Wednesday, November 5, 2008


America is known as the land of the free, of opportunity, and home of the brave with her people being immigrants at one time or another.

What better candidate to be President than Barrack Hussain Obama? He is a half breed, his father being an African gentleman from Kenya and mother a Caucasian lady from America. A true African-American if ever there was one, but not quite a full red-blooded black American.

He is All-American because besides being a half-bred African-American, he is a Christian with a Muslim name, lived with his white grandmother whose name sounds Jewish and has an almost Kennedy-like charm on stage.

This gentleman who is almost too perfect to be true, ran his campaign with clinical precision. It was so good that everyone in his camp practically celebrated even before the polling stations closed in the precincts across the country.

On the other hand McCain wasn’t a strong Republican candidate. His choice for Vice President, though refreshing, wasn’t strong enough to bring confidence to the voters in case McCain suffered a major cardiac. Some even think she might very well be the cause of the cardiac arrest that might also see her take the oath of office as President not long after McCain took his, if they were not careful. No wonder Clinton fought really hard using everything she had even tears to no avail to win as the Democratic nominee. The actual fight for the White House was fought in the Democratic Party, not the general elections. The latter was just a formality witnessing President-elect Obama winning almost hands down.

Since everyone in America prefers to call him the first black American President, I’m almost hearing Martin Luther King six feet under singing “Free at last, free at last, by God Almighty, I’m free at last!”

Yes! Change may have come to America last night. Let’s hope it will come for the better for the rest of the world.

Congratulations President-Elect Barrack Obama!


BoyHjJamil said...

Salam TPJ, personally i suka mamat Obama ni menang. Karisma dia ada kalau nak compare dgn veteran perang sorang lagi tu. Bukan kat Amerika je celebrate but all over the world.Harap dasar Amerika banyak yg akan bertukar after this. "The Change Has Come", hopefully betullah cakap mamat Obama ni.And tak sangka plak nama dia ada Hussain kat tengah2 tu. But i ada terbaca from article dlm sebuah paper yg mengatakan dia ni ada tali persaudaraan juga dgn someone from Sarawak Malaysia..kalau tak salah half sister dia.. Whatever it is, kita harap dia tak jadi macam Pak Lah, lepas dapat convincing victory, terus tidur and tak buat kerja. Come on Obama.. Change has come, so dont delay.. Salam..

mantra-indeeptots said...

A leader for the rakyat. Can we have one in our own homeland?

Yes we can! Yes we can!

TPJ said...


Betul pandangan saudara tentang orang yang mendapat mandat besar ini.

Saudara betul juga tentang adik ipar Obama seorang warganegara kita dari Timur Malaysia.

Adek perempuan beliau adalah anak kepada ibu dan bapa tirinya dari Indonesia. Ibu Obama international oreinted. Suami pertama dari Kenya-African, Suami keduanya Indonesian-Asian.

Did you know that Vijay Singh the former World number one golfer is merriesd to a Malaysian? Dia pernah meminta citizenship di sini tetapi ditolak. Kalau tidak, Malaysia sudahpun ada world number one golfer. Tak pasal2 Fiji dapat nama.

BoyHjJamil said...

Salam TPJ..Vijay Singh memulakan kerjaya kat RJCC kalau tak salah saya... Di situlah dia berlatih sehingga handal seperti sekarang. Mengenai isterinya warganegara kita, saya tak tahu pulak.. Tapi yang nyatanya, mengapalah permohonan beliau ditolak? Itu merupakan sebuah pembaziran modal insan.. Setuju?

TPJ said...

Dear Mantra,

We had such a leader in the beginning. B ut he was busy trying to please our multiracial Rakyat and forgot to do his job running the country and balancing the economy. He too had a landslide victory.

The hope that Obama brings into the White House is similar to the one that was brought to Seri Perdana 5 years ago. Let's hope Obama stays longer there than the current resident of Seri Perdana.