Tuesday, November 29, 2011


With The Left Hand, Hold This Flag, And With The Right, The Holy Quran. Now Renew Our Loyalty To The Party That Brought Us Salvation And Dignity Or Be Dispatched To Political Damnation!

If UMNO President Najib Razak's speech which was said to have ROCKED the Dewan Merdeka at the PWTC last week in an engagement with the Youth and Young Ladies’ Wings is anything to go by, today's closed door session with the top cream of the party, and the keynote address on Thursday in front of delegates and BN leaders, should be a VOLCANIC ERUPTION raising the level to "ATCON1", referring to "Attack Condition" as opposed to "DEFCON 1", a defense readiness condition and an alert system used by the United States Armed Forces in the Pentagon.

Deputy President Muhyiddin Yassin’s officiating speech at the three Wings’ assembly in the evening should also be equally ballistic if I know this master politician well enough.

Leaks are usually a common trait among UMNO members especially in the last " regime " when seepages were known to have come from some of the Supreme Council members even while the meeting was in progress.

Uncharacteristically, which is a positive development actually, not much of the contents in the address by Najib last week was exposed to outsiders. However, many could feel that it had affected those in attendance, as they have since seemed very highly motivated, almost "kamikaze-like“ I observed. Even my closest comrade in arms who is usually free-flowing with inside information especially over a hearty Arabian meal and a Cuban stick, was tight-lipped and unwavering. Such was Najib's affect on him.

It is quite different with the main body though.

Having attended more than 15 General Assemblies in the past, representing the division proper even while being in the Youth wing, I dare put it to the Nation that this particular UMNO week beginning tomorrow will be the most crucial one considering we have reached the crossroads of our political existence. If we do not change our own attitude towards UMNO, then we will be “ changed “ by our own hands eventually.

At this stage, the Prime Minister who is also the President of UMNO and his team in the government have gone beyond their calling and outdone themselves in the transformations in the economy, government and politics of this nation. The people’s confidence levels have slowly but surely returned to Barisan Nasional albeit not at the level most desired.

At this juncture too, only UMNO members, primarily the currently serving representatives in Parliament and State Assemblies, can lose this Nation for us, not the incoming candidates. I say this because it is a known fact that often, when an ungrateful UMNO candidate is “ retired ” from contesting, he will use whatever resources at his disposal to sabotage the party to show that he should still be the "winning“ candidate despite having served for more than 3 terms.

And in my experience over numerous calls, requests, cries and fear tactics by the former Presidents, the delegates and those concerned would only concur there and then, but their loyalty span wouldn’t last the trip back to their homes after the Assembly is over.

As LOYALTY must be the PARAMOUNT subject in this week’s ensemble, a drastic move should be imposed upon either the top brass of each division or the sitting UMNO representatives in BN at Federal as well as State levels to ensure that their RELIGIOUS CONSCIENCE will prevent them from sadistically indulging in self-sabotage to gain personal gratification.

We have a Minister within the party who is in charge of Religious Affairs whom I was told delivered the “Khutbah” to the Malaysian pilgrims in the Holy Capital of Mecca. That’s good religious and public relations campaign at large. Now let’s exploit him further to drive the fear of God into the Souls of our own members, perhaps in the form of a mass Swearing or Oath-taking ceremony in the presence of Allah, the Soul of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Holy Quran, so that those who betray the Party, Islam and the Malay people on this last stretch towards the coming General Elections, shall be cursed into the dungeons of living hell.

It maybe an outrageous suggestion to some, but as a loyal member of the United Malays National Organization, (perhaps even since I was in my late mother’s womb), I’m willing to be the first to take what I’m dishing out to my fellow members in the Party.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful. I Swear That I Will Not Harm The Progress Of The Party And The Decision Of Our Leadership Of Which They Will Be Responsible And Accountable For In The 13th General Election Of This Great Nation. Only God Will Have Mercy Upon Me If I Do So Renege On This Oath In The Glory Of His Name.

“Selamat Bersidang Dan Salam Perjuangan!”


PMO said...

Melodramatic, emotion driven & very influential piece of article. Congrats for being the first among the 'loyalist' to voice out your firm stands towards the holy party. Your line of words are so seditious which move my heart beat to the max and take my blood pressure to the highestlevel. This is a definite wake up call to all the delegates in the holy Dewan TunRazak. I could feel the heat, the scream which increase the decibel level to the highest ever since the hall exist! My blood, soul and spirit will be for my UMNO FOREVER!

Anonymous said...

Salam Tengku
As an ardent follower of this blog, I find this your most powerful posting yet. 
I find it perplexing that the Malays need to be reminded of their responsibility to God, King and Country.  Every Malay should have in them one, if not all, of these traits:  Amanah, Fatonah, Siddiq and Tabligh (not necessary in this order). 
But if there is s need for an oath of allegiance, then it must be done now especially since the country will be heading towards the biggest test of it all, the 13th General Election. 

TPJ said...


I'm glad you appreciated it. My suggestion was followed through during the Assembly. Now all the PM has to do is grit his teeth and make the change without fear or favour within his Cabinet.

I sense that elections will be held late in the first half of next year. The PM should make a minor reshuffle now and introduce his new breed to lead the nation if he achieves imminent victory. Only then will the electorate have an idea of how he is going to shift his leadership and towards which direction.

Certainly, he has to move his cousin away from the important Home Ministry and head it himself. Finance Ministry can be held by his loyalist Dr JJ who is already filthy rich and is widely known to have ploughed back his wealth to help the Country both in Washington as well as at home.

The PM's problem is not with us at the bottom, but with his peers in the Cabinet. He must take control of it and not be taken hostage by it. If Hishammuddin did his job, it would make the PM's decisions come a lot easier. But that's an understatement.

Let's hope for the best, for the PM as well as you chaps in the PMO. Appoint loyalist to consult with, not our known detractors just to think that we're thinking out of the box. Most of the times we need to think within the box!

Too much thinking out of the box has made Mr Badawi be kicked out of it. We don't want the same to happen to the best thing that ever happened to Malaysia since Tun Razak and Dr Mahathir.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 11:40,

The Oath was taken. Now it is left to the wise decision of the leaders. If Sharizat is moved to Kepala Batas for example, expect the Oath to be flushed down the toilet perhaps even with the blessings of our maker because that is doing gross injustice to other leaders who have served long there behind with Mr Badawi. If a winnable candidate has to be picked, he or she has to be chosen from the same constituency and division.