Thursday, April 2, 2009



There were many things I wanted to write about during the UMNO week but the gross deficit in time failed my intentions. So after returning from Bukit Gantang, here I am with my attempt.


After 5 consecutive years of getting sick for a week right after the convention, I am as fit as a fiddle after this one. Could it be because the rightful gentleman has taken his place in the UMNO hierarchy? Could this be a good sign of things to come for our Party and Nation?


It was a cross of a circus, the night market and a football stadium outside the convention hall with campaigners dressed as court-jesters, wearing masks and chanting names of their preferred candidates as the escalator brought us up to the main floor. Emotions were running high and even name calling was heard by supporters of the losing candidates later. This certainly wasn’t a scene that is to be attributed to the most respected and oldest ruling party in the world. The Secretary General should be SACKED for allowing security and decorum to be breached in such a manner. I am disgusted to be associated with these characters who were probably not even members of UMNO but hired mercenaries to do the candidates’ bidding. This is not the culture we should encourage. The Jom Heboh nonsense should just remain at Danga Bay in Johor Bahru or Dataran Bandaraya Perak or wherever else it may go to intoxicate the minds of the Malays who have nothing better to do. It shouldn’t creep into the August building where we decide on the leaders of the most powerful party in the Nation. The candidates who commissioned these campaigners too should be “shot” for turning the party polls into a circus of clowns. They should bring good character to the people on the ground, not adopt the “Raja Lawak” mentality of the mass into our leadership.


It took more than 6 long hours to get the results from 700 odd Youth, Puteri and Wanita voters but only 4 ½ hours for the results from 2511 voters from the main body. It defies logic. Either the tabulators learnt really fast or the system for the main body was far superior than for the three wings. A third possibility is also available but I leave that to the imagination of the readers.


After being pressured by Non-Malays to play down the presentation of the Keris in the opening of the Youth meeting, the Keris which was introduced with all it's Regalia only a few years ago was given its last rights this year. The three year old tradition will not be continued next year and the Keris will reside with the man who created the tradition but was unable to defend it, the undeservingly newly elected Vice President of UMNO, Hishammuddin Hussein.


One can tell a character of a true gentleman not in victory, but in defeat. Such a person is Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim. He held a luncheon to thank his friends and supporters after the Convention before his flight to London on a working trip. He was gracious and calm. His defeat is actually a loss to the party because he is the most knowledgeable leader as far as the Constitution is concerned. His explanation is well received and easily understood. The Perak crisis begs for a crystal clear explanation yet even the ministers directly involved shy away from the responsibility. He will be an asset in Bukit Gantang when he returns from London to speak in the by-election.


While all candidates humbly stand whenever their names are mentioned before and after the vote, one victor decided to sit and wave divinely at the cheering delegates when her name was mentioned. This is one person who took pride on taking calls at odd hours before the election. Do you think she continues the tradition after her win especially after having an extraordinary advantage over her peers? I leave that to your good judgment. Nonetheless, she deserved her seat for her professional capabilities.


Being clever is capitalizing on your strength while compromising on your weakness. Khairy Jamaluddin measured the sentiment on the floor and knew he was going to have a tough time appeasing the jeering audience. He worked on his speech and delivered it without receiving catcalls and even received an overwhelming all-round applause at the end. Of course the jeering continued every time his name was mentioned in salutations but he survived his speech unscathed. On the contrary, Sharizat who didn’t have much to worry about with the general audience, having won against a much disliked Rafidah, went through hell during her speech because she didn’t study the audience who despised apple polishers. Instead of amplifying on her abilities and future plans for Wanita, she began her speech by sucking up to the new leaders which earned her the wrath of the delegates.


The quality of delegates have become from bad to worse. Firstly, many of them didn’t think it was important to attend the debates and left their seats empty after the first day. Secondly, those who attended, behaved like the audience of “Showtime at the Apollo”, where they jeer continuously at the performer or in our case the speaker half way when they disagree with him or cheer him on to speak longer than the allocated period of time when they like him. They are not interested in important issues, but amusement and humour. This worries me much because these delegates are supposedly the “crème de la crème” of our party but some behave like retards (no offence to the latter).


The delegates may not have realized it but I suspect it was carefully planned to achieve maximum impact. Firstly, Mukhriz entered the hall just before Khairy Jamaluddin took the stage perhaps to gauge the sort of welcome his father would receive later if he chose to attend. He had a warm reception as most delegates disagreed with his victor. This signaled to Tun that he would receive a much warmer reception when he walked in. He then chose the most opportune moment to enter while Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin was on centre stage sending a strong signal of his endorsement on the man he backed as the Deputy President all along. Such theatrics telling people much without having to utter a word is Capital! Hollywood class choreography I’d say!


While most speakers thanked the outgoing President for his services, the delegates in general felt that there was nothing much to be grateful for. Under the leadership of Pak Lah, we lost 5 States and Kuala Lumpur; Malay leadership became weak because of his so called “transparency” and “openness” that led to others questioning our position in society; UMNO was made to look like the main reason for the loss in confidence among the Rakyat when the other component members of Barisan Nasional were the major losers contributing to the overall performance; UMNO is openly portrayed as a party of useless and corrupted leaders.

Delegates asked why they should feel sad when the person leaving has brought more grief than development to the Party. In actual fact, UMNO should be celebrating! That we shall do on Friday 3 April 2009. Insha’Allah.


BoyHjJamil said...

Salam TPJ..

1) Terima kasih di atas kesudian untuk memberikan saya peluang utk mengikuti secara dekat Perhimpunan Agung UMNO tempohari. Jelas, ianya sesuatu yang bermanfaat kepada saya untuk menilai perjalanan Politik UMNO pada masa kini. Alhamdulillah, sepanjang 3 hari berkampung di sana, saya mengikuti hampir setiap perbahasan yang berlangsung di dalam dewan. Juga berkesempatan untuk menyaksikan bagaimana peralihan kuasa di dalam UMNO berlangsung yang bukan semua ahli berkesempatan untuk mengikutinya secara dekat. Terima kasih Tengku atas kesempatan ini, saya amat2 hargai..

2) Sepanjang berada di sana selama 3 hari, selain daripada melihat betapa meriahnya jualan lelong yang berlangsung pada hari terakhir, banyak pengalaman baru yang diraih.. Antaranya :

a) Betapa haru birunya keadaan ketika peraih-peraih undi menagih undi daripada para perwakilan. Jelaslah " Suasana SARKIS " yang ditulis di dalam akhbar benar2 mencerminkan keadaan tersebut. Amat mendukacitakan saya sebagai ahli UMNO melihat keadaan seperti ini berlaku di dalam kesibukan menentukan hala tuju pucuk pimpinan UMNO dan juga tampuk pemerintahan kerajaan yang baru. Pekikan dan jeritan yang didengari membuatkan kita berasa mual dan geli geleman dengan taktik semacam ini. Sekiranya dapat diubah, saya mencadangkan agar senario kacau bilau seperti ini tidak berlaku lagi selaras dengan kematangan dan reform yang dicanang2kan. Biarlah kita serahkan tugas untuk memilih calon2 ini kepada perwakilan berdasarkan "akal dan pemikiran mereka yang waras", tanpa dipengaruhi oleh elemen2 yang tidak sepatutnya ini.

b)Betapa keputusan bagi jawatan Ketua Pemuda UMNO di ketahui dalam jangkamasa yang agak lama, sehingga menimbulkan syak wasangka di kalangan ahli-ahli UMNO ( walaupun tidak layak mengundi ). Jelaslah walaupun keputusannya agak telah dapat dijangka lebih awal, namun apa yang membuatkan saya rasa terharu ialah sikap gentleman yang di tunjukkan oleh Datuk Mukhriz, yang menerima kekalahannya dengan begitu tenang dan matang. Sikap beliau inilah sebenarnya yang meletakkannya sebagai wira dan pemenang sebenar di kalangan ahli UMNO selain daripada kumpulan 304 yang memilih saudara KJ sebagai Ketua Baru pergerakan Pemuda UMNO. Namun, jauh di sudut hati saya mengatakan yang Khir Toyo telah menyebabkan masyarakat UMNO melihatnya sebagai tidak matang dan menunjukkan kepada pembangkang suatu signal bahawa wujud kelemahan dalam perpaduan di kalangan Pemuda UMNO secara amnya.

c)Betapa keputusan dalam pemilihan MKT menunjukkan kepada masyarakat bahawa sekiranya kita berkhidmat dengan cemerlang sebagai menteri, belum menjamin apa2 di dalam pemilihan dalam parti UMNO. Ini dibuktikan dengan kekalahan Datuk Shahrir Samad dan juga Datuk Seri Utama Rais Yatim, yang pada hemat saya telah begitu outstanding sekali dalam menjalankan tanggungjawab mereka sebagai menteri di kementerian masing-masing. Datuk Seri Utama Rais Yatim umpamanya telah begitu vokal dalam mempertahankan maruah Melayu terutamanya Raja-Raja Melayu ketika krisis di Perak berlangsung. Namun apa yang peliknya, "hero lembik kaki ampu anak orang kaya" pulak yang berjaya menjadi Naib Presiden.. Kepada Datuk Seri Utama Rais Yatim, anda memang "genuine fighter" yang tetap terus berjuang walaupun tewas, dan kepada Datuk Shahrir, anda memang berprinsip dan bermaruah..

d)KJ - walaupun pada permulaan karier politiknya, saya amat2 meluat dengan tindak tanduknya, namun setelah dia lebih matang dalam berpolitik, nampak seakan ada potensi dalam dirinya yang boleh membawa Pemuda ke landasan yang sepatutnya. Dengan tidak memperlekehkan kredibilitinya, dia tetap perlu mendapatkan dulu restu pemimpin terdahulu seperti Datuk Seri Najib sebagai "Boss"nya yang baru, dan terlebih penting dan juga WAJIB, ialah mendapatkan kemaafan dan memohon ampun kepada Pemimpin Ulung UMNO iaitu Tun DR Mahathir sebagai orang lama. Tanpa mendapatkan restu daripada TDM, saya tak nampak ruang untuk beliau memenangi hati ahli2 UMNO terutamanya yang lebih senior daripadanya.Dengan berbuat demikian, ia akan merubah persepsi masyarakat yang selalu memandang KJ sebagai seorang yang Degil, Ego, Bongkak dan segala sikap2 buruk yang lain. Pada KJ, insaflah pada kesilapan lalu, mohon maaf atas segala onar dan kejahatan yang telah dibuat dan move on.. jangan biarkan Pemuda diperlekehkan sepertimana ketika Ketua terdahulu.

e)Datuk Seri Najib - Sebagai PM ke 6, ada sinar di sebalik perlantikan beliau. Saya berkesempatan untuk berada di dalam dewan ketika beliau membuat ucapan pertamanya sebagai Presiden UMNO yang baru. Daripada intipati dan kandungan ucapannya, jelaslah beliau ada point2 dan visi tersendiri untuk membawa kemajuan bukan hanya kepada UMNO, malah kepada negara. Kesanggupan beliau untuk meminta pendapat daripada dua PM terdahulu, TDM terutamanya, membuatkan saya merasa begitu terharu dan lebih bersemangat untuk berjuang bukan hanya sebagai ahli UMNO, malah sebagai warganegara yang lebih bertanggungjawab.Sikap low profile inilah yang akan membuat rakyat lebih menghormati beliau. Di harap, Datuk Seri Najib tidak akan lupa akan janji beliau dan tidak akan lupa diri apabila benar2 dilantik sebagai PM secara rasminya pada 3 April nanti.

f) TDM - terima kasih TUN kerana hadir, sesungguhnya kesempatan untuk bertentang mata dan bersalam dengan Tun, membuatkan pengalaman pertama berada di PWTC ini lebih bermakna.Kehadiran TUN telah membawa nafas dan semangat baru kepada UMNO yang telah agak nazak ini. Semoga TUN dapat memberikan idea dan komitmen di dalam reformasi yang ingin dilakukan kepada UMNO di bawah kepimpinan yang baru ini. Ayuh TUN!! Malaysia dan UMNO masih memerlukan bimbingan ayahnda..

g) Perwakilan - Pelbagai gelagat dapat dilihat, ada yang begitu khusyuk mengikuti setiap perbahasan, ada yang terlena, ada yang hanya sibuk membeli belah dan ada juga yang hanya menikmati kesejukan aircon di dalam bilik hotel. Jelaslah setelah melihat sendiri secara langsung, boleh dikatakan segelintir para perwakilan masih belum menghayati semangat dan jiwa UMNO secara serius. Di sebalik mengikuti perbahasan dari wakil2 Negeri (yang ada antaranya rubbish), saya turut memantau respon dan juga gelagat para perwakilan, yang hanya nampak syok ketika mengejek KJ dan membisu bila perbahasan memasuki zon isu2 yang lebih serius. Sudah tiba masanya perwakilan berubah sikap dengan lebih bertanggungjawab terhadap status mereka sebagai wakil daripada bahagian mereka masing-masing.

Sekali lagi, terima kasih kepada TPJ, atas kesempatan yang telah diberikan. Sesungguhnya berada di sana telah meningkatkan lagi semangat saya sebagai ahli UMNO dan telah membetulkan persepsi saya sebagai ahli UMNO bahawa parti ini tidak benar2 serius dalam memperjuangkan bangsa Melayu kita yang tercinta. Komitmen saudara TPJ, dan beberapa individu antaranya seperti Datuk Puad Zarkashi yang boleh saya katakan antara insan tersibuk ketika PAU08, telah menyedarkan saya bahawa masih ada sisa2 pemimpin UMNO yang boleh kita harapkan..

TPJ said...

Terima kasih Saudara BoyHjJamil.

Insha'Allah jika dibenarkan permerhati menghadiri mesyuarat khas untuk meminda Perlembagaan UMNO, di jemput Saudara dan ramai lagi kawan-kawan muda harapan bangsa untuk menyaksikannya. Pindaan Perlembagaan juga adalah suatu pengalaman yang baik untuk orang muda supaya mereka tahu bagaimana proses itu dijalankan.

Hidup Melayu Bersatu!

mylivingwall said...

A very interesting post!

Would like to feature your post in our website and link back to your blog.

All the best!

TPJ said...


You are welcomed to do so.

The Patriot advocates straight from the hip comments for a better future of our blessed Country.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam TPJ
I must say this is first class observation. Some of it could possibly not see print, of course.

TPJ said...