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Last week PPP Chairman Mr M Kayveas attempted to hold the Barisan Nasional at ransom by threatening to pull his party out of BN if it doesn’t amend the ISA. This reminds me of an article ( A King’s Ransom for a Concubine ) which I wrote of Zaid Ibrahim threatening to resign from the Cabinet for almost the same reason. Well I guess that concubine at least went through with it. Let’s see if this less important one is as principled or is just “ full of mouth but no stomach ”, as they say at the school backyard to the loudmouthed jock.

Yesterday, the BN Chairman explained without choking that there will be no amendments made to the ISA and if PPP wants to leave because of it, “what can we do?” In other words, Adios Kimosamy!!!

“I don't know what to say, I'm speechless and surprised by it. But I don't think Pak Lah meant what he said that we can leave because he's a nice man... but sometimes, what to do," said T. Murugiah, who is the PPP Youth Chief and also a Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department.

Yes indeed Pak Lah is a very nice man. In fact the component parties in BN are also generous. Let’s see the breakdown of the BN parties in Parliament once again.

BN: 137 PARLIAMENTARY SEATS: UMNO – 79, MCA – 15, MIC – 3 GERAKAN - 2,PBB -14, LDP – 1, PBRS – 1, PBS – 4, PRS – 5, UPKO – 3, SPDP – 4, SUPP - 6

Hmm……Ooops! Did I accidentally miss out PPP or DID THEY NOT EVEN WIN ONE SEAT???

There is no PPP, its Chairman got whipped by the opposition yet their Youth Chief is a Deputy Minister meaning one other deserving party had to sacrifice a seat just for them.

The message is loud and clear to the member component parties of the Barisan Nasional. THE I.S.A. STAYS. Seek translation in your respective languages if you must to avoid any ambiguity. This also goes to the MCA Central Committee member Mr Wong Nai Chee who spoke in support of Kayveas.

Although some may take respite knowing that the PM has been known to make 180 degree turns, this one will probably stick.



malayamuda said...

PPP is just a barking wont bite !

TPJ said...


Welcome to the blog.

Even if PPP wants to bite, it has no teeth. Imagine a toothless dog barking at you, the only thing you might be scared of is it's saliva.

sfso@pulaijb said...

Asm TPJ,
Just because nak bagi muka kat PPP,UMNO kena sacrifice kerusi Grik and give it to the unthankful Gerakan Wanita Chief..PPP pulak amikTaiping punya seat and lost there.Kelam kabut dibuatnya.Perak pulak jatuh ke tangan pembangkang.
I say sudah2 lah tu UMNO...Bagi dunia ni pun will never be enough for them....PPP nak blah biarlah depa blah.Kita tengok jelah kalau2 PR nak bagi allocation seat kat PPP for the next general elactions.Kita tengok

TPJ said...

Alaikumsalam Sfso@pulai.

You are right. We are too generous and apologetic. That must be the Hadhari way that people are taking advantage of us.

Tomorrow we see if PPP will eat their words or get lost.

PKR wouldn't take in passengers like them. They only take in UMNO rejects.

Anonymous said...

Hello TMJ.
creating FREE Blog and talking bad about PPP is fun for you? you are one of bunch of losers who play around blog and not realized what happening in BN.

Yes.PPP lost seat in Taiping.But taiping people not hates Datuk Kayveas.they hates BN.GO taiping and find out urself rather than just copy and paste online news.

Patriot? you know what its mean? i think you will get understand by get to know what Datuk Kayveas done for people and party.dont simply talk about anyone with knowing the facts.its take few mins others talk about you.

1st. Try to respect leaders.

btw, i`m graphic and web designer.your web layout, BG is sucks! change it bro.

if you want reach me.join dalnet irc network and join #spider-it . my nick is JbCrash.we can have a nice debate there.thanks

TPJ said...


First of all, thank you for stopping by. Secondly, if my blog was created for free, then you must be a very generous web designer.

I realize what is happening in BN. It is imploding because irresponsible leaders wanting cheap mileage are yapping like sick canaries outside of the ready forum which is in the BN meeting.

As far as leaders are concerned, I respect them but I do not worship them. I do not respect those who use the mass for their own material gains and power, then criticize one another in the open asking the small people to further take sides. This applies to everyone especially UMNO leaders whom I have high hopes for.

An UMNO reject was principled enough to keep to his word of resigning as full minister if the ISA is not amended. I do not agree with his attitude within the party but respect him for his principles.

The bottom-line is, Kayveas said PPP will pull out of BN if the ISA is not amended by the next general elections. BN has made it easier for him to decide even quicker by announcing that there will be NO amendments to the ISA. Now, will he do the honourable thing like Datuk Zaid Ibrahim or will he shamelessly wait until the next general elections?

PPP didn’t even win one seat in Parliament, yet they have a Deputy Minister. Bro, it is bad manners to take without giving anything back and behave like yours is the most important party in the BN. That is my only contention.

As regards to my layout, most of my fellow bloggers and friends have said the same thing but I quite like it because it is different and I paid good money for it, so I’ll understand if you won’t pop by anymore after this.

Thanks for inviting me to the other rooms where we can engage. When I have the time, I might just do that. If you can design better than you communicate, that’s something to look forward to.

sfso@pulaijb said...

Asm TPJ,
Marah nampaknya Jb CrashJOHOR kat u but as usual u come out with an intelligent reply.I guess maybe he's a big fan of Kayveas.Anyway maybe u already know that PPP just sacked someone by the name of SI Rajah who claims to be the party advisor(he was the x PPP president according to Agenda Daily) all whilst the president is in LA holidaying.Sacked because he asked Kayveas to step down for threatening o pull out of BN.Talk about power my friend.Only a phone call or SMS from LA is what it takes to sacked someone.
I just came back from Taiping and I did have a chat with the locals there.I can tell you they do have some strong comments about Kayveas while he was the MP for Taiping.Come to think of it,if Kayveas is so popular there and the Taiping people loves him so much,why was he trounced in the last GE.At least kalau kalah pun,takkanlah teruk sangat sedangkan he was holding the seat since 2004.It comes down to how you serve your constituency brother.Not only because people hate BN.
Anyway TPJ keep the posting coming.I think you are fair when critizing because u criticize based on facts and also u criticize not only leaders from components party but UMNO leaders pun tak terkecuali.I really appreciate because u take the time to read and reply to the comments made.
And last but not least I love your background and web layout.Masing2 punya taste lah kan.Tak payahlah nak berlagak to criticize people punya blog just because you claim to be a graphic and web designer.
I do hope that u besarkan lagi part in ALLAH we trust and besarkan lagi gambar keris tu.Barulah gempak.
Tq and salam.Have a god day bro

TPJ said...

Alaikumsalam sfso@pulaijb,

I can't expect everyone to like my comments. I'm sure many in UMNO also despise me for it but still read my blog.

But it's only fair I publish all dissenting comments as long as it isn't offensive to my readers and I.

Some of those we try to correct might want to respond anonymously in here and that is also welcomed.

Bro, it's a good thing you know of Taiping's history with BN and also the wheeling and dealing for the seat between the Parties within BN before the last elections.

Yes, Kayveas is very powerful in his PPP. Quite like a big fish in a small bowl. He would be a good example for UMNO to learn from. What is the point in being President of UMNO if we are no longer in power? The noise we make then will be like an empty cannister. In that respect JbCrasher is correct in his message.

My new Malay proverb " Sorak pun kalah, Kampong dah tak ada." But what he failed to see is that BN was not the problem, the PM was.

On another front, I'm on the campaign trail, and what I'm hearing doesn't fare well for Johor. It seems we are not united and that might hurt the chances of our candidates. We shall follow up on that soon. Just a heads up to you and my other friends who are interested.

Wasallam & Salam Sejahtera.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Bloggers.


i thot you wont post my comment in your site.thanks for it.i think as u said, you are not hate PPP and talking bad about this party.YES. i`m Big fan of Datuk kayveas.
Thats true. PPP AMT members remove SI Rajah from PPP.They have a solid reason!..He go against Kayveas.If you are soldier, and someone try to attack your kapten, i think u will kill him rite.thats what AMT members did.Btw, i would like say sorry if i say something wrong about your web design.
sfso@pulaijb ..yea ler.i marah sikit.ths why i cakap pasal design semua..relax k...

I love PPP and Datuk President.I`m member of PPP and from Johor Pemuda Division. my request, if can please dont talk bad or "HANTAM" my leader.we should respect each other.thanks again.

Dalnet Network

TPJ said...


What you do with SI Rajah is your problem, but what your leader or any other component leader says which is agaisnt the spirit of BN becomes everyone's problem. That is why small people like us are unnecessarily debating it here.

There is party discipline. BN has a forum of its own. What you did with SI Rajah may be right, because he spoke outside of the PPP platform on his own. The same punishment should be handed down to BN component leaders who think they are smart by talking outside of the BN forum regarding what is already provided for in the Constitution, regardless of who he is.

If Datuk Kayveas has a strong opinion on an important issue, he should bring the matter up in the BN meeting and thrash it out there, not give BN an ultimatum in the press and then go on a holiday to LA when the BN meeting is in session.


My loyalty is to my party, not to my leader. That is where we differ. A leader can lose his way being a normal human being and if we follow him blindly, the party will meet with a terrible accident.

You love PPP. Being a Patriot, I love UMNO, MCA, MIC, GERAKAN, PBB, LDP, PBRS, PBS, PRS, UPKO, SPDP, SUPP and also your PPP which is the whole of Barisan Nasional.

In a way, Barisan Nasional is my Captain and UMNO is my General. When someone commits insubordination against the spirit of my Captain and General and hold them hostage, I will have no reservations in my duty to neutralize the perpetrator. That is the soldier that I am.

I celebrate the fact that you are a young active participant of BN politics. Most young men prefer not to be a part of us and carelessly look toward the opposition just to rebel. For that I applaude your President and his effort.

We don't "HANTAM" Datuk Kayveas per se. We only "HANTAM" the leaders from within who do not respect and understand the spirit of Barisan Nasional and our CONSTITUTION.

My sincere advice to you and all soldiers like us. Pledge our allegience to our Party and not to our leaders. That way, the party will live longer and remain powerful.


Adik Khairy said...

salam TPJ

saya sarankan supaya BN tunjukkan taringnya dengan mempersilakan PPP keluar dengan segala hormatnya,kerana mereka yang minta hal ini berlaku.
Gantikan PPP dengan parti MIUP yang diterajui oleh Datuk Nala Karupan.Hal ini kerana kita dalam komponen BN hanya mahu mereka yang ikhlas bekerja untuk parti,bukan yang suka mengugut atau meminta2 dalamparti.
Demi kesinambungan BN di masa hadapan tindakan segera perlu diambil supaya parti-parti komponen lain tidak mengikut jejak PPP yang terlalu kurang ajar.

TPJ said...

Adik Khairy,

Sifat terburu-buru meminta-minta maaf pemimpin2 UMNO yang menyebabkan pemimpin2 lain mula bersuara tanpa memikirkan sensitiviti satu sama lain.

Walaubagaimanapun mungkin ada hikmah disebalik semuanya ini. Oleh kerana ini dan saranan Samy Vellu baru2 ini, kemungkinan besar parti IPF yang sudah lebih 10 tahun menyokong BN dengan setia akan dimasukkan kedalam BN.

Hari ini Samy Vellu telah dikatakan meminta kerajaan berkhidmat dengan lebih baik untuk kaum India. Satu cara yang terbaik untuk berbuat demikian adalah dengan membenarkan IPF masuk BN kerana sudah jelas selama lebih 20 tahun sebagai Pengerusi MIC, beliau gagal untuk merealasasikan impian kaumnya dengan sempurna.

Kita perlukan parti2 yang mendokong BN dengan ikhlas tanpa membuat bising diluar forum yang sesuai.

Lebih baik parti yang bukan ahli BN yang menyokong dengan kuat dari luar , dari ahli2 komponen BN yang membuat bising diluar menentang dasar sendiri.

Terima kasih kerana melawat blog ini dan selamat datang.

Adik Khairy said...

Salam Tpj

sekiranya kita kalah dalam pilihanraya kecil kuala tengganu,adakah parti-parti komponen akan memulaukan BN?

Apakah tindakan selanjutnya BN yang diterajui oleh UMNO untuk meredakan parti-parti komponen yang sentiasa membuat bising sekiranya BN kalah di kuala terngganu.

TPJ said...

Salam Adik Khairy,

Apa yang penting kesemua ahli-ahli komponen parti BN perlu sedar adalah kita bersama amat memerlukan satu sama lain.
Jika ada mana2 pihak berfikir jika mereka bersama pembangkang, merka akan mendapat "deal" yang semanis BN boleh peruntukkan untuk partinya, maka mereka akan kecewa.

Parti pembangkan tidak akan memberi mereka kedudukan dan kerusi2 kabionet yang setaraf dengan BN, keran mereka pun sudah sediada parti2 "komponen" dalam pakatan mereka yang sudah tentu akan menuntut jawatan2 yang penting.

Maka dari itu, ada lagi baik mereka semuanya memperkukuhkan BN dan bermuzakarah secara aman tanpa mengugut atau mencabar sesama bangsa.

Rakyat bukannya menolak BN dipilihanraya yang lepas. Rakyat menolak kepimimpinan Pak Lah dan penasihat2 tidak rasminya.

Ramai orang2 Melayu dan UMNO sendiri yang mengundi pembangkang kerana calon2 yang layak diketengahkan oleh pemimpin2 Negeri di gantikan dengan calon2 yang bukan2 yang tidak ada silaturrahim langsung dengan pihak bahagian dan kawasan tertentu oleh pucuk pimpinan. Sudah tentunya orang2 yang telah banyak jasa dan berkerja keras untuk masyarakatnya termasuk penyokong2nya tidak akan menerima keputusan yang tidak masuk akal ini, sekaligus menolak mereka didldm PRU12.

Insha'Allah, dengan kepimpinan Najib yang lebih waras nanti akan membawa balik sokongan dalaman yang telah terkeluar seketika itu.

Parti2 komponen harus sediamaklum dan peka tentang perkara ini dan masuk saf dengan taat demi untuk survival mereka sendiri.

Banyak tempat yang BN kalah adalah di kawasan2 majority Melayu. Malah, Calon2 BN berbangsa Cina pun menang kerana undi Melayu. tetapi yang kalah baru2 ini adalah kerana orang Melayu sudah lihat bahawa Pak Lah telah menggadaikan banyak dari kuasa Melayu dan oleh kerana itulah mereka menolak BN. Dari ramai yang saya kenali yang telah mengundi pembangkang, mereka mengatakan bersedia untuk membantu BN menawan kembali negeri2 bermajoriti Melayu setelah Najib mengambil alih nanti dengan izin Allah.

Jika di lihat cycle keputusan PRU yang lepas2, jika ianya konsisten, maka PRU ke13 akan membawa kemenangan yang besar bagi BN.

sfso@pulaijb said...

Assalamualaikum TPJ,
Harap2 sihat di samping family tercinta...
I'm waiting patiently everyday for your next posting..I'm proud to say that I'm a fan of your blog..
It's always a pleasure reading it.

Anyway I hope for your next posting, maybe you can give your views and personal comments about the next by-election in KT.I heard UMNO mungkin letak calon wanita and PAS may follow suit.I'm sure u know more than us about this rumour.

I'm also interested to know about the current leaders from Johor namely Razali Ibrahim,Fuad Zarkashi and also the Pontian MP.(sorry forgot his name)They look smart and good in Parliament when they debate.I was amazed especially when Razali get to talk.He's so composed.I think UMNO need more leaders like them for our future.Probably your good self TPJ should join them in the national level...
I know that u are no3 in Pulai and you are in charge of education bureau.Your track record is good TPJ.However,u cannot be a low profile leader forever.Step up to the plate and let's start kicking and working harder for the nation..
I'm behind you all the way bro

TPJ said...

Alaikumsalam Sfso@pulaijb

Thank you for the good wishes and compliments.

I'm not quite on the ball as far as KT is concerned although I'm quite confident that Wan Farid might be given a shot at the title.

Usually a person tipped to be running in a by-election won't be appointed Senator which means either they will be nominating someone else (which is unlikely) or they're not confident Wan Farid can win. Re-appointing Wan Farid as Senator would ensure that he can remain as Deputy Home Minister even if he loses.

You could be right that UMNO might field a woman for the by-election, but if Nordiana from the Puteri wing is the choice, I think that rumour should be shot down as quick as Bush ducked the size 10 Iraqi shoe! It takes more than a pretty smile to win an election. Although she is one of the sitting members of the UMNO Supreme Council, she is said to be the quietest in the last 4 years. In other words, she was a waste of space in the 38th floor.

It's safe to put up a Division Chief which Wan Farid is in Kuala Terengganu. At the very least it would mean that the UMNO machinery there will be working at full steam. It is dangerous to field an outsider. It needs to be said that the late Dato' Razali, being the member of Parliament for Kuala Terengganu and Deputy Minister, surprisingly lost in his bid for Vice Chief and didn't even make it as a delegate (G7)in that division's recent elections indicating that there were powers that be in there that blocked his advancement.

Therefore, giving Wan Farid the task of contesting would put pressure on him to prove that he is not only a "big shot" and popular in the UMNO circle but also amongst the people at large like he makes people think.

Yes Razali Ibrahim is a brilliant young politician. But because of his lack of family connections in politics, he remains as second fiddle to the likes of Hishammuddin and Khairy when he perhaps has more substance then them.

Like Muhyiddin, Zakarshi has the courage to air dissenting views in the party, which is rare indeed, but like Muhyiddin again, he is aloof. I suspect at the Supreme Council level though, he would make the cut this March.

Ahmad Mazlan from Pontian is another gem. He was Political Secretary to Dato Mustapha Mohamed once, then Felda Liasion Officer in the Deputy Prime Minister's office before becoming MP. He is an exceptional speaker and one who has assisted the DPM with full colours while in his department.

I will be writing an article on the Johor UMNO candidates. I'm just deciding whether I should rate them in the process. I'm sure many of my readers would look forward to it. It will be out soon.

As far as stepping up to the plate is concerned, I've been hot and ready for the last 4 years. I've been batting home-runs out of the ballpark in Pulai for years but it seems the top dog in Johor keeps holding me down, giving the incumbent state assemblyman a third term, perhaps because in UMNO they like people who are loyal to the leaders as opposed to the rakyat. That just ain't me bro! We should serve the people, not our leaders.

UMNO will perish in the State that it was born if they continue with this attitude. May Allah giude them to the true path for His Glory and the Rakyat.


Unknown said...

I'm sure all the leaders of the component parties in BN have brought up various subjects and varieties of problems they encounter to the BN council meeting in the spirit of togetherness. The way i see it the meeting did not conclude with any solutions to the issues and problems that was tabled at the meeting, henceforth you find these leaders making statements and threats outside the meeting room out of frustration i'm sure. With regards especially to PPP, if what i say above is true than i don't blame Kayveas for making the threat of withdrawing from BN. But for now we wait and see if he is as honorable as that ex de facto law minister who quit when the government refuse to entertain his request. My guess is...he does not have enough political will to withdraw just as the BN chairman and his deputy does not have the guts to sack PPP from BN.
I agree when you said of loyalty to the party and not the leader. Too many party members from both the political divide idolize their leaders like the followers of Osama bin Laden, in fact even worst than that! Just look at the followers of the occult leaders Mahathir, Anwar, Nik Aziz & Lim Kit Siang!

Unknown said...

I purposely missed out the followers of Abdullah for i don't consider him as having blind followers like the other 'occult' leaders even though he tried his level best to create his own 'occult' through Islam Hadari. All he has is apple polishers. These peolple as you rightly said somewhere will be the first to condemn him and his policies when he move out from Seri Perdana and head to Perdana Leadership Foundation. Certainly interesting time is coming, considering he'll be joining the other 'occult' leader at the foundation!

TPJ said...


When PPP requests for a safe seat in Taiping which was earmarked for Gerakan in the last election, it was entertained, but I suspect amending the ISA couldn't be done over one meeting.

On another matter, why did Chua Soi Lek have to harp on the Ketuanan Melayu issue? Was that also discussed in the BN meeting without a conclusion? Why did they have to discuss it in the first place if it was at all. MCA didn't lose many seats because of Ketuanan Melayu. I know how the Chinese voters decide. If their reps work hard for them, they will continue to enjoy their confidence. The Ketuanan Melayu to them is trivial as long as they can make their ends meet and keep something on the side for the future generation. It's the MCA and GERAKAN that are making a racial issue out of it to cover their humiliating defeat.