Sunday, August 30, 2009



Our forefathers slogged to win us independence allowing us all to be free from the shackles of the British Empire which had ill will towards the native Malays. It was difficult, but they did it without shedding a drop of blood and achieved it within 10 years from its first cry in the depths of rural Malaya.

It is incumbent upon us, the succeeding generation to preserve and protect our Independence whatever the cost and realize that maintaining independence is far more difficult than achieving it. Never take our Independence for granted. Once lost, it will take 7 generations or more to recover. Appreciate our Freedom!

Happy Independence Day to all Malaysian citizens!


Anonymous said...

Merdeheka!Merdeheka! Merdeheka! With the holy words that has bring us 52 years glorious of independence, with firm faith and with foreforward leaders, every Malaysians have no reasons to not loving this Survanabumi! Congrats TPJ! With all kind effort and very deep meaning of your message on Merdeka, I believe it is a compulsory to all of us defend till the last breath to our country Malaysia!

TPJ said...

Thank you Anonymous.

In the same spirit, no one should misconstrue the PM's call to break down all racial barriers. We can do so with one CAUTION, all races must observe the Constitution and the provisions that are embedded in it. Any race who tries to renege what is laid down by our forefathers will have to pay a heavy price and I for one will defend it with the very last drop of my blood.