Sunday, October 19, 2008



I remember vividly a warning statement a couple of years back made by Mr Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar on the possibility that non-Malays would take advantage of a weak UMNO.

Now we are discovering some truth in his foresight although a large part of UMNO being weak is attributed to his father-in-law, the Prime Minister himself.

Last week the Gerakan Wanita chief questioned the status of the Malays as bumiputeras. Two days ago the MCA Youth demanded for a second Deputy Chairman's seat in the National Front presumably to be occupied by MCA. Perhaps when they get there, they’ll demand for a Second Deputy Premiership. Then according to The Malaysian Insider, the outgoing MCA president asked for an “end to the Bumi equity rule” and without ambiguity accused UMNO of being a bully in the coalition in the very presence of the PM and his Deputy who are the top two leaders in UMNO.

This shameless pressure coming from one party that failed miserably after leading a State for more than four terms and another party that pathetically lost 25 of the possible 40 seats in Parliament seems justified when instead of heeding the advice for the Malays to be united from the conclusion of the Rulers Conference, UMNO leaders take potshots at each other for personal reasons. In yesterday’s New Straits Times, Dato’ Shahrir Samad unnecessarily took a swipe at Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin for voicing out the obvious concerns about the length of the campaign period which I too have mentioned in my article entitled “ Long Season to be Jolly for UMNO Delegates” before Hari Raya.

UMNO leaders are better politicians than they are public servants. There IS a distinct difference. Tan Sri Muhyiddin understands this. Dato' Shahrir understands it too but prefers to give the benefit of the doubt to his peers. Enough said.


A politician’s dream come true is if one is caught with his pants down ( literally ), makes a graceful exit and then a SPECTACULAR comeback on a higher plain. This is the Deputy President of a party that is asking for a second Deputy Chairmanship in the National Front.

And I thought UMNO had big problems.

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ketam said...

This is my suggesttion regarding UMNO Election..

Semua mesyuarat bahagian hendaklah dibenarkan pengundian secara terbuka dalam pemilihan ,bukan pencalonan tetapi pemilihan, jika perkara ini berlaku maka UMNO akan dapat mengekang politik wang.

Apakah maksud seseorang calon itu bahawa dia akan berkerja keras melobi dalam pemilihan nanti jika PENDAHULU PENCALONAN yang dicalonkan mendapati majoriti dalam pemilihan di BAHAGIAN??
Bukankah jika wakil BAHAGIAN itu beralih-arah mengundi CALON yang lain daripada CALON YANG DITENTUKAN SEMASA PENGUNDIAN DIBAHAGIAN yang telah dipilih oleh AHLI boleh dikatakan wakil itu tidak AMANAH dan undi itu bukan undi daripada AHLI??

Kesimpulannya disini penentuan pemilihan perlu ditamatkan di peringkat MESYUARAT BAHAGIAN SAHAJA..

Lebih logik dan sesuai lagi di beri tempoh untuk PEMIMPIN YG INGIN MENAWARKAN DIRI UNTUK MENDAFTAR SEBAGAI CALON(seperti PRU) kemudian diberi tempoh sebulan atau dua bulan untuk berkempen sebelum MESYUARAT CAWANGAN(tempoh sebulan)dan akhirnya MESYUARAT BAHAGIAN (tempoh sebulan) maka dengan ini betul-betul pengundian atas sokongan akar umbi diambil kira.