Thursday, December 1, 2011


In Him Too, We Trust

In one of the most crucial moments in the history of modern politics for UMNO and the ruling coalition BN, today’s Presidential address in the opening of the UMNO General Assembly must send a strong message to the leaders of the component parties attending the opening.

Traditionally these leaders will attend the first day of the UMNO General Assembly to listen to the keynote address by its President whom by that fact is also Chairman of the Barisan Nasional.

Last Tuesday, 29th November, President Mohd Najib Abdul Razak delivered a heart to heart message to the top cream of the UMNO party in a closed door session, details of which should remain private otherwise defeating the term “closed door” as the members who were camera opportunists should learn.

Suffice to say that some of what was written in my last article was appropriately addressed.

Today’s speech, if not to disappoint the delegates, should be to caution everyone to carry their weight for at this intensed juncture, Barisan Nasional will need a concerted and sincere effort, such that has never been seen before, to preserve our collective political survival.

We cannot afford to take any passengers in this ride because the load is too heavy as it is. If division of labour is not practiced among the coalition members, then we might just scrape through with just the UMNO machinery, and the freeloaders will have to face the consequences, or the UMNO President himself will have to bear the brunt in the UMNO elections right after that, for being soft on them.

This May Be The Last Official Public Address In Any Political Stage Before The Next General Election. What Better Platform Than The General Assembly Of The Most Senior Partner In The Fold With Its Leader Delivering The “Final Testament” To His Disciples Backed By The Full Support Of The Followers Of His Political Religion, UMNO!

In Conclusion:

1. Force the Malaysian Chinese Association, GERAKAN and Malaysian Indian Association to get cracking with their machinery and earn their merit in the party or lose representation in the government.

2. Implore upon the UMNO representatives in both Houses including the State Assemblies who are on their last tour of duty to stand down in loyalty if and when required without sabotaging the party. Impose duress upon their backsides if need be, forcing the Home Minister to earn his keep by reviewing their each and every file!

We Must All Remember That If We Let This Hold Slide, So Too Will This Nation Into An Irreversible Situation Of Economic And Political Oblivion, Under The Inexperienced And Highly Indebted Opposition, Owing Much To The Foreign Powers And Financiers For Their Upkeep.

I Write This At 0435hrs And By 0800hrs, I Will Be In My Seat In The Great Hall Of Independence At The PUTRA In Strong Anticipation Of The Much Awaited And Could Possibly Be The Most Important Speech Ever Delivered By Mohd Najib Abdul Razak To This Nation.

Good Luck Mr President.


Anonymous said...

Salam Tengku
A sterling speech by the president, both in terms of the content and delivery!
I find that this is his best speech thus far as president of the party!

TPJ said...

Salam Anonymous!

Yes it was. Now, after 28 days, I'm looking for a follow through! It seems we on the floor have sworn an oath to adhere to the possible changes. But those in the Cabinet are buggering the PM to the extent that the poor man can't even go on holiday in peace trying to meet up with him in London to jostle and beg for political mercy.

He had to cancel his trip there to avoid these parasites!