Saturday, May 16, 2009


I’ve been reading the Malaysian Insider with much amazement lately. I’m amazed at how they can exponentially spin stories that would sometimes over-kill their sick agenda. Sometimes I read it not for the news but just to see how they’ll spin the damn thing.

A recent attempt is by far the most brilliant, reverse “psychologizing” ( I know it’s not a real word but there’s a perfect ring to it and you know what I mean) the government into perhaps appointing Ong Ka Chuan as the Malaysian Ambassador to China in their article entitled “A Chinese Heads For Beijing In A Gesture Of Trust “.

In the article it said “ In the past, the government has been reluctant to appoint Malaysian Indians or Chinese as the High Commissioner to India or ambassador to China because of worries about their loyalties to the motherland.”

They’re implying and it should rightfully be so based on recent developments, that to an extent the government doesn’t trust the diplomats of these ethnic origins to be commissioned in the country of their ancestors. They are hoping that by pre-empting the announcement, it would pressure the Prime Minister into following through with it in fear of being accused of breaching the “trust” after being commended for it earlier.

I’m sure being an exceptional graduate from the University of Nottingham, the Prime Minister will not be sucked into this mind game and give in to this attempt by malicious people of less intelligence, or will he?


Of late, this news portal has been giving an ex Mufti from Perlis some raving reviews, mainly I suspect because of his unorthodox stand on Islam. Some Malays from my observation like to take an opposing view inclined to the “ other side “ just to be popular and look like they’re “ intelligent ” when in actual fact they’re just being used as servants by irresponsible and malicious parties in exchange for a few exposures in their media.

The most recent case is the ex Mufti of a State which is probably not bigger than my UMNO division, who is claimed to be an influential scholar with a strong following among the young Muslims in this country. He is said to be in support of the word “Allah” being used by non Muslims and ” against the propensity of religious authorities in conducting raids on Muslim couples engaged in khalwat “. Naturally this will go down well with those inclined towards these activities, making him an” icon for progressive Muslim voices”.

He said that allowing the word Allah to be used by non Muslims would enable the religion to be spread amongst them. On the contrary, being honest, he forgets that Malays who are mainly Muslims are the easiest people to be led astray. This is most true by the existence of Mat Rempits, and the Malays’ fascination for cheap entertainment such as Jom Heboh, Akedemi Fantasia and the like. If for instance they are God fearing and practicing Muslims, would they forego their prayers just to participate and watch these events? The non Muslims however are stronger in their faith and would know how to differentiate the word Allah from their God and they wouldn’t be reading the Malay version of their articles in the first place. Looking at it at face value without taking these sensitivities into consideration, it frames a picture of a scholar who isn’t very bright.

On another article in the same portal the ex Mufti implied that the Sultan’s decision on Perak was being related to Islam by the BN government when in actual fact, it being tantamount to treason is the law of the land and has nothing to do with religion. In wanting us to stop equating Islam with being Malays, he is doing the exact thing by making infidels think that all this while Derhaka is presumed Islamic in nature and should be corrected.

Well, I guess we shouldn’t expect too much from a Muslim scholar who is doing research on Islam in WALES! It’s like a Roman Catholic scholar doing research on Catholicism in the Holy City of Mecca.

This is an example of the shady characters used by the Malaysian Insider to queer things up in the country.


Anonymous said...

I was trying to search for words to come up with a decent comment but I cant, because this article says it all. Direct and straight forward. 5 star article!.

TPJ said...

Anon 8:11

Thank you. I hope people in power will see the agenda behind their articles.

Anonymous said...

Salam Tengku
An excellent piece.
I hope the powers that be read this and take the necessary action.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 11.12pm

The new Minister of Communications is taking a serious interest in blogs and news webs. I think we'll see some authority not unlike the one in Singapore soon. Insh'Allah.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget online community too. A.k.a. facebook :)

old chap said...

Dear TPJ,

Malaysian Insider (read tiny-red-dot funded KallyMullah and Brandan Parira) is behaving like an unleashed hound-DOG.

From wanting to fix what the Prime Minister should do, to how the Sultan and Regent of Perak should behave, these 'operatives' are trying very hard to put the whole country off-track.

I just hope that those concerned would take note and initiate the necessary action against these bunch of saboteurs before their lies push the situation out of hand .

Don't wait for a Hindraf-like subversive virus to take root before rushing to act.

Huzaimi Ilyas said...


Malaysian Insider's track record

mistake ooops sorry

mistake zzzzz no apology.Buat bodoh sudah

What to do? Ada Menteri pun lembik.Buat2 tak nampak..Naik minyaklah jawabnya MI..

AKEEM said...

Tuan TPJ,

Who are these Malaysian Insider guys anyway?

What do you know of the people behind this portal?

I think in the spirit of accountability, transparency and openess, they should make themselves known.

If they don't, can you or other bloggers enlighten me as to the indentity of the owners and editors of this website?

I was told that some of them are either the former 4th Floor Boys and/or people closely linked to them. Is it true?

If indeed they had refused to publish your clerification, they sounded similar to the people who once ran the NSTP.

They too denied the right of reply of aggrieved parties including Tun Dr Mahathir.

It's just a hunch. I could be wrong.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I just don't get it. This Berendan Perera worked for the former PM who lead the BN government.Kali was former NST chief editor.

How can he behave like the opposite? My thought is that the former PM just didn't know how to choose the right people for the right job. this was what probably lead to his ungraceful exit from putrajaya

TPJ said...

Old Chap,

I'm afraid there needs to be a police report made before action can be taken.

The culprit that last led our government has made it such that it's difficult to detain people even when the situation begs it for it.

As we have witnessed, even the Karpal Singh sedition case is not yet properly heard and if I'm not mistaken, the police report was made on him many months ago making people feel like it's a waste of time to file police reports these days. Furthermore, there's not much hope in seeing the new Home Minister take stern action as he can't even handle one stubborn Hindraf chap turning him into a living martyr who is a potential trouble maker.

Thank you for your comment Old Chap.

TPJ said...

Tuan Huzaimy Illyas,

I presume the menteri you are referring to is the Home Minister.

The Communications Minister is so far doing a fine job and will take appropriate action when he fully comprehends the Law pertaining to the cyberworld vis-a-vis his jurisdiction.

Thank you for dropping your thoughts.

TPJ said...


I'm sure it's an open secret as to who are behind the Malaysian Insider, and if it is true that they were once at the helm of NST, then their agenda is to turn Malaysian Insider into the Cyber equivalent to NST or even better.

I have followed them from the beginning and they are rapidly expanding into a full fledged news portal overtaking Malaysiakini as far as breaking news is concerned.

They seem to still have snitches in the PM's office which proves why they get first hand news even before the government owned MSM gets it.

I have suggested that the PM's officers who are privy to important information be bugged so that he can smoke the bugger out or prevent him/her from leaking stories. What the hell? You wanna be close to the Top Gun and enjoy the perks that come with it, you must be prepared to accept some sacrifices in the name of National Security. What do you think AKEEM? We can't have traitors loitering around the Number One's office now can we?

TPJ said...

Anonymous 12:18pm

I'm not sure if Brendan is behind the Malaysian Insider although all fingers point to him and his co-conspirator, but I'm sure that the former PM was playing for the other team.

How else can you explain how he left this country in the most rediculous state of affairs? I mean even he couldn't be that stupid! I suspect it must have been a conspiracy. If not, can you explain the unnecessary selling of some of our National treasures to Temasek, a Singaporean in Khazanah, the almost total dismantling of Proton and sale of the MV Augusta for 1 Euro which was later sold to Harley for a whopping US$109,000,000. Nobody knows who that laughing maverick is until this day. So much for transparency from "Mr Clean". Heck! There's a whole catalogue of stuff that can prove that he was playing for the other side while wearing our national jersey but it looks like he'll get away with it in broad daylight!

X-MCA supporter said...

Dear TPJ,

Not only MI, The Star also try to putar belit what Dr. Zambry said. Look at the article "Zambry compares himself to Mandela, Gandhi"


Lately coverage and comments by The Star is very much pro pembangkang..And budak 8 tahun pun tau Star ni siapa yang punya..Component BN jugak.

Budak Kampung

Mr Right said...

Salam TPJ,

This info I get from a friend..Hopefully it's true and correct..

Dalam MI(Msian Insider)

Kali- tak penah lulus tapisan keselamatan k'jaan malaysia utk penjawat awam dari zaman Tun Ghafar.

Brendon - ex Ketua Biro NST S'pore di KL. selalu post ni mmg agen S'pore.

Zulkifli Sulong - ex Chief Editor Harakah.

Nik Nazmi - sec-pol MB S'gor, PKR.

Muaz Omar - Open dialogue Society, ex PA Azmin.

Jeff Ooi - DAP, tak payah diperkenalkan lagi


master mind/funder MI... tau sama tau ajelah !!!

So,u guys make ur own conclusionlah

Anonymous said...


Was told that the senior Umno/BN officials are unhappy with Malaysian Insider's sarcasm, subtle instigation and ridicule, particularly concerning the Perak fiasco.
Let's keep tab bro, we might be able to 'break the story' if certain tiny-red-dot operatives are picked up for sabotage/espionage.


Hati Sakit said...

Congratulations to
Kalimullah Maseerul Hassan
Brenden Perera
Khairy Jamaluddin!(org UMNO ni)

You guys have time and again proven to be a thorn in new PM Najib’s administration

This is a sick reality to people yang gilakan kuasa and will try very hard to kill the people who feed them..And at what cost?I really think they don't give a damm..

The three of you of should be proud now that Umno diehard Ahmad Talib’s proposed appointment at NSTP have been halted through the systematic clandestine operations of your operatives in the PM’s Office and the NSTP.

Umno and maybe, Mahathir Mohamad will never forget how the three of you made used of one operative ‘Jo’ - showering the person with cash and promises - to access information to tarnish the image of the former premier.

Definitely you guys remember, how the Tun was portrayed on the front cover of FEER!
Well, again Umno allowed the three of you a free hand to penetrate the heart of the Govt and media etc – controlling and destroying the entire system and security of the country for your masters in the Republic.

The end result – you guys did a terrific job! - Barisan Nasional lost two-thirds majority and is on the verge of being wiped out in the very near future.
The three of you together with your other running dogs – one almost made it to the DPM office – were worried about Ahmad Talib’s role at sniffing out your stinking operations went all out to stop his appointment at all cost borne by your spy masters.

Hey, you guys did very well and must be applauded for the job well done! It’s a double whammy for you trios – you guys fixed and removed Ahmad Talib in the early years of your puppet’s reign – and now again dealing him and Najib Razak the embarassment of succumbing to your well planned dirty tactics through your operatives in the NSTP and Malaysian Insider.

You guys knew very well Ahmad Talib would be Umno’s diehard point-man and terminator to weed out the venomous operatives planted in the PM set-up including Pasquale and Hardy girl – just like Jo – as well as Hishamuddin Aun, Syed Nazri, Lionel Morais, Chandra Segar, MaChai, Manja and Zainul Ariffin to continue doing your bidding to undermine Najib and BN.

You guys have succeeded and now have the upper hand in determining Najib, Umno and BN’s future. Congratulations!

I feel sick now...Oh My god

Anti MI said...


Nice piece from u bro..

Kali and BP are openly instigating a rebellion against Ahmad Talib in NSTP. The no.1 GEIC told friends over tea that he 'tak berani nak ikut cakap Kali' but 'editors dari NST' have had a few meetings with the cospirators in Bangsar Village and Briekfields. Mereka ini juga menggunakan MalaysianInsider untuk berbohong konon-nya Perdana Menteri tidak bersutuju debngan perlantikan Ahmad Talip.

MI berani berbohong kerana jika PM ambil tindakan itu akan ditohmah sebagai sekatan kebebasan.

Sebenarnya MI adalah umpama racun dlm masyarakat kita sekarang.
Kali even cuba prevent Najib from becoming the PM, apatah lagi bersubahat dan berbohong demi mengekalkan kepentingan dia dan kuncu-nya dalam NST/BH.

Harap2 Dtk Johan Jaafar dan yang lain2 tak terpengaruh dgn mainan Kali yang tgh takut akan bayang2 sendiri.

These conspirators won't stop at anything bcoz they have everything to lose if NST/BH is purged of foreign operatives and anti-Malay/pro-Malaysian Malaysia elements.

If ecah and every 'editor' has to endorse any incoming Editorial Advisor/GE/GEIC or Chairman, then Kali wouldnt have made it even to the bus stop along Jln Maarof.

p/s Datk Najib should take action against anonymous articles in MI that is attributed to him. If you don't stop it now, these guys are not going stop either.
On another note,what the hell is our Home Minister going to do with MI which is slowly becoming a national threat?

Semambu Striker

Anonymous said...


Malaysian Insider, backed by Kalimullah and Brenden Pereira, also wrote that Prime Minister Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak has put a stop to the appointment of Datuk Ahmad A Talib as the Head Honcho of NST. They think that Najib is a flip-flop Prime Minister like his predecessor Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi whom they were sucking up to.

Najib has agreed to Ahmad's appointment and I am sure, he will stick by it.

Sorry Pereira and Kali! Don't embarass Najib by putting him in the same league as Abdullah.

Macam langit dan bumi

Let's not forget that Kalimullah and Brenden Pereira brought NST's circulation down to 90,000 copies/day. That's not all, they also caused Barisan Nasional to lose its two-third majority in Parliament. That's a first.

My suspicion is that they did it on purpose to weaken the Malaysian Government. That was their brief from the Singaporean Government.


Melayu Moden said...

Dear TPJ,

As usual another brilliant posting from you sir..

As much as i agree on your points,I beg to differ on your views on the X mufti of Perlis..(Dr MAZA)

Dr MAZA may be an unorthodox X mufti but he is well respected in the country.I understand many of his views may be offensive and may hurt some feelings but believe me when I tell you he is a man of great conscious and very intelligent..

The khalwat raid issue is actually something that is not popular among the Muslim because you "tangkap org yang berbuat jahat di belakang pintu"sedangkan yang buat jahat di depan mata seperti minum arak dan berpakaian tak senonoh di tempat awam, and etc dilepas pandang.That is what he's trying to tell us actually.
The worst thing about this khalwat raid is sometimes yg kena cekup tu husband and wives yang tak bawak sijil nikah and the scariest part is the raid is done with other intentions such as to extort money and tarnish somebody reputation..

There were also many cases where the enforcement officers cuma berminat nak raid if it involves artist and famous politicians only..

For the using the word Allah word among non-Muslim,I reserve my comments as I'm not qualified to give my comment on that..(sedar diri yg ilmu agama saya tak tinggi mana)..

So TPJ,as long as Dr MAZA tak join opposition party,I may still be with him on his views bcoz i believe he is impartial when giving his views.

Let say if he joins any political party,I'll abandon my trust on him altogether.That's a promise I made to myself bcoz by then,I will lost my respect to him if it happens.

And for y he chose WALES?Must be a reason sir.Dalam Al-Quran pun ada sebut, menuntutlah ilmu sampai ke negara China.So y not kalau dia nak ke Wales.No big deal

Thanks for your piece and looking forward to your next posting..

Anonymous said...

Hi hunky TPJ,

I guess u must be a good looking blogger reading from your profile..
Can I add u on FaceBook or Twitter?

I'm a fan sir..

Malaysia Insider,
MalaysiaToday(used to like but no more bcoz RPK has become a crazy man with no balls)

These news portal supposedly should be impartial and fair in their news bcoz they claim to be neutral and report the latest happening in a different perspective than the MSM but as day pass by and as the Home Ministry becomes weaker,we can see the news reported is obviously inclining towards the opposition..
Dah macam paper opposition pulak rasanya..

As if news and lies from Harakah,Suara Keadilan and Roket is not enough.Add a few more from our very own The Star and The Sun plus dozens from the vernacular papers.

Or is it bcoz maybe less news condemming the government means less income for their coffers..Advertisers tak minat kot nak letak iklan nanti?

I wonder..Might as weel I baca Utusan,Berita Herian and NST..Lagi best..and not forgetting

The Patriot blog

Lady in Red

TPJ said...

X-MCA Supporter,

We are well aware of where MCA stands today. You can read it from my 4 most recent articles touching on their behaviour. The Star naturally reflects their position in relation to that of the government.

We are sleeping with the enemy and they all look like ELI WONG! Bloody Hell!! If we had a past life, we must have been really bad to deserve this!!

TPJ said...

Mr Right,

Our conclusion is unanimous!

TPJ said...

Anonymous 10:19

That'll be the day when we see these agents being picked up!

Under the new Home Minister? I won't be holding my breath Bro! He'll probably invite them for a tea party and offer them cakes instead. Just look at the way he handles Uthayakumar. I won't be surprised if he appoints the geaser his advisor!

TPJ said...

Hati Sakit

I am not privy to the roles of the other names mentioned, but there is one thing that I am absolutely sure of, that is, if Ahmad Talib is not positioned anywhere involving NST, then UMNO deserves to fall in the next general elections because from my point of view, only Ahmad A. Talib and someone like Rocky (wouldn't want to mispell his real name)can save 1. UMNO & BN, & 2. The New Straits Times. The MSM played a pivotal role in the outcome of our elections. The emphasis on the cyberworld is slightly over-rated for now but won't be for long. We lost tremendous grounds last year because the msm (NST included) TOGETHER with the cyber-media were gang-banging us one after the other like we were a two-bit whore in a cheap brothel!

If NST ends up with another guy with Kali's attributes, then the PM will have sealed the deal for the the opposition come 2013.

TPJ said...

Anti M.I.
Semambu Striker,

From our open sources, Kali didn't clear the intel screening to be appointed Press Sec to a former DPM. That tells a lot.

As far as the Home Minister is concerned, scroll up to my comment on him to Anonymous 10:19.

TPJ said...


Let's hope Najib won't do the flip flop and if MI really did tell a fib by saying that Najib initially said yes then no, then Najib should nail their hands down and ensure it doesn't happen again or people will think he flips and flops just as good as his predecessor.

An unstable Malaysia keeps Singapore attractive. That's their rule of thumb. When the govt's back on the saddle, we can compete with Singapore toe to toe and with natural resources and cheaper labour, we'll blow them out of the water before long. That is why it is essential to them that Malaysia remains on shaky grounds.

TPJ said...

Melayu Moden

I'll take your affidavit on the Ex Mufti as solid, and yes, I attest to him having a large following.

However, my small contention is that all of his statements regarding Islam to the infidels need to be qualified because leaving it hanging on one statement allows these non beleivers to make their own interpretations. For instance, when he said that the Sultan is not beyond criticism, he should also say that it has nothing to do with the religion, but the law of the land, and customs of the Malay people. By just leaving his statement hanging and being so general, it makes the infidels especially those with malice like the ones in the Malaysian Insider, imply that the Malay Muslims have been duped into thinking that being Derhaka is sacrilege.

Secondly, being an "intelligent" scholar and gentleman, he should know the background of the people providing him with the platform to state his views before he gives interviews. Surely he has measured them up and knows where they are coming from.

He may not be joining the opposition, but his views seem to tilt to the other side most often than not, and that is more damaging than if he unmasks himself and declares openly that he is with them.

Yes Melayu Moden, the Messenger of God (PBUH) did say that one should go as far as China to seek knowledge, but I'm pretty sure that he didn't mean to seek the knowledge on Islam but perhaps on the field of construction.

I'm told that Syria is one of the best places to learn and do research on our religion. On a lighter note, Wales is known for the study Medicine and the gentleman's game of Rugby.

I thank you for giving your views and look forward to engaging you again in this forum.

TPJ said...

Lady in Red,

Thanks for the compliment, but if I thought I was a looker, I'd paste my picture instead of the Keris and a Cap on the Cresent Moon and Star on the profile.

MSM, well what can I say? The "UMNO" owned NST whacked us good but took pains to make Pak Lah look like the flavour of the century which was like keeping ice cold in a green house.

The "MCA" owned Star didn't fair any better helping us out. TV3 gave much coverage to the Lim family from DAP and Anwar like it belonged to the opposition. The only faces we kept seeing on our side were Badawi and his son-in-law like they were the main puller for BN.

Yes Lady in Red, keep on reading this blog because here is where you get it straight from the hip. Insha'Allah.

I'd like to thank everyone for graciously leaving their comments in here. I hope to see you again in my next article.


Anonymous said...

Read the news paper today. RPK's son caught for 'tangan panjang'. Bapa penipu. Anak pencuri. Kudos. LMAO.

X-MCA supporter said...

Hi again TPJ,

What makes your blog different and special apart from your brilliant writing is that u make an effort to spend some of your precious time to reply to each comments made here wether it is negative or positive.
That makes your blog outstanding sir..

Just to update you and other readers;

Perdana Menteri, bersetuju melantik Timbalan Presiden MCA, Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek sebagai Ketua Penyelaras BN.
(BN chief coordinator)
Menurutnya, antara tugas utama Soi Lek dalam jawatan baru BN itu ialah memberi tumpuan khusus kepada negeri-negeri dikuasai oleh parti pembangkang.

Perhaps another present from UMNO for sacrifice and hard work done by MCA(pls read this statement in a sarcastic tone)..Is this a new position or a new role created for MCA?Seems like quite an important role..
And to be given to someone who is caught in an immoral act...OMG

And there is another position available..Chief of Puteri BN..I would put my money that the position will be given to MCA too..

Perhaps MI can spin this story for us again and demand more for MCA?

Anonymous said...

Let see if pro opposition blog or any Malaysia kini/insider/today will report on this story...

latest latest!!!

Anak RPK(RAJA PETRA) kena tangkap curi motor?Alamak malunya..Bila bapak sudah cabot lari,duit takde bagi,anak pun pergilah mencuri..

Inilah yang akan berlaku bila kerja kita ni kerja asyik nak mencarut,mencaci,mamfitnah dan berbohong macam RPK..

Bapak kencing berdiri,anak kencing berlari..I do believe yang ALLAH memang bayar cash aje sekarang ni..U do bad things to other people,maybe not u but your family yang kena..See how it works..


NOBODY said...

Dear TPJ,

Mkini,Msia Insider,Mtoday

Full of rubbish lah..There is no such thing as impartial or unbiased reporting..

Suma editor ada agenda masing2..Pokoknya yang dikejar wang dan kedudukan..

Tak kesahlah negara hancur,orang luar negara baca dan tengok,asal poket penuh,jalan terus...

And antbody dare to translate what is written in vernacular papers??baik tak payahlah..Buat sakit hati aje.Hari2 cerita provokasi..

Anonymous said...


Malaysian Insider has gone downright too far this time. They can thank their lucky stars because this government does not have the balls nor the brains to put the likes of MI in their place.

Add our very own new
Home Minister..Nothing to be afraid of bro

ABC said...

Salam kpd TPJ,

This will be my first time dropping my comment although I have been reading your blog for quite sometimes already...

I think that MI is shooting in the dark.They definitely have enough inside men and women in Najib's Government

Do you still remember Pak Lah allegedly telling Anwar Ibrahim at a meeting in Hulu Langat that he has people to watch over Najib?
Could MI be getting the info from Abdullah's people who are still in the Cabinet and the Civil Service
or is the MI deliberately catering to the civil servants and politicians who are not happy with Najib?

Lately MI has been "exposing" developments in the mainstream media by targeting some people.
It's time we should challenge MI to state who are its owners, financial backers and editors.

The Information Minister should get the Malaysian communications and Multi-Media Commission to investigate and reveal who they are and The Home Minister to take necessary actions before things becomes out of control.

However sir,I think It's still not enough to suspect that MI is the tool of Kalimullah Hassan or Brenden Pereira, who are known to be close to Khairy Jamaluddin.

They can't be this stupid can they or are they trying to dare Najib to take action?

Tq for reading my 5 cents worth of thought

Adam Lambert said...

What goes around comes around.

Believe me when I say this.

Reason and judgment are the qualities of a leader

Najib knows how to handle MI..Just wait and see



This mischievous Malaysia Insider - whose pocket is he in?

Now that there's a new PM in Malaysia, lots of snakes will be out for a bite - snakes of all shades and colours, white, yellow, black and brown.

Malaysia should get a couple of mongoose - snakes are scared of them

melayu Muda said...

yO tpj,

Practical politics consists in ignoring facts

A question which can be answered without prejudice to the government is not a fit question to ask

i have never found, in a long experience of politics, that criticism is ever inhibited by ignorance

So government,pls act now before it's too late..Take MsiaKini and M'siaToday down too..

Time to play hard ball.No time to waste

Anonymous said...

Macam tak percaya zaman2 moden ni ada lagi yang nak baca cerita dari Malaysia kini/insider/today(mana PRK sudah lari ha)..
And what surprised me is that yg addicted ni konon2 nya Melayu2 liberal yg belajar tinggi2 and not to forget non-Malays yg anti BN(esp UMNO)who really can't sleep kalau sehari tak baca cerita buruk pasal our leaders and UMNO secara khusus..Begitulah routine mereka hari2..

I did try to read those news portal for 1 full month but as time goes by, I can't help but to throw up with the constant lies and stories that is spinned to make it controversial and sensational..

It is a known fact that PR hard core supporters no longer read MSM paper nor watch Main news..They totally rely on these news portal and anti BN blogs as their "oxygen" of news to continue to live..Now u know why they hate the government so much..

Otak sudah kena brainwash maaa...And what is the government doing..NOTHING


TPJ said...

Anonymous 6:22

It's all in the news. UNBELEIVABLE!

Ular Sawa said...

Taken from NST 19th May 2009,

Anybody from MI wanna spin this story?Perhaps anak RPK ni angel tak mungkin buat benda2 mcm ni..

Here it goes;

The son of controversial blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin was charged at the magistrate’s court today with four counts of theft and possession of a stolen motorcycle.

Raja Azman Raja Petra, 32, unemployed, whose address was stated as No.5, Jalan BRP 5/5, Bukit Rahman Putra, Sungai Buloh, was arrested on May 6.

He pleaded guilty to:
• stealing a Nokia handphone, a Seiko watch and a bunch of motorcycle keys all worth RM3,850 belonging to Saipul Adli Mohamed Yunus, 21, a student, by breaking into his home at No. 16, Jalan Sastera, U2/1K, Section U2 here at 10am on April 24;
• possessing a stolen Yamaha 135LC motorcycle with registration number NBT 7332 worth RM6,000 belonging to Ahmad Firdaus Jalaluddin, 23, a student, in front of Apartment Kinrara Court, No. 3, Tingkat 1, Block 1 in Puchong at 10.40pm on May 5;
• stealing a black Yamaha RXZ motorcycle with registration number BJQ9597 worth RM8,000 belonging to Mohd Syaiful Setapa, 24, a factory worker, at No.65, Jalan Batas 2 19/6B, Section 19 here, at 9.30am on March 20; and
• stealing Syaiful’s wallet containing his identification card, RM20 cash, road tax, Maybank and BSN ATM cards and driver’s licence by breaking into his home at the same time and place.

Raja Azman, who was brought into court at 11.30am clad in a black collar T-shirt and jeans, looked calm when the charges were read to him.

DPP Siti Syakimah Ibrahim proposed bail of RM2,500 with one surety for the first three charges each and another RM3,500 for the fourth charge.

The accused, however, when asked if he wanted to mitigate for a lower bail only shook his head in the negative.

He was not represented.

Magistrate Norkamilah Aziz granted him RM10,500 bail with one surety for all the charges and fixed June 19 for facts and sentence


TPJ said...

X-MCA Supporter

Thank you for the compliments. I try to answer all out of respect for my guests in here irrespective of which side they lean towards.

Yes, the Chua Soi Lek appointment is an important one but not necessarily for MCA. It's for the Deputy President who is without a portfolio per se in his own party. But since he accepted it, he has made it an MCA responsibility whether they like it or not. It's also to neutralize Ong Tee Kiat and appease MCA members who need to heal, because until they do, they will continue to remain as a liability to us.

This appointment is a huge responsibility on Chua and if he doesn't deliver, it'll be on the backs of MCA which is a beautiful move by Najib Razak.

If the BN Puteri's post goes to MCA, then we'll have a problem because they won't have enough committed personnel and experience to canvass for votes.

In any BN election, it's always Malay faces everywhere with Chinese and Indian faces here and there. It's a sad state of affairs but it's true.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 8:39

Yes it seems in our time, most often than not, Allah's punishment comes quicker than expected. Some people say it's like Karma and other's say what goes around comes around.

Perhaps they'll spin it and blame Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis for bribing his son for tarnishing his father's image.

Anonymous said...


Believe me when I say that anti BN blogs and your M'sia kini/insider/today will either try not to write at all about this story(anak RPK kene cekup) or spin it to the max..

Just wait and see


TPJ said...

Dear Nobody,

Desparate times require desparate measures. In times like these they'll be many pens (or laptops)for hire.

Trust me, I've seen how journalists from even the main stream media can spin a worthless story into a newsworthy piece for certain unworthy local leaders and do the opposite spin for a responsible leader on a worthy cause such as the 50th Anniversary of our Independence making it look insignificant.

There's a price on anything, whether by corruption, undue influence, or even duress. It takes a real strong soul to resist.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 9:34

The govt has the brains and the balls but hasn't got the will to use them.

Home Minister? I won't even waste my breath!!

spalding said...

Hello TPJ,

Wah tpik ni begitu hangat nampaknya..Ramai muka-muka lama dan baru yang bagi komen di sini nampaknya.

Kebetulan mmg tengah hot cerita MI ni.Tambah lagi kes anak RPK..

Keep on posting TPJ..I'm a fan and I like your writing..

Anyway kenapalah Akademi Fantasia pun kena jugak.Tak baik lah TPJ..Family entertainment tu..

SPARTAN said...

In the past, the government has been reluctant to appoint Malaysian Indians or Chinese as the High Commissioner to India or ambassador to China because of worries about their loyalties to the motherland."

I did not know that the BN government is playing a double standard rule by not trusting their own Malaysia citizen.

Is this actually the actual policy or an instigation statement? Govt shud start play hard with MI as what they did to Malaysiakini if the statement is false

And by the way is it Ong Ka Chuan or Ong Ka Ting..Why not Michael Chong or Chua Jui Meng..

As for your statement on Dr MAZA,I totally agree with your analysis except on the khalwat raid part..Well said Mr TPJ

Have a nice day sir and tq for the brilliant post

TPJ said...

Salam ABC,

Thank you for following The Patriot.

Yes, being the first on all breaking news from the PM's closet, I'd agree with you that they have informants from within.

Two Ministries have the jurisdiction over us in cybernation. They are the Home Ministry and the Information, Communications and Culture Ministry. As we can abandon any hope of the former taking action on MI, I'm pretty sure the Communications Minister is watching them like a hawk and will strike when the meat is juicy enough to bite. A mere slap on the wrist won't affect any changes in MI. They are backed by people of means. A jail term would be appropriate as they can afford to pay any fine.

Thank you ABC for dropping a line. I value every comment in here.


TPJ said...

Adam Lambert,

I agree, Najib will know how to deal with these people. The only problem is, there is a lot of mess that needs cleaning up but he'll come around to this in good time.

TPJ said...


I think they've employed a couple of mongooses in the Information Ministry. We'll be watching some action soon. Be ready to place your bets!

TPJ said...

Melayu Muda,

It shall be done!

TPJ said...

Anonymous 10:18

Ramai orang membaca portals sebegini kerana mereka paling cepat keluarkan berita yang media lain tak sempat dan mungkin tidak akan keluarkan kerana mereka tidak mampu untuk menyogok atau ada orang dalam untuk memberi matlumat.

Yang membacanya bukan semuanya yang menyokong pembangkang tetapi kerana sebab yang diatas.

Namun demikian, sememangnya ramai juga Melayu muda yang kononnya berpendidikan tinggi dan dari golongan yuppies yang cenderong kepada mereka dan pembangkang.

And these are govt sponsored students who wouldn't eat belachan in the open but will
eat them like there's no tomorrow behind closed doors.

Many of whom were sponsored and work in Petronas are some of the brilliant Malay minds. They are the product of the NEP and fed educationally by the government, yet when the Malays and the BN govt were bashed for being lazy and stupid people, these selfish Malays in Petronas remain quiet while others come out in their defense. Only a handful of them are supporters of the government and even then they are not willing to be known in the open.

It is said in the Malay folklore that "even dogs know how to be grateful".

There is also another saying in the Malay folklore pertaining to dogs but offering the opposite stance which means " it's like releasing a trapped dog ", (they won't know how to thank you).

In both contexts, they refer to the majority in Petronas who are selfish Malays who prefer to remain in their comfort zones not wanting to step out to defend themselves, the very product which makes UMNO most proud.

I don't know what the hell the UMNO Clubs are doing abroad. When I was President of the Malaysian Students' Associaton in my Uni in the US, there were a few govt sponsored students who were happily being editors of an opposition backed students' body magazine. I hauled them up and quickly straightened them out! I told them to either stop their nonsense for the opposition and start pulling their grades up or be ready to be shipped back to their kampongs real soon without their degrees but with their editorials between their legs.

Yes, they were brainwashed even while they were studying by visiting opposition members. The Malaysian Students' Department officials on the other hand were busy playing golf in as many courses as they can in the US before returning home.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

TPJ said...

Ular Sawa.

There you go! Smack in the face retribution by the Hand of God.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 11:36,

Yes the story of RPK's son is played down in such news portals.

TPJ said...


Thank you for being a fan.

I'm sorry about the Akedemi Fantasia bit but I have seen with my own eyes how intoxicating it is for the Malays folks. When entertainment reaches that level, that people can forget or postpone their prayers and adjourn a political meeting to make way for it, then it has become dangerous.

Entertainment should not be on top of our priority list when we have problems to solve in this great nation. It is just a distraction. Ironically, we don't see such distractions for the Chinese or Indian communities. I'm beginning to wonder who is behind all this prorams intoxicating and distracting the Malays.

I have seen several single mothers who have barely enough to get by in the kitchen but spend money punching numbers in their mobiles to vote in the AF program. WHO in the end makes money from these kampung folks and single mothers, not to mention their children who scrounge off them to top up their prepaids also to vote in this program?

I am sure we all know. Thank you Spalding for your kind views.

TPJ said...


I think it is an unpublished policy not to have them serve for us in the land of their ancestors for security reasons and if so, IT IS A VALID POINT double standard or not. We have our own domestic problems to solve, we don't need more trouble coming from two of the biggest and developing markets in the world.

"Is it an instigating statement?" Coming from the Malaysian Insider you bet it is, even though it is true.

According to sources, the offer was made to Ong Kah Ting but when he politely declined, it was put to Ong Kah Chuan. We can't verify this to be true though. It may not have been offered at all for all we know. It's just what was written in the MI.

Yes on the khalwat part, he was right because I know what he meant, but the infidels can read it the way they want to and that is damaging when it is put as though even the Muslims can't see eye to eye in regard to the Law of their religion.

When men with weak souls are left to authoritize, then even the Law of God will they abuse.

Thank you Spartan for your views.

Mr Right said...

Hello again TPJ,

According to Rocky's Bru blog,(from Nuraina's A.Samad speculative posting),

Ahmad A.Talib makes a comeback to mainstream media as Media Prima's executive director of news. That makes him, in effect,the editorial supremo for all the TV stations under Media Prima and the various news portals, including NST Online..

Meanwhile Zainul Arifin, 47. He comes back from the "cold" as Group Editor of NSTP

Watch this space..Could these guys turn around NSTP and maybe put an end to MI?

transpotting said...

Bro TPJ,

I cannot understand why race should be an issue in appointment of High Comm or Ambassador.
Appointment should be based on merit and competency. As a Malaysian(non Malay), I find it absurd and pathetic that we need a Chinese as Ambassador to China as a goodwill gesture to MCA as if the previous envoy to China is doing their work with the utmost integrity and profesionalism.

We can appoint an Indian or Melayu or Chinese or Iban for example as Ambassador to Thailand, Bangladesh,Indonesia or any other countries in the world.
Just be fair and transparent in the appointment and make sure it is based on merit and competency.

I think MI is trying to play the racial line here to create anxiety and controversy to the appointment..
That's how MI work right now, to see our beloved country in riot and disharmony.China government has a lot of respect and strong friendship ties with the Malaysia so any moves to pressure the government to appoint anyone from MCA to be Ambassador to China is at the government will and MI should not make it as a race thing if it doesn't happen.Unles MI have bad intentions towards the government and want to make Najib look bad?It's anybody guess..

tq sir for reading

Anonymous said...

I don't care what other people say,I like the spin by Malaysian Insider better than anything else...

Anonymous said...

Salam TPJ,

Apa cerita MI ni..Saja nak men"sensasi"kan cerita.Seolah-olah nak pressure kerajaan untuk melantik seseorang dari MCA untuk menjadi diplomat ke China..

Ramai diplomat dan pengarah agensi yang berkhidmat di luar negara spt MATRADE,Tourism Malaysia telahpun berkhidmat dengan cemerlang untuk negara sejak dahulu lagi;rasanya kredit yang diberikan atas sumbangan mereka di atas ini mmg kurang sangat..

Ini bukan lagi soal bangsa tetapi soal siapa yang boleh memberikan perkhidmatan yang terbaik untuk negara.Tidak kiralah siapa pun yang akan dipilih nanti sbg Ambassador ke China,asalkan berkhidmat dgn jujur dan baik,soal bangsa tidak menjadi isu..

Tetapi untuk MI seperti memberii tekanan kpd Najib memilih org Cina adalah kurang adil sama sekali..


TPJ said...

Mr Right,

I'd put my money on Ahmad A. Talib doing justice to the position that awaits him. Just don't hold him down doing his work and we will see NST and UMNO making a big comeback.

TPJ said...

Dear Transpotting

When we send a representative to head our mission abroad, regardless of what his race is, we have to be absolutely certain that the person is pitching for our team. Full Stop. Judging by the recent statements by the MCA and even GERAKAN not being in sync with the spirit of the government of the day of which they are members of, neither party members deserve to be appointed as our representative in a country with the biggest growing market in the world.

A senior Chinese career Diplomat from Wisma Putra would be a more appropriate choice because being a government servant/diplomat for more than 20 years proves that his/her loyalty is to the Country as opposed to his race. The problem of racial politics lies with the leaders of each race, not the govt servants nor the Rakyat of different ethnic origins. We have been able to live in peace for more than half a century until these scums of the earth from the current generation started being leaders who divide, not unite.

Answering your question, yes, the MI has evil intentions toward the Government everytime they report something pertaining to it. We shouldn't be worked up about it but have to explain to the naive as to their secret agenda lest they will believe them to be gospel.

They want to see the destruction of the very fabric of our nation, ie. unity among our multiracial society.

They also want to see Najib fail as Prime Minister. I hope that the recent release of the many I.S.A. detainess is to make space for these people behind the M.I.

I thank you Transpotter for your views and comment.

TPJ said...

Anonymous 7:55

Yes, the Malaysian Insider can really spin them good. They spin better than a doped hip-hop DJ in a New York Club.

Anak MALAYSIA said...


Why the Government is not doing anything to check the editors and owners of MI remains a mystery, but the Government really should do something as MI's choice of political reporting so obviously designed to incite hatred and they are not even shy anymore to disguise their devious intentions.

I hope Rais Yatim will walk the talk and get cracking on MI before the situation gets out of control because I can't see Hishamuddin doing anything.

Malaysian ambassadors are highly qualified people, be they malays, chinese, indians, sarawakians or sabahans. they were sent to americas, africa, asia and europe according to their merits, capabilities and national mission. I believe there is no policy in wisma putra saying only a chinese can be the ambassador to China.
And by the way,as long ago as 1980- 1983, we already had a non-Malay, Datuk Albert Talalla, serving as Malaysian Ambassador to China. I am sure his loyalty to the country was never questioned..

TPJ said...

Salam Anonymous 8.04pm

Ye, itulah tujuan mereka untuk memalukan kerajaan jika kita gagal untuk melantik orang berbangsa Cina dari MCA untuk menjadi Duta ke China.

Kredit biasanya diberikan kepada Kedutaan walaupun agensi2 kerajaan yang menetap diluar negara itu yang berusaha.

Andaikata orang yang di pilih itu taat setianya tidak berbelah bahagi kepada Negara berbanding dengan bangsanya, maka dia lebih dari layak. Tetapi buat masa ini, ahli2 parti GERAKAN mahupun MCA tidak langsung layak untuk menjadi Duta ke China kerana kesetiaannya kepada bangsanya sendiri dan bukan kepada Negara sebagaimana yang dilihat di dalam kenyataan2 mereka dewasa ini.

MI sememangnya diterajui oleh manusia2 Harami, sebab itulah mereka tidak akan berlaku adil kepada Najib, bangsa Melayu mahupun kerajaan BN.


TPJ said...

Anak Malaysia,

The government will come down hard on MI soon. They are a bit slow because they want to make sure they score a big one and not have to backtrack and blunder like Hishammuddin with the ISA.

Don't worry about Rais Yatim. He is not the immmature Hishammuddin who doesn't know how to work.

There is no policy at Wisma Putra saying that a Chinese must be Ambassador to China and there has never been if my memory serves me right. On the contrary, unofficially, Wisma Putra discourages the Chinese here to head our Mission in China and an Indian here to haed our mission in India. We do not want there to be a conflict of interest and this is understandable no matter how people want to spin it. This unwritten policy is also similar in Singapore where the High Commissioner in Kuala Lumpur will never be a Malay.

It is ok for an Indian to head our Chinese mission or a Chinese to head our mission in India because there will not be a conflict of interest there. The reasons are self explanatory and very simple to understand except for the opposition that likes to make a mountain out of a mole.

We are a multiracial country. We have to address the highly sensitive issues without politicising them. It only takes one foul decision to screw up a nation after building it for 50 years. Therefore, we must not treat all ailments with one medicine so to speak.