Friday, October 2, 2009


Please Do Participate.

Considering Pakatan Pembangkang is led by an Ex-Convict who did time for abuse of power when he was in the government, and BN is transparent in taking disciplinary action against its members including the latter, when you walk to the ballot box to vote in your area across Malaysia in the 13th General Elections, will you be thinking of your local candidate's work-rate or who UMNO put to contest in Bagan Pinang 3 years ago?

Your answer is much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Local candidate's work rate. & must have good reputation and PR among the rakyats. Popular among the people but dont want to have a candidate just because he is an 'elite' in UMNO.

TPJ said...

Thank you Anonymous for participating.

Yes, I suspect the voters nationwide are mature and know enough to vote for the person who best serves them instead of listening to nonesense about how the party has evolved.

We may have a first rate political party forming the government, but what good is it if it doesn't benefit the locality directly having a lazy representative who may be clean, but is difficult to reach.

The candidate also must be a local and not some out of the blue UMNO Supreme Council member who is an alien in the area but is nominated just because he or she was born there by accident.

Unknown said...

It is a known fact that Umno practice selective persecution as in the case of Isa Samad in 2004 (under Pak Lah regime) and Ali Rustam in 2008 (najib regime) and these are only a couple examples out of the many others. Therefore there must be some element of doubt in Anwar's case of 1998. Umno's party procedures were ignored in 1998, instead of the disciplinary committee taking up the case the supreme council bypassed it, and through the insistence of then president Mahathir expelled Anwar. I am not saying he is innocent of the wrong doings but the procedures. So it shows there is 'consistency' in Umno till today and no apparent will for CHANGE. My personal opinion is Umno must have the will to change and not just cosmetically. And if the change result in loosing the 'self installed' warlords in the party than CHANGE of that nature they must take. Maybe even loosing in the next general election would be good for umno to rejuvenate and rid itself of filthy elements.
As for your quiz, i would only vote for BN IF they propose at least 200 new parliamentary candidates out of 222 currently! The likes of Mukhriz, Shahril, Ku Li, Shahziman, Razali Ibrahim, Husni, Muhyiddin, Najib, Rais & Noh Omar should be retained. The rest are considered damaged goods beyond repair! At state level they must dispense off people like Khir Toyo, Mat Taib, Idris Jusoh, Isa Samad, Ali Rustam, Tajol Rosli, Shahidan Kassim, Musa Aman, ....etc. One more thing, they must get rid of the existing disciplinary committee and install new credible members who are not subservient to the party leaders. And who dispense their duties without FEAR or FAVOUR. Ofcourse this look like a humongous task, never the less a task they have to take to survive or they will face the same consequence as that of LDP in Japan.

TPJ said...


Fair comment.

Right on Khir Toyo, Mat Taib, Idris Jusoh, Tajol Rosli, Shahidan Kassim and perhaps Isa Samad, but Musa Aman and Ali Rustam are two figures who keep their state BN in tact so until we find someone else with much clout over the many divisions in the state, we'll have to keep them there. It must be done but cannot be done perematurely or we will lose the States.

Not many MBs or Chief Ministers have control over the BN divisional chiefs. Johor, and Negeri Sembilan are two of those who look like but have no absolute control over UMNO/BN divisions in the State.

Thank you for your participation.

Anonymous said...

This is what I can conclude from my observation of the typical Malays.

We are passionate when it comes to something that they believe in (whether or not it is good or bad, right or wrong).

The youths, all they want is to participate. Let them participate in the general elections. How? Sure there must be a way. E.g. Let it be one of the social activities (rather than rempitings and clubbing and couldnt care less about the political situation in the country), the government must think of some way how to get these youngsters involved. How to make the younger generations of Malays especially to realize that 'kedaulatan bangsa Melayu di Tanah melayu' won't last if they are careless. Make the non-Malays understand that there is nothing to worry if the Malays rule the country even 100% forever as history has shown the the Malays are the most giving and reasonable race ever in this earth.

Try to get as much as 'warrior' mentality as possible. But without causing disharmony to the country of course. Suntikan semangat satria. Youngsters nowadays. I dont even know where to begin. The new world order has really taken its toll. :)

Why is it last time, the kampung people are more united?. Because they do everything together. Building balai raya. Transferring a house from one location to another. Kenduri kahwin and gathering, they cook together.

So, to get more normal people (and make UMNO a less elite organization), UMNO should practice this basic elements more to win the hearts of the people.


TPJ said...

Anonymous 3:42 AM

Hmm..I'm trying to find your answer somewhere in there but thank you anyway for your thoughts on the Malays.