Wednesday, August 5, 2009

H.E. Dato’ Sri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis
His Majesty’s Malaysian Ambassador to the
United States of America

It is confirmed! Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis will be taking pole position in the Malaysian Embassy in Washington D.C. after receiving his credentials from His Majesty the Yang DiPertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin at a special ceremony held at the Istana Negara yesterday.

While he is undoubtedly the best candidate to fill in the post that was vacant for more than a year, there are some quarters in the blogosphere trying to wash it down dwelling on baseless accusations on alleged cases against him that didn’t see the light of day. Yes he is flamboyant, cavalier, and a cigar smoker but his sharp mind and “in the face” diplomacy will work very well for Malaysia and the Barisan Nasional Government in Washington where it holds currency. The U.S. State Department took only two weeks to vet and clear him as opposed to months for the others before him.

As far as the pinching of the butt report goes, it just went and was withdrawn. He was reportedly at the Le Meridien with a relative of the former Prime Minister and there was some harmless banter by others in his party which may have upset the lady’s boyfriend more than her. There were unconfirmed reports that the Ambassador-designate had a loud verbal transaction with the former Prime Minister’s very close and important confidante at the Corcosa Seri Negara before that. I wouldn’t be surprised if a third party was involved to induce the boyfriend to pressure the lady initially to smear him justifying his exclusion from the cabinet on the pretext of the short-lived former Prime Minister’s policy of a clean Government. That would explain why Bernama, TV3 and the NST, at that time allegedly linked to the fourth floor boys went to town with the so called “induced” police report while the opposition sympathized media in the likes of Harakah and Malaysiakini were uncharacteristically sympathetic to him. I guess not being able to live with a guilty conscience, the good lady then decided to own up withdrawing her report. With no clear evidence from all of the CCTV tapes viewed of the evening by the police to the effect of the initial report, the attorney general decided that there was no case to be brought to the court.

In Malaysia, people especially the media don’t have the decency to clear one’s name with the same publicity with which it was besmirched. I was told once that when people see others fall, it releases a chemical in the brain that causes them to feel pleasure. I was a bit skeptical to digest that fact without clinical proof but I am beginning to feel that in this country at least, there is a scintilla of evidence of it in the way Malaysians behave. I witnessed it in March of 2008 even among our own supporters when Barisan Nasional lost the five States, and I am seeing some of it now against Ambassador-designate Jarjis.


umar said...

He did pinch a lady's butt. She made a police report. Did she made a false report ?
What would you do if he pinched your lay's butt ?
Was the lady charged for false reporting ?
Why she withdrew or was told by the police to withdrew ?
Isn't there any qualified career Diplomat in Wisma Putra ?
Has he got super brains at 58 when career diplomats are asked to retire at 56?

Write more about his achievements in TNB please ?

TPJ said...


In the absence of proof, it's just one person's word against the other no matter how many police reports are lodged. There are cameras in the establishment where they were. There was no footage of the pinch unless the camera stopped rolling for the entire two minutes that it takes to pinch a butt. If a woman were to make a report and say that YOU pinched her bum, do I have to outright beleive her just because she made a police report?

To answer your question, if he pinched my lady's butt I'd sock it to him right there and then, forcing him to swallow the cigar he's smoking. That's my reflex. I wouldn't be having supper and coffee with perhaps a third party strategist before deciding to make a police report unless I want to a)extort money from him, b)force him to lose his cabinet post in the gen election which is just around the corner. I mean hey, he just piched my lady's butt. He deserved a bloody nose but he didn't deserve to lose his job bro. Catch my drift? If the boyfriend had any chivalry in him, that would've been his reflex. But I guess these days it is acceptable to pimp off one's girlfriend and live well off.

Right now there is no law to charge anyone for withdrawing one's report. There should be to avoid reports with malice that bears no proof.

As far as career diplomats are concerned, there are many but not one that has high connections like JJ at the Capitol Hill. We don't send diplomats out just to represent our country, play golf and attend cocktail parties. We send them there to interact aggressively and to influence decisions in favour of Malaysia and right now Umar JJ is the most qualified for Washington. Now if it were Nigeria or even Sweden, I'd leave JJ at home in Kuala Lumpur because he wouldn't quite cut it for us.

If I want to write about his acheivements in TNB, I'd be here till tomorrow. But suffice to pick one. He bought a coalmine in Kalimantan which gave us more years for coal than was stated in the report while it was dirt cheap. The current guy in TNB sold it off for a small profit when he took over and now we are buying back coal from the same place at an exhorbitant price forcing a bloody hike in our (the Rakyat) rates to be increased. You and I have to pay more while the current man undid JJ's legacy in TNB. And this imbecile was named Malaysia's best C.E.O. recently.

umar said...

The Current CEO at TNB has just announced third quarter profits of RM 1.2 Billion . No wonder he was ordained the best CEO ! His stars are shining as JJ so that he would soon be elevated to senior positions in GLCs. I wonder if the TNB profits are real or in paper .Every newly appointed CEO always clamour for increasing the tariff quoting various reasons like fuel cost or exchange rates.what say you Tengku ?

Thank you for your candid reply to my earlier comment or JJ's scandal.Well i pity good politicians somtimes get into controversies. Good for JJ since there was no proof.It shouldn't affect one's career like former health minister.
Why don't you write about corporate Malaysia since you are indeed a well versed stockbroker ?
I see your comments are always political since you have now diverted into full-time politics. Nevetherless, you should write and expose the economic issues of relevance to our development . Malaysia wants to be everything from Import-export hub, Islamic banking Hub. Halal-hub, Education hub...etc
Tq. Keep up your good work. Allah bless you and family.

Da Real Deal said...


Bro! I have seen how JJ works the floor. Despite his controversies, he is extraordinary since he can break barriers and even cross borders and make the opposition members take him seriously.

His only enemies are from those within UMNO who envy the way he gets away with being, well, JJ.

Don't blame the man if there are many ladies out there who throw themselves at him. The others just cringe because the want to but can't. I've seen him several times at the Cigar divan here and there. He was always with serious guys with a cigar in his hand dictating views with humour. The women are the ones who come to his table to greet him. Can you blame the man? Hell! I wouldn't mind being in his shoes!

TPJ said...


I'd avoid talking about the TNB CEO because I think he is a load of crap! He is just over-rated and after making the worst losses for TNB partly because of his bad judgements besides the normal excuse of the economic situation, being annointed as the best the country is actually an insult to the ability of the Malays in general. We become good C.E.O.s and should be showered with awards and recognition when we turn the company from the red and bring it home into the black zone making profits. We don't make the country's best C.E.O. by making huge losses for the National GLC. Any honourable corporate man with half the sense would have declined the nomination. On the contrary, he even had the audacity of hoping for a huge pay rise in the process! He must have been reading too much of Obama's book "The Audacity of Hope"! Even you and I could make the top list as TNB Chief if we were to increase tariffs which naturally increase earnings for the company. It's like putting a monkey into space. Do we still call it an astronaut? Apperantly, the judges of Malaysia's top CEO might.

Controversies almost always follow the best leaders with the best political brains. That is why we need to separate public servants from their private lives. These people are targets wherever they go. Now I'm willing to accept a person who is less of an Angel, who makes good judgement for the country and leave his vices that do not affect govt policies to himself. After all, I'm not making him my Imam during my solats. I'd tend to leave the pious man in the mosque and trust me when I say this, even the man of the cloth be it the Muslims or the Catholics etc are no purer than the average politicians my friend. I'm speaking from my experience dealing with them here and reading about the others with their choir boys in the West.

The rakyat has become numb in their faculties today. Otherwise how do you explain their acceptance and allegience to ass jockeys as their leader? How do you explain the lady who got photos of her legs spread wide open presumably sleeping (with her glasses on so that she can dream in clear vision) with a married Malay gentleman in her house and gets a two month paid vacation, comes back only to be allowed to continue to serve in her official capacity without a iota of a reprimand? What is JJ or even any other BN reps's alleged faults compared to the vile and disgusting behaviour of the opposition members?
Umar, I'd rather stick to my forte and that now is politics because despite what others may think, politics determine the future of this nation and the policies that govern the corporate sector. There is more juice in power than in money, so to speak. So I'll let the better versed deal with matters of the latter.

Umar. I thank you for your kind particiaption. I know and have been told by many that a good number of people from a wide range read The Patriot, but not many are willing to offer comments. I appreciate that you are one of the few that does.

May Allah guide us all to do the right thing for his religion, our race, the rakyat and Malaysia.

Peace be with you and your family Sir.

TPJ said...


Where've you been bro? We need more of your real deal in here. Are my topics too heavy for you that you only come in once in every JJ article? I know you like his style but come in and exchange views on other matters too bro!

Yes, When JJ was in TNB, the majority of the workers who were PAS sympathizers switched their allegience to UMNO because they respect his approach which is inclusive and not the opposite.

He'd do well as Petronas Chairman if he wasn't offered the Washington job. The oil boys need to be starightened out there at the twin towers!