Thursday, October 30, 2008


While the former MCA Youth leader and current Vice President is dangerously fondling with the idea of scrapping the 30 % Bumiputera Equity, the current UMNO Youth Chief and Vice President wannabe is keeping his tongue tied while allowing the party elders, namely an 84 year old former President and a 62 year old Deputy Presidential Candidate to do his job of coming to the fore to defend the Malay rights currently enshrined in the Constitution.

Other political parties and NGOs with Malay participation are coming out one by one to denounce MCA’s statement while the supposedly UMNO's pressure group remains mute. There is little wonder why the Malays are quickly turning to PAS to continue their struggle. They say there is little Chinese money if not none at all in their leadership.

It seems after the cowardly act of apologizing to the non-Malays for not being able to defend and uphold the Malay heritage, the UMNO Youth Chief has resigned himself to not interfering with issues concerning the Chinese, even when they become antagonistic toward the Malays. Today, he prefers to labour over the petty topic of whether a debate should be held between candidates aspiring to be his successor. Hmm...Very important indeed. Perhaps he thinks the debate might spell the downfall of the Malay Supremacy while what is said by Gerakan and MCA in recent days would enhance our position instead. I'M BEGGINNING TO WONDER WHO'S SIDE HE IS PITCHING FOR!

Is this the kind of leadership material we want to lead the Party that best represents the Malays in this country? Do we want traitors to lead us? Have we not had enough?

He is not the only one. There is a whole catalogue of Vice Presidential candidates just like him who preach about defending “Agama, Bangsa dan Negara” but remain in their cool offices in their Armani/ Hugo Boss suits when our struggle is being attacked by friends and foes.

Come March 2009, UMNO delegates should send these fake leaders to the “guillotine”, metaphorically speaking.



Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam TPJ
I do think that these leaders have a mind of their own and that they should take the lead in championing the cause of the Malays.
Could it possibly be that they are playing it safe, that a wrong comment/approach/alliance could cost them a vp seat?
The election is going to be an interesting one, I think.
Datuk Seri Najib Razak looks set to win the presidency post uncontested. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin too if Datuk Seri Ali Rustam and Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib don’t get the numbers. This we will have to wait and see after November 9 when all the divisions would have held their meetings (Johor Baru for Datuk Seri Ali and Kota Tinggi nominated Tan Sri Muhammad … what gives?)
The Youth chief battle would be a fierce one … who is it going to be between Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar and Datuk Seri Khir Toyo? Although Datuk Mukhriz has the most number of nominations at this stage, that does not guarantee him a win at the March party election, would it?
If the supreme council moves the elections earlier to December to minimize, if not curb, money politics, would this jeopardize any of their chances?
Would delegates go for a “neutral” in Datuk Seri Khir instead, depriving both Datuk Mukhriz and Khairy of continuing their family legacy?
Wanita, too, is firming up to be a good watch at the elections provided Datuk Seri Shahrizat contests the chief post against Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz. Will she?
As usual, I have way too many unanswered questions.

BoyHjJamil said...

TPJ, one summary to your posting.. Hishamuddin is losing the plot.. and put aside the EGO, UMNO and PAS should bermuhabalah selalu to discuss racial issues yang timbul skrg..Jangan biar bangsa asing memijak kepala kita di rumah kita sendiri.. Itu fakta yang harus difahami semua.. Still not late to congratulate u bcoz menang post Naib Ketua UMNO Pulai hari tu... Selamat..

TPJ said...

Asalamualaikum Cik Fauziah,

Yes you have many unanswered questions. I may not have all the answers but if my two cents worth is of any value to you, I'll give it a good try.

1. Yes they should be on the frontlines defending the faith and race and don't anyone try to make me/ us sound like a racist here because this is exactly what the Chinese are doing, defending their race as shown by MCA's concurrence with the opposition as regards to the DEB and PKNS issue.

2. All the more reason for the Malay leaders especially the rich ones to stand up for the DEB and 30% equity participation. They are the major beneficiaries of this program but somehow now, they themselves are betraying the system by remaining quiet. They forget that this is the system that actually fed and privately schooled their children, maintained their second and third wives not to mention mistresses too!

3. Perhaps they are confused whether to be loyal to the party that earned them the 30% equity participation or the owner of the 70% that picked them as partners only to transfer part of it back to them in exchange for financing their bumiputera shareholding.

4. Yes they are playing it safe, probably not offend to their Chinese masters/ financiers.

5. Dato Sri Najib will win uncontested. Tengku Razaleigh's campaign handlers especially in Johor looked like they were working for the other Najib! One or two for sure were using Tengku's bid for their own publicity and standing in society.

6. You are right. If Ali Rustam gets the numbers to qualify, which I think he will, then Tan Sri Muhyiddin will have a tough time in the next 5 months. Rumour has it Mat Taib's people are thinking of swinging their support for Ali Rustam to ensure he get's through if they don't think Mat Taib can get enough to avoid a split giving Muhyiddin a free ride.

7. I think the other VP hopefuls will also quietly support Ali because they think he is the easier chap to dislodge as DPM having little experience at federal level giving them a shot at the number two seat in the future.

8. Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar, the de facto third most powerful man in the country ironically didn't have control over his division, so Mat Taib wasn't really his call. Shahrir controls his division and never wanted Muhyiddin. Although it was brought to the floor, everyone knew of Shahrir's preference and it prevailed.

9. The Youth wing will be very interesting to watch. The groundswell is slowly shifting to KJ because to them, Mukhriz has done his part of pressuring Pak Lah out. They now need a guy that will voice out the concerns of the Youth wing and be a leader of a pressure group without fear or favour like how Mukhriz was this past year. They don't see Mukhriz as maintaining this character once he comfortably sits in the Cabinet under Najib with his father at the rightful place in society and the Nation. Nominations help to influence the delegates but will not necessarily be reflected in the results. Money play is rampant in the youth wing as told by the delegates themselves who've been on the receiving end. Decisions have been known to switch on the eleventh hour. So I can't safely predict who would win here.

10. The Supreme Council candidates I think would prefer to have the Convention earlier to get it over and done with. The longer they wait the more they have to fork out to entertain the delegates. Mind you it is not always the hand that receives that is to blame. That is why I say the President should’ve warned the candidates especially the sitting councilors who sat in yesterdays meeting because most of the agents staying in the hotels in the city and beyond I’m sure belong to them.

11. Political corruption cannot be eradicated by just asking the delegates not to accept bribes. How can it succeed when the authorities themselves are involved by snitching on their appointed watchdogs? It has become the flesh and blood to many. The only way I see it can stop is when we urge the delegates to take whatever comes their way but vote their conscience. Tell them that a contract is deemed null and void when there is fraud. Offering money for votes is such, therefore they are not bound to perform their obligations to the crooks. SO, do as the Kelantanese do. Take money and benefits from BN but vote for their choice with conviction. Soon when they discover that it is a losing concern despite having spent millions, they will stop giving, and the corruption will be much reduced.

12. Sharizat will definitely go for broke. If not, she would have announced much earlier after receiving 20 or so nominations that she is not taking nominations for the number one post. In a way, Rafidah too is hoping that she might, so that in the event Rafidah wins, she’ll have the right to shred the transition plan to bits.

Sorry for the lengthy response. I usually get carried away when discussing these things especially when I can see through the politicians who say one thing and blatantly do another thinking that we are Ray Charles.

TPJ said...


Yes UMNO should be able to agree with PAS vise-versa when it comes to matters relating to the Malays like how MCA and Gerakan are sleeping with the DAP on matters concerning the Chinese.

Thank you for your congratulatory message. I'm still counting my blessings for still being allowed the privilege to serve.

I pray that I remain amomg the righteous.