Thursday, December 17, 2009



29 Zulhijjah 1430H

In The Name Of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Y.A.B. Dato’ Sri
Asallamualaikum WBT.

May Allah’s blessings and good tidings be upon you Sir.

Appreciating your busy schedule Dato’ Sri, I will proceed straight to the point of this letter which is the appalling behavior of one of the members of your esteemed Cabinet, YB Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz who openly accused former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed and more importantly Utusan Malaysia of being racists. Being a Malay politician, sensitive matters relating to Malay affairs should be dealt with delicately and with much deft as it might offend people of the same race, namely the loyal Malays who are and have since been with UMNO. Being vocal and seen as over-reaching to win over those of different races who’ve clearly abandoned us might in turn hurt the feelings of the loyalists who may perceive Nazri’s statements as the stand of your government attacking Malay Institutions.

A member of the Johor UMNO machinery who attempted to offer his humble advice on his behavior was antagonized and insulted through the text messages which were splashed on a weblog which apparently also supports our party.

Y.A.B. Dato’ Sri, we are not anti-Chinese nor Indians. We support and are strong advocates of your 1Malaysia concept which guarantees a place for everyone under the Malaysian sun. But while the Malays are ready to embrace this concept wholeheartedly, we must be weary that there are certain quarters that will twist and spin your pure intentions for the purpose of their own communities, some of whom are among us in the Coalition, though they have toned down much since you took the oath of office, exhibiting exquisite leadership on your part.

Sir, no one in the UMNO Supreme Council even raised an eye-brow when:

1. The current MCA President while he was Vice President dangerously played with the idea
of scrapping the 30 % Bumiputera Equity to gain mileage in his bid for Presidency.

2. The Gerakan Wanita chief questioned the status of the Malays as Bumiputeras.

3. The MCA Youth demanded for a second Deputy Presidential seat in the Barisan Nasional,
then true enough, later on a Committee member demanded for a Second DeputyPremiership
for the party.

4. The outgoing MCA president asked for an “end to the Bumi equity rule” and without
ambiguity accused UMNO of being a bully in the Coalition in the very presence of the PM and
his Deputy who are the top two leaders in UMNO. ( I believe you were in attendance then
Sir, as Deputy PM ).

5. The Chinese newspapers took out of context quotes from your current Deputy and your
Home Minister and went to town on it triggering strong and baseless responses from fellow
Cabinet members from the Chinese ethnic origin. These Chinese Ministers never gave
Muhyiddin or Hishammuddin the benefit of the doubt nor did they condemn their dailies for
stacking them against the Malays like Nazri is doing with Utusan Malaysia today.

6. The MIC hurled abuses towards UMNO for not doing enough for the Indians in their annual
Assembly held at UMNO House in PWTC. All this after you graciously maintained a Minister
and two Deputy Ministers’ posts for them despite their failure to win Indian votes for BN.

While I have never seen nor read of any Chinese leader condemning their own institutions especially in their zest to champion the rights of their community, it baffles me and most UMNO members how a Malay leader can be so reckless as to attack his own almost on a daily basis of late. While Nazri “may” still be an asset in your Cabinet Sir, he is certainly a massive liability in UMNO. I say this as a local leader who has the pulse of the Malays on the ground. I’m sure the various Intelligence agencies will verify this, if indeed they are doing their job.

Y.A.B. Dato’ Sri, it might be too much for us to request for you as Prime Minister to remove Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz from the Cabinet. After all it is your prerogative and you may need a “sweeper” to clean the house with. Like the well dressed butler in a Lord’s Manor, let him remain as the servant in Parliament House cleaning up after Parliamentarians, but it is incumbent upon us as Malay leaders working and fighting very hard to win back lost Malay (UMNO) votes from the grassroots and heartland to seek your good office as President of UMNO to replace Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz from the Supreme Council with someone who is willing to uphold your virtues in the 1Malaysia concept without betraying his duty to champion the rights and privileges of the Malay people as enshrined in The Constitution whenever it is breached or threatened by Malaysians at large, Malay traitors included.

Sir, I humbly seek your forgiveness if I may have stepped beyond my place of propriety in presenting this open letter to you. It is the continued success of UMNO that is paramount to us all. I pray that Allah SWT will give you and Datin Sri, Taufiq and Hidayah in your endeavor for the greater good of the Nation. Selamat menyambut Awal Muharram 1431H.

Wasallam 1Malaysia.

In The Name Of God, King and Country,
I respectfully remain,

Tengku Putra Haron Aminurrashid Jumat
UMNO Vice Chairman
Pulai Division
Johor Darul Taqzim


Anonymous said...

Kudos & Bravo TPJ! This open letter to me exudes not only the frustrations of a leader from Pulai Johor but also loyal Malays at the antics of this undecorous, uncouth, unapt, unbefitting and unbecoming virulent!TPJ, though your views on the matter are well known but the letter that u've just dispacthed to our beloved PM underlines the nations' concerns over actions portrayed by a member of MENTERI KABINET MALAYSIA who seems to underscore his interest in detrimenting PM's aspirations and struggles to keep the Malays intact!

So, thank you for writing them with such passion and eloquence.
You – Affect - Us!

BoyHjJamil said...

Salam TPJ.

Surat terbuka ini diharapkan dapat sampai dan dibaca oleh PM Najib bagi tindakan susulan. Sekiranya PM Najib peka dan akur dengan aspirasi gagasan 1Malaysia yg sedang beliau pertahankan, saya yakin yg beliau akan mengutamakan kehendak rakyat, lebih daripada faktor2 lain..

Sekiranya PM Najib mahu memenangi semula sokongan ahli UMNO dan mahu rakyat memandang beliau sebagai pembela rakyat yg tulen, beliau tidak perlu memandang ke belakang lagi kerana jelas, Nazri Aziz bukanlah seorg pemimpin yg perlu dihormati lagi. Sikap beliau yang tidak boleh ditegur, keras kepala, EGo dan juga celupar, tidak melambangkan langsung ciri2 pemimpin UMNO yg sebenar.

Jika masalah ini dibiarkan berlarutan, jangan salahkan rakyat kerana tidak menyokong UMNO dan BN kerana jelas rakyat sudah bangun utk menyatakan pandangan dan kehendak mereka.. Kecualilah jika PM Najib tidak langsung ada talian internet dirumah, ataupun tidak tahu apa itu blog.. Pada saya, lebih baik kita korbankan sahaja seekor lembu yg sedang sakit ini, daripada membiarkan wabak penyakit yg dibawakan olehnya daripada menjangkiti manusia2 yg sihat seperti kita...

Kepada TPJ, syabas di atas inisiatif yg anda ambil.. Saya doakan, agar apa yg kita sdg perjuangkan demi Agama, Bangsa, Negara Dan UMNO yg kita pertahankan skrg akan diberkati Allah hendaknya..

TPJ said...

Anonymous 8:47

Thank you for the appreciation you've shown towards the letter which I can safely say represents the greater majority of UMNO members, Supreme Councillors included.

I had exhausted my interest in writing about this trash of a leader here but I thought an open letter to the President would be an appropriate closure for me transferring the burden unto the conscience of the latter.

Your final statement "You – Affect - Us!" is a first in my entire life in the service to the people. It is certainly gratifying.

Thank you for the vote of confidence. It'll definitely spur me ahead if I choose to continue this path.

Hj Syed Nagiff said...

"Sekiranya PM Najib mahu memenangi semula sokongan ahli UMNO dan mahu rakyat memandang beliau sebagai pembela rakyat yg tulen, beliau tidak perlu memandang ke belakang lagi kerana jelas, Nazri Aziz bukanlah seorg pemimpin yg perlu dihormati lagi. Sikap beliau yang tidak boleh ditegur, keras kepala, EGo dan juga celupar, tidak melambangkan langsung ciri2 pemimpin UMNO yg sebenar."

Tengku, I believe the above statement by BoyHjJamil is not even right. Haji Jamil even puts his Haji title second after the word Boy "BoyHJjamil". He doesn't respect nor value the title of Haji. Therefore this guy must be a muslim but because he puts his HJ second in his ID name makes me wonder if he is a real muslim or not. All muslim will put their Haji title first not second. Therefore i personally disqualify him from giving his opinion. I believe BoHjJamil has humiliated the highest title given to all muslim after they perform their haj. He only noticed other people's mistake but his mistake to me even sinful than anything that i can think off.

PS: Dato' Sri Nazri won the last general election because he serve his people under the flagship of UMNO and appointed in MKT by the PM due to the performances and long trusting relationship with PM. Who are we to highlight to PM pleading to sack Nazri from MKT.

TPJ said...

Asallamualaikum WBT YM Tuan Hj Syed.

Yes, BoyHjJamil is a Muslim, a staunch UMNO supporter, the Honourable Secretary of the Education Bureau of UMNO Pulai, and one of the most active members of the Pulai BN machinery. He is known by the name Boy by his family and friends while Hj Jamil is his esteemed father who is also holding a high post in the UMNO division. That is why the Hj comes after his nick because it is the spiritual title to be used by his father who has performed the Haj but not him. His language seems much softer than the “esteemed” Minister he so condemns.

I agree, YB Dato’ Sri Nazri won and probably became as successful as he is today under and because of the UMNO flag. Therefore we expect and demand his total loyalty to the Malays and nothing less. By condemning Malay institutions openly to appease the non-Malays makes him unfit to serve the Malay party. Whether or not he has a long standing relationship with the PM is of no significance to us especially if he has become a liability to the party, because UMNO belongs to the Malay people, not Najib. Sir, with respect, if his relationship and trustworthiness with Dato Sri’ Najib is impeccable, perhaps a better appointment would be for Najib to appoint him in his family Holdings instead.

If you noticed, in my letter, as a Malay leader who works terribly hard to hold it together on the ground, I have only asked for Nazri to be relieved of his position in the highest body in UMNO, not the Cabinet. Every card carrying UMNO member has the right to seek the President’s understanding especially in a situation that merits it. The rest is up to the latter to act upon, if indeed he thinks of the party and most of all his National call for “People First, Performance Now”.

YM Tuan Hj Syed, I’m sure Dato’ Sri Nazri Aziz has his good points personally and I appreciate your loyalty to him for that. I also thank him for his outstanding service while he was the Acting UMNO Youth Chief. Naturally he had more guts than his successors. Once I was his staunchest supporter perhaps even before you were acquainted to him. If he became Youth Chief instead of opting for the Supreme Council then, he would be Deputy Prime Minister today. Our action is not personal in nature but purely for the sake and future of UMNO.

Thank you for taking the time to comment in here Sir and I hope you will continue to contribute regardless of our different stand.

I’m sure we have one thing in common at the very least, that is to think in the best interest of the Nation. Salam Awal Muharram 1431H.

TPJ said...


Jika rakyat khususnya ahli2 UMNO terus-menerus mengasak supaya kita hakiskan keangkuhan dari kalangan pemimpin UMNO sepertimana YAB Dato' Sri Presiden sendiri mengucapkan didalam ucaptama beliau di Perhimpunan Agong UMNO yg baru lepas, maka tentunya Nazri akan di tukarkan. Jika tidak, maka Presiden sendiri tidak mengotakan katanya yg beliau tuntutkan dari kita pemimpin UMNO yg Marhain ini.

barrister@law said...

Salam tengku,

saya menyokong penuh tulisan tuan berkenaan dgn enchek menteri nazri aziz dan tindakan yg perlu diambil terhadapnya.begitu juga dgn komen boy haji jamil.

satu tindakan perlu diambil terhadap enchek nazri kerana perilakunya yg tidak melambangkan beliau seorang pemimpin umno.sepatutnya beliau mempertahankan dasar parti dan kerajaan secara khususnya bukan mengikut rentak pembangkang berkenaan dgn beberapa isu.suara dan pandangannya seolah2 umno mempunyai wakil pembangkang dalam majlis tertinggi.

ditambah pula dgn keceluparan dia dgn memanggil bekas perdana menteri sebagai bloody racist dan menyamakan dan mengumpamakan pemandu teksi lebih teruk dari tandas.ia merupakan satu penghinaan terhadap pemandu2 teksi di malaysia.sedar kah kita bahawa pemandau teksi ni juga yg menyokong dan mengundi BN dlm pilihanraya.saya gusar jika keceluparan enchek nazri bole menguris hati mereka dan undi terhadap BN akan swing ke pihak pembangkang.

merujuk kpd satu posting di blog big dog dimana ada tersisip sms antara encik nazri bersama seorang ahli umno,bahasa2 yg digunakan adalah sgt kurang ajar dan seperti seorang yg tidak berpendidikan berbicara.adalah tidak wajar sorang menteri yg mengaku punya latarbelakang undang2 mengunakan bahasa2 yg kasar terhadap rakyat biasa.

semoga luahan saya rakyat biasa mendapat perhatian pucuk pimpinan.

Hj Syed Nagiff said...

THJ "jika rakyat khususnya ahli2 UMNO terus-menerus mengasak supaya kita hakiskan keangkuhan dari kalangan pemimpin UMNO sepertimana YAB Dato' Sri Presiden sendiri mengucapkan didalam ucaptama beliau di Perhimpunan Agong UMNO yg baru lepas, maka tentunya Nazri akan di tukarkan. Jika tidak, maka Presiden sendiri tidak mengotakan katanya yg beliau tuntutkan dari kita pemimpin UMNO yg Marhain ini.

YM Tengku, If so PM tidak mengotakan katanya atas sebab-sebab yang lebih jelas padanya Dan Dato Sri Nazri masih memegang Jawatanya di MKT. I think is best that you resign from UMNO. Are you willing to do that?? The reason i say this is because i think you are challenging PM who is the President of UMNO.

Tengku, Do not worry. to me there is nothing personal. As mention before in the FB everyone has opinion and free to take side. Futhermore we are old friends.

Salam Awal Muharram 1431H.

Anonymous said...

Salam Saudara Patriot,

Kebiasaannya saya hanyalah seorang pembaca yang setia. Kali ini saya terpanggil untuk menulis pandangan apabila seorang 'Haji' dengan begitu takbur menidakkan keislaman seorang lain hanya berdasarkan pada 'KeHAJIan' nama penanya.

Kepada Tuan HAJI Syed (atau patutkah kerana telah memenuhi rukun yg lain perlu saya tambah gelaran: YAM Tuan Haji Umrah Solat Puasa Zakat Syed Nagif), saya pantulkan kembali soalan "who are we" tuan: "Who are we to judge if one is a real muslim or not by looking at their pseudonyms?" Haji title has no value in Islam. As part of our culture, there is no harm to use it to address elder people. He who has performed the pilgrimage has simply fulfilled a duty God requires of all Muslims. He should want his action to remain between himself and God. The title should not earn him any privilege among people.

Tuan Haji telah berjaya mengalihkan fokus saya. Teruskan para pembaca budiman, membicarakan perihal menteri yang dikagumi Tuan Haji ini.

TPJ said...

YM Tuan Hj Syed,

I sat in the Merdeka Hall in the closed door briefing as well as the opening and closing of the UMNO Assembly listening to 3 speeches made by the President in October. He specifically told us all, over and over again to be humble servants of the people and not to be or sound arrogant. It is my understanding that those who do not take his advice will not be considered in the coming general elections. Yes, you can safely say that I AM challenging the President to live up to his 3 (THREE) speeches in the General Assembly totaling 5 (FIVE) hours. I need NOT resign from UMNO if he does NOT live up to it because I do NOT serve the President. I serve the Party. After the last President before him who made an art out of making blunders almost bringing BN to its knees, I think we can forgive Najib for going against his better judgment once or twice. But he needs to be reminded nonetheless. After all, we must remember that besides being President, he is also a human being.

I appreciate your friendship, nay, I consider it as “blood” relationship, and shall take it to my death despite being at odds in our views this one time. Please convey my respects and Salam to Bonda Hajjah Azizah and the rest of the family.

I thank you for visiting The Patriot.

TPJ said...

Assalamualaikum WBT.

Saya berpendapat bahawa walaupun ada sedikit kebenaran diatas apa yang dikatakan oleh Dato’ Sri Nazri tentang pemandu teksi, namun demikian, tentunya ianya boleh di sampaikan dengan kaedah yang lebih halus. Pandangan Tuan amat tepat bahawa sebahagian besar dari mereka ini adalah penyokong BN. Tambahan pula, sebagai pemandu teksi, mereka berinteraksi dengan rakyat selama 18 jam setiap hari. Mereka boleh kembarkan kempen politik secara sukarelawan dengan tugas harian mereka, mempengaruhi pelanggan2 yang menaiki teksi mereka. Ini boleh menjadi masalah kepada UMNO/ BN jika mereka bersatu hati untuk memburukkan imej parti kita.

Ramai orang khususnya dikalangan orang Melayu amat terasa hati dengan cara Nazri dan ada yang menulis bermacam2 tentang kepimpinannya. Namun demikian apa yang terbaik adalah kita mengutarakan dan kemudiannya menyerahkannya kepada pucuk pimipinan untuk membuat keputusan.

Mungkin beliau diperlukan untuk menjaga atau menjadi “Mandor” di Parlimen Malaysia, tetapi kami amat berharap agar tempatnya di dalam Parti Melayu UMNO itu di lepaskan kepada pejuang Melayu yang lebih layak, oleh YAB Dato’ Sri Presiden.

Terima kasih kerana sudi mengunjung The Patriot.

Salam 1Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Sir please take a look at this website.

Some of the author's writing are very accurate.

The PR is no doubt a tool by the illuminati to realize their new world order.

It will be, sooner or later, a war between the believers and the non believers.


umar said...

Nazri has told off the arrogant civil service, " They should know why they are called civil-servants and we The Political Masters". That was a statement from Nazri which put the government civil servants into compliance. Now that he has again told off the taxi drivers. He is second to Mahathir in reprimanding the malays. If you care to check, Mahathir has insulted the malays umpteen times.Sharir Samad doesn't throw his cigarette while talking to Mahathir.We need someone bold enough to tell Mahathir off.UMNO should be proud of him.

TPJ said...


I applauded and supported Nazri at that time when he talked down the civil servants for trying to muscle in on politicians.

Yes, Tun ran down the Malays, but the response by Nazri to him was too harsh considering he was just responding to questions by the press regarding the BTN. "Bloody Racist"? A tad too harsh in my opinion.

Anyway, if you read my letter carefully, I said it was more important to me that Utusan was harshly criticised than Tun.

I beleive there is something personal that Nazri has with Tun and I don't think that the slightest announcement by Tun should be shot down in public out of a personal vandetta. Though I think Nazri might have a valid bone to pick with Tun, I think that the nation should not be dragged into it.

I am acquainted ith Shahrir but I can't remember ever seeing him smoking cigerettes, though he does smoke cigars.

We needn't waste time telling off Mahathir anymore Sir. There are more important matters of the state to address like telling off the 71 BN MPs for almost forcing the Govt to stand down.

sfso@pulaijb said...

Salam TPJ,

Brilliant and straight to the point..Love your views and points given..

Really hope that our dear PM will read it and perhaps respond..

Who is this Haji by the way?Kasar betol bahasa..

TPJ said...

Salam SFSO,

I'm glad that you approve of this letter which I'm sure represents your vies as well.

I have also posted it in the PM's 1Malaysia blog for his perusal.

Tuan Hj Syed is an old friend who is of fine character and may have been affected by the overwhelming negative comments on his acquaintance, Dato Sri' Nazri Aziz. I'm sure he meant no offence by his remarks in here and has kept them as civil as possible.

Thank you SFSO for your comment. It's been a while since you've visited The Patriot and I would like to welcome you back.

I hope to be seeing more of you in the future. Wasallam.

Unknown said...

Satu warkah yang sangat bernas...
Sejak dulu lagi sudah patut dinilai En. Nazri Aziz satu yang saya tak boleh terima apabila ia berkaitan dengan Tun Mahathir kerana pada saya Tun telah banyak berjasa pada bangsa dan Negara Malaysia...
Kekalnya En Nazri hanya akan membawa kehancuran pada empayar Legasi 1Malaysia yang hendak dibangunkan oleh PM Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak...

TPJ said...


Kita akan lihat sejauh mana PM Najib akan bertindak untuk memperbaiki keadaan BN. Perlu di ingat, dalam tempoh masa tiga minggu, isu mulut Nazri, Kehilangan enjin2 jet pejuang Tentera Udara DiRaja Malaysia dan kegagalan ahli2 parlimen BN untuk menghadiri sessi penting yang hampir2 memaksa Kerajaan BN untuk berundur, telah menolak markah2 penting yang menyebelahi UMNO/BN.

Semakin sakitlah usaha jentera BN diakar umbi untuk berkerja semata2 kerana pihak atasan lalai didalam tanggungjawab mereka.

Allahu Alam.

Anonymous said... friend,
Nazri is if u don't THE JOKER IN PARLIMENT! He is a disgrace to our country. If our PM is smart...get him out of the cabinet.People like him is one cause of BN's downfall.A lawyer..he is said to be...true enough a blady liar! A man who is never thankful to those who has help him to be where is he now. Shame on him.
He who establishes his argument by noise and command, shows that his reason is weak.Simple solutions seldom are. It takes a very unusual mind to undertake anlysis of the obvious.Nazri is one sick man.
I take my hat off to u for yr letter to PM. Lets hope it won't be a waste. I am sorry but I have hated thie man for so so so long..n its time to let go....

Anonymous said...

Great letter, very eloquent and timely too.

May Allah grant you your wish.


Anonymous said...

As a 4th generation Malaysian, i have 2 simple question; most Malaysians my age would like answered.. regardless of being Malay, Chinese,Indian, Negrito, Iban etc.. when are u a Bumiputera? is it when u are a Muslim? if that so, a Indian-Muslim can be a Bumiputera. What if he is not a Muslim, how about a Chinese in Sabah, who as far as he knows it, he too is a Bumiputera ? Not to mention a Indonesian that lands in Malaysia in thousands daily eventually become Melayu Bumiputera ?

2nd question, In the World of Melayu, when are u a racist?

regards Arjuna -

TPJ said...


Answer to your first question:

Bumiputeras are Malays who’re born here or had their parents born here. All the other natives like the orang asli and those residing in the East Malaysia are also known as Bumiputeras. Most of them in the East are not Muslims but are Bumiputeras, being Muslim is not a must primarily. The Indonesians who land here are NOT considered Bumiputeras, but their children are by virtue of being Malays and born here.

Answer to your second question: In the world of Melayu, I’m a racist when I cowardly allow others to attack my race without defense. That’s being racist against my own race and sucking up to the race that attacks it.