Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The Muslim woman consumed alcohol in public. There is a provision in the Sharia Law to punish her. The public complains about social problems within the Muslim Youths everyday. UMNO in their Annual General Assembly, debates over it viciously as though they are sincerely concerned about the decadence in our society. Today, I read the Prime Minister is using his influence to change the mind of the woman, and decision by the Sharia to repair the moral deterioration within the Malays which UMNO only talks about but never acts upon. As an UMNO man myself who attends every minute of the debates in the Annual General Assembly and have to listen to spirited speeches about our concern with the social problems of the Malays, I urge the good Prime Minister, the UMNO President, to either let the punishment be meted out without any interference, or issue a decree to all UMNO speakers to refrain from debating on moral issues as though we care two hoots about it.

If we apply the rotan on all publicly mischievous Muslims allowable within the Sharia Law, no matter what gender or race, we will see a marked reduction in the social problems that we face today. Why do we turn a blind eye on the activities of the thousands of Muslim/ Malay GROs out there? What about the Muslim men who encourage and use their “services”? Do we even care what goes on in the Kareoke rooms among the Muslims? What about the Mat Rempits? If we enact a law that allows the rotan punishment to be meted out against them, we will see our roads free from this social rubbish. Snatch thefts too will be reduced to almost a single digit.

If we ask ourselves why Singapore doesn’t face these problems, it is because they whack these decadents into obedience, and if that is what it takes to clean our act together, then why not do it! Clearly coaxing, advising and even counseling have not worked in the last ten years. Let’s wipe out the hypocrisy during our Annual General Assemblies and start acting like we do give a damn. Moral and social decadence will not disappear with the wave of the magic wand, but I can guarantee you it WILL with the swing of the ROTAN.


umar said...

I wish to see only two things to be given their proper place and status in this country.
1. The Malays/Bumiputra be accorded their status as pribumi.The other citizenry has to accept this truth and should not question. This has been the bedrock of our Constitution.

2. The position of Islam as the official religion. Of course, the non-muslim have no objection to this.

Hence, Islamic Shariah Laws should apply for muslims in all and every aspect of life. UMNO has never really endeavoured to achieve this. Our Islamic Syariah Courts are still not at par with Civil Courts. Only family issues of divorce, custody ,khalwat are heard in Shariah Courts after 52 years of Merdeka.UMNO leaders still say Syariah is not relevant, are out-moded and not practical.

My student days in U.K, Malay boys and girls never worked in pubs, bars, liquor stores during summer breaks. They were not very pious. But they had a sense of belonging to Islam.Hence, the respect. They rather pluck apples and grapes in the far away farms.
Contrast this scenerio to present day whereby almost all the pubs and discos in Damansara, P.J, Bukit Bintang and almost all the hotels in the Capital are manned by Malay boys and girls working as waiters, cashiers, Captains ,GROs etc. Sad to say, members of royal families , big wigs in UMNO , business Dato's consume alcohol in all these places.What has happened to the Malay mind ? It is not a secret anymore. Ask a waiter in a hotel, he will tell you who the kerabats and tengkus sipping hard liquor, wine , beer etc.
Does any authority catch any VIPs so far and charged them for khalwat or drinking ? So why only one woman caught on that raid ? On the other hand PAS has been championing islam and hudud. The government has no political will to implement syariah laws on muslims.Drinking is a major sin . Every muslim knows and yet take it easy. I think we have gone beyond return. In Malaysia we serve beer on the planes, every hotels from Langkawi to Mersing.
So why is the PM telling the girl to appeal ? How long are we going to defer implementing full Syariah in Malaysia for the Muslims ?
As it is, malays are the major victims of drug-abuse, moral decadence....Would UMNO pursue this single issue after giving lip service to Islam. It is no point building large giant mosques, Islamic banking hubs, Insurance hubs, halal-hubs when the money is the motive.All these Islamic instruments of trading don't answer on the day of judgement. Do we still need time to educate, cajole and counsel ? Every year we celeberate Israk Mehraj , Maulud Nabi,Nuqul Quran,Awal Muharam, Nisbu Shaban and yet discard Hudud.MELAYU DAH HILANG JATI DIRI. I don't totally blame UMNO. Poor parenting is the cause of all rotten in our society.

B1N1 said...

Hukuman tu tak mengikut hukuman dlm islam.
Agaknya diorang sedar silap baru nak suruh org tu merayu.
Dia paham klu dia rela dgn hukuman dosanya di hapuskan tp bagi yg menetapkan hukuman yg tak betul yg zalim...sape pembuat hukum kat sini?
Dan kenapa baru sekarang PM dan Syahrizat nak masuk campor...
Aku tak paham lah bila benda2 syariah ni jadi bahan politik...

Anonymous said...

Dear TPJ,

Malaysia have to decide wether to be a strict religious country or to not..Are we really implementing Syariah laws in this country or not?

There is no two ways about it..

PM have to clarify on this and if indeed they have made a blunder on the judgement given out to Kartika,just overturn it and close their ears..(tutup telinga)

sesawang said...

Salam TPJ,

Teruskan hukuman jangan dipermain hukum syariah. Di akhirat hanya amalan yang menentukan nasib seseorang. Tiada rayuan lagi.

Apakah erti rayuan setelah dijatuh hukuman? Ini hukum Syariah Kuantan maka harus diperluaskan di seluruh Malaysia supaya seluruh umat Islam Malaysia insaf. Jangan kamu meminum, membeli, menjual dan memberi arak kerana itu perbuatan Syaitan. Tetapi alkohol ini adalah halal jika digunakan di hospital atas sebab untuk kesihatan. Alkohol yang diminum ertinya haram, tetapi alkohol diguna untuk perubatan adalah halal. Renungkanlah..

Tentang PM tu,saya tak nak komen..Susah nak buat tafsiran..Adakah mahkamah sudah tersalah hukum??Entahlah

onak duri said...


For heaven sake please spare Kartika the rod.

So many version,so many theories,so many stories about this case.

Above all she wants to be canned.That's very puzzling..Is Kartika being sarcastic or is she trying to prove a point to everyone here?

Or dia benar-benar sudah bertaubat dan mahu org lain ambil pengajaran dari episod ini..


TPJ said...

Salam Umar,

I think one of the problems with the Sharia Law is that the punishment varies from State to State. I strongly feel that it should be unified in order to be consistent in its punishment vis-a-vis the "sin".

Alcohol consumption doesn't recognize social status. The affordibility of the individual dictates whether he enjoys his drink like a prince and politician in a fine establishment or indulge in the sin like a tramp on the streets. You are right on target when you ask why these upper class personalities are not hauled up for these offences. The Sharia law there is not to be blamed, but the corrupted Islamic enforcement officers are. Sometimes before they raid an establishment, they'd signal a warning to them before-hand and look like they are doing their jobs when they conduct the raid, while secretly being on the payroll of these businesses.

In my resolution to the UMNO Supreme Council via the then Vice President of UMNO Ali Rustam, among the other suggestions to curb the ills of the Muslims and primarily the Malay people, I pressed upon action to be taken against Muslim GROs and the Muslim patrons enjoying their services. I was appalled when I was told by my friend, a former Bukit Bintang UMNO leader, that it wasn't a good idea because we would first have to find alternative jobs for those Muslim ladies of the evening!! It also disgusts me to see the current Bukit Bintang Chief while being the National UMNO Treasurer then, sitting and listening calmly to debates on Social ills among the Malays in the Annual General Assembly not doing anything pro-active while his division is infested with the sins of the flesh!

Umar, we do have the political will to implement good judgment but our leaders are simply not exercising it. It pains me to see Hishammuddin Hussein on the idiot box (rightly named whenever he is on air), especially last night when he said that his officers are not ready to implement the punishment on Kartika yet. Another classic example of self sabotage...and we wonder why UMNO isn't winning in the by-elections.

There is something amiss when the PM advised the woman to appeal indirectly suggesting that the Sharia authorities would give it due consideration, perhaps over-turning their decision.

I am baffled, and most of the UMNO grassroots are confused at this contradiction.

Yes, I agree with your point on building huge masjids especially the 20 thousand capacity one at Putrajaya. It is Sinful if we waste that money only to cater for a congregation of a few hundred at every prayer.

I thank you once again Sir for your inspiring and mind provoking views.

Selamat berbuka puasa dan Wasallam.

TPJ said...

Sekarang perempuan ini telah meminum arak dengan riaknya menunujuk-nunjuk kemungkarannya terhadap Allah tanpa segan dan silu dikhalayak orang ramai.

Saya tidak kisahkan jika perempuan ini adalah kafir laknat tetapi ia adalah perempuan Muslim berbangsa MELAYU. Sekarang hukuman telah dijatuhkan. Jika ianya berasas, maka kita jalankan sahaja hukuman ini tanpa soal jawab lagi. Apakah kita hendak melepaskannya diatas kesilapan teknikal? Jika ianya berlaku maka pihak-pihak yang tidak teliti dalam menjalankan tanggungjawab mereka harus diPECAT malah dirotan juga kerana KEBODOHAN mereka itu yang memalukan pemimpin Islam dan bangsa Melayu!

TPJ said...

Anonymous 2:38

You are right about the government needing to stick to their guns and stop second guessing the Sharia Laws to appease Infidels among Muslims including our own UMNO leaders primarily the Chief of the Women's wing!

TPJ said...


Pandangan anda adalah tepat. Keadaan sudahlah menjadi semacam cerita komedi, Menteri Dalam Negeri pulak menjadi badut utama mengumumkan pegawai2nya BELUM BERSEDIA untuk menjalankan tugas mereka! Apa punya jenis perwakilan UMNOlah yang memilih pemimpin sebegini untuk menjadi Naib Presiden Parti Melayu yang terunggul?

TPJ said...

So many version,so many theories,so many stories about this case.

Above all she wants to be canned.That's very puzzling..Is Kartika being sarcastic or is she trying to prove a point to everyone here?

Or dia benar-benar sudah bertaubat dan mahu org lain ambil pengajaran dari episod ini..

Onak Duri

There's only one version to it. We don't care whether she wants to be caned, be sarcastic or even try to prove a point.

The point is, she, a Muslim consumed alcohol in public which is punishable under the Sharia Law in this country. We don't care what she does in Singapore, in Zurich or wherever. THIS IS MALAYSIA!

She has to face the consequences or it will send the wrong message to the Malay youths out there. It is unfortunate but she has to be made an example of.

I thank you for your participation.

El zhar said...


Dari Abu Hurairah ra katanya :
Dibawa orang kepada Rasulullah SAW orang meminum arak.
Lalu Nabi berkata : Pukullah orang itu. ...

Kata Abu Hurairah ra : Diantara kami ada yang memukul dengan tangannya, dan ada yang memukul dengan terompahnya, ada yang memukul dengan kainnya.

Setelah orang itu pergi ada orang yang telah mengucapkan: ...

Kiranya Allah SWT menghina engkau.
Rasulullah SAW lalu menegur :
Janganlah berkata begitu. Janganlah kamu tolong syaitan membinasakannya.(Sahih Bukhari

TPJ said...

El zhar,

Terima kasih. Dengan ini, kita sarankan kepada pihak berkuasa agar pukullah dia dan haramkan segala liputan media terhadapnya selepas itu sebelum Allah melaknati Kerajaan dan negara kita kerana membiarkan manusia yang meminum arak ini mendapat dan menikmati publisiti yang menjadikannya idola dikalangan anak-anak Islam Melayu dengan sokongan kafir laknat dan NGO2.

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Anonymous said...

Saya setuju agar hukuman diteruskan.Pesalah harus sedar dan tidak mengabaikan tanggung jawab sebagai seorang Islam.Gejala sebegini lah yang membuatkan bukan Islam memandang hina kepada Islam.Undang Undang syariah harus dinaik taraf setanding dengan mahkamah sivil.Lantik lah hakim yang betauliah dan benar benar faham hukum hakam Islam bukan setakat kerani rendah yang berpengalaman dinaik kan pangkat membuat keputusan mengikut perasaan sendiri dan berpandukan sunah sendiri.Ini tidak adil! Islam jangan dihina sekali kali!

TPJ said...


Kerajaan haruslah benar2 serious untuk menjadikan mahkaman Sharia itu setanding dengan mahkamah civil dan undang2 Sharia seharusnya tidak berbeza dari satu negeri ke satu negeri mengikut kepada citarasa Sultan negeri tersebut.