Sunday, September 14, 2008


The Law Minister is holding the Cabinet hostage over his displeasure on the ISA issue.

If I were one of his colleagues I'd guide him to the door without much fuss next Wednesday. He is behaving more like a Minister in Pakatan's never-neverland.

More later - I have a clearer conscience spitting fire after the break of fast. For now think of his threat as asking a King's ransom for an old concubine.


He is of the view that "the ISA should be used to curb terrorism, which is why it was first enacted."

Perhaps to him preventing blood on the streets due to mounting anger relating to a cause worth dying for doesn't warrant the use of the ISA. Remember when a group of Hindraf supporters almost cracked open the skull of a Chinese police officer in Ampang not long ago?

Well that was a case where one party, the policeman, was restraining his force while the other party employed it. Now imagine if both large parties came without any restraint because of something they truly believe in and are willing to die for. Would we want to wait until that happens before doing something to rectify the situation? Wouldn't it be better if we cage the instigator first rather than see all hell break loose?

We are living in a multi-racial and multi religious country. Once sensitive lines are breached, it will invite big trouble if it is allowed to continue. We cannot gamble with giving people who constantly prod these sensitivities the benefit of the doubt. That is a no brainer accept for perhaps someone who has lost too many brain-cells cosuming alcohol.

Knowing people personally in social events and forums doesn't mean that one knows the person inside out. I mean can anyone describe if the person whom one claims to know personally is a wild creature after hours (keeping it kosher in here)? That would only be the case if one is privy to and participates in her activities all day and night.

Does a person have to brandish a gun and have a grenade on her waist before she is deemed to be a threat to national security?

Why should people fear anything if they are not doing anything wrong. I mean the rules of the game is spelt out crystal clear for everyone. Stay clear of the matters of race and religion and you can pretend like the ISA doesn't exist.

The home minister made the right move to come down hard on the perpertrators. Then, a ridiculous statement was made on the purpose of the journalist's detention that followed her release that was so quick it probably took longer for her to travel from Penang and back making the ISA look worse than it actually is. She must have served the shortest time in the history of the Act.

The irony here is that we have one minister who is willing to quit for a wrong cause and another minister who is afraid of losing his job for a right cause. If he isn't, he should have defied a presumably wrong call made by his boss.

Bloggers and reporters are not above the law which includes the ISA. We all have to be responsible for what we do and write. We musn't take our freedom for granted.

Read carefully the news report by Sin Chew and RPK's contraversial article. Check out Teresa's behaviour in harping on Malay and Islamic issues and ask yourself if there is any justification in their detention under the Act.

The Internal Security Act has served us well to preserve harmony. I'm willing and happy to see several irresponsible citizens dumped under this Act in exchange for a peaceful Malaysia. Why am I not worried about this Act? It's because I have no intention of breaching the law however unjust it may be.

So Zaid, do us a favour and leave your post. The ISA is here to stay and if you want to give the country an ultimatum, the majority will pick the ISA over you any day of the week and twice on a Sunday.


BoyHjJamil said...

Hello TPJ!! Brilliant comment, just in time for us to use ISA for the good of the masyarakat.. I am strongly agree with your principle that in order to save the others, one have to be sacrifies. Zaid must leave the post bcoz of the comment he makes.. I dont see any contributions he make since he hold the post, except for the ex-gratia payment and stupid comment towards Tan Sri Muhyiddin.. BRAVO TPJ!!!

BoyHjJamil said...

TPJ, semasa saya sedang menulis komen ini, harga minyak sedang berada pasa harga 92.30 USD setong, apakah pandangan TPJ mengenai senario sekarang? at least kasiklaaa turun minyak banyak sikit, barulah org kata kerajaan prihatin.. nak RAYA plak tu, sekurang2 nya dapatlah kurangkan kos nak balik kampung.. In the first place, i sense that they have made a big mistake to increase the price terlalu tinggi pada Jun lepas.. I wish harga akan turun sekurang2nya 30sen before RAYA ni.. what do u think?

TPJ said...

Saudara BoyHjJamil,

Yes, I'm sure the Govt's crackdown on these personalities will deter the others from touching on sentitive issues that might spark a riot. What people fail to realize is, terrorism begins when the govt fails to act and the a group of people feel that it is incumbent upon them to take the law into their own hands, particularly in the matter of Faith.

In short, this act is a preemptive measure taken to avoid terrorism a few steps ahead of time. Catching the baddy on the way out from his hotel or home with explosives strapped around his body is leaving the situation too late as their group would have already decided to blast parts of KL indescriminately and we won't be able to ever have our teh tarik kurang manis in peace with friends in Muhibbah fashion anymore.

Berhubung dengan harga pasaran minyak dunia. Saya yakin dengan izin Allah, kerajaan yang bertimbang rasa akan mengurangkan harga minyak sebelum musim Hari Raya ini.

Walaubagaimanapun, harus kita ingat bahawa kita masih di subsidi oleh kerajaan dengan setiap pembelian minyak petrol.

Yang saya kurang faham ialah kenapa kerajaan terlalu liat untuk mengenakan harga pasaran tanpa subsidi kepada kenderaan Singapura sebagaimana yang saya telah cadangkan lebih dari dua tahun dahulu. Mereka seolah-olah takut untuk bertindak kepada pihak Singapura dan ini menimbulkan kemusykilan kepada rakyat Malaysia khususnya rakyat negeri Johor yang sudahpun terasa amat rugi dengan kehilangan kuasa keatas ISKANDAR diantara lain.

Coming back to the oil prices. I don't think they'll give us more than 20 cents back but there's no harm in praying for it.

Thank you for your comments.


SFS@PulaiJB said...

Asm TPJ,

It was a pleasure knowing u personally.I totally agree with your views on current issues especially the ISA issue and also dual pump price.
I get the feeling that we are dead scared of our neighbour.Why is it so hard to implement such simple things?And also if the goverment were to charge let say RM10 for each singapore car that enter the country,would'nt it be good for our country.Are we scared that they will not come?believe me they will
I wish we have many more leaders like yourself in order for our nation to progress.

BoyHjJamil said...

Salam TPJ, pasal kerajaan berlembut dengan Rakyat Singapore ni, saya dah bosan and muak nak dengar..sebab tu singaporean kalau datang Johor dia berlagak!! pasal dia tahu, kerajaan kita tak akan buat apa2 and tak berani nak impose something towards them.. Pasal dual pump yang dicanang2 nak dibuat di sekitar 50km daripada singapore, i tak rasa benda tu akan di implement, walaupun dah lama lulus plan tu oleh kerajaan.. Pasal apa? saya pun tak pastilaa.. Sekali lagi, kita bolehlaa beranggapan yang kerajaan masih nak berlembut and membagi muka pada masyarakat yang tak sedar dek untung di seberang tambak sana.. Mungkin bila Pak Lah dah step down baru benda tu boleh go through kot?? For me, as Johorean, rasa menyirap darah kalau melihatkan gelagat singaporean, especially bila shopping and driving kat Johor nih.. seolah2 takde rasa respect.. Pasal apa??? Pasal kita berlembut sangat dengan diorg, sampai diorg naik lemak... Yang peliknya tu, kalau org kita pegi sana, kita boleh plak obey dengan law diorg... Sebab government diorg very firm dgn apa yg mereka dah design.. Its either u follow, or u will be punish.. So, Johor ni, selalunya dijadikan medan utk melepas geramlah oleh kiasu2 singaporean tuh, especially yg berkereta besar utk menguji kelajuan kat highway2 kita... Saman?? apalah sangat pada RM3oo tu... silap2 diorg tak bayar pun....

TPJ said...


RM20 would be more appropriate but then that is much, much less in accumalation than the tens to a hundred miliion that we are subsidizing them with.

The demand to come in to JB is inelastic. In other words, even if we charge them RM50 per entry, they'd still come in because they save much more on petrol and other goods including groceries. My cousins come in almost everyday. For the perfomance car owners, where else can they stretch their their muscle if not on our highways?

I'm flattered by your compliment. Thank you very much. We need to inject new blood into the party with new ideas to benefit our people. I hope you will contribute with your views to help rejuvinate our party and the country. The next election will comprise voters of your era. We need to know what jives with you without compromising our original ideals.

Thanks for popping by.

TPJ said...

Saudara BoyHjJamil,

Bawa-bawa bertenang. Pihak Singapura boleh bermaharajalela selagi PM ini berkuasa sahaja. Rasa-rasanya pun tak berapa lama lagi kita pun akan ada pemimpin baru dalam UMNO, jika tidak PRU13, pemimpin baru akan datang dari parti lain dan kita pula yang menjadi pembangkang.

Jika ada pertukaran dalam kepimpinan UMNO, Insha'Allah banyaklah pertukaran dari segi polisi berdepan dengan Singapura.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam TPJ
I agree that the ISA be used against anyone who are out to destabilise the economy, the government and the country.
Times have indeed changed. Threats come in all form and manner, not necessarily by communists and terrorists.

TPJ said...

Salam Cik Fauziah.

Indeed. The ISA is a necessary tool, but if my memory serves me well, there is no one yet that has been arrested under this act for economic sabotage. Most of them were in for internal security relating to possible violence and instigation.

If destabilising the economy is an offence that can be brought under this Act, then you'll know who'll be the next chap to check in. He lied to the nation and investors were weary of coming in waiting for the storm to hit and settle making it more difficult for the Rakyat already suffering from the effects of world oil prices.

If 9/16 materialized, it would have been forgiveable, but clearly he lied and the rakyat suffered. Now he's crying wolf again.

We should send him to the wolves and make the village peaceful again so we can get on with our lives.