leaf from Mbeki's book and step down upon hearing the truth from his party. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should learn from the MCA on how to take responsibility and withdraw gracefully when the people do not want to work with him anymore. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should not attempt to save his face in the expense of the Party. Ironically, it is the act of saving UMNO that would save his face in the end. But I doubt if he has the decency to do this.

Almost irreparable damage is done to the party in his hands. If he is willing to win at all cost, and does so albeit with a black eye and a bloody nose this December, I won't put my money on the 2010 transitional plan but I'd double my money on BN being put to sleep in 2012.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


One's cheating the Rakyat, could the other one be attempting to fool the party?

One's a Master of Theatrics, could the other be trying the Art of Deception?

Anwar Ibrahim didn't keep his promise, but kept stretching his markers by asking the Rakyat to continue believing in his lies. To be honest, even I was waiting in anticipation to see if he could pull the rabbit out of the hat. He is cheating the Rakyat because he is trying to lure members of the ruling party, the coalition party that the rakyat voted for in the 2008 elections to join him, instantly making him the Prime Minister through the back door. Matters of the hind seem to constantly get his attention doesn't it?

I hope the people have learnt their lesson watching him maneouvre his way through their trust. The thing is, if he became Prime Minister and his time came to leave this world prematurely, who would succeed him, and would the rakyat be agreeable to the candidate? Would there be chaos? Could the other parties within the Pakatan come to terms with the person being the successor?

Simply said, they are not ready to lead yet considering they haven't worked out the differences between them. Pakatan's a bad choice right now.

As far as Barisan Nasional is concerned, they shouldn't be too worried about a breakup. People need to remember that UMNO has 79 seats, MCA 15, MIC 3 and GERAKAN 2. The others barring SAPP don't pose much of a problem for BN. MCA, MIC and GERAKAN need BN more than anything now because if they choose to leave the party to join the opposition, they'd be playing second and third fiddle to DAP and PKR. Surely the latter would maintain the lion's share and GERAKAN's chances leading Penang once again would be worse than a snowball's chance in hell. So, frankly speaking, they can keep their innuendoes. We've got more important things to worry about.

Regarding the window dressing. Of late, one after another carrot is waved at Dato Sri Najib to discourage him from going for the number one post and simultaneously sweet-coating it for the impatient UMNO grassroots to make them think that a quicker and sincere transition is imminent. The Finance portfolio sounds right for him having an economics background.

It looks like it's working as Najib has stepped back and forth a couple of times dancing to the desparate tunes of the embattled President. But the ultimate decision lies in the hands of the 191 UMNO divisions (with the will of God), most of which are already tired and afraid to gamble with another two years of political and economic uncertainty, not to mention disunity amongst the rakyat of different races. We want to be united once more as a nation albeit with cultural and religious diversity, and it can only be done with a strong and stable, no-nonsense leadership.

So let's see if this window dressing will actually help sell the product on display this time.

I personally buy a product that works instead of one that looks good on exhibition.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We (Malaya) gained our Independance on 31 st of August 1957 corresponding to 6th Safar 1377H but Malaysia was formed with the inclusion of Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak on the 16th September of 1963 corresponding to 28th Rabiulakhir 1383H.

May God Bless Malaysia.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


The Law Minister is holding the Cabinet hostage over his displeasure on the ISA issue.

If I were one of his colleagues I'd guide him to the door without much fuss next Wednesday. He is behaving more like a Minister in Pakatan's never-neverland.

More later - I have a clearer conscience spitting fire after the break of fast. For now think of his threat as asking a King's ransom for an old concubine.


He is of the view that "the ISA should be used to curb terrorism, which is why it was first enacted."

Perhaps to him preventing blood on the streets due to mounting anger relating to a cause worth dying for doesn't warrant the use of the ISA. Remember when a group of Hindraf supporters almost cracked open the skull of a Chinese police officer in Ampang not long ago?

Well that was a case where one party, the policeman, was restraining his force while the other party employed it. Now imagine if both large parties came without any restraint because of something they truly believe in and are willing to die for. Would we want to wait until that happens before doing something to rectify the situation? Wouldn't it be better if we cage the instigator first rather than see all hell break loose?

We are living in a multi-racial and multi religious country. Once sensitive lines are breached, it will invite big trouble if it is allowed to continue. We cannot gamble with giving people who constantly prod these sensitivities the benefit of the doubt. That is a no brainer accept for perhaps someone who has lost too many brain-cells cosuming alcohol.

Knowing people personally in social events and forums doesn't mean that one knows the person inside out. I mean can anyone describe if the person whom one claims to know personally is a wild creature after hours (keeping it kosher in here)? That would only be the case if one is privy to and participates in her activities all day and night.

Does a person have to brandish a gun and have a grenade on her waist before she is deemed to be a threat to national security?

Why should people fear anything if they are not doing anything wrong. I mean the rules of the game is spelt out crystal clear for everyone. Stay clear of the matters of race and religion and you can pretend like the ISA doesn't exist.

The home minister made the right move to come down hard on the perpertrators. Then, a ridiculous statement was made on the purpose of the journalist's detention that followed her release that was so quick it probably took longer for her to travel from Penang and back making the ISA look worse than it actually is. She must have served the shortest time in the history of the Act.

The irony here is that we have one minister who is willing to quit for a wrong cause and another minister who is afraid of losing his job for a right cause. If he isn't, he should have defied a presumably wrong call made by his boss.

Bloggers and reporters are not above the law which includes the ISA. We all have to be responsible for what we do and write. We musn't take our freedom for granted.

Read carefully the news report by Sin Chew and RPK's contraversial article. Check out Teresa's behaviour in harping on Malay and Islamic issues and ask yourself if there is any justification in their detention under the Act.

The Internal Security Act has served us well to preserve harmony. I'm willing and happy to see several irresponsible citizens dumped under this Act in exchange for a peaceful Malaysia. Why am I not worried about this Act? It's because I have no intention of breaching the law however unjust it may be.

So Zaid, do us a favour and leave your post. The ISA is here to stay and if you want to give the country an ultimatum, the majority will pick the ISA over you any day of the week and twice on a Sunday.

Friday, September 5, 2008


I'm a staunch supporter of Dato' Sri Najib Razak but I have to painfully state here that I didn't consider myself well represented when the man himself apologized to the Chinese community on behalf of the whole party of UMNO on the accord of one person's statement. If at all an apology was warranted it shouldn't have come from the top brass representing the whole 3.2 million UMNO members.

More to follow...I'm just too distraught to write more right now

Continued....There you have it. The Malay leaders in UMNO have adopted a new habit of jumping the gun everytime the Chinese community speaks slightly louder than a whisper about their supposedly "oppressed" community. It seems now we're always ever ready to apologise in fear of being called a racist. If this continues at the current rate, we will become as pathetic as the Americans where it is taboo to call a negro anything but Afro-American while the negros can call a caucasion "white boy" in public without any fear of being called a bigot.

Perhaps the problem is that the Chinese can understand the Malay language and listen earnestly to any Malay political event while the Malays know nuts and couldn't care less about what goes on in a Chinese political forum. Malay journalists are also useless in reporting non-Malay events because the Managing Editors of the Malay dialies are not intelligent enough to employ worthy reporters who can speak more than one language. Heck! They can't even quote the Malay leaders properly let alone summarise in the Malay language a press conference that is held in English or any other language spoken in Malaysia. That is why there are no charges against the Chinese and Indians on sedition or racism based on newspaper reports.

Anyway coming back to the apologetic UMNO culture, I'd like to recapitulate on a few events that should have caused much embarrassement to the Malays due to their leaders but dismissed off the cuff as innocent mistakes.

1. A Malay girl who was mistakenly thought to be a Chinese citizen was "abused" in a Malaysian prison. After a lot of flak by the Chinese community here, and without thorough investigation on something so elementary, the Home Minister was sent to China to apologise on behalf of the Government only to realize that it was a local of Malay ethnic origin.

2. The UMNO Youth leader (whose name is not even worthy of mentioning in my blog) introduced a Keris ( the Malay warrior's dagger) and named it Keris Panca Warisan waving it a few times with a cry that supposedly offended the non-Malays in a Youth Convention. The MCA youth wing paid him a visit and the hatchet was buried along with a substantial allocation for Chinese schools under that chap's Ministry. You'd have thought that was that, but the pressure kept rising from the community for the youth chief to apologize even after giving the handout to the Chinese schools. Yup! The rest his history, he succumbed to the pressure and like the scared puppy offered his apology, pathetically at a time when it most didn't matter, i.e. after we got "whipped" in the General Elections. The Chinese community still speaks ill of his past action even after his apology. He'd just as well have offered his resignation along with it and that would have made the Malays very happy indeed.

3. Recently, the UMNO Deputy President, after hearing calls for Dato' Ahmad Ismail's apology for referring to a fact in history by the Chinese leaders decided to offer an apology on behalf of the whole party. Lo and behold, 13 UMNO divisions in Penang backed Ahmad Ismail defying Najib's action and the President's call for his apology. So it seems besides me, there are more than 50,000 other UMNO members in Penang alone represented by the 13 divisions who begged to differ with Najib and Pak Lah.

Instead of being on the defensive and constantly cowed into obedience by Gerakan, MCA, DAP and Hindraf, in the last 4 years, what we'd like to know is what has UMNO done to condemn those who openly accuse our party alone of abuse of power and corruption? (as though they are squeeky clean).

According to the Malaysian Insider, this is what Lim Keng Yaik had to say about us. "We had the worst kind of Umno arrogance as a result of the 2004 elections. The abuse of power, corruption, negotiated tenders with government tenders going mainly to Umno-associated companies. All this is not decided by the Cabinet but by the Ministry of Finance. You think people don't know. Prices are jacked up and there is no check on the implementation of these projects."

And according to the New Straits Times Online, Ong Tee Kiat, the presidential candidate told an MCA function that the party should consider pulling out of Barisan Nasional if Umno continued to champion the concept of Ketuanan Melayu.
These are extremely serious allegations made by the advisor of a useless component party which lost a whole state because of the same arrogance they condemned UMNO for, and a dangerous play with seditious remarks just to win an election by a presidential nominee of another component party.

The Billion Ringgit question is, what in the name God are our leaders doing to straighten these characters out? Or, if there is any truth in what Keng Yaik had to say, will the bandits be brought to justice to clear the party's good name?

Instead of going out of this world trying hard to win the hearts of the non-Malays, it is time the UMNO leaders started to pay more attention to the Malays who are fast running out of patience and looking toward the other party that is beginning to look like the real McCoy in the struggle for Religion, Race and Country.


One of the minerets of the Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar in Johor Bahru

I'd like to apologize for the delay in wishing everyone Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan. I should have done it as soon as the Crest moon of Ramadhan was sighted but was tied up with the activities welcoming this blessed month in my Division.