Saturday, May 30, 2009


Last Sunday I had to officiate the Taman Bukit Kempas UMNO branch meeting in my Division. It was attended by close to one hundred members, quite unusual as they usually come in the figure of 25 or 30 in a small branch although the members in it number up to 200 or more.

Their proposal was very simple but crystal clear. In his speech the gentleman questioned how we will achieve One Malaysia, an idea mooted by our Prime Minister, if we don’t have a One School System where children from all races can mingle and understand better each others’ culture and norm. He continued with a Malay proverb “ Melentur Buluh Biar Dari Rebung “, meaning if we want to shape the future we must start from the young. It makes perfect sense since being separated makes the Malay, Chinese and Indian children feel alien from one another understanding that they are different right from day one instead of feeling comfortable with each other only to ask later in their lives what their differences are making these differences insignificant. The proposal also emphasized on the usage of Bahasa Melayu as the compulsory National language and mode of communication in this country, a decree that has been abused, ignored and neglected in the last decade or so.

The Education Minister earlier rejected any effort by a group of responsible bloggers to promote the One School System and it is shameful that the rejection had to be done so hastily without due consideration. On the contrary, a few days ago, the Minister received a group of Chinese Educationist who sought more help and financial allocations to develop their schools including assistance for an independent Chinese school. I can’t understand how an “ independent ” entity seeks aid and subsidy but at the same time insists that they stay as independents. Again, this must be the sort of merit that they advocate.

I'm taking great pains in understanding how Malay Ministers / leaders can dismiss sensible requests from the Malay grassroots even before the issue gets warm while they allow outrageous demands from non-Malays to fester till it reaches boiling point where we then have to compromise. I’m wondering if we are beginning to sabotage ourselves in respect of the Malay votes in the future general elections. Have we all turned " masochists "?


spalding said...

Salam TPJ,

Lama betul nak menunggu posting baru dari TPJ..Mungkin sibuk agaknya

Saya juga ingin nak ucapkan tahniah kepada UMNO Taman Bukit Kempas atas cadangan "One School System".Tapi jauh di sudut hati saya cadangan ini akan ditendang jauh-jauh kononnya kerana takut hilang undi kaum Cina dan India yang memang dah tak sokong kerajaan pun sekarang.Sepatutnya peluang ini diambil oleh BN(UMNO)untuk sekurang-kurangnya mengkaji cadangan tersebut bukannya terus menolak cadangan tersebut..

Terima kasih

FURR said...

Dear TPJ,

Liking your posting sir..

In my personal view,The 1 School concept is still a long way to go sir..

Believe me when I say that it won't happen knowing the strong sentiments from the non-Malays on this issue..

The damagae has been done by our late Tunku Abdul Rahman for agreeing to the SRJK concept..Even the Sekolah Wawasan concept have failed miserably,pls don't expect this 1School for all concept will take off..

Just my 5 cents worth of thought

Anonymous said...


The fact that MCA did NOT deliver (the Chinese votes) in the March 2008 general elections!!!That's why they have to be seen as vocal in issue like the 1School concept.

And they are also the ones who are making noise here starting with JPA scholarship and now with threatening to make the police report..DAP just can sit back because MCA really wants to be hero..

By the way,where is Pemuda UMNO?Very quiet I see.I thought the Chief is one vocal leader..Waiting for his statement until today.

timeout said...


This is a step in the right direction.I am fully supporting of the idea bro.

Just read somewhere else that DPM has rejected this initiative altogether..Pls confirm or clarify on this

On another note,why does MCA need to resort to police action to stop the petition?Is Dr Wee trying to be a hero amongst the Chinese people?

By the way,where is Pemuda UMNO?

TPJ said...


Maaf kerana kelewatan saya dengan posting baru ini.

Betul lah pandangan saudara itu yang kerajaan akan dan sudahpun menolak bulat-bulat usaha murni ini.

Walaubagaimanapun kita kena usaha supaya senang untuk kita maki harami2 yang melacuri perjuangan kita ini. Jika kita tidak mendaftar pandangan kita, mereka akan salahkan kita pula kerana tidak membawa usul dari bawah.

Saya sudah masak dengan tabiat pemimpin UMNO ini.

TPJ said...


You are right, 1 School is still far off and even maybe won't ever materialize.

It may not materialize as you said but it should be our capital to keep the MCA and GERAKAN buggers in check and press them just as good as they press us. The sad thing is, the useless and good for nothing UMNO Youth Wing and other Malay NGOs with UMNO's financial backing is on a mute drive till PAKATAN takes over the Federal Government.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 11:27

Khairy Jamaluddin has turned out to be the wimp that his father-in-law was.

What a drag and a MAJOR disappointment this Ketua Pemuda is, almost like his predecessor.

Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen was right in all counts except the Wanita. We should just scrap the other wings in UMNO.

Thank you for your comment.

TPJ said...


Thank you for your support.

Yes the DPM has rejected the initiative last week.

Yes Dr Wee is desparate to show his prowess in defence of the Chinese, but we can't fully blame him as he is the MCA Youth Chief who has guts. We should direct our curse if any to the UMNO Youth Chief who has kept his peace since the day his supporters screamed and yelled in jubilation after his "victory".

Thank you.

Dal said...

Salam TPJ.

Thank you Sir for your support.

We are firm in our resolve to make this SSUS endevour a roaring national success even if it takes our lifetime to realize it.

We are firm in our resolve to neutralize all negative efforts against SSUS and to leave no stone unturned to leave a positive legacy for our children, our children's children ....

We thank all the commentators for their progressive thinking.

Do visit our sites for all follow-ups ... especially deminegara.blogspot ...

Thank you again. God bless.

TPJ said...

Salam Dal,

If there is any way in which I can assist with the campaign, please do not hesitate to ask as my supporters in Johor are also of the same frequency with you and I.


Kembara Politik said...

Salam TPJ,

Thank you for your support on the One School System's campaign.

TPJ said...

Salam Kembara Politik

My brothers in arms and I are at your service on this common front.

The Spirit of the Malay Struggle must be revived to the Max.